20 Odd Gifts For Art Lovers That Have Unique Taste

gifts for art lovers
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Do you have a friend who goes to art history classes and genuinely finds them riveting? Maybe they love wearing their favorite Frida Kahlo tee-shirt every day, or insist on bringing their easel every time you go for a picnic?

If you want to treat them or thank them for being their artsy, goofy self, we have rounded up a list of the very best gifts for art lovers.

Van Gogh’s Painting Jigsaw Puzzle – Best Gifts For Art Lovers

Van Gogh’s Time Travel to Musée d’Orsay Jigsaw Puzzle

If you want something beautiful and unique that is not just a once-off gift but an experience they can enjoy again and again, why not get them a puzzle?

This stunning and fun Van Gogh exhibit cartoon is suitably challenging to keep them busy for a few hours, and all the time they’ll be staring at gorgeous, tiny fragments of art!

Molten Glass & Wood Sculpture

Cohasset Gifts – Molten Glass & Wood Luminary Sculpture

This artsy little sculpture would make an excellent Christmas gift for an art lover. The natural materials and neutral colors of this piece make it the perfect centerpiece for any room in the house.

We love that this sculpture can be modified to suit the house, office, or owner that it ends up with; fill it with colored marbles, candies, layers of sand, you name it! Why not?

Tiffany Style Table Lamp

Bieye – Wisteria Flowers Tiffany Style Glass Table Lamp

Stained glass is a timeless look that will be fashionable and pleasing to look at forever. Whether it’s in a cathedral, a kitchen window, or a lamp, we just love the effect of sunlight pouring through that gorgeous colored glass.

This lovely lamp was handcrafted using the copper foil method to achieve the butterfly border. Your artsy friend will love gazing at all of the thoughtful detail.

Bauhaus Inspired Watch

FEICE – Bauhaus Automatic Watch 

This one is for the friends who love abstract modern art, such as this stunning yet subtle watch. The design is inspired by the famous art school in Germany, The Staatliches Bauhaus, which was open from 1919 to 1933.

This thoughtful gift represents hope and creativity in times of hardship, just like Bauhaus provided for Germans in the period between the two world wars.

Iron Art Sculpture

Iron Art Sculpture

This elegant ironwork sculpture is perfect for ballet and modern art lovers. The abstract shape represents elegance and poise and would elevate the decor of any room.

At a height of 12 inches, this sculpture is not so large as to be overwhelming.

Because it is made of cast iron, this work of art could also be an outside sculpture to beautify your garden or veranda.

Famous Painting Fun Socks

Famous Painting Fun Socks

Everybody loves socks, and these gorgeous art socks are sure to be adored by their aesthetic-loving recipient. Choose your friend’s favorite works of art from the excellent selection of 4, 5, and 6-pair packs.

We love that each pack contains a range of bright colors, so you will always have something that goes with your outfit.

Andy Warhol Polaroids Collection Book

Andy Warhol. Polaroids 1958-1987

From the 1950s until his death, Andy Warhol captured thousands of people and moments with his polaroid camera. From portraits of celebrities to landscapes, to pictures of cabbage patch dolls, this collection of eclectic shots gives us a glimpse into Warhol’s life.

If your friend is a massive fan of the famous tomato soup cans, or just loves everything about Andy Warhol, they’ll treasure this new coffee table book.

Jazz Band Sculpture

Deco 79 – Jazz Band Sculpture

If you know a musician or art lover who is soon to be settling into a new space and you need a housewarming gift for them, why not try these funky jazz sculptures?

Each set of four statues comes with groovy musicians playing a horn, accordion, saxophone, and guitar. These will add a touch of playfulness to any new home.

Modern Abstract Wall Art

Modern Abstract Wall Art by Ashley Jennaya

This lovely abstract piece leaves room for interpretation. Whether you look at it and see a city skyline, lines of Matrix code, or a white picket fence that represents the patriarchy, this painting is sure to be a great conversation starter.

This is a relatively large gift, so make sure that your friend has room in their apartment before surprising them with a new work of art.

The Veiled Maiden Sculptural Bust

Design Toscano – The Veiled Maiden Sculptural Bust

Long before cast molds were available, extremely talented sculptors had to painstakingly carve tiny details into seemingly impenetrable rock. The ability to carve something flowing and soft from marble was considered almost magical.

Now, you can purchase a beautiful sculpture just like the old masters used to make, and proudly display it in your living room. Bring Renaissance Italy to you!

Leonardo Da Vinci Bust

Bronze Finish Leonardo Da Vinci Bust

Who better to represent in sculpture form than the father of the Renaissance and the art movement as we know it today- Leonardo Davinci?

The amazing brass design is incredibly detailed and will give your art-loving friend something to smile about whenever they look at it. Perfect for indoor or outdoor displays.

The Last Supper Reproduction

The Last Supper Reproduction

This is for the friends who absolutely love classic art. While it’s not possible for them to display the famous Last Supper in their home, it is now fairly easy to purchase an incredible likeness.

Giclee printing guarantees incredible detail, phenomenal quality, and vibrant colors. You can choose the frame that best suits your friend’s house and decor.

Egyptian Winged Isis Statue

Top Collection Egyptian Winged Isis Statue

If you are hoping to find something a little more luxurious for your favourite art-loving friend, this beautiful Egyptian Winged Isis Statue will add a regal touch to their home.

Isis is the goddess of marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic, and medicine, so she makes a perfect protector for art fans who need help or guidance in one of these areas.

Artistic Wall Art

IDEA4WALL Framed Canvas Print Wall Art

This fun, modern piece of art will add a pop of vivid color to any room, studio, or office. If you have a friend who needs more color in their life, then this is the perfect gift!

Find them a gift that is as bold and daring as they are! Each stunning print is framed in neutral black, white, or word, and comes ready to hang!

Tribal Print Art

Tribal Print Art

This gorgeous tribal print is for those with a minimalist aesthetic, and who appreciate all of the small beauties in life.

This lovely print is framed in a color of your choice before shipping and comes with an easy-to-use hanging kit, so it’s ready to go! Not only is this work of art fun to look at, but it will give you and your artistic friend a fun DIY project to do together.

Banksy Art Reproduction

Banksy Art Reproduction

These lovely Banksy art print reproductions would look great in any hip, modern apartment or home. The art will add intrigue and mystique to your friend’s life, as no one can know for sure who the real Banksy is, where they’re from, or where some of their graffiti may appear next.

This colorful print is a firm fan favorite and is printed and stretched by expert canvas makers to ensure top quality and fine details.

The Lotus

Art Of Plant : The Lotus

The Art of Plant has created a fantastic product, of which no two are exactly the same! Each wooden sculpture draws its inspiration from the mystical lotus flower and is hand bent and shaped by artists.

Each sculpture comes with a tall air plant nestled in the center. Perfect if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for your lovely artsy pal!

The Swinging Sticks Sculpture

The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

The Swinging Sticks is ideal for conference rooms, offices, waiting rooms, display windows, and foyers. The Swinging Sticks Sculpture seemingly defies gravity as the double pendulum creates a fluid, relaxing motion designed to change speeds and direction at random times in peasing unpredictability.

This one is sure to baffle and amaze its recipient, and will certainly lead to many hours of procrastinating by watching it move. 

Gustav Klimt’s Lady Reproduction

Gustav Klimt’s Lady Reproduction

Gustav Klimt is renowned the world over for his gorgeous, brightly colored paintings. While most people have seen the famous “The Kiss”, fewer people know and admire his “Lady” painting, which we believe is just as breathtaking.

Bring this masterpiece right into your home and enjoy the warm glow as all of your friends compliment you on your fantastic taste in art.

Starry Night Earrings

Van Gogh Starry Night Earrings

What good would a list of art lover gifts be without some representation of Mr Van Gogh? Of course, we had to include these stunning, sparkly, Starry Night earrings.

Not only is your eye drawn to the magnificent mini works of art, but also to the dazzling, polished cubic zirconium that borders them. Any art-loving woman will absolutely swoon when she catches a glimpse of these.

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