26 Cool Gifts For Gun Lovers That Won’t Cause Controversy

gifts for gun lover
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The invention of gunpowder changed the boundaries of countries, their demographics, and the entire landscape of history.

Nowadays, we’re happy to live in a more peaceful society where guns are nothing but a hobby practiced in a secure environment.

For fanatics of gun smoke, the sound of reloading, and the force of recoil, we’ve finetuned a list of gifts for gun lovers perfect for Christmas or their birthday.

Limited Edition Rifle Whiskey Decanter

Gift ideas For Gun Lovers

The Wine Savant – Limited Edition Rifle Whiskey Decanter

We are having a field day with decanters – globe-shaped, grenade-shaped, ship-shaped, and the list goes on. But if you’re asking us the rifle-shaped one is the most classic of all.

This gun is everything you would expect from a solid block of glass – sturdy, comfortable in your palm – and to top it all of it comes with 4 bullet whiskey glasses to complement your decanter! 

Bullet Rocks Glass

unique gifts for gun lovers

The Original BenShot – Bullet Rocks Glass with Real 0.308 Bullet

Want the glasses without the rifle? Well, you can still get them separately at BenShot USA.

The bullet gives you a handy grip to prevent you from letting go of the glass (whether it’s because of a random twitch of an arm or somebody bumped into you).

The bullet that will be helping you finish your drink with zero spillage is a 0.308 real lead-free bullet. And remember – reload responsibly. 

Jerky Ammo Can

father's day gifts for gun lovers

Man Crates – Premium Jerky Ammo Can

Jerky Crates have appeared in Quokkadot’s headlights before and continue to receive plenty of well-deserved attention. The crate stashes in 10 exotic types of jerky coming from unheard-of continents.

Honey Bourbon Wild Boar strips, Root Beer Habanero Wild Boar, Pheasant, Duck, Ostrich, Elk, and more waiting for them to be set free with the metal crowbar the box is equipped with!  

Steampunk Pistol Statue

unique gifts for gun lovers 2022

Veronese Design – Steampunk Pistol Statue

In the geek universe, there are two opposing camps of film genres – steampunk and cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk is all about exploring futuristic cityscapes, unthinkable vehicles and contraptions, and Steampunk, being the total opposite of Cyberpunk, crazes over everything analogue, mechanical, and Victorian.

If you know with which camp your friend side, think of buying one of these! 

Personalzie 50 Cal Bullet Pen

anniversary gifts for him gun lovers

Anniversary 50 Cal Bullet Pen

Here’s a gift to scare the angels out of someone. As you pull out one of these while signing a contract you’re guaranteed, if not a few skipped heartbeats, then at least a few awe-struck stares.

In actuality, the 50 caliber bullet has been converted into a pen, simple as. It comes in a customizable wooden box on which you can put whatever you want – your name, birthday, dog’s name.

It makes for a birthday gift, veteran gift, and can even be an extravagant valentine’s day present. Talk about a bullet for my valentine. 

Personalized Firearm Name Alphabet Art

valentines gifts for gun lovers

Personalized Firearm Name Alphabet Art

If you have come across our Gifts for a Retiring Police Officer then you would about this personalizable canvas.

It’s available in a variety of styles, can have it framed or not, but in one universal: 6.5×18.

Get your name written with the parts of an M16, AR-15, 1911 Musket, a handgun, a rifle, and many more pieces of weaponry. 

Toothbrush & Soap Dish Holder

gifts for gun lovers uk

Unique Toothbrush & Soap Dish Holder

Enough with the toiletry kits that you give teens every time you run out of ideas. Have you ever thought if they have space to store all that junk?

For boys who like to play cowboy or a Victorian bobby, here’s the first gun they’ll meet early morning. It holds 3 toothbrushes and is generally a cool gift to give! 

Pistols Safe Box

gifts for gun lovers 2021

Gary Vault – Pistols Safe Box

A gun lover is one thing – collecting antique guns, studying the history of guns, shooting guns at a shooting range, but owning one is an entirely different picture. There are safety regulations, permits, and many other things to sweat over.

One thing you shouldn’t worry about is storage. The GaryVault boasts a robust copper structure and high-strength locking mechanisms that will keep your guns, jewelry, and other valuables safe.

It comes with an anti-vibration and compression technology that makes it difficult to destroy. And when it comes to the locking mechanism, don’t you dare lose the only key that comes with it! 

Fly Killer

gifts for gun lovers australia


We’re in the heat of summer which means we’re being attacked by battalions of flies, mosquitos, and other airborne insects that make our time outside insufferable.

The Bug-A-Salt brings a new meaning to the word ‘repellent’. We’ve already featured one of these bad boys but this is the 3.0 version which means keep away from children! 

Funny Gun Wall Decor

what to buy for a gun lover

Treasure Gurus – Funny Gun Wall Decor

We don’t call 911 is an edgy 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 x 1 sign to hang on your wall.

If you want to demonstrate that you take safety in your own hands or that your front lawn is no-go zone, there’s a good way to alert that.

Hang this at the front of your house and let intruders it’s best to think twice before they try to crack your lock. 

12 Gauge Shot Glasses

best gifts for gun lovers

12 Gauge Shot Glasses Set of 4

Pump guns usually fire 6 to 7 rounds, but the Old Southern Brass company has been generous by giving you twelve 1.5 oz shot glasses.

Made of high-quality polyethylene these glasses are a nice addition to any kitchen space – a gun lover’s one or not.

Get absolutely blasted at a part and see who can shoot the most rounds for the shortest time. 

Gun Shape USB Flash Drive

gifts for gun lovers for him

TJ Stores – Metal Gun Shape USB Flash Drive

I always get excited when I see a unique flash drive like this one. As most are boring and monotonous, there’s plenty of room for creativity in the world of flash drives.

A gun lover who’s also a person paying responsibility to digital files. Its 32GB capacity will store pretty every important file there is to save and is compatible with every operating system out there.

Handcrafted Collectible Wall Art

what to get a man who loves guns

Lucore Handmade Metal Wire Revolver Handgun

What? This is all wires? And is also handcrafted? This piece can either be hanged on the wall and given to your kid to play with. This aluminium gun is definitely one unique gift ideas for a gun lover. 

Electric Gun Wine Opener

gifts for female gun lovers

WineOvation – Electric Gun Wine Opener

This is a bit hard to get your head around, but a gun-shaped electric opener allows you to pull the trigger and pluck away the cork.

It recharges in 12 hours and can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.

And if you’re worrying if it will fit your kitchen space, it comes in three colors, so choose the one you love.

Personalized Engraved Ammo Can Storage Box

personalized gifts for gun lovers

Personalized Engraved Ammo Can Storage Box

Fans of Call of Duty or weapons will agree they want one! You can choose between a 30 cal and 50 cal that will fit a lot of valuable securely. Come to think of it, it draws so little attention a thief will easily ignore it! 

Gun Table Lamp

housewarming gifts for gun lover

Old West Six Shooter Revolver and Holster Table Lamps

Now take a look at these two gems which will grace your living room or you bedroom, and, not to mention, it’s the best accessory if you live in a Victorian house.

At 21 ½ and 7 inches in diameter these two lamps come with a chain on/off switch and glows in a soft lemon-tinge hue. Have it in your reading room or at the dining table,  all eyes will be on it at any given second. 

Gun Mug

affordable gifts for gun lover

UCEC – Gun Coffee Mug Mug

Never pass a gun to someone with the barrel pointing at them… except for the Gun Mug. Make your heart choose between black, black + gold, black + silver. A ludicrous design to say the least, the gun handle lets you take your mug of steaming coffee or tea without burning your fingerprints away. 

Pistol Whiskey Decanter & Pistol Shot Glasses

xmas gifts for gun lovers

The Wine Savant – Pistol Whiskey Decanter & Pistol Shot Glasses Set

AK-47 not your weapon of choice? We’ve selected two pistols to help you when situations get sticky and heated. While they don’t shoot whiskey (technology has some homework to do there), your liquor still pours down from the Spouts.

Create memories with your friends and inject some fun in late-night drinking. 

Pistol Gun Decanter

top gifts for gun lovers

Brave Spirit – Pistol Gun Decanter

Ivory, brown, or black are the three colors you can choose for this awesome decanter about which unassuming guests will think it’s souvenirs.

Pour some of your favorite liquor inside and seal it with the added cork. If you’re not a fan of the regular glass decanter and want something close to the real thing, then this is the gift for you! 

Vintage Wall Mount Bottle Opener

gifts to get for gun lovers

Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Opening a cowboy-themed bar or creating a wild west cave at home? It hangs well on a wooden wall or dimly lit bar while you’re playing pool or darts and brushing foam off your mustache. A great gift idea for people who love great décor and want flavor in their room! 

Bullet Sculpture

what do you get a gun enthusiast

Singeek – Tank Bullet Sculpture

What military division were you part of? Some countries still have required military service, so a tank toy would actually be a good gift for gun lovers. Made of genuine bullet shells, this toy is what it manifests to be – a four-wheeled tank that sits nicely on your desk or countertop!  

Personalized Gun Sling

unusual gifts for gun lovers

Personalized Patriots and Tyrants Leather Rifle Sling

Swords have sheaths and guns have slings. It’s 2.5 wide at its widest point and has an adjustable length from 30” to 44”. As the title says, you can customize it in the best way you want. Most often this would be a good gift for a veteran or retired law enforcer. 

Bullet Whiskey Stone

groomsmen gifts for gun lovers

Bullet Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Whiskey stones are the new kid in town – mysterious, interesting, and a bit misunderstood. They’re in constant competition with ice cubes, but it looks like they don’t have to.

We’ve talked about beverage stones before, and we see that shapeshifting is their trump card. You can load the barrel of six bullets, put in the freezer, and come back in a couple of hours.

It’s a nice touch for bars that have a theme going on – military, veteran, naval, pirates, wild west, and more. 

Gun Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

gift for gun lover reddit

Pistols with Bullets Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Again, know somebody who’s opening a restaurant centred around wild west history, or maybe steampunk? Well, here’s a very standard, self-explanatory product that, if not in the house of a gun-lover, it’s a funny knick-knack to have around your house.

Assault Gun AR-T Model Kit

diy gifts for gun lovers

Wood Trick Assault Gun AR-T Model Kit

A great optical illusion and a great educational tool at the same time. On the outside it looks like a weirdly designed M4A1 rifle with gold coating, but actually it’s something kids will appreciate and ticks both the educational and entertainment boxes.

It will teach kids about mechanics, gun safety, and aim! It comes with an assembly guide, so it’s nice to have a parent by the kid’s side to navigate every step.

Bullet Shell Statue

unusual gift ideas for gun lovers

Ebros World -War Bullet Shell Casings Skull Statue

And lastly, the final nail in the coffin (so to speak). A skull figurine waiting to be included in a Heavy Rock and Metal setting, an environment with an edge where skulls, spikes, leather jackets, and brash attitudes aren’t an issue. 

In a sense, half of this list can be employed as purely restaurant decoration which is a testimony of Quokkadot’s flexibility and prowess to select items and comprise in-depth lists of gifts, and also storm scenarios in which to contextualize them.

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