30 Thoughtful Gifts For Daughter On Mother’s Day That She Won’t Forget

gifts for daughter on mothers day
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Looking for gifts for daughter on Mother’s Day? Mother’s day is not the only occasion available to make kind gestures to your mom! We have listed gift ideas that is thoughtful, sentimental even useful for your daughter on this coming Mother’s Day. Let’s keep on reading.

Mother & Daughter Necklace

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Mother and Child Love Up to Crescent Moon Necklace

This might appear as a stereotypical take on our ‘gifts for daughter on mother’s day’ list, but a huge portion of daughters can’t resist dainty neckwear. Whether it’s an amulet, precious stone, or a rare coin, girls love expressing themselves even in the minutest possible ways.

This piece in particular, displays the strong bond of mother and daughterhood protected by a moon crescent. All in 14K Gold. It fits any occasion – birthdays, Christmas, graduations – and will accompany its keeper her entire life.

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

great present for daughter on mother's day

Godiva Chocolatier Gold Ballotin

Another Godiva honourable mention on our website! Hidden inside are 36 mouthwatering mint, deep dark ganache, hazelnut and many more delectable flavours. But instead of extolling Godiva’s exclusive taste like we’ve done before, just turn your attention to this head-turning snazzy box.

Any living room can use of one of Godiva’s exclusive treasure chests full of heartfelt bonbons! Even though the title says ‘gifts for daughter on mother’s day’, this gift works for any occasion or simply random acts of kindness.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

sentimental gifts for daughter on mother's day

Willow Tree Close to me

Our hectic and messy world unfortunately keeps us at a distance from each other – whether it’s for academic or work reasons, we’ve become accustomed to the absence of kids in our living space. A subtle way, however, to keep that bond strong even at a long distance is by giving this miniature willow figurine.

The item stands at just 8 inches tall and features hand carved and painted floral motifs. It’s practically invisible to the eyes of random passersby which means your daughter can bring it to her office desk, uni dorms, or apartment. Let the wave of reminiscences be churned by this totem of love!

Baby Keepsake Box

gifts for my daughter on her first mother's day

Savor Baby Keepsake Box

Up next in our ‘gifts for daughter on mother’s day’ roster, we find an idea catered to younger recipients, or mothers of toddlers! The Keepsake Box is designed to store cherished memorabilia like photos and other memorable knick knacks made with your beloved child.

Whatever the colour palette of the child’s bedroom, the box’s neat bicolour designs fit bright and darker hued rooms. Surprise an expectant mom at her baby shower or one that has just found out she’s about to eat for two people! The boxes are unisex, so you needn’t sweat over figuring out whether a boy or a girl is one the way!

Jade Bracelet

good gifts for daughter on mother's day

Ross-Simons Jade”Good Fortune” Bracelet

Here’s a classics that has not only withstood the test of time, but many will conjecture is as old as time itself. Jade has been in the limelight for centuries and has no intention of leaving the hearts of jewellery lovers.

Crafted by the reputable Ross-Simmons company, this piece stands out with its timeless design and robust 18k/14k/Sterling Silver materials. Just because the title says ‘gifts for daughter on mother’s day’, doesn’t mean you won’t touch the heart of someone special on St. Valentine’s, Christmas, or their birthday!

3D Crystal Photo

personalized gifts for daughter on mother's day

3D Prestige Personalized Crystal Picture

It worked for our gift ideas for pet owners list and it’s high time it enters our ‘gifts for daughter on mother’s day’ theme. Truth be told, 3D crystal frames’ versatility is unmatched compared to the many niche products one finds on the internet.

The crystal picture frame suits any occasion since it’s fully customisable. Just send a picture of your subject or subjects in mind and you’ll have your picture ready in a few short days!

Mini Wine & Champagne Bath Bombs

relaxing gifts for daughter on mother's day

Purelis Organic Mini Wine & Champagne Bath Bombs Gift Set

Today, bath bombs go into the category of self care and have become the hallmark of after-work relaxation products. This set contains 24 pieces of the most familiar scents adults can think of – wine and champagne.

While cute on the outside, these ‘bottled’ aromas will surprise an adult recipient. You’ll be sure the minute they escape the office hell, these bath bombs will be their own special escape from responsibility and stress.

Heart Sculpture

sentimental gift ideas for daughter's first mother's day

Swirling Heart Sculpture

This one you can find in pretty much every gift ideas list on Google. It’s a smart, elegant, and neutral gift for daughters in their early 20s and above. If you believe your daughter has everything and there’s nothing on earth you can dig up, then why no furnish her home interior a little bit.

The sleek art design exhibits a single string knotting a heart shape. It is a no-brainer choice for when you’ve run out of ideas but still wan’t to invest some thought in your present.

Art Deco Dangle Earrings

beautiful gifts for daughter on mother's day

Gem Stone King Aquamarine Art Deco Dangle Earrings

Art Deco reached the firmament of art and fashion in the early 30s and lasted for about 40 years. But now, it’s making its comeback, baby. Any appreciator of fine and high art would dream of donning earpieces inspired by one of the most groundbreaking styles of the 20th century.

These pieces in particular stay true to the aquatic accents of the movement and retain the staple edgy shape every art piece from this period displays. If your daughter or wife happen to love Deco’s signature style but a Dunand painting is out of your budget, consider this pair that will undoubtedly spare your finances!

Hands Casting KIT

good gift for daughter's mother's day

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting KIT

This ‘gifts for daughter on mother’s day’ list seems fond of keepsake items because another one hits its radar. This time, it doesn’t have to be that specific.

The casting kit is perfect for both new mothers who wish to spend a fun afternoon with their child and girls who want to break a boring afternoon with their boyfriend or friends.

The kit can accommodate up to 3 adults, or 2 adults and 4 children aged 12 and under. The procedure goes as follows: stir the moulding powder with water, moisturise your hands before dipping your hands, wait for about 3-4 minutes before it solidifies after which you carefully take out your hands.

After that it’s time to mix the casting powder with water and then pour it inside the shapes you’ve left in the moulding mix. Simple as!

Premium Iceless Wine Chiller

present for daughter on mother's day

Huski Wine Cooler

If you’ve been attentive over our last several lists, you couldn’t have missed the hot decanter set we’ve been brewing. The wine cooler is a boujee item boasting a low-profiled design that even may mystify new guests. But on the inside, the double-insulated vacuum is there to keep away your wine away from the harmful heat.

The stainless steel shell protects your brew from unwanted condensation, and overall extends the life of the product. For daughters who love to sip on chill wine after a draining day of work or just prefer partying at home, this gift would be an unexpected and handy surprise.

Night Light

customise gifts for daughter on mother's day

Doptika Engraved Moon Lamp Night Light

Here’s one customised for the male figures in a daughter’s life. Its impressive 3D design and soothing glow is specially designed to comfort your daughter before bedtime.

It easily adjustable from white to yellow to fit your daughter’s mood and eye sensitivity. And in case you worry it might roll off the nightstand the durable PVC-ABS forms a shock-proof body that is ready to take a push by clumsy morning hands.

Celtic Knot Hoop Earrings

unique gift for daughter's mother's day

Irish Claddagh Celtic Knot Hoop Earrings

Is your daughter a fan of Celtic culture? Or perhaps she’s recently found out about her Celtic heritage and can’t contain the excitement? The 14k Celtic knot earrings are perfect for both occasions!

Celtic knots, obviously, permeate their culture and have earned their spot in both pre- and post-Christian influence. The simple but symbolic design is fitting for any occasion and keeps its secret well to untrained eyes.

Dyson Hair Styler

unique gift for daughter's first mother's day

Dyson Airwrap Styler

A woman’s essential and what many regard as a paramount of hair fashion, the Airwrap Styler synthesises utility and technology to create the definitive hair styling tool! We can all confirm that, in a sense, it is the key of a young woman to adulthood.

Your daughter will appreciate the swappable brushes for extra volume, dreamed flatness, swirly curls, and drying. The small system inside will protect her hair by using negative ions more minimal static and a consistent temperature of up to 150 degrees celsius max.

Personalize Bar Necklace

unique gift ideas for daughter's first mother's day

Ross-Simons 14kt Yellow Gold Mini Name Bar Necklace

There’ve been too many name-tag necklaces on this site to count, but this one doesn’t exhaust the wide range of jewellery you’ll discover on Quokkadot. The tag is a standard plate of 14k Gold that’s easy on the skin, smooth to the touch, and flatters the eye.

Your daughter may not be old enough for a wine cooler but at least beauty accessories know no age! Simply send the recipient’s name and patiently wait for piece to arrive in its stylish gift box.

Eye Massager

mothers day gift ideas for my daughter

Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager

While it does look like a VR set or as if Google Glass has gone too far, this unique pair of goggles has as a mission to relax your tense ocular apparatuses. And no, it doesn’t poke straight into your eyes. Thanks for asking.

Instead, you receive a light tingle of air-pressure vibrations that you can adjust between 5 different massage modes to fit your needs. On top of the massaging vibes, this neat gadget also plays music while your daughter languidly surrenders to the massager’s gentle touch.

Holy Family Figurine Set

gift ideas for daughter's first mother's day

Lenox First Blessing Nativity Holy Family Figurine Set

Here’s a poignant suggestion from our ‘gifts for daughter on mother’s day’ list. An exquisite and elegantly crafted ivory composition of the Holy Family. The 24k gold accents outline the grace and purity of set while its perfect dimensions will match any living area.

Although the breakage replacement program will cover your daughter’s back, this gift, you might already guessed, is a coming-of-age gift. When you feel your daughter is about to make a huge step in life, this set is bound to keep her strong through the many vicissitudes about to come.

Gemstone Hoop Earrings

beautiful mothers day gift ideas for my daughter

Ross-Simons Colored Gemstone Hoop Earrings

Another deserved spot for Ross-Simons’ craftsmanship will not go unnoticed for lovers of fine trinkets. This set comes in 8 distinct colours and offers your lucky lady 14k of allergen-free Gold.

Ross-Simons’ trusted brand continues to offer affordable jewels after 65 years of leading the budget-jewellery market. If your daughter’s heart is fond of the fine things in life, but breaking the bank is out of the question, Ross-Simons’ collections are a go-to option.

This is a memorable Mother’s Day gift for your daughter from dad.

Wine Preservation System

good present for daughter on mother's day

Coravin Model Two

And here we are, once again lingering at booze accessories. Coravin’s contraption espouse a neat idea few would’ve guessed on their own. Instead of removing the cork top and hasting to drink the wine while it’s fresh, Coravin’s pouring system gently pierces through the cork with a teflon needle.

The ultra-pure argon container then extends your brew’s freshness despite being opened. This way you can enjoy a single bottle for much longer!

Zodiac Necklace with Birthstone

unusual gift ideas for daughter's first mother's day

Gelin Zodiac Necklace with Birthstone

What would look like a perfect birthday gift is actually appropriate for any occasion. Young people love associating with their birth sign and find a deeply rooted link between character and ordering of planets.

For daughters who love reading natal charts and staying in touch with their zodiac traits, this combination of a 14k Gold plate with and their birthstone on top guarantees she’ll fall immediately in love.

Smart Floor Cleaner

practical present for daughter on mother's day.

iRobot Braava Jet M6

iRobot has made an appearance before on our lists and is here to remind you again of its unmatched efficiency and versatility. The iRobot is taking over modern homes. With Alex on its side you can navigate it around the house using just your voice.

And when your away, you just let it go on its own. It maps your entire house and easily manoeuvres around your house and under furniture with a breeze. Save your daughter the dread of housework by giving an incredibly thoughtful gift every modern woman deserves.

Headband for Sleep, Travel, Meditation

useful present for daughter on mother's day

HoomBand Wireless

The last 30 years have been incredibly momentous to peoples’ lives: home computers were germinating, the internet caught like wildfire, phones got pocketable, and life in the fast lane became the norm.

This unique headband work like headphones and connects via Bluetooth to your phone. As you’re descending to sweet slumber, the headband plays calming stories and soothing music to help a tense mind rest. Work-related stress is very common nowadays, so finding a way to relax is crucial if you want to meet up the load of expectations you have on you.

Smart Air Fryer

practical mothers day gift ideas for my daughter

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Knowing all the junk that goes into present-day produce, it’s hard to stay healthy in a market which values speed and quantity over quality. The least one can do is pay attention to how food is cooked and prepared before consumption.

The COSORI Air Fryer allows you to use only 10% of the old you would normally use in a traditional pan. Its compact footprint allows you to place it on a countertop and control monitor its action via the intuitive smartphone app.

Beauty Fridge

unusual gifts for daughter on mother's day

FaceTory Beauty and Skin Care Mini Fridge

A skincare fridge is definitely a novelty in most people’s books, but you’ll be surprised to learn of their massive popularity. Actors, models, beauty gurus and the like all rely on a make-up fridge to preserve their products’ freshness and qualities.

If your daughter lives by a strict skin regiment, then consider easing her life with a make-up fridge. It’s cute, compact, comes in two fresh colours, and even has a dry erase board for notes!

Cocktail and Margarita Machine

mothers day gifts for your daughter

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

The Bartesian Cocktail Machine is synonymous with class and elegance. It’s the easy way of achieving mixologist-level drinks. Luckily, there’s no learning curve thanks to a mechanism resembling a coffee machine.

Just insert the capsule inside and set the potency level to your likening. A daughter who will love the wine cooler and cap opener will be keen on the idea of having a personal mixologist in the comfort of her own home.

Swarovski Watch

gifts for young daughter on mother's day

Swarovski Women’s Cosmopolitan Watch Collection

Swarovski’s timepieces haven’t hit our radar for a long time, but it’s high time they redeem themselves. This Cosmopolitan specimen comes across as any other run-of-the-mill watch unless looked at closely.

Its Swiss make guarantees you longevity and durability which are staple qualities of Swiss products. The stainless steel wristband snaps securely across a wide range of wrist sizes and the water resistance allows your daughter to dive as deep as 50 meters underwater. Choosing the right watch can be a challenge among so many styles and brands. Thankfully, Swarovski saves the day!

Portable Espresso Machine

practical present ideas for daughter on mother's day

Wacaco Minipresso

From the four remaining spot on our gifts for daughter on mother’s day list we select this charming mini espresso machine. The secret to a good espresso is usually kept in type of coffee beans you use. That is why this neat tool gives you the creative control to add your own ground cofee!

Insert the coffee of your likening, pour boiling water, and press the pump to get some creaming java. It’s a spot-on gift for a mature daughter who either has zero time to queue in coffee shops or enjoys a cup of coffee while travelling.

Forever Red Rose in Angel Glass Figurines

gifts for my daughter on her first mother's day from dad

Anlunob Forever Red Rose in Angel Glass Figurines

Capture youth in a bottle by gifting your daughter a rose of unfading beauty. The Anlunob glass figurine utilises special conservation technology that retains colours and freshness for up to five years. Under one condition – no direct sunlight and humid environments.

If your daughter follows these two simple rules her desk will be embellished by any one of the 8 lovely colours for many years to come.

Picture of Her Growing Up

nostalgic gift ideas for daughter's first mother's day

Metal Family Tree

Here’s a gift idea that will reach out to your daughter’s heart and assure her that she has the greatest parents imaginable. Family trees and ancestry have taken people by storm – the idea of tracing your heritage and look back at portraits of your predecessors is a thrilling experience.

The family tree lets you trace your own development as a person and reminisce over the many happy memories you have fostered with your family. It’s good reality-check every time you feel low and reminds you of how far you’ve come and that’s not the time to give up!

Personalize Bobblehead

personalize mothers day gifts for my daughter

Fully Custom Bobblehead Figurine

And finally, a knick knack to draw a few laughs and put a big smile on your daughter’s face. The custom bobblehead is what it manifests to be – you can put anyone’s head on any type of body.

The three-step process requires you to get a hold of your recipient’s face and send to the studio. Then choose a costume that suits most your daughter’s personality and dreams!

So what do you think? Have you managed to muster an idea about what your daughter will love. If not, Quokaddot offers an inexhaustible range of gift ideas catered for any occasion and person. Pet lovers, elderly folk, uni graduates – you name it! Browse as long as you like until you find the spot-on gift.

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