19 Best Gifts For Lawyers Passing The Bar

Gifts For Lawyers Passing The Bar
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Congratulations to your friend for nailing that first court trial! Lawyers get to be stuck in the backrooms of the firm for long and monotonous years of fact-checking, case prep work, assessing client issues, and pretty much everything but actual court work. To celebrate this quite momentous event, we’ve comprised a list of gifts for lawyers passing the bar.

Lady Scales of Justice

what do you get someone who passed the bar exam

Toperkin Lady Justice Statue

Lady Justice is an allegory of the moral force in judicial systems, and, by and large, the very face of legal affairs. Her iconic scale in one hand and sword in the other have become an expression of serving justice. The statuette is a good reminder for you friend to never diverge from the right path to justice! 

Personalized Walnut Gavel

personalize gifts for lawyers passing the bar

GavelsFast – Personalized Walnut Gavel

Judges and lawyers are like chalk and cheese. They inhabit two different domains though they interact on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the gavel is a symbol of court law and the final verdict that lawyers are dying to hear.

A nice addition to your lawyer friend’s desk, sitting right next to Lady Justice, is a personalized Walnut Gavel that will function as a good lucky present every time a new case comes in! 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Real Life Political Action Figure

You may not know who Ginsburg is, but you can bet your human rights that every first-year Law student in America knows her name. She’s been hailed as one of America’s most progressive icons, confronting the American Supreme Court to revise outdated views on gender equality.

An empowering figure and definitely an empowering figurine to say the least, it’s a wonderful gift for any advocate for equal rights. 

Scales of Justice Charm Pendant

best gifts for lawyers passing the bar

EastWest Treasures – Scales of Justice Charm Pendant

Once medical doctors graduate, they can’t stop wearing their scrubs and stethoscope. Apart from the dashing dress code lawyers have, there’s isn’t anything to signal their pride of what they do.

For the occasion of graduation, surprise someone who really wants people to know what type of hell they’ve been through to earn their place! 

Scales of Justice Necktie

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Alynn – 100% Silk Legal Scales of Justice Lawyer Law Tie

If earrings are a bit too much, then a tie would surely cut the mustard. This silk tie comes in this lovely burgundy red but also in deep navy blue. Future clients will feel in safe hands the minute they notice the golden scale motives. Everyone loves a professional who takes work seriously and has his or her head 100% in the game! 

Funny Lawyer Coffee Mug

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Wampumtuk – Funny Coffee Mug

Get a load of these people! Though the internet is quite helpful when searching for a quick answer to before-to-bed questions or finding how-to guides, doctors and lawyers will agree that the Google search bar is no match for the experience and knowledge of a professional.

Even if the internet gives you all the right answers, how would you know how to act! This mug is a good reminder to both lawyers and clients that though the Internet is smart, it’s not the best attorney. 

Personalized Lawyer Wood Frame

Lone Star Art Store – Personalized Lawyer Wood Frame

Add an expected but much-welcomed touch to your lawyer friend’s office. Back in the days, lawyer offices used to be furnished primarily with oak and pine, but nowadays they come in a variety of subtle and neutral color schemes like white, gray, and beige.

Nobody can deny, however, the classic appeal of this wooden frame. Made of pure pine, it features UV-resistant dye to keep your personalised writing fresh for decades on end. 

Personalized Poetry Clock

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All Gift Frame – Personalized Poetry Clock Gift for Lawyer

We’ve been using the word ‘understated’ quite a lot in this article but even we can’t give a clear definition of what it means. The poetry clock, however, defines everything there is to the word.

It’s classic, shiny, blends in with any environment, and, under close inspection, contains a lovely poem meant to empower lawyers every time they go past the clock. 

Unisex Leather Briefcase

great gifts for lawyers passing the bar

Bostanten Leather Briefcase

Cliché, we know, but can anyone convince us otherwise! Lawyers are associated with class, and not just after the show ‘Suits’ hit the air. Made of genuine cow leather, this briefcase will house your 15.6-inch laptop and other essentials required by your job. Its unisex design makes it risk-free useful lawyer gift for their graduation or passing the bar! 

Gold Scales of Justice Pendant

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Gold Scales of Justice Pendant

Following those charming earrings from a few spots earlier, we have an elegant 14 Gold pendant to match them. It’s a fine item to wear and if it doesn’t immediately signify your profession, it bears enough symbolic meaning to be regarded as a regular necklace. To put it simply, you can say and not say what you work at the same time! 

Scales of Justice Marble Bookends

cool gifts for lawyers passing the bar

KensingtonRow Home Collection Bookends

Though the existence of the internet has diminished the purpose of paperback sources, lawyers still have to consult the book ol’ books that we now take as part of office furniture. These special book ends come with, you guessed it, a scale. Their marble built is specially selected to not deviate at all from the classy ambiance lawyers’ offices usually have. 

Montblanc Pen

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Montblanc Meisterstuck Black Ballpoint Pen

Big deals deserve special attention. In that case, we’ve handpicked Montblanc’s exquisite Meisterstuck Ballpoint pen. Made of precious black resin and Gold coating, this pen is determined to give that special brain buzz while signing important contracts and lucrative deals. The special occasions when we are off our keyboards should be celebrated with only the finest stationary material out there! 

It is one of the best gifts for aspiring lawyers.

Lawyer’s Prayer Plaque

good gifts for lawyers passing the bar

Scales of Justice – A Lawyer’s Prayer Plaque

A unique present featuring the well-known qualities of lawyers. It may seem that lawyers bet all their success on intelligence, research, and argument, but a bit of help from above is also a crucial part in winning a case.

You might face a biased jury or a stubborn judge, and the odds sometimes may not be in your favour. This is a good reminder that fortune plays a big role in a successful trial. 

Funny Attorney Unisex T-Shirt

gag gifts for lawyers passing the bar

Funny Attorney Unisex T-Shirt

This adverb has nested so deeply in everyday language that we don’t even realize it’s a widely-used law term. For newly graduated law students or lawyers going into law schemes, this a funny gift that warns your lawyer friend not to be too heavy on the terminology, and to water down his or her complex wording every now and then.  

Legal Business Card Case

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Bey-Berk Legal Business Card Case

Unless your friend works for a large law firm, then chances are she or he will be making the efforts to create one! One thing we casually forget about lawyers is that the job is pretty much freelance (a well-paid freelance nonetheless).

In that case (pun unintended), business cards are a key point in making a good impression to new clients. Hence, flashing an elegant card case will raise a few eyebrows and undoubtedly give off a vibe of trustworthiness and reliability.

Legal Padfolio

Personalized Leather Padfolio

Now this is where things become a little less decorative and a bit more practical. This large writing pad is made of durable full-grain leather to give it the needed strength to withstand heavy impact when you’re on the go.

One can never fully trust digital databases – they crash, slow down, or get hacked. If you plan on being the dependable lawyer you want to be, consider a portfolio pad to keep your records safe. 

Funny Coffee Mug

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Law Graduation Coffee Mug Gift

In similar vein of the ‘Don’t confuse the internet with my law degree’ mug, this one displays a witty message most lawyers can relate to.

We all have the unconscious habit of judging people subconsciously, but lawyers especially do it better than everyone else. Call it a professional force of habit: lawyers can abstain from assessing people and their predicaments. 

Personalized Card Holders for Lawyers

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Personalized Card Holders for Lawyers

You’ll have a card case for your pocket, now get ready to have a holder for your office! Clients often like to meet with you on the spot, so it’s good to have the needed equipment to facilitate your clients’ experience.

Having a personalized card holder is one of the most essential and no-brainer items every respectable establishment should have. It’s a cool gift to the office and one less thing to think about! 

Espresso Machine

relaxing gift for lawyer passing the bar

Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

What, you think lawyers don’t some java to keep them going? File work itself is an entirely separate job to begin with and what’s left when you have zero assistants to fetch thing for you.

While lawyers are tensing their brains over the many cases they’ve taken, a nice, steaming cup espresso will always keep them good company. 

Your honour, we’re convicted of making the most awesome gift list for lawyers passing the bar on the web!

Doesn’t matter the occasion, profession, age, or person, Quokkadot regularly scouts for and handpicks the most bang-on gifts you can find!

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