30 Unique Gifts For Crystal Lovers That Bring Good Vibes

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There’s no better way of showing somebody that you love them than gifting them with something reminiscent of their sparkling personality.

These gorgeous gems are great gifts for any occasion, and anyone! If you are looking for gifts for crystal lovers, then they will especially love any of these carefully selected, sparkly gifts that bring positive energy!

Natural Amethyst Crystal Clusters

unique Gifts for crystal lovers

EMPORION Natural Amethyst Crystal Clusters

This totally natural Uruguayan Amethyst is known worldwide for having the deepest shades of purple. Choose your size from a stunning range of eye-catching amethysts and make any crystal lover’s day!

Associated with properties of clear-headedness and decisiveness, amethysts bring these properties to anyone around them. This beautiful gift is perfect for anyone who has exams to write, or who suffers from anxiety, or indecision.

Lovebirds Crystal

Swarovski Lovebirds Crystal Figurine

These gorgeous, retro Swarovski Lovebirds are a warm and lovely addition to any home. Anyone who received this gift would swoon at the sight of those two adorable little bird faces.

These birds are so clearly in love, that this beautiful crystal figurine is the perfect expression of love.

Buddha Crystal Necklace

Swarovski Symbolic Crystal Necklace

This is a stunning and unique gift for any new-age crystal lovers out there. Featuring the spiritual symbols of buddha and a mandala, this gold and crystal charm necklace is a beautiful way to express your love and affection for a friend on a spiritual journey.

Make sure to remove your necklace before showering or using lotions or perfumes to extend your jewelry’s life.

Birth Stone Crystal Zidial Sign

birthday Gifts for crystal lovers

Faivykyd – Crystal Zodiac Sign Stones

Gift-giving is the greatest love language! Your friend will love the thoughtfulness of this beautiful astrological gift.

Each set of stones comes in a gorgeous box printed with your friend’s zodiac sign on the front. This gift is truly out of this world!

Find out your friend’s birth sign and surprise them with this unique and personal present.

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose

Swarovski Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose

Everybody knows Swarovski is the creme of the crop when it comes to crystals, and this romantic red rose is no exception. An idea taken from the fairytale romance of Beauty and the Beast, this rose symbolizes true love that endures forever.

This is a truly special gift that will bring your loved one a smile for years to come.

Citrine Chakra Crystal Tree

Kalifano Natural Citrine Chakra Crystal Tree

This gorgeous gemstone tree adorned with Brazilian Amethyst is said to have healing properties. Amethyst is commonly used for strengthening intuition, encouraging creativity, helping to ease insomnia, and more!

This beautiful tree would look excellent in any home, or perhaps in a yoga studio or meditation room. Every time your friend looks at it they will think of you.

Crystal Santa Claus

Swarovski Santa Claus

‘Tis the season to give gifts! This adorable little Santa ornament is bound to become a family favorite, eagerly taken out of his box every year for a cheery Christmas. In fact, this little Santa statue is so great, why not keep him proudly displayed all year long?

Made of the finest quality crystal, this sweet Santa is sure to bring cheer to whoever he meets!

Healing Crystal Candles

Christmas Gifts for crystal lovers

Stone Of Life – Healing Crystal Candles

This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a friend who would like to invite some calm into their lives. Filled with calming crystals, this sweet-smelling candle helps to create an atmosphere of soothing serenity. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale let go of all of your worries, your judgments, your anger, your hurt.

Not only is this candle calming and crystal-filled, but it also helps to chase mosquitos away.

Candy Cane Heart Ornament

Swarovski Candy Cane Heart Ornament

These classy and elegant Swarovski ornaments are the ultimate gift for your super snazzy friends who loves to have an extravagant Christmas.

Choose a set of ornaments from a wide range of options, and make your Christmas exclusively Swarovskian this year. Your tree will be the talk of the town and look absolutely to-die-for!

Crystal Lismore Angel

Waterford – Crystal Lismore Angel

This incredible Waterford crystal angel brings her palms together in prayer, promising to watch over you from wherever she is.

This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a friend who needs a guardian angel. Alternatively, maybe there is someone in your life that you care for unconditionally, and you want them to know that you hope that they stay safe and happy always. Look no further for the perfect gift to express your love!

Chandelier Dangle Earrings

Swarovski Chandelier Dangle Pierced Earrings

Over the course of the pandemic, everyone missed a good excuse to get dressed up. Now that we are slowly returning to some normalcy, these drop-dead gorgeous Swarovski Chandelier Dangle Earrings are the ultimate statement of style and class.

These can be beautifully styled with an up-do or loose hairstyle and can be paired with a range of necklines. Perfect for fancying up any night out.

Crystal Watch

Swarovski Uptown Crystal Watch Collection

Nothing says classic elegance like this stunning Swarovski Uptown Collection watch. Any woman would swoon at the sight of this luxurious and heartfelt gift.

Swarovski never goes out of style, and sparkles are a girl’s best friend, so this watch will be worn for many happy years to some.

Swarovski Christmas Ornament

Swarovski Christmas Ornament

This incredibly delicate and ornate Swarovski bubble ornament will look breathtakingly beautiful on any Christmas tree. For the friend who loves to have the most elegant and extravagant Christmas parties, nothing says glamour like these gorgeous crystal ornaments

Choose from a range of different ornaments, or build a set of all-matching bubbles for the most beautiful Christmas tree anyone will have ever seen!

Atlantic Puffins Figurine

Swarovski Atlantic Puffins Figurine

This sweet little puffin figurine is the perfect gift for all those animal lovers and bird watchers out there!

If you have a special someone and you want to let them know that you will love them forever, then this is the best gift to express your timeless love.

These sweet little puffins will look great in any bedroom, living room, office, or in decoration cabinets.

Crystal Ring Sticker

Swarovski Glam Rock Ring Sticker for Mobile Phone

Functional and glamorous, you’ll wonder how you lived without one of these effortlessly elegant Swarovski Ring Stickers.

Studded with shiny dark stones, illuminating that unmistakable Swarovski sparkle, this opulent take on the current craze is one of a kind!

The swivel grip allows 360-degree rotation and 180-degree movement. It is also compatible with a kickstand.

Swan Pendant Necklace

Swarovski Dazzling Swan Jewelry Collection

The queen’s very own creature, the noble and elegant swan is the perfect glamorous gift to give this season. The classic color combination of blue and white crystals speaks of royalty and decadence.

Swans are known to be proud and serene, bringing feelings of calm and confidence to anyone who wears a swan pendant. Your friend will absolutely love this sweet gesture and will love to wear a reminder of you close to her heart.

Crystal Ball

Amlong – Clear Crystal Ball with Elephant Stand

This magical and mystical crystal ball is the perfect gift for friends who are exploring becoming oracles, or who simply love the look and stories behind the culture of fortune-telling.

The crystal ball symbolizes clarity and wisdom and will bring these qualities to the receiver of the gift. The elephants represent strength and serenity and will help their owner make good choices.

Nirvana Ring Scar Rose

Swarovski Nirvana Ring Scar Rose

A definite go-to accessory, this glittering and glamorous ring is one of the most iconic Swarovski designs. The eye-catching gem suits any style; be it casual wear or a cocktail dress.

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, and what woman wouldn’t want to wear this beautiful design on their finger? This way, she can indulge in that decadent diamond look without breaking the bank!

Crystal Rose Bouquet

unusual nique Gifts for crystal lovers

Red Rose Figurine Ornament Spring Bouquet

This is a gift for the gushy romantics out there. If you are looking for a classic and romantic way to declare your love for someone, then this is the perfect gift to do that.

A red rose is the ultimate symbol of romance and love, and by preserving it in gorgeous crystal, you are sending the symbol that your love is everlasting.

Perfect to liven up any room!

Crystalline Crystal Watch

Swarovski Crystalline Crystal Watch

This magnificent Crystal watch is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and makes a smooth transition from day to night. Glam up your daytime outfits with a bit of bling, and bring a sparkle to any evening gown.

If you have a special friend who loves to really shine in a crowd, then this gift will light up their life! Plus, they’ll have an awesome reminder of you on them all the time!

The Little Mermaid Shell

Swarovski The Little Mermaid Shell

This is for the Disney princesses out there! This lovely Little Mermaid Shell is so pretty that it’d look great anywhere!

Pearls are made very gradually, and so they require patience. However, it is more than worth the wait. The final pearl is more lovely than you could imagine. This is the perfect message to give to your friend; she is a shiny pearl in your life and you cherish her.

Crystalline Toasting Flutes

Swarovski Crystalline Golden Shadow Toasting Flutes

The ultimate decadence! These absolutely stunning golden champagne flutes are the must-haves to turn any dinner party or celebration into the event of the year.

Elegant and timeless Swarovski crystals bring sparkle and glamour, and the discrete stainless steel finish is the perfect touch of modernity and simplicity.

Toast to a year filled with all of the very best things with these incredible crystal flutes.

Crystal Skull

Skullis Tiger Iron Eye Crystal Skull

This incredible skull sculpture made from South African Tiger Iron Eye is an edgy and bold gift. This is for your cool friend with a good sense of humor, who probably has a bar in their home filled with other weird and wonderful stuff like this.

This gorgeous piece is a unique gift that is sure to be a bit of a conversation starter! Set in at the center of the table next time you have a party, and watch how the compliments come rolling in!

Swarovski Crystal Earring

Swarovski Women’s Dulcis Jewelry Collection

These earrings are a funky fresh flavor to brighten anybody’s day. Using a bold color clash, these edgy earrings are certainly a statement piece, and will turn heads in any room.

If you have a friend who does well in the spotlight, then these gifts will be the perfect accompaniment to their sassy style and glitzy personality.

Kris Bear Christmas

Swarovski Annual Edition Kris Bear Christmas

This one’s for all of the true Christmas crystal collectors. This sweet little Kris Bear will bring warmth and cheer into any household.

Watch as your friend’s face lights up as they unwrap this thoughtful and adorable gift. What’s not to love?

One of a collection from the classic Swarovski, add to your Christmas ornaments with this lovely little bear this Christmas.

Crystal Bracelet

Swarovski Women’s Iconic Swan Pendant

A vivacious version of one of the most iconic Swarovski designs, this gorgeous gold-plated bracelet would be perfect for gifting at any time of the year.

The daring red crystals and the red cord add an exciting and modern touch to the classical look.

Perfect for any occasion! This stunning bracelet can be worn with a. teeshirt and jeans or an elegant evening gown!

Blue Crystal Parallele Earrings

Swarovski Blue Crystal Parallele Earrings

These absolutely gorgeous droplet earrings will be the talk of the town as soon as they are debuted! This interesting and unique shape suggests glamor and decadence, but the simplicity of the classic blue crystal makes these earrings the perfect addition to any outfit.

Easily slide in the irritant-proof hooks, and you will barely notice these lightweight crystals for the rest of the evening.

Crystal Christmas Tree Topper

Swarovski Christmas Ornament

This awesome Christmas Tree Topper is for anyone looking to have a less traditional Christmas this year. Stars and angels are out, and Swarovski is in.

This simple yet eye-catching statement piece will give your Christmas tree a kind of magical feeling, as if you had emerged into a wonderful winter wonderland. Complete the look with some Swarovski baubles for the ultimate elegant Christmas.

Crystal Paperweight

Waterford Apple Paperweight

The perfect addition to any classical, old-school-elegant office. Synonymous with luxury and fine living, the Waterford Crystal Lismore pattern has been Waterford’s pre-eminent design for 60 years, and it elevates this gorgeous paperweight into a thing of beauty.

A satisfying shape and weight, simple yet beautiful, this paperweight brings a sense of gravitas and an aura of warmth to your office.

Crystal Blossoming Rose

Swarovski Blossoming Rose

The Swarovski Blossoming Rose lends a timeless sparkle to your home that will not wither. It speaks of friendship and affection that will continue to blossom and grow forever.

This lovely gift is a sentimental gesture of love and care for one another. This beautiful rose would look great on any office desk, living room shelf, or bedside table.

Give your crystal-loving friend a smile with this most excellent gift!

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