22 Cool Gifts For Chess Players They Never Seen Before

gifts for chess players
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Chess is a game of the kings. It is an everlasting passion that leads people to spend hours on board without losing interest.

For all the chess enthusiasts out there we have shortlisted a list of gifts for chess players.

Chess Set -Best gifts for chess players (Him Or Her)

The passion for the game of chess goes beyond the chessboard. It is an obsession that does not end with age or gender. Whether you are a female or a male, the infatuation with this royal game does not easily go away.

So whether you are looking for gifts for chess players who are him or her, the diverse variety of chess sets is the foremost choice.

Vertical Chess Set

Vertical Chess Set

This gift is a unique and innovative way to amuse your chess-loving friends. It is a vertical chessboard that can be mounted on the wall. Designed for conventional chess games, the board comes with a wooden frame and metal material chess pieces.

Star Wars Classic Chess Set

Royal Selangor Hand Finished Pewter Star Wars Chess Set

This gift is a treat for all those fans who love playing chess as much as they love the Star Wars Saga.

It is a one-of-a-kind collector’s edition chess board made from glass. It has an excellent handcrafted glass finish. The chess pieces are designed in the star wars theme.

Handmade White and Green Onyx Chess Set

Handmade White And Green Onyx Weighted Full Chess

A classic gift for chess players of all levels, this traditionally royal chessboard and its pieces are handmade from high-quality onyx material.

The decorative styled design and premium manufacturing of the product makes it stand out in the room.

Gods of Greek Mythology Chess Set

Design Toscano Gods of Greek Mythology Chess Set

Let your chess-loving friends enjoy their favorite game in a heavenly style by presenting them with this Greek God Mythological Chess Set.

An ideal gift for chess players on any occasion, the high-quality chess pieces are true specimens of world-class creative artistry.

Dragon Chess Set

Dragon Chess Set

Bring in a touch of oriental mythology by opting for this Dragon design chess set. Unique, durable, and eye-catching, it can make your chess players feel much more adventurous.

3 Man Chess Set

3 Man Chess Set

If you think chess can be played by only two people, you are mistaken. We present to you the 3-man chess set that is different and much more fun.

Made from premium wooden material, the unique circular shape makes it suitable for playing among 3 individuals.

Egyptian Chess Set

Egyptian Chess Set

Present this amazing gift for chess players on any occasion and let your family and friend relive the magic and mystery of the Egyptian Era.

Rome Figures Chess Set

Rome Figures Chess Set

Another great product on the list of gifts for chess players in the Roman Themed Chess Set.

Medieval British Army Chess Set

Medieval British Army Chess Set

For Colonialism fans, the Medieval British Army Chess Set is a great choice of gift. It brings added fun and enthusiasm to the game of the royals.

Unique Chess Gifts

Everyone desires to present their loved ones with gifts that are unique and different. We all appreciate receiving gifts that have a little thought put into them by the presenter.

Here are some unique chess gifts you can surprise your family and friend with on different occasions.

Chess Sculpture Ornament

LOOYAR Three Pack Chess Sculpture Ornament

Whether you are good at playing chess or not, this amazing handmade Chess Sculpture can accentuate any room with a majestic style.

Made from the highest quality non-toxic resin material, this ornamental figurine is black and gold-colored and goes well with different home decor themes.

Chess Players Metal sculpture

Chess Players Gift Nuts and Bolts Metal Sculpture

Making your style more contemporary, this Chess Players’ Sculpture is a modern piece of art made from metallic nuts and bolts.

Chess Bookend

Bellaa Decorative Chess Bookend

Present your chess-playing friends with this Chess design bookend and make them accentuate their study tables and desks with a stylish masterpiece.

Chess Piece Pendant Necklace

Chess Piece Charm Pendant Necklace

A must-have for every queen in your life, the Chess Piece Charm Pendant is handcrafted beautifully in Sterling Silver and has sparkling Rhinestones studded inside.

It is one of the best gifts for female chess players in your life.

Chess Wall Art

Chess Wall Art

This is a vintage-styled, black and white-colored chess-inspired wall art. The King and Queen canvas printed design is attractive and makes your walls look even more beautiful.

Chess Earring

AOBOCO – Chess Earring

Another item on the list of cool gifts for female chess players or game enthusiasts is the Chess Earring set. Studded with premium rhinestones, it can make the special person in your life even more special.

Funny T-Shirt

Funny T-Shirt

T-shirts are always a fun way to express your personal style and passions. Bringing a little humor to it further exemplifies your desire. This funny t-shirt for chess players emphasizes how you feel and think about this royal game.  

Silver Queen Necklace

Silver Queen Necklace

For anyone who has a wife, daughter, mother, girlfriend, or colleague who loves to play and enjoy chess, the Silver Queen Necklace is the best gift.

Funny Chess Keychain

Funny Chess Keychain

Gift your chess enthusiastic friends with this funny chess keychain and give them a reason to smile.

Made from premium metal, it has a small chess charm and a metallic plate with engraved writing on it.

Retro Chess T-Shirt

Retro Chess T-Shirt

If you are searching for some cool gifts for chess players who may be your son, husband, daughter, sister, brother, or friend, then why not give them this amazing t-shirt.

Made from the highest quality fabric, it has a classic design and trendy style. Suitable to wear on all occasions, the t-shirt is comfortable, airy, and attractive.

Chess In A Mug

Chess King Ceramic Cup

Drink your coffee, tea or milk in a king’s way. Best for presenting as gifts to chess lovers of all ages and any gender, the ceramic Chess King Cup comes with a hidden statue inside the mug.

11 ounces in capacity and black in color, the mug is the best gift for chess players on Christmas, housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more.

Colorful Chess Figurines

Baoblaze Colorful Chess Statue Animal Figurines

Add a little color to the black and white chess through this amazing bold printed Chess Statue Figurine.

Designed for the modern home decor style, the colorful statue can be placed on your bookshelves, study desks, or floating racks. The resin material and handcrafted finesse make the figurine a perfect gift for anyone who loves to play chess.

Chess Mug

Mara Stoneware Chess Mug

This stoneware-made mug is a unique gift for chess players and lovers. It can be used for both drinking your favorite coffee and simply as a decorative piece.

With a 12-ounce size, the square bottom mug is oven safe, dishwasher safe, and free from hazardous chemicals like lead and cadmium.

The original handmade finish makes every product unique and different from the other.

Final Thoughts

These were some amazing ideas for gifts for chess players.

Based on the person you are buying the gift for, you can make your selection from the above. Every product is a unique gift for chess players and anyone who enjoys playing or watching the game.

Whether the chess player is a he or she, they will love to have something like these around the house.

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