21 Heartwarming Gifts For Him That Say I Love You

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If you are looking for lovely gifts for him that say I love you, you are on the right place.

Falling in love is easy, but maintaining a relationship is not. While it is common knowledge that communication is the key to a successful relationship, many still unable to express their love towards their partner. This has thus caused many failed relationships.

Check out these adoring gifts for your husband or boyfriend to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday or even Father’s Day.

Couples Picture Frame

presents for him to say i love you

Going Away Couples Picture Frame

In this era of smartphones, people are losing touch with the small things that matter in life. Simple frame photos are among them.
Thus, this couple picture frame would make the proper anniversary gift for your boyfriend that screams I love you.

While digital photos are more convenient and easy to store, a physical frame photo much more sentimental value, especially when you are the one who makes it.

So get this picture frame that comes with a heartfelt quote that says “I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us ” and completes it with your favorite photo of you and your boyfriend.

Love Sculpture

gifts for a man that say i love you

Touch of Class Everlasting Love Sculpture

If you are looking for a romantic anniversary gift that says I love you, this Everlasting Love sculpture is a great idea for your husband.

Crafted from resin, this contemporary sculpture depicts two abstract figures intertwined to form an openwork heart shape. Finished in gold, this beautiful sculpture symbolizes affection and love between a lovely couple.

So what better way to say “I love you” than presenting your husband with this Everlasting Love sculpture?

Soundwave Art

personalize gifts that say i love you for him

Artblox Soundwave Art Custom Gifts

Check out this soundwave art if you are looking for something unique for him.

Using the latest acoustic wave art,this allows you to customize it by converting a snippet of your husband’s favorite movie lines or simply just a recording of you saying “I love you!” into soundwave art.

Talk about a romantic gift that gently pulls on your spouse’s heartstrings.

Engraved Wooden Watch

customize gifts that say i love you for him

Engraved Wooden Watch for Husband

They say a man’s watch say much about him. So why not get this wooden watch for your husband and express your love to him?

Handmade with 100% natural wood, this stylish looking watch features an engraved note that says “To my husband”. Beautifully wrapped, this wooden watch features imported a high-quality movement to ensure the accuracy of time-reading.

So get this wooden watch for your husband his coming Valentine’s Day and remind him that you love him!

Latitude Longitude Wood Sign

christmas gifts that say i love you to a man

Personalized Latitude Longitude Wood Sign

This latitude and longitude wood sign is the sweet birthday gift for your boyfriend that says I love you.

Handpainted with black letter, this unique wooden sign allows you to customise it with the latitude and longitude of your chosen place. Be it the place where you and your boyfriend meet or the place where he confessed to you, you can preserve that fond memory with this wonderful present.

So get this hand-sanded wood sign for your boyfriend and express your love to him now!

Customized Traveler Map

gifts that say i love you to a man

Personalized World Traveler Map

If your man loves traveling, this is definitely a unique gift that says I love you to a man.

Featuring a pushpin feature, this interactive world traveller map allows you to personalise it by his last name.

Also, this durable world traveler map is completed with a high-quality mahogany wood frame. This lovely world traveller map is definitely a befitting present for your husband.

DIY Hands Casting Kit

diy gifts that say i love you for him

Luna Bean DIY Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Who says that the affectionate gift for him has to be his alone?

You can get him this Luna Bean keepsake hand casting kit and create memories that worth remembering for years to come. Featuring its unique rubbery mold, this DIY gift allows you to make a cast of you and your man intertwined hands that meant never letting go of you’.

So make this father’s day extra special this year with this DIY hand casting kit that shows your love for your husband!

Check out this post if you are looking for a father’s day gift for your husband.

3D Crystal Photo Picture

gifts for boyfriend to say i love you

Customized 3D Crystal Photo Picture

This is one lovely surprise gift for your boyfriend that says I love you.

Featuring its HD edge engraving process, this 3D engraved crystal allows you to personalised it with a photo of you and your husband. Best yet, you get to control the brightness of the crystal to your liking. How awesome is that?!

This 3D crystal picture for him and you is like showing your eternal love for him.

Music Photo LED Lamp

birthday gifts for him that say i love you

Custom Glass Art Night Light

Celebrating a special occasion with your boyfriend? Why not get this music photo LED lamp for him that says I love you?

Combining both music and photo into one, this glass art night light features a picture and a playlist of your choice.

The best part? The playlist of your choice will be generated into a Spotify code, so your boyfriend can scan it and listen to the music that brings you two together. How cool is that?

DIY Gift Basket Of His Favourite Snacks

birthday diy gifts that say i love you for him

Exotic Meats Crate

Men love meat and that’s the way it is, even for your boyfriend. Thus, this fun basket is a good birthday gift for him that says I love you.

Just like a mystery box, this wooden crate contains 10 types of exotic meat that will definitely elevate your boyfriend’s taste bud to the next level, taking his taste bud on a first-class flight to explore the greatest meat the world has to offer.

Personalized Necklace

birthday gifts for him to say i love you

Personalized Name Necklace

Who said that necklace can only be loved by women? If your man is very stylish and loves to wear necklace, then this personalised necklace can be one small Christmas gift to him that show you love him.

Arrived in a pouch, this sterling silver necklace allows you to customise it with your husband’s name, making it personal for your husband. However, do take note that the first letter of the name will be capitalized.

Every time your husband has the necklace around his neck, he will remember how much you love him and the ups and downs you have conquered together as a couple. How awesome is that?

Cook His Favourite Food

birthday gifts that say i love you to a man

As the saying goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. So why not surprise your man with his favourite food this coming holiday?

If your man is having a hard time at work lately, you can cheer him up by preparing his favourite cuisine while waiting for him to get home. Trust me, no man can resist a homecooked meal after a long day at work.

Besides that, a homecooked meal is also one of the ways to express your love and care for him, telling him that you will always be there for him, supporting him.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to the supermarket and get the ingredients now!

Personalized Vinyl Record Song Lyrics Frame

birthday gifts for boyfriend to say i love you

Personalized Record Print

This vinyl record song lyric frame is a unique record print for your husband that says I love you.

Professionally printed with ChromaLife100+ inks, this vintage frame allows you to customize it with the song of your own choice as well as personalized it with you and your husband’s name on a premium matte archival Red River paper

Beautifully framed, this is printed record is definitely a unique and lovely gift for your husband.

Photo Engraved Night Lamp

birthday presents for him to say i love you

Customized Moon Night Light Lamp

The moon is a symbol of love. So why not express your love for your husband by combining this symbol of love with both of your faces?

Featuring an improved built-in battery, this lovely night light lamp allows you to showcase the photo of your choice for 4 to 20 hours with a simple 2-hour charge. It also features two brightness levels settings from dim to bright.

The best part? This stunning moon lamp is engarved with words that say “I love you to the moon and back”. So give your significant other this Moon Lamp with a 3D picture of you and him printed on it now!

Word Art Of His Favourite Baseball Team

birthday gifts for husband to say i love you

Yankee Stadium Word Art

If your significant other is a fan of Yankee, then this Yankee stadium word art would be the perfect gift for him that say I love you.

Hand signed by artist Dan Duffy, this one-of-the-kind art piece features handwritten names of every New York Yankees player in history since 2009.

Book of Us

christmas presents for him to say i love you

Personalized Book of Us

If your husband is a literature lover, this sentimental Book of Us would be the romantic Valentine’s gift for him that says I love you.  

Carefully handmade with high-quality illustrations, this delicate book sculpture allows you to personalize it with both of your name, as well as the characters presented in the book. This made the book one kind of memory in the world that any amount of cash cannot be bought.

The best part? You can also include a special dedication message to your husband in the book. How great is that?

Personalized Coffee Mug

gifts for husband to say i love you

Personalized Husband Coffee Mug

The coffee mug is one of the most common couple items. Yet, this doesn’t mean we have to settle for the mediocre.

Instead of just a normal couple mug with a matching picture, you can get a personalised husband coffee mug for your husband to celebrate his birthday.

Made from 100% high-quality ceramic, this funny mug allows you to customise the characters printed on the cup with your preferred skin tone and hairstyles. You can also have both of your name printed on it. How cool is that?

So make your husband go fishing for your love from this novelty coffee mug every time he enjoys a cup of tea or coffee.

Engraved Leather Wallet

gifts for him to say i love you

Personalized Engraved Leather Wallet

It is said that only a true gentleman stores his coins and cash in a leather wallet, an accessory that will only get better with age, and develop more character every time you open it up.

So surprise your husband with a personalized leather wallet that comes with a lovely engraved message that shows your love to him.

Manufactured with top quality leather, this soft leather wallet possesses the same flexibility as leather which is old fashion and vintage.

Besides being fashionable, it is also practical and equipped with advanced unique proprietary blocking material that can protect your husband from electronic pickpocketing by blocking unauthorised scans from RFID scanners.

This stylish leather wallet is definitely one special birthday gift that your husband will never ever lose it!

Personalized Valentine Card

birthday gifts for a man that say i love you

King of My Heart Personalized Valentine Card

What is better than getting a nice and lovely card as your valentine’s present? However, in order to make it even more special, why not consider getting a personalized postcard?

This unique postcard features a King of Heart on one side and your personalized message on the other side.

Printed on a thick Birch Wood Veneer, this postcard helps to express your love towards him, telling him that he is the king of your heart.

So get this lovely card for your boyfriend this coming Valentine Day and tell him that you love him!

A Trip To The Place You First Met

christmas gifts for him that say i love you

While gifts can make your man happy, but the best way to celebrate a special occasion would be taking a memory trip to the place that both of you met each other for the first time.

Unlike many other places that both of you went together, the place where you two first met holds a different sentiment and meaning.

By going back to the place again after so many years, it would help you to relive the moment both of you fell in love with each other, letting you both relish the lovely memory again.

So surprise your husband with this sentimental trip and tell him that you still love him after all these years!

Ticket To His Favourite Singer/Band Concert

Music is the food of the soul, and by giving your man a chance to immerse in the music that he loves, it speaks volumes of your passion and understanding towards his hobby. So why not getting your man a ticket to the concert of his favourite band?

A music concert is indeed an immersive experience of the sights, sounds, scent, vibrations, and taste of music. What you would normally feel only in the form of sound when you play music, is enhanced even more when watching the music performed live.

You would feel pump up and relax at the same time as you immerse in the concert atmosphere.

As such, getting your man a concert ticket to his favourite band would definitely be a gift that says I love you and I want you to be happy.

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