32 Best Gifts For Anime Lovers That Teenager And Adults Will Love

gifts for anime lovers
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Looking for gifts for anime lovers?

The fantastic and futuristic genre of anime holds allure for many people all over the world, not just in Japan.

With the bright graphics and mature themes portrayed in anime, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

From Demon Slayer blankets to Totoro toys, this collection is an anime lover’s dream!

Dragon Ball – Classic Gifts for anime lovers (Editor’s Pick)

Dragon Ball Z – Officially Dragon Ball Collector’s Set

If you have always dreamed of doing battle with the mighty Dragon BallZ, now is your chance! Each of these gorgeous, gold-leaf sets comes with seven glowing orbs that can either provide hours of entertainment or will look great among all of your other Dragon BallZ collectibles.

Dragon Ball Goku Action Figure

GK Anime Toy Collection – Goku 30th Anniversary

To celebrate 30 extraordinary and exciting years of Dragon BallZ, why not treat yourself to this fun and fantastical figurine of Goku and Shenron gliding majestically through the clouds?

This 6-inch statuette will brighten up your collection and be admired by everyone who comes into the room. Yo! It’s Goku!

Super Saiyan God Goku

Funko Pop! Dragon Ball Super Saiyan God Goku

If you’re into the more advanced forms of Dragon BallZ, perhaps you would love this colourful and fun version of Super Saiyan God Goku.

Perfect for the dashboard of your car, or even as an amusing toy to keep next to your bed, this fun bobblehead will have you chuckling for hours.

Show off what a fan you are of Goku by adding this awesome figurine to your collection.

Super Saiyan Broly Figurine

Tamashii Nations Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Broly

Not a fan of Goku? No problem! We also have the awesome Super Saiyan Broly on this list of top anime gifts for your boyfriend.

The highly popular Super Saiyan version of Broly comes complete with a magnificent green explosion to demonstrate the awe-inspiring power that he holds. All of your friends will be jealous!

Death Note Manga

Death Note Black Edition – Vol. 1

Perhaps your friend is more of a bookworm and prefers to read their anime than to watch it. Why not treat them with this thrilling novel?

Follow ace student Light Yagami as he makes the decision to rid the world of all evil with the Death Note that he receives from a Shinigami death god.

Spirited Away Musical Box – Best Anime Gifts For Teenage Girl

Studio Ghibli Music Box Kaonashi No-Face (Spirited Away)

Prove the strength of your love to your partner just like Chihiro Ogino did as she bravely worked to free herself and her parents from the luxury resort for supernatural beings.

Every time your lover twists the dial on their beloved music box they will be serenaded with the dulcet tones of “Always With Me” and be reminded of how much you care for them.

It is a nice Valentine’s gift for anime lovers.

Spirited Away Piggy Bank

Spirited Away Piggy Bank

What better motivation to save every penny, than Kaonashi hovering over you with his questioning eyes? Each time you drop a coin into the slot, you will think of the brave young soul of Chihiro Ogino who toiled and toiled to guarantee the release of her parents.

May this spirited away piggy bank helps you save your money for the things that really matter to you.

Totoro Charm

GNOCE Totoro Charm

This delicate and elegant little charm is the perfect birthday gift for the sophisticated anime lovers out there. What better charm to express your love and affection than the super cuddly creature, Totoro?

This birthday gift is a perfect friendship bracelet that you can gradually add more charms to as your friendship grows and deepens.

My Neighbor Totoro Music Box

Studio Ghibli Music Box (My Neighbor Totoro)

We love music boxes as gifts for loved ones because music can evoke strong emotions and memories. If your a teenager or lover is a fan of big, cuddly Totoro, they will absolutely love this thoughtful anime gift for teenage girl.

If you give this gift to them on a special day, then each time they wind up the handle to hear the music, they will instantly be taken back to the beautiful day that you spent together.

Totoro Bento Box

Studio Ghibli Bento Box – My Neighbor Totoro

Your daughter will be the envy of all of her school friends if she arrives at school carrying this awesome Totoro-themed bento box.

Each bag comes with two stackable bento boxes that can be filled with healthy and delicious treats for your little darling. Easy-to-clean insulation, easy-grip handles, and the 0.5L capacity of this lunch set make it both beautiful and practical!

Death Note L Action Figure

Funko POP Anime Death Note L Action Figure

This adorable Funko POP figurine is cute and angsty, just like teenage girls! They will love this moody little figurine and enjoy showing it off to all of their friends.

This would also be a great gift for her who has read the Death Note novels and is in love with all of the characters.

Kiki’s Hanging on Broom Necklace

Studio Ghibli Kiki’s Hanging on Broom Necklace

Everybody loves the heart-warming story of Kiki the young apprentice witch and her adorable familiar, Jiji. Kiki reminds us about the importance of hard work, community, and caring for your friends.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift to give to your girl, then this thoughtful yet fun necklace may just be the perfect combination of funny and cute.

Naruto Kakashi Jacket

Naruto Kakashi Jacket

It’s time to cosplay like it’s 1999 and you just discovered Kakashi Hatake for the first time. This awesome hoodie is not only comfortable, but it also looks seriously cool!

Wear it to cosplay conventions and wow all of the other anime nerds, or wear it out and about to give the impression of being confident and collected.

This is such a cool gift for an anime lovers.

Howl’s Moving Castle Paper Craft

Studio Ghibli – Howl’s Moving Castle Paper Craft

Combine two of Japan’s most well-loved art forms, origami and anime, with this incredible paper sculpture gift.

Anyone who loves the fantasy and mystique of Howl’s Moving Castle will be instantly enamored with this amazing work of art that manages to capture all of the magic of the original story.

Authentic Japanese Snacks Subscription

Bokksu – Authentic Japanese Snack & Candy Subscription

Bring Japan right into your living room every month with this exciting and exotic snack basket! Each box has 20-25 snacks with new themes of Japanese culture, festivals, flavors, and cities to help you discover Japan one month at a time.

A Culture Guide is included in every box that details each product’s origin story, flavor, common allergens, and if it’s vegetarian-friendly.

Howl’s Moving Castle Frying Pan

Howl’s Moving Castle Frying Pan

This awesome frying pan will delight anime fans for years to come! Carefully shaped to leave a perfect impression of Calcifer’s face on each pancake that you make, this is a fun surprise to start off the day.

This fun pan is perfect for pancakes but can also be used for sausages (or vegan sausages, if you prefer), vegetables, eggs, you name it!

Otaku Anime Merch

Otaku Anime Merch

Many anime fans will be able to relate to this funny tee shirt slogan. If you have a friend who is known to become a hermit for days at a time watching anime in their man cave, then they will appreciate the humor of this tee.

Choose from ten funky colors in a range of sizes to find the perfect match for your nearest and dearest.

One Piece Monopoly Board Game

One Piece Monopoly Board Game

Trade your way to success on family game night with this special One Size edition of the classic and beloved Monopoly.

Cruise around the board advancing past Bellamy, Violet, or even Luffy, using one of nine cool new tokens! The tokens each represent your favorite characters from the One Piece universe.

Luffy Hat Ramen Bowl

Luffy Hat Ramen Bowl

Anybody who loves One Piece must love Luffy. This hilarious gimmick gift is practical too! Fill up Luffy’s legendary straw hat with a delicious, steaming broth and perfectly wrapped gyoza for an authentic taste of Japan.

This bowl could also be used to decorate a wall, or it would look great displayed amongst other anime merchandise.

Luffy Symbol Night Lamp

Luffy Symbol Kids Night Lamp

This fun Luffy lamp is perfect for kids (or even adults) who are fans of One Piece. It can be used as a comforting night light for those who get scared in the dark, or it would look great at an anime party or cosplay event.

This lamp is USB rechargeable, and can also take 3 AA batteries (which are not included in your purchase). Choose your favourite colour with the touch of a button, or press it 8 times to have a rotation of colours.

Kaido King of The Beasts Figurine

Tamashi Nations – One Piece – Kaido King of The Beasts Figurine

Another great gift for all of the One Piece fans! This figure is truly incredible. Extremely well put together, very sturdy, and just as imposing as you’d expect from the great Kaido!

Each figurine comes with a stand that can be assembled by slotting in the rocks at the bottom. Perfect to display in the center of your One Piece display at home.

Custom Bobbleheads Figures

Custom Bobbleheads Figures

These awesome customizable bobbleheads are the perfect gift because you can create anything and anyone that you like!

Choose your friend’s favorite anime character and create the bobblehead to match, or put your friend’s head onto their most recently cosplayed body! They’ll love it!

My Hero Academia Character Tech Wallet

My Hero Academia Character Tech Wallet

This piece of fan merchandise from My Hero Academia is officially licensed and 100% authentic, making it an excellent gift idea for devoted fans. These stylish wallets are made of faux leather, so even your vegan friends will love them.

For good luck, place a banknote of any denomination in the wallet before gifting it.

Naruto Pullover Hoodie

Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Cloud Pullover Hoodie

This edgy and cool hoodie is officially licensed Naruto Shippuden merchandise, and will definitely make you or your friend the coolest cosplayer at the next convention.

Buyers have raved about the comfort and quality of these tops, and the high neck will keep you warm even on the windiest days. Choose from four different colours to find your perfect match.

Naruto Action Figure

Tamashii Nations Naruto Action Figure

Do you know someone who stays up all night because they are absolutely obsessed with rewatching Tamashii Nations? Perhaps a friend who always wants the latest and greatest of everything? We have a great gift for them!

These newly sculpted and freshly painted figurines now include the happi coat, the scroll, and the arm parts, creating the definitive look for Naruto. Any collector will be pleased to own the newest Uzumaki Naruto sage mode.

Eat Sleep Anime Repeat Shirt

Eat Sleep Anime Repeat Shirt

What more is there to say? This tee is for the friend who lives and breathes anime, and who can’t bear to leave the house in case they miss anything on the next episode of their latest obsession.

Choose from 3 different cuts and four colours of these breathable, machine-washable tees. Why not get one for everyone in your anime-loving family?

Anime Charm Bracelet

Anime Charm Bracelet

Choose from this selection of fun and funky charm bracelets from different anime universes.

There’s something for everyone, and you can decide between One Piece, The Avengers, Demon Slayer, and many more! Or, don’t choose at all and collect them all so that you can mix and match, creating your own fan fiction in charms!

It is a nice Christmas gifts for an anime lovers.

Tanjiro Kamado Sword

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado Nichirin Sword

This is an exceptional present for the die-hard fans out there. This awesome sword not only looks fantastic but also plays more than fifty sounds from the show, ranging from the Demon Slayers theme song to samples of Tanjiro Kamado’s dialogue.

Have fun play-fighting with a friend, and then proudly display your cool new toy in between sword fights.

Demon Slayer Blanket

Demon Slayer Blanket

This one makes for a great couples’ gift, as you can snuggle up together and get ready to watch your favourite show underneath this very soft Demon Slayer blanket. Plus, it wouldn’t be living up to its name if this blanket didn’t have at least some magical powers to ward off evil and bad dreams. It’s a win-win!

Wash your blanket gently with cold water to ensure that it retains its quality, and then throw it over your sofa for a fun pop of colour.

Kyojuro Rengoku Figurine

Tamashii Nations – Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku Figurine

You wouldn’t want your Naruto to get lonely, would you? Of course not! Why not build up your Naruto universe with the kind and outgoing Fire Pillar, Kyojuro Rengoku?

This amazing little figurine is extremely detailed and the paintwork is of fantastic quality. Complete with translucent flames for maximum awesomeness!

Eren Yeager Figure Action

Attack On Titan: Eren Yeager Figure Action

This top-quality action figure is a beloved favorite among multitudes of Attack on Titan fans. Eren Yeager leaps nimbly through the trees as he fearlessly attacks any opponent. His cape is even detachable so you can try out some new posing options.

This awesome collectible will remind you to be confident and courageous, just like Eren Yeager.

Eren Jaeger Key Pendant Necklace

Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger Key Pendant Necklace

If owning an Eren Yeager figurine is simply not enough for you, then why not become like him by wearing this mystical, magical key pendant necklace?

The necklace has clasps at the ends to ensure that it is secured strongly, and it can be adjusted to fit any size, making it the perfect gift for children or adults.

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