25 Unique Gifts For Drummers That Get Them Vibing

gifts for drummers
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Looking for some truly fantastic gifts for drummers? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up a list of the best gadgets, gizmos, and accessories that any drum-obsessed person is sure to adore!

From small gifts that would be perfect for any occasion, to really generous gifts to make your friend gasp, we’ve got them all right here for you.

Drummer Figurine Decoration – Best Gifts For Drummers

Broadway – Metal Drummer Figurine Decoration

We had a good scout for some truly unique gifts for drummers, and this was our top find! This well-crafted little drummer man is made from recycled pieces of metal and then buffed to perfection to ensure that lasting shine.

This is a perfect gift for drummers who are in the process of decorating their space, or who just started a new job and need some awesome desktop decor.

Drummer Hoodie

Drummer Heartbeat Hoodie for Drummers

Do you have a friend who fancies himself as the next Travis Barker? He’ll look great in this appropriately punk hoodie. We love this print because it shows a true understanding of the fact that drumming is life, and a drumkit is as vital to a drummer as his or her heartbeat.

This hoodie is comfy and warm, and we suggest sizing up one or two sizes to get that baggy, “don’t care” look. Make sure to cold wash this item to keep the print looking crisp and clear.

Drummer Mug

Drummer Mug

We love finding gifts that are small enough to slip into a Christmas stocking, and any drummer will think this cool mug is the bomb diggity! It’s also perfect for filling up with your friend’s favorite candy, or a bag of their favorite coffee roast to make this an extra special gift. Your drummer friend will love the thought and effort you have put into finding them this gift.

If your drummer friend is suffering from a touch of “Imposter Syndrome”, this mug is perfect to give them that extra boost of confidence. Let them know that you think they are a drum hero with this lovely gift.

Funny Drummer Keychain

Funny Drummer Keychain

It’s a well-known fact that the best drummers are rebels who have a habit of going against the grain and making some noise. Just look at Travis Barker, Dave Grohl, and Tommy Lee! No one can say they have been the best-behaved boys in history.

This funny keyring is one of the best gifts for drummers who love to make some noise and take center stage when they perform or practice.

Drumstick Spoons

Genuine Fred Mix Stix Drumstick Spoons

Do you know a drummer who would love to spend more time in the kitchen but can’t seem to rip themselves away from their drumkit long enough to cook anything? Now, they don’t have to ever stop drumming!

These awesome drumstick spoons are great for tossing a salad and beating some skin. Whilst stirring soup, why not stir up some trouble by tapping out tasty tunes with your new favorite spoons? This is a great gift for drummers everywhere!

Night Light Drum

3D Night Light Lamp Drum

This is one of our favorite gifts for drummers because it suits drummers of all ages and levels of skill. You don’t need to be a master drummer to appreciate this awesome 3D nightlight.

This cool illusion lamp is super simple to use and only has one button. After turning on the lamp, keep pressing the button to cycle through the seven color options until you find your perfect fit. Can’t decide? Press the button one more time to set this lamp to change colors every few seconds and get the best of all worlds!

Drum Wall Hook 

Drum Wall Hook 

This awesome wall hook doesn’t just look great hanging up in the music room, it’s super useful, too! This is one of our best practical gifts for drummers.

If you have a pal who rushes through the front door when they get home and makes a beeline straight for their drumkit, then this gift will really come in handy!

Hang up your keys, your coat, and your umbrella on this awesome wall hook.

Comfy Drum Throne

Gibraltar Cordura Drum Throne With Backrest

Something that drummers are not known for is their exceptional posture. Well, that’s about to change. The large Gibraltar Drum Throne is the cream of the crop.

We absolutely love that it features a backrest for the quieter moments of the set when the drummer needs to take a breath before launching into their next hectic drum solo.

The throne is easy to fold up if you need to make some space after band practice, and it has a memory lock so you can snap it back out to the perfect position when you’re ready to rock and roll. An especially perfect gift for drummers who are getting older.

Drum Set Pendant Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Drum Set Pendant Necklace

Good gifts for drummers are easy to find, but if you want truly great gifts for drummers who love a bit of bling, then look no further. This awesome Sterling silver drum pendant is suitably rock-and-roll for the more badass drummers out there, but subtle enough to be dressed down for more casual occasions.

Because it is made of Sterling silver, this pendant won’t rust, tarnish, or discolor your skin if it gets wet.

Drummer Nutritional Facts Label Mug

Drummer Nutritional Facts Ingredients Label Mug

Looking for something a little tongue-in-cheek that will have your drummer friend chuckling every morning when they brew their first pot of tea? Then you should gift them with this funny Nutritional Facts mug!

As you can see, drummers are chock-full of talent, skill, creativity, passion, and now, thanks to you, caffeine! With absolutely zero hints of ever being off-key, of course!

Precious Moments with Drum Waterball

Precious Moments Nutcracker with Drum Waterball

These precious snowglobes would make excellent Christmas gifts for drummers! This particularly special gift features an incredibly detailed Little Drummer Boy decked out in his Christmas clothes.

The design of the base is absolutely breath-taking, and we love the four gems adorning it.

But wait, there’s more! This is not your run-of-the-mill snowglobe, this wonderful gift is also a music box! Give it a shake and enjoy the March of the Nutcracker as it fills your living room.

On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

Marshall Major IV On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone

Marshall has a legacy of producing some of the best gifts for drummers. These incredible over-ear headphones are perfect for anyone who is practicing their skills and needs to protect their ears. Plus, they’re perfect for listening to your all-time favorite drum solos for inspiration.

A full charge will give you almost a hundred hours of playtime with quick-charge capability – only fifteen minutes of charging will give you a full fifteen hours of listening.

These are headphones are built to last! We love that they are wireless and charge wirelessly, too, so you don’t get unwieldy wires all tangled up in your drum kit.

Drum Ornament Decoration

Broadway Gifts – Drum Ornament Decoration

This is another one of those great Christmas gifts for drummers. Perfect to slip into a Christmas stocking, or secretly hang on the tree for a sweet happy holiday surprise!

Each ornament is made from wood and metal, so it will last for years to come! And when Christmas is over, and you’re packing away your tree, you can hang this sweet ornament on your drum kit for an added bit of flair.

Zildjian Cymbal Keychain

Zildjian Cymbal Keychain

If you’re thinking of starting a tiny band, this tiny cymbal is the perfect gift for your drummer! Made from brass, this cymbal may look too small to make music, but believe us, it can pack a punch!

If your friend is proud to be a rocking drummer, then this is a great keychain to let the world know their passion. It’ll act as a great conversation starter and also makes for an excellent fidget gadget that you can play with when you’re feeling a little nervous or uncomfortable.

Drum Player Sculpture 

Drum Player Statue Sculpture 

This is a really cool gift for drummers who are into jazz and freestyle jamming. This awesome 3D figurine is a fun decoration for the music room, an office, or even your bedside table.

Treat the best drummer in your life to this cool jazz drummer statue for any occasion! Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, house-warmings, you name it!

Music Notes Decor

Music Notes Decor

This is for all of the classy drummers out there! This clear glass Art Deco sculpture will look great in modern homes that feature clean lines and neutral tones.

Place this beautiful sculpture near the window and watch the magic happen! As sunlight streams into the room and hits the sculpture, it will refract rainbows all around!

Kids and adults alike will love watching the light dance over various objects while listening to some excellent drumming live or on the radio.

Temporary Tattoo Device

Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Device

If you’re looking to emulate some of the greats like Brian Welch or Billie Joe Armstrong but aren’t quite dedicated enough to commit to a lifelong tattoo, this is the perfect compromise!

This is an excellent gift for drummers who want some added street cred without the pain of actual needles penetrating their skin.

Upload any design, logo, or slogan you want and get it on your skin in only 3 seconds! Each kit has enough ink for 1000 two-day temporary tattoos.

Handmade Drum Wall Clock

Handmade Drum Wall Clock

This stunning clock is an excellent addition to any drummer’s home. This incredible handmade music art is crafted from a real vinyl record and painstakingly carved into perfection.

The clock runs on one AA battery (which is not included), so if you want this gift to be totally ready to go upon reception, make sure you buy a pack of batteries to throw into the gift bag, too.

This is a totally unique drumming gift that will last for a lifetime.

The Tempo T-Shirt

The Tempo T-Shirt

This is a perfect gift for drummers who believe that they lead the pack in skill and passion. If you can’t keep up with your wild and wacky drummer friend, then this is the shirt for them!

The funny message can be printed on a range of colored tees, but to be “Kravis approved”, black is the most badass option. This present will be appreciated by percussionists of every musical persuasion.

Musical Gifts Sculpture

NENBOLEC – Musical Gifts Sculpture

Not a fan of our jazzy and metal drum sculptures above? Perhaps this awesome little punk drummer will better suit your drummer friend’s aesthetic.

Designed by a senior artist and then hand-finished by a specialist, this polyresin statuette is ready to rock! It’s super durable and weather-resistant, so you can display it outside or inside without worrying that it will lose its sleek look. A perfect gift for drummers any time of year!

Drum Sticks Charm Pendant

14k Yellow Gold Drum Sticks Charm Pendant

This awesome drumstick pendant walks the line between being subtle and extravagant in all the right ways! It’s finely crafted with solid 14k yellow gold in a perfectly polished finish, so it won’t tarnish and will probably outlive the recipient!

This is a great gift for the more sophisticated drummers who are going to a special event but want to display a touch of gold that reveals their personality.

Electronic Drum Set

PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

Massive drum kits are not always practical or accessible, so this drum pad is the perfect, portable solution! Gift this kit to a drummer on the go.

The Paxcess electronic drum set includes a snare, three toms, one crash, one ride, one hi-hat, and two-foot pedals that play the sound of a bass drum. This roll-up kit offers five timbres, eight demo songs, and three rhythms to play around with- and the whole thing would fit into a child’s backpack!

Teddy Bear Traditional Nutcracker

Clever Creations Teddy Bear Traditional Wooden Nutcracker

This traditional wooden nutcracker is the perfect way to add festive holiday cheer to your home and is sure to complement any Christmas decor theme. Drummers will smile in delight as they unwrap their gifts and find this special Teddy Bear Nut Cracker to add to their drumming memorabilia collection.

The night before Christmas, pop this little fellow in the mantlepiece so that everyone wakes up to a fun drumming surprise in the morning!

Black Drum Throw Blanket

BONLOR Percussion Black Drum Throw Blanket

This is a great gift for drummers who also love a good Netflix-and-chill session. Get comfy and cozy under the covers with this awesome drum throw blanket.

This large, hypoallergenic blanket is super soft and fuzzy to keep you toasty on frosty winter nights, and it is totally environmentally friendly! Throw it over the sofa in your living room for an exotic and stylish look.

Drummer Parking Sign

StickerPirate – Drummer Parking Sign

This styrene wall mount is a great little gift to make a drummer giggle. Stick it up above their usual parking space at the office and watch them light up as they realize that this is a special spot just for them!

Whilst not the most environmentally friendly, this decoration is durable and weatherproof, so you can choose to hang it inside or out. It features two holes for mounting to make your job easier and rounded corners for extra safety.

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