27 Mind-Blowing Gifts For History Buffs That Takes Them Back to Acient Times

gifts for history buffs
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History lessons may not have been the most exciting subject in school, but there’s a lot we can learn by studying history. History offers us more profound insights into past civilizations and societies, many of which we can still apply to our communities today.

So, even though the subject matter might not appeal to many, it’s still a fascinating field for history buffs everywhere.

So, if you know someone who loves history and the lessons it has to offer, you might want to check out these gifts for history buffs for the next gift-giving occasion such as their birthday, Valenitne’s Day, Christmas or even Father’s or Mother’s Day.

King Leonidas Statue – Best gifts for history buffs (Ediot’s Pick)

Veronese Design King Leonidas

If you know someone passionate about ancient Greek history, this statue featuring the Veronese design of the ancient Spartan king, Leonidas, can be an excellent choice.

Most known for his heroic feats against the Persian army, King Leonidas symbolizes the bravery and strength the Spartan people were known for. This can serve as an inspirational Christmas gift for history buffs.

Screaming Aztec Death Whistle

Screaming Aztec Death Whistle

For your loved ones who have a particular interest in the macabre, this screaming Aztec death whistle can be an unusual history gift for them.

Death whistles were an integral part of ancient Aztec culture, said to be used in times of war or human sacrifices.

This gift won’t just be an exciting addition to their collection, but it can also serve as an interesting conversation starter about the ancient Aztecs.

Original Piece of the Berlin Wall

Original Piece of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall is undoubtedly one of the most significant structures in recent history, symbolizing the different ideologies that split post-war Germany in half.

Likewise, its eventual fall and destruction represented a new era not just for the Germans but for the world as a whole.

So, gifting an original piece of this historically significant structure can be one of the greatest things you can do for a history buff.

Ancient Samurai Statue

Looyar – Medieval Ancient Samurai Undead Statue

Japan also enjoys a rich culture and history, with samurais being an integral part of feudal Japan back in the day. In fact, many of their values, detailed in the “Bushido,” can still be found in Japan’s society even today.

So, for your history buff loved ones, this statue of an ancient samurai can be an excellent addition to their display. It can even be an interesting centerpiece and conversation starter during gatherings.

Funny History Buff Mug

Funny History Buff Mug

Who says history has to be gloomy and boring? This funny history buff mug inserts a bit of humor into a subject that not many find exciting.

Gifting this mug will surely bring a smile to your loved ones and will remind them of you every time they use it.

Da Vinci Code Cryptex Lock Puzzle

Da Vinci Code Cryptex Lock Puzzle

While the film is fictional, the Da Vinci Code is an excellent example of how history can be an exciting field. It also popularized the use of cryptex lock puzzles, which can serve as a fun gift for your history buff loved ones.

You can even make this gift more fun by putting a meaningful message inside that they can only access if they solve the puzzle.

USA Native American Indian Tribes Map

USA Native American Indian Tribes Map

Before the pilgrims arrived in the US, the country was populated by a diverse pool of Native American tribes.

This map depicts which tribes lived where, which can be an excellent gift for history buffs looking to learn more about the country’s history and culture.

Founding Fathers Coin Collection

The Franklin Mint – Founding Fathers Coin Collection

For your loved ones interested in learning more about US history and how the country came to be, this set of collectible coins of the founding fathers can serve as a cool gift for the history buff.

Each set comes with gold-plated coins featuring each of the founding fathers and detailed fact cards about them. All of these are kept in a beautiful wooden box that any history buff would be proud to have as part of their collection.

Mayan Wall Calendar Puzzles

Wood Trick – Mayan Wall Calendar Wooden Puzzles

The Mayan calendar is one of the most integral pieces of ancient Mesoamerican culture, as it served as the basis for other dating systems in the area. It’s as beautiful as it was functional, which can also be said of this wooden Mayan wall calendar puzzle.

This can be a unique gift for history buffs not only because of its striking visual appeal but also because of its exciting brain teasers.

Julius Caesar Pen Holder

Julius Caesar Bust Statue Pen Holder

Julius Caesar is undeniably one of the most famous figures in history, being one of the members of the first Roman Triumvirate. His death is also one of the most memorable ones in history; he was stabbed multiple times by political rivals in a successful assassination plot.

This Julius Caesar bust statue pen holder pays homage to his death with its design, something that the history buffs in your life would surely love.

Spartan Horse Statue

Design Toscano – Greek Spartan Horse Statue

History buffs and art lovers alike will love this Spartan horse statue made of iron, which depicts the art style common to the classical Greek era.

In this case, this statue represents some of the most integral values in ancient Sparta – protection, strength, and deep spirituality. It’s the perfect addition to any history and art buff’s collection.

Rome Brass Sundial

Rome Brass Sundial “Grow Old With Me”

Nothing else quite says romance than this roman brass sundial inscribed with the statement “grow old along with me.” It’s a thoughtful and romantic gift perfect for your romantic partner who loves history.

Viking Drinking Horn

Thor Horn – Viking Drinking Horn

The Viking drinking horn has been a staple among early Scandinavian cultures, and the histories behind it tend to vary.

That said, gifting one of these drinking horns to a loved one can be an excellent idea, especially if they love and appreciate Norse culture. They’ll be proud to bring it out and show it off at the next party.

Ark of The Covenant Trinket Box

Veronese Design – Ark of The Covenant Trinket Box

The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most sacred relics in Jewish and Christian traditions. It’s said to house the two tablets of the Ten Commandments God gave to Moses.

This trinket box designed to look like the Ark can be an excellent gift to your loved ones interested in the intricacies of Jewish and Christian lore.

Much like how it housed the Ten Commandments, this trinket box can also hold their most valuable trinkets.


Shofar – Made in Israel

The shofar is deeply significant in Jewish culture, as it was used to announce the start of momentous occasions, such as the start of the Sabbath or the anointing of a new king. It’s said also said to symbolize God’s voice, thereby tying it closely to their spirituality.

This particular shofar was made in Israel, making it a special and unique gift to give your Jewish or history buff friends and family.

Roman Centurion Commander Letter Opener 

Veronese Design – Roman Centurion Commander Letter Opener 

The Romans undoubtedly played a massive role in shaping the world we know today, and there’s still so much more we have to discover about them.

With that said, this Roman centurion letter opener can be an excellent gift idea for your historian loved ones, as this can serve as a wonderful addition to their desks.

US Marine Corps War Memorial Statue

United States Marine Corps War Memorial Statue

This miniature replica of the US Marine war memorial statue can be a fantastic history gift to give your loved ones in the military and a great way to honor them and the other marines who have sacrificed themselves for the country’s sake.

4,000 Years of World History Timeline Poster

Histomap 4,000 Years of World History Timeline Poster

If you’re looking for an unusual history gift idea for your loved ones interested in history, this world history timeline poster can be a perfect choice.

Its design carefully details humanity’s 4,000 years of history, which serves as the ideal addition to any history buff’s collection.

The Book of Unusual Knowledge

The Book of Unusual Knowledge

A history buff can never have too many books, and this book of unusual knowledge can be an excellent addition to their library. It’s a captivating read that gives readers a fresh new perspective on various topics – from historical events to natural phenomena.

Abraham Lincoln Bobblehead

Royal Bobbles – Abraham Lincoln Bobblehead

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most well-known historical figures not just in the US but also worldwide.

One of his most notable achievements was abolishing slavery, which allowed the US to enter a new era and stand for democracy and freedom.

US history buffs on your friend list will surely appreciate this bobblehead of the famous president when you give it to them as a gift.

Statue of Liberty Building Kit

LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty Building Kit

This Statue of Liberty LEGO building kit is another excellent gift idea for US history buffs, as it’s undoubtedly one of the most famous figures in US history.

You can even take this gift idea to the next level by building it with them, allowing you to spend some much-needed quality time as you do.

Noah’s Ark Ship

Hampton Nautical Noah’s Ark Ship

Noah’s Ark is another critical part of the Jewish and Christian traditions, and history buffs interested in its significance in these faiths will surely find this mini-figure of the Ark a fantastic addition to their collection.

Military History Daily Calendar

Military History Daily Calendar

For history buffs interested in military history, this daily calendar can be a wonderful gift idea. Each day, they can learn more about historically significant events in military history, giving them something to look forward to every time they flip to a new day.

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

Leonardo da Vinci is undeniably one of the greatest minds in the history of humanity, and his refinement of the catapult’s design showcased just how brilliant he truly was.

With that said, this miniature version of his optimized design can be a fun and unique gift idea for your loved ones passionate about history.

Disappearing Civil Liberties Coffee Mug

Disappearing Civil Liberties Coffee Mug

This civil liberties coffee mug with a disappearing design can be an excellent gift idea to history buffs as it can remind them of how far we’ve come as a society and the importance of learning from past events and their mistakes.

Vintage World War 1 Poster

Vintage World War 1 Poster

This vintage Uncle Sam poster can be the ideal gift for history buffs not just because of its historical significance but also its visual appeal. It can also serve as the perfect wall décor for history lovers.

19th Amendment Mug

19th Amendment Mug

Being given the right to vote was a momentous moment for women everywhere. It undoubtedly shaped how the world is today, and this 19th Amendment coffee mug can be the perfect reminder of this historically significant moment for history buffs everywhere. 

Final Thoughts

History might not be an exciting topic for some. Still, for history buffs, it’s a field that offers a lot of knowledge and wisdom. With that said, these gift ideas can be the perfect way to show your history-loving loved ones how much you care about them, even if it’s not your particular cup of tea.

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