26 Unique Gifts For Football Fans That They Will Go Crazy About it

gifts for football fans
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Do you have a loved one who likes football? If you do, then you may be having an easy time shopping for birthdays and Christmas seasons. Don’t worry about not knowing the sport since we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of 26 ideas that can be great gifts for football fans.

NFL 3D Stadium Wall Art – Best Gifts For Football Fans (Editor’s Pick)

YouTheFan NFL 3D Stadium Wall Art (Other Teams Available)

If you are looking for unique gifts for football fans, this NFL 3D stadium wall art is one of the best choices. It shows the top view of an NFL stadium as if you are a flying bird looking down from the sky. On top of that, it is printed in 3D.

NFL Football Team Watch

Timex Tribute NFL Football Team Watch (Other Teams Available)

How about some good casual gifts for football fans? This branded watch is not some generic fan merchandise given by NFL teams. This is a legit product wherein the logo of an NFL team is engraved on it. No matter how time passes by, it will remind you that you are still a fan of this particular NFL team.

Personalized Football History Book

Signature Gifts Personalized Football History Book (Other Teams Available)

If you are looking for personalized gifts for football fans, maybe a history book can be a great choice. This product is a hard-covered book containing the history of a particular NFL team from different news articles and snippets. This is also an amazing way to encourage other loved ones to be a fan.

Customized Football Helmet Necklace

Customized Helmet Necklace (Name + Number)

It’s hard not to consider a personalized necklace as one of the top gifts for football fans. You have a 10-karat yellow gold chain with a large football helmet as a pendant. The best part is having a double-digit number of your choice and your name or initials engraved on the pendant.

NFL Team Athletic Sunglasses

NFL Team Logo Sport Athletic Sunglasses (Other Teams Available)

Although some like gifts to be fancy, others prefer practicality. These athletic sunglasses are stylish enough to be used almost anywhere. Whether you’re going out for an outdoor sport, enjoying the beach somewhere, or just strolling in the park, you can never go wrong in your styling choice with having this eyewear worn.

NFL 3-Piece Tailgate Kit

NFL 3-Piece Tailgate Kit (Other Teams Available)

Most NFL fans love to watch the game on a big screen. But how about having them enjoy it outside the backyard? This 3-piece tailgate kit is the perfect piece for their outdoor experience. Two people can sit comfortably while munching down some barbecue, drinking soda, and enjoying the game displayed from the projector.

NFL 25-Layer Stadium Table

YouTheFan NFL 25-Layer Stadium Lighted Table (Other Teams Available)

If you are a perfectionist, obviously, you’ll be searching for perfect gifts for football fans. Don’t sweat it because we have a great suggestion: this NFL 25-layer stadium table. This simple corner table is turned into a sought-after fan service material by adding a rooftop view of a mini replica NFL stadium on the surface. How cool is that?

Football Whiskey Stones

Football Whiskey Stones

Enjoying a football game always involves food and drinks. Most fans, even though they are your loved ones, like their drinks cold to complement their burning passion. Instead of using ice cubes, why not try to buy these whiskey stones shaped like a football. Seems appropriate for the occasion, right?

Customized Football Pendant

Customized Football Pendant (Name + Number)

If you need more designs for your necklace, this customized football pendant can be a gorgeous addition. The large shiny pendant, shaped like a football, can have your choice of a double-digit number and your name engraved on it. It will also symbolize that even though one is not biased toward any team, they love the sport.

Rotating Levitating Hover Helmet

NFL Rotating Levitating Hover Helmet (Other Teams Available)

Let’s elevate the choices of amazing gifts for football fans. What do you think about this rotating levitating hover helmet? Yes, the helmet is levitating and rotating on its own axis. It is so cool that even the word ‘amazing’ can be an understatement. Add some protective case, and you have a perfect centerpiece.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 52 NFL Champions Collectible

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 52 NFL Champions Collectible

This particular gift choice is catered to the Philadelphia Eagles fans who won the Super Bowl 52. That win was such a historic event for a fan since it was the Eagles’ first-ever NFL title. This collectible, which captures the winning moment of the team, can be such a memorable wall piece anywhere inside the house. 

Levitating Football

Levitating Football (Other Team Available)

Can’t get enough for levitating stuff? How about instead of a helmet, it is a football that is levitating? Not only will it be a great display item, but you can also pick out the football and have some fun playing with it. Furthermore, one side of the football and the device’s base has a team logo.

Non Slip Floormat

Non Slip Floormat (Other Team Available)

Do you want to transform a room as if you are stepping into an NFL locker room? Cabinets and gears can be costly, but a non-slip floor mat may be the only item that you need. This is no ordinarily designed floor mat since an NFL team banner is imprinted on it.

NFL BBQ Grill Set

YouTheFan NFL BBQ Grill Set (Other Team Available)

The NFL outdoor viewing experience can never be enjoyable without grilled food. How about gifting your loved one this NFL barbecue grill set? It has a spatula, a fork, tongs, and bottle openers at the other endpoints of the utensils. Grilling some meat while easily opening a bottle of beer? How convenient is that?

Personalized Football Helmet

Personalized Football Helmet (Other Teams Available)

A lot would probably agree that an NFL helmet is considered one of the best gifts for football fans. However, it is a pipe dream since such an item will be astronomically expensive. How about settling with this football helmet night lamp instead? It can be personalized, and the LED-illuminated helmet formation can display multiple colors.

NFL Classic 3PC BBQ Grill Set

YouTheFan NFL BBQ Grill Set (Other Team Available)

Yes, the NFL-theme grill set is already mentioned. But the thing is, the colors on those utensils are based on the modern designs of the NFL teams. If you like the classical colors, this grill set will suit you better than the previous one. The contents are still the same.

Tom Brady Figurine

Funko Pop! – Tom Brady (Other Player Available)

Having won multiple Super Bowls, there is no argument that Tom Brady is one of the greatest NFL players of all time. If your loved one is a huge fan of his, then this figurine can be an amazing choice. If Tom Brady is not his/her cup of tea, there can be many all-time greats.

Football Cornhole Boards

Football Cornhole Boards (Other Team Available)

Cornhole is starting to be popular, from a childish game and now to a chillax sport. If your loved one likes cornhole and also happens to be a huge NFL fan, you can buy him/her these football-themed cornhole boards. They are durable, and you can use them inside or outside the house.

Ceramic Coffee Mug Football

Ceramic Coffee Mug Football

Maybe you are not a risk-taker when it comes to selecting gifts. That’s alright since there are also generic gift choices. However, if you don’t want to be too bland in your gift choice, you can choose this ceramic coffee mug football. The design is simple, yet it looks quirky and neat.

Light-Up Beanie Hat

NFL Light-Up Beanie Hat (Other Team Available)

There can be many gift choices that are football-themed and used during summer compared to gift choices that can be used during winter. For that reason, this light-up beanie hat seems a timely gift choice. Your loved one can express his inner fanboy/fangirl through a hat with an NFL team logo that he/she will be wearing.

NFL Vintage Football

Gulf Coast Sales NFL Vintage Football (Other Team Available)

The NFL vintage football may not get the youngsters (or millennials) excited, but adults who grew up enjoying old-school football might appreciate it well. Although this product is clearly a replica of an authentic vintage football, your loved one can have the opportunity to know how it feels like to handle a vintage football.

NFL Stadium Coasters

YouTheFan NFL Stadium Coasters (Other Team Available)

Trying to build a football-theme kitchen for your loved one? Everyone thinks that is crazy and impulsive. How about settling something small yet eye-catching, like this coaster? This item has a top view design of a stadium imprinted on it. You can use these NFL stadium coasters whenever you like to enjoy the game with ice-cold beers.

Football Tumbler

Football Tumbler

Do you want a gift that is something useful anywhere you go? Try purchasing this football tumbler. It is obviously a water tumbler, with a print of a football skin covering the tumbler’s exterior. There are no additional features, but when it comes to aesthetics, any football fan will love it.

Building Blocks Football Helmet

Building Blocks Football Helmet (Other Teams Available)

Do you have a loved one who likes collecting toys and the NFL game? You may want to check this Building Blocks football helmet. It is indeed a toy with similar mechanics of LEGO and shaped like an NFL helmet. Anyone, even the kids, can have fun building the helmet and displaying it afterward.

NFL Crystal Dangle Earrings

NFL Crystal Dangle Earrings (Other Team Available)

If you are looking for gifts for a female football fan, these crystal dangle earrings are a magnificent choice. Each earring has an NFL team logo dangling. You can purchase the earring with the team she likes. You can also give her more options if she happens to be a fan of more than one team

Football Plush Throw Blanket

Football Plush Throw Blanket (Other Team Available)

Is your loved one really a die-hard fan of a certain NFL team? With this football plush throw blanket, you can allow them to express their love for the team, even at sleep. This product is ginormous, and can be used on the bed or the couch.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many gift ideas for a loved one who is a football fan. Aside from team jerseys, you can purchase a gift that is something meaningful or practical. Don’t worry. Most choices are expected to be affordable.

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