22 Perfect Gifts For Dance Teacher That’ll get Them Vibing

gifts for dance teacher
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Being a dance teacher is a fulfilling but demanding job. Many teachers will tell you that the greatest gift is watching a student learn and grow into their own awesome human being, but perhaps you’d like to surprise them with something more material.

If you’re looking to show some appreciation to your child’s dance teacher or there is a dance teacher in your life, we have a selection of gifts for dance teacher that they appreciate.

Dancing Sculpture – Best Gifts For Dance Teacher (Editor’s Pick)

Studio 55D – Dancing Couple Sculpture

This elegant sculpture would be a beautiful addition in any dance teacher’s studio or on their desk. It could even double as a paperweight to help them keep their students’ essays and reports organised!

The gentle lines and fluid movement show the grace of the dancers, and may inspire your dancer friend the next time they are choreographing their next show.

Bluetooth Speaker

Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 Bluetooth Speaker System

If you know a dancer, then you probably know that they could begin dancing or stretching at any time! This awesome speaker will allow your friend to bring their music on the move with them so that any time the urge to dance seizes them, they can find a space, turn on their speaker, and break it down!

Wine Tumbler

Thank You for Being Awesome Wine Tumbler

Being a teacher is a demanding and stressful job, and sadly, it is often thankless, too. If you know a teacher who is deserving of some recognition and praise, then this funky tumbler is a fun way to say “thank you for being awesome”.

Each tumbler can keep hot liquids hot for 3 hours, and keep liquids cold for 9 hours. They’re also super easy to clean, and they come with a lid! So your dance teacher can do all the jumps and twirls they like without spilling a drop!

Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Wine Country – Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Give your dance teacher the gift of an already-assembled, gourmet, picnic lunch. Your teacher will definitely feel loved and appreciated after receiving this delectable cheese board with an assortment of delicious snacks such as crackers, olives, cheese, and even something sweet for dessert!

Ballerina Statue

Degas “Little Dancer” Ballerina Statue

Inspired by the great master Edgar Degas’ 1880 sculpture of a young student of the Paris Opera Ballet dance school, this sweet little statue is a great gift for any dancers or teachers who love the history of art and dance, and dance in art.

Now your teacher can have her very own (imitation) of a beautiful and classical piece of art!

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

Do you want to get your teacher something but you don’t feel confident that you could get them something that they’ll love? Why not give them the beautiful gift of choice?

With an Amazon gift card, your teacher can choose whatever they want or need, and you don’t have to go to the mall! It’s a win-win! Plus, the amount that you load onto the gift card is flexible and totally up to you!

Blessings Dancing Lady Figurine

Blessings Decor Dancing Lady Figurine

This gorgeous dancing girl would brighten up any studio, office, living room, or bedroom. Her gorgeous and exotic peacock skirt is an instant eye-catcher and a fun conversation starter!

If your dance teacher has had a busy or difficult year, this gorgeous symbol of elegance and grace will remind them that they have strength in the beauty of their dance, and they shouldn’t give up!

Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

If you really want to spoil a dance teacher who is the creme de la creme of dance teachers, then this is the ultimate lavish gift, which they’re sure to love!

This amazing Fitbit watch can track your friend’s activity while they dance, and will also give interesting feedback about their sleep, temperature, heart rate, and they can use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for reminders, news, and alerts.

High Protein Fitness Snack Box

Healthy Gourmet Protein Snack Box

The Bunny James Fitness Box is the best healthy snack pack out there and it’s perfect for anyone who is particularly active and energetic. This Gourmet health food gift basket includes a mix of low sugar high protein snacks with plenty of savoury sweet and delicious snacks healthy options, so your dance teacher will be able to snack to their heart’s delight for weeks and for any occasion!

Dance Teacher Bracelet

Ankiyabe Dance Teacher Gift Bracelet

A truly great dance teacher is hard to find and impossible to forget! And what better way to say it than with this gorgeous little silver bracelet? Expandable to fit any wrist, and with space to add some extra charms and trinkets, this stunning bracelet is an awesome gift to say thank you.

Couple Art Dancing Sculpture

DreamsEden Couple Art Dancing Sculpture

This stunning, sensual sculpture will especially appeal to Tango, Mambo, Chacha and Salsa dance teachers who like some sauciness in their choreography.

The love portrayed in this statuette will remind your dancer friend that you admire and love them whenever they catch sight of it.

Massage Gun

TOLOCO Massage Gun

This incredible, cordless massage gun will swiftly become your dance teacher’s new best friend (heck, we’d suggest you throw one in the e-cart for yourself, too! These wonderful machines are a Godsend).

After hours of dancing, prancing, leaping, and twirling your dancer friend will be ecstatic to be able to massage every little ache and pain away with ease.

Poly-Stone Figure

Deco 79 Poly-Stone Figure

For the modern dance teachers out there, this is an alluring and interesting conversation-starter.

This thoughtful gift also represents independence, grace, and poise, which should inspire any dance teachers out there! Show your dance teacher that they have had a positive, memorable, and lasting impact on your life with this sweet gesture.

Succulent Pots

Best Teacher Succulent Pots

This is for all the green-thumbed dancers out there! These unique succulent planters are super cute christmas gifts for your teacher, or any random day of appreciation- why not?

Each of the 3 ceramic pots comes with 3 small bamboo saucers, but does not contain plants! So make sure that you also give yourself time to go to the nursery to fill these pots with 3 adorable plants of your choosing.

Personalized Hip Hop Necklace

Personalized Hip Hop Pendant Necklace

If your funky fresh dance teacher loves to pop it, lock it, and drop it, then they will love this hilarious and blingalicious pendant.

Each necklace is fully customizable, so you can choose any name or word to be displayed (up to 7 letters). Suprise and delight your dance teacher and show them you like their style with this fun gift.

Ballerina Figure Collectible

Ballerina Figure Grand Battement En Arriere Collectible

This beautiful prima ballerina is perfect for all of the ballet teachers out there! This sweet statuette is a modern and elegant piece that will look great in any studio or classroom.

Let your teacher know that you think they are the best with this lightweight resin statue which doubles as a handy paper spike.

Teacher Gifts Basket

Teacher Appreciation Gift Sets

Your teacher will absolutely love this adorable little “Teacher’s Survival Kit”! Filled with an assortment of exciting little goodies, this teacher appreciation pack will definitely bring a smile to your teacher’s face.

Each set includes a pencil case, mug, bookmark, and a vacuum-sealed tumbler, which keeps drinks cold for 9 hours and hot for 3 hours. This novelty tumbler makes the perfect companion for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, so your teacher can start her day with hot coffee and end it with a nice, chilled glass of wine!

Ceramic Trinket Dish

Ceramic Trinket Dish

Teachers are always collecting all sorts of little trinkets and other items throughout their day. Little gifts from students, corkboard pins, paper clips, lost jewelry- the list goes on! Teachers would love a cute place to put all of the little bits and pieces together. This sweet and thoughtful little ceramic dish would be absolutely perfect, and it comes wrapped and ready to be gifted!

Jewelry Gift for Teacher

Appreciation Gift Necklace

A truly exceptional teacher can have a profound and lasting impact on a young person’s life. This elegant tree pendant will remind them of the minds they’ve nurtured and the lives they’ve nourished everytime they see it. This gorgeous pendant would make an excellent graduation, retirement, back to school, or “just because” gift for your amazing dance teacher.

Personalized Teacher Tumbler

Personalized Teacher Tumbler

When you are dancing all day you need to make sure that staying hydrated is a top priority! Well, this will no longer be a problem for your dance teacher! This awesome personalizable teacher tumbler is a super awesome way to tell your teacher that you love their class. They will love walking the school halls with this sweet and thoughtful gift from you.

Inspirational Morse Code Bracelets

Inspirational Morse Code Bracelets

This is for the dance teachers who love to build up a little bit of mystery and intrigue. These super cool morse-code bracelets create the perfect, secret message for your beloved favourite tecaher.

Each bracelt has an adjustable strap, so this bracelet will fit any teacher, male or female. Help to spread the joy this giving season with a beautiful and trendy bracelet gift.

Dance Teacher Necklace

Dance Teacher Necklace

These gorgeous hand-crafted silver necklaces are the perfect gift for a teacher that you absolutely adore! 

Each jewelry present comes with a lovely message card with a quote, a blank notecard for you to add your own words, and a polishing cloth to keep your special gift sparkling like new! They’re all gift-wrapped with care and flair, so they are ready to give!

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