25 Stunning Gifts For Bartenders That Will Impress Them

gifts for bartenders
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Giving gifts to family and friends on holidays and special events is common in almost every culture. If your list of loved ones consists of a person who bartends, I am sure you must be wondering what could be a good gift for them.

A perfect gift is one that you truly put your thought and effort into. You need to get a gift for bartenders that is unique and they would love to have.

Here is a list of gifts for bartenders that will make your search a little easier.

Brass Beetle Bottle Opener – Best gifts for bartenders (Editor’s Pick)

COPPERTIST.WU Brass Beetle Bottle Opener

This is a cool gift for bartenders of all ages and styles. The gold-colored unique beer bottle opener and keychain are made from premium quality brass.

The creative gadget is designed in the shape of a beetle and can be carried around as a keychain everywhere you go.

Wood Dice Craft Cocktail Inspiration

Mixology Dice® – Wood Dice For Craft Cocktail Inspiration

For those who are looking for cool gifts for bartender husbands, friends, brothers, fathers, and boyfriends, this Mixology Wood Dice laser engraved item is a good option.

The 8 wooden dice are marked with different flavors like sugar, liquor, fruits, and herbs to inspire the user to the creation of a diverse range of cocktails. The numbered dice make it easier to follow the instructions.

Just roll the dice and go with the flow to make a different drink each time.

Smoked Cocktail Kit

Smoked Cocktail Kit

The smoked Cocktail kit is the best Christmas gift for bartenders.

Simple and easy to use the professional kit comprises of different components needed to infuse a cocktail including 3 different woodchips – Cherry, Apple & Pecan, a torch, a mason jar, and a whiskey barrel smoke board.

Travel Bartender Kit Bag

Travel Bartender Kit Bag

Enable your bartender friend to access, store and carry along with his valuable bartending tools in this amazing travel bag.

The 17-piece copper bartending toolset is packed securely in a portable bag with a shoulder strap for ease and comfort.

Beautiful Cocktail Shaker

Godinger Dublin Cocktail Shaker

A signature utensil for any bartender, the Cocktail shaker makes a perfect gift for bartenders no matter what the occasion.

The crystal clear martini shaker is handcrafted by specialized experts and comes in a size of 17 ounces.

Cocktail and Margarita Machine

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

This may sound a little cliché but if you want to get a unique gift for bartenders then why not go for the Cocktail and Margarita Machine by Bartesian.

Making your life easier, it empowers bartenders to smartly make a variety of cocktails with lesser manual efforts. The machine is programmed with mixologist-approved drinks that can be created in the comfort of your own home in no time.

Funny Bartender T-Shirt

Funny Bartender T-Shirt

For those who love a little humor, the funny gifts for bartenders must include a funny t-shirt.

Designed specifically for stylish bartenders, the shirt is made from the best quality fabric and can last with you for a long time without wear and tear.

Available in 8 different colors, the t-shirt is lightweight and comes with a classic fit for all body shapes.

DIY Whiskey Kit

DIY Whiskey Kit

A bartender cannot be any happier than by receiving this gift. The DIY Whiskey Kit helps you create genuine whisky-flavored drinks using a variety of exclusive woodchip blends.

With any neutral alcohol as a base, you can experiment and pamper yourself and your friends with surprising combinations to enjoy.

Whiskey Drink Coolers

Balls of Steel – Whiskey Drink Coolers

Cool off your drinks with these innovative and unique balls of steel as coolers. A unique gift for bartenders, the premium alloy balls help chill your drinks without any water dilution.

Made under the arctic cold technology, it only takes 90 minutes of freezing to make them effective in your drinks.

Cocktail Shaker Bar Spoon

Cobra Cocktail Shaker Bar Spoon

Let your bartending friends decorate the cocktails and drinks with stylish shakers or spoons. Present the stainless steel cobra-designed mixing spoon to any bartender and make them feel loved for what they do best.

Alcohol Dispenser

True Bonny Boy Liquor Gag Gifts

A very funny gift for bartenders can be the humorous beverage dispenser designed as a boy.

The black-colored liquor dispenser is made from premium quality glass and is bound to bring an instant smile to anyone that sees it for the first time.

Cocktail Kit Gift Set

Cocktail Kit Gift Set

Available in 6 and 8 Kit combo packs this package will make any bartender get excited with happiness. It is suitable to be presented to anyone who travels a lot and wants to carry the kit with him on the go.

Martini Cocktail Crystal Earrings

Rosemarie & Jubalee – Martini Cocktail Crystal Earrings

Here is a great secret Santa gift for female bartenders. Fun and flirty the lightweight earrings are studded with sparkling rhinestones.

2 inches long and 1 inch wide, they come in gift-ready packaging. 

Wine & Beverage Bottle Stopper 

The Original Wine Condoms

A unique gift for bartenders could be the rubber-based wine condom. It is an innovative and humorous covering for your wine bottles that look like a black-colored condom.

Fun and hilarious it helps protect and preserve the drink effectively. It comes in chic packaging ideal for gifting.

Personal Wine Chiller

VoChill Personal Wine Chiller

A must-have bartending accessory for every person who loves drinking. The separable pair of wine glass and cradle helps keep your drink chilled without having to give up your glass.

Beer Dispenser

Fizzics – DraftPour Beer Dispenser

If you are looking for a gift for your bartender boyfriend, then this beer dispenser is sure to impress him.

The machine is equipped with USB power and works well with all types of beers in cans or bottles.

Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

OTOTO Vino – Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

A traditional and signature gift for bartending experts, the Corkscrew wine bottle opener is designed in the shape of a black-colored bat.

Made from silicone and metal, the opener comes in handy for different occasions but is especially suitable for spooky Halloween parties.

Cocktail Spice Infusions Kit

Te Tonic Gin And Tonic Infusions Kit

Give your bartending friends a chance to enjoy classic botanical gin-tonics by getting them this amazing infusion kit.

Packed with an assorted variety of botanical herbs and spices, it is the quickest way to add aromas and flavors to your favorite drinks.

Clear Ice Ball Maker

Premium Clear Ice Ball Maker

Help a bartender serve his drinks in style. Choose the best gift for bartenders and get him this amazing premium clear ice ball maker mold.

Available in 2 and 4 ice cube versions, the product is made from high-standard BPA-free silicone material.

Bartender Earrings

Inspired Silver – Bartender Earrings

Dazzle your female bartender friend, wife, sister, or colleague with these sterling silver star-studded bartender earrings.

The charm French hook drop earrings are suitable to wear on any occasion and make you look great with a fashionable style.

Vintage Bar Sign

Vintage LED Bar Sign

An amazing gift for bartenders who are looking to decorate their counters and tables with some attractive pieces.

The vintage bar sign comes in golden black color and is made from high-quality plastic. It creates the bar atmosphere by lighting up like a neon sign.

Botanicals and Spices Cocktails

Premium Gift Set of Cocktail Botanicals And Spices

This is a gift for the bartenders who like to enjoy their drinks with botanical diversity.

Filled with superior quality authentic spices and herbs for all gin and tonic lovers, the product is packed in an elegant box for a premium presentation.

There is also a complimentary braided spoon and spice dispenser.

Bartender Wall Organizer

Bartender Wall Organizer

Bartenders need to be efficient and organized with their tools and utensils.

This wall organizer is the perfect gift for bartenders. Made from waxed canvas the cocktail tool kit is not just handy but also helps you display your tools in style.

Electric Gun Wine Opener

WineOvation Electric Gun Wine Opener

If your bartending friend is fond of some excitement and Hollywood glamor, then this is the most unique gift for bartenders.

Designed as a real pistol, the electric wine bottle opener is fast and convenient.

Drinks From Around The World

Drinks From Around The World

Surprise the bartender with your favorite drinks from around the world. Let him or her enjoy the celebrations with this assorted variety of world-famous hard drinks.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who has a drink mixing, martini shaking, and cocktail lover in your life, then our list of 25 gifts for bartenders will surely be useful for you.

Whether he or she is a professional bartender or a fun-loving homey, these amazing bartending gifts will definitely lighten up those drunken eyes.

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