25 Perfect Gifts For Hippies That Celebrate Their Carefree Life

gifts for hippies
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Characterized by peace signs, flower power, supernature and simply staying happy, the hippie lifestyle is forever. Let’s relive that old 60s aura by presenting your friends with these amazing gifts for hippies.

Personalized Hippie Van Tumbler – Best gifts for hippies

Wassmin Personalized Hippie Van Tumbler

This is a very unique gift for hippies that is designed like an old 60s, hippy van. The stainless steel double wall vacuum insulated tumbler is suitable to use as a travel coffee mug as well.

It has the option to be personalized with a name of your choice. The tumbler comes with a lid for ease of use.  

Crystal Pyramid Flower

Crystal Pyramid Flower

For those of you who are looking for cool gifts for your hippie friends, this is a great item to buy.

The exotic Orgone Pyramid is made from copper lotus flowers. It contains healing crystal chips that generate positive electromagnetic energy wherever they are kept.

Available in 11 different crystal options, it is the perfect gift for mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, and anyone else in the house.

Candles With Crystals Inside

Premium Aromatherapy Candles With Crystals Inside

These are very unique candles that are not only scented but are also packed with powerful crystals inside.

The premium quality aromatherapy candles are specially designed for women and offer extraordinary healing properties. 

Polaroid Instant Camera

Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera

The list of great gifts for hippies cannot be complete without this timeless gadget from the past. The I-type instant camera enables you to capture every special moment of your life in a memorable instant photograph.

You can choose between 12 color options and enjoy the “Point, Shoot and Keep Forever” exclusive features of this wonderful gift for all occasions.

Zodiac Signs Healing Crystals

Zodiac Signs Healing Crystals (All Zodiac Available)

This Zodiac Signs Box of healing crystals can be a very good option to present as a birthday gift to a hippie in your life.

Each box is dedicated to one zodiac sign according to your birthday and contains 6 natural gemstones related to that zodiac sign.

Handmade Turquoise Glass Necklace

Handmade Turquoise Glass Necklace

This is a very beautiful and one-of-a-kind Hawaiian Wire Wrapped Turquoise Bay Blue Necklace. It is handcrafted by the skilled artisans of the region and is decorated with a unique starfish charm, a freshwater pearl, and a high-quality chain.

A very suitable valentine’s gift for hippies and all other special women in your life, the necklace comes in an attractive gift pack.

Sea Turtle Pendant Necklace

Sea Turtle Pendant Necklace

Another very unique necklace characterizing the hippie lifestyle is this Sea Turtle Pendant.

The pendant is made from hand-blown glass in the shape of a Sea Turtle. Each pendant is unique and varies in size and style. It comes with an adjustable nylon necklace.

Real Daisies Pendant Necklace

Real Pressed Daisies in Glass Pendant

Let’s bring alive the flower power from the hippy era and present that special someone in your life with this amazing Christmas gift for hippies.

This real flower jewelry is handmade by skilled artisans and contains a real pressed daisy inside a premium glass casing.

Turkish Handmade Ring

Turkish Handmade Ring

Hippies were known for their flamboyant outlooks and colorful attires. This premium piece of Turkish jewelry is a very suitable gift for anyone who adores the hippy lifestyle and fashion sense.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 

This is an authentic hand-hammered singing bowl set from Tibet. The unique meditation bowl set includes a wooden striker, hand-sewn cushion, and beautiful healing mantra engravings.

It is made from premium quality brass material and is best used for yoga, mantra, and other meditation healing activities.

Amethyst Crystal Clusters

EMPORION Natural Amethyst Crystal Clusters

If you are looking for a housewarming gift for hippies nothing can be better than this.

It is a 100% natural Uruguayan Amethyst and is renowned globally for its deep purple color. The high sheer crystal outlook makes every item unique and attractive.

Hippy Blanket Throw

Sleepwish – Hippy Blanket Throw

You can present this Hippy styled blanket as a gift to your hippie friend. The Sherpa fleece blanket is soft and warm. It can be used in the living rooms, studies and outdoor sitting areas.

Available in attractive bold colors and different variety of hippie designs, it has a velvety inside and can be used as a reversible blanket.

Premium Healing Crystals Kit

Premium Healing Crystals Kit

Hippies have a strong faith in the healing powers of natural elements of the earth. Based on this belief, this crystals kits has been designed to contain 7 chakra stones.

The crystals are packed in a natural wooden box and are ready to be presented as a premium gift to your loved ones.

2-in-1 Essential Oil Diffuser

Pure Enrichment® Himalayan Salt Lamp & Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a 2-in-1 salt lamp and an essential oil diffuser. You can use it for one function or simultaneously.

Use pink Himalayan salt in the device and take advantage of its amazing salt therapy as well as aromatherapy properties.

Vintage Leather Journal

Vintage Leather Journal

Relive the historic times by presenting this vintage-style journal to your hippie friends. It contains 240 pages of antique handmade cotton paper and has a pure leather cover on top to give it a more Nomad village outlook.

Multi-Colored Crystal Necklace

Betsey Johnson Multi-Colored Crystal Necklace

This is a very beautiful gift for the beautiful woman in your life.

Also called the Illusion Necklace it features mixed faceted beads, delicate stone accents, some lovely flowery charms, and a heart pendant embellished with a variety of multi-colored stones.  

Electric Wax Essential Oil Warmer

Electric Wax Essential Oil Warmer

This is a very useful gift for hippies or those who love the carefree lifestyle. Made from premium iron and crystal material, the handcrafted wax warmer keeps your air fresh, relaxing, and fragrant.

Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Gelin – Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

If you are looking for a mother’s day hippie gift for your mom, then why not get her this evil eye pendant.

A traditional piece of jewelry, it is made from high-quality US-sourced 14 k yellow gold. It is known to eliminate bad luck from the wearer.

Leather Shoulder Bag

Ayliss – Leather Shoulder Bag

This is a fringe tassel design shoulder bag that is a reminder of the hippie fashion style.

It is made from premium PU leather material and has a glamorous metal hoop as a handle.

Trendy stylish and useful, it can be a perfect gift for mothers, wives, and girlfriends.

Scented Candles

LEADO Kind of Hippie Kind of Hood Scented Candles

Another amazing scented candle that can not only be good for aromatherapy but will also make you laugh out loud for the message it conveys.

The candle container has a funny hippie message printed on it to make anyone smile before even using it.

Canvas Backpack

Canvas Backpack

If you cherish the natural and simple hippie way of living, then this item is best suited for you. The premium canvas backpack is not just stylish but also very durable and easy to carry around.

Incense Burner

AppyHut Cone Incense Burner

This antique gold incense burner is made from high-quality iron and brass. Beautifully hand crafted in a rich heritage design, the holder cum burner can be used in different ways including as a tea light candle holder and an incense burner.

Women Canvas Handbag 

Chala – Women Canvas Handbag 

This product is not just suitable for hippies but also for any special woman in your life.

The faux leather bag has a zipper closure at the top and is designed with a unique Chala Character on the front.

It is cross-body styled and is very convenient to carry your small essentials with you.

Sunshine Daydream Hooded Jacket

Sunshine Daydream Hooded Jacket

A very trendy gift for hippies and those who love bold colorful outfits, this jacket is made from 100% cotton material.

It has a front zipper and is inspired by traditional Nepalese attire.

Windproof Ashtray

Windproof Ashtray

This is a modern yet vintage ashtray to decorate your homes and save your surrounding with flying ash here and there.

Made from Zinc Alloy material, the ashtray is hand enameled with a perfect 3D pattern and shaped in a circular globe with a lid.

It is the perfect housewarming gift for hippies that you know.

Final Thoughts

No need to worry if you are looking for some awesome gift ideas for hippies. We have shortlisted 25 gifts for hippies and for those who want to get empowered with the exotic bohemian style.

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