26 Unique Gifts For Librarians That Is Not Books

gifts for librarians
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It may sound a little odd but finding the right gifts for librarians can be hard.

The most obvious choice could be a book. But I am sure you will agree with me that these knowledgeable superheroes justify something much more unique and wonderful!

So, if you too are looking to surprise your amazing librarian friend or special someone, here a list of gifts for librarians.

Personal Library Kit – Best Gifts For Librarians

Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit

This is a perfect gift for a librarian looking to organize effectively. Equipped with multiple old-fashioned library-keeping tools, the Knock Knock personal library kit.

The 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards enable you to maintain your personal book record in an efficient manner.

Librarians Necklace

Librarians Silver Necklace

Nothing can make a woman happier than a good piece of jewelry.

The beautiful silver heart shaped charm necklace is bound to make the librarian smile with gratitude. Engraved with the “Librarian” insignia in the center, the Zirconia studded pendant of the necklace has a shiny sterling finish.

A timeless classic, the necklace comes with an attractive black fabric gift pouch.

Librarians Canvas Tote Bag

Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Bag

If you want something useful yet trendy, then the Kate Spade tote bag is a great gift for librarians.

This stylish book bag enables you to carry heavy-weight books with ease and comfort. Made from premium canvas material, it is durable and easy to wash.

Printed in an appealing bright-colored book stack design, it will make heads turn for all book lovers.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree Wisdom – Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Book readers and librarians share a passion for art and creativity.

The amazingly beautiful sculpture is handcrafted and painted by skilled artisans as a symbol of lifelong learning and reading passion.

A good gift for your librarian or book-loving friends, it helps you celebrate reading books together.

Stack of Books Christmas Ornament

Old World Christmas The Night Before Christmas Ornament

Although you can find a large number of options as Christmas gifts for librarians nothing can beat the old-fashioned Stack of Books Christmas Ornament.

Available in a Christmassy and festive red color, the ornament is made of molten glass and exquisitely carved to perfection. The glittery outlook makes it stand out among other ornaments on your Christmas tree.

Funny Librarian Mug

Funny Librarian Mug

Laugh along by gifting this Librarian funny mug to your book-loving friends.

Designed specifically keeping in mind the superheroes of our book banks, this gift can be used for drinking daily coffee or storing your pens on a librarian desk.

The ceramic mug is not just eye-catching but also high quality with a glossy finish.

Sharing Library Stand

Simplay3 Sharing Library Stand

Give your library expert the chance to share a book outside the library as well. Unique and advantageous, the sharing library stand is made from high-quality plastic with the ability to stand freely or get mounted on a wall. 

Unique Librarian Mugs

Unique Librarian Mugs

The most suited gift for librarians, the ceramic mug is designed especially for book enthusiasts. Every time your friend will use it, it will remind him or her of your love and care.

Custom Book Embosser Stamp

Personalized Book Embosser Stamp

This customized gift for librarians can be useful as well as distinctive. It allows adding a customized mark by embossing on books and papers.

You get it customized as per your requirements and present it as a gift to a librarian or book collector.

Book With Hidden Compartment

Book With Hidden Compartment

If you are looking for unusual gifts for librarians, then this is the thing for you. Enjoyable and unique, the secret compartment adds a little mystery and excitement to your librarian’s life.

Alice in Wonderland Whiskey Glasses

Greenline Goods Whiskey Glasses – Alice in Wonderland

For those who love reading books, Alice in Wonderland is like a bible. Symbolized with intrigue, suspense, and adventure, the exclusive Whiskey Glasses lets you share this passion while drinking with friends.

Book-Themed Pendant Necklace

Book-Themed Pendant Necklace

Although librarians are surrounded by books, unusual gifts for librarians are also related to books. Find out your librarian’s favorite book and get a pendant engraved with this theme.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Let your librarian friend jumpstart the morning or evening with a fresh hot dose of caffeine poured in style.

This mug may sound unusual for a gift for a librarian but it sure will please the coffee lovers.

Librarian Unicorn Coffee Mug

Librarian Unicorn Coffee Mug

Let the unicorn magic of your librarian friend come out with this amazing ceramic mug. Gift it on any occasion and let the librarian feel special and different from others.

Book Light

Book Light

It may seem simple but it is the most unusual gift for a librarian. It is very unique and different from normal book lights. Placed on the table or the side rack, it looks like a book with light coming out of it.

Librarian Nutritional Facts Mug

Librarian Nutritional Facts Ingredients Label Mug

Show your librarian friends that you recognize their amazing skills and qualities through this unique ceramic mug. Designed to impress and flatter, it is a must-have for your librarian desk.

Portable Espresso Maker

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Coffee and books go side by side. Choose this wonderful gift for a librarian and give them the freedom to enjoy a fresh hot cup of coffee anywhere and anytime they want.

Book T-Shirt

Book T-Shirt

Encourage the passion for reading by presenting the best gift for a librarian to wear. Suitable for any casual occasion, it is a great way to express your love for books and reading.

The Book T-Shirt is made from premium quality materials that can be washed again and again to be worn good as new.

Exquisite Coffee

Cafés Granell Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee 

Cafes Granell is one of the finest blends of Coffee in the world. Librarians need to keep their brains up and running for several long hours. Therefore the need for coffee is unending.

You can give exquisite coffee as a great gift for librarians on any occasion of the year.

Reading Book Light

Vekkia – Reading Book Light

This is a very appropriate gift for librarians and book readers.

A good reading light can make your journey through a book more comfortable and enjoyable. It is rechargeable and adjustable for the best light effect on your book.

Whether you are fond of warm light or white cool light, it is available in both types. The bottom clip is sturdy and keeps a good grip on the book while reading.

Meaningful Sculpture

Meaningful Sculpture

Another amazing piece of art that can be categorized as a gift for librarians is this unique Jalunth bookshelf handmade sculpture.

It is a great gift for someone who cherishes home decor artifacts and likes collecting creative pieces. This sculpture adds an aesthetic attractiveness and contemporary style to your table or shelf’s outlook.

Inspirational Mug

Bookmarks Are For Quitters Mug

Giving mugs as souvenirs or gifts has never faded out. It is a much-liked option and is liked by almost everyone.

If you are looking for gifts for librarians, then inspirational mugs like this one are great for both drinking coffee and using as a decorative piece.

The motivational quote on the mug stands out for those you like reading.

Books Travel Mug

Books Travel Mug

Let the books be your identity. This mug can help you carry your hot and cold drinks anywhere you want.  

An amazing gift for all occasions, it especially reflects a librarian’s love for books and reading.

Multi-Function Side Table

Smart Side Table With Bluetooth Speaker & Charger

A librarian may sound old-fashioned but technology is now everywhere. Get this smart portable multifunctional side table as a gift to your librarian and let them enjoy life to the fullest.

Equipped with Bluetooth, a speaker with a wireless charger, and a USB charging dock, it is an all-in-one side table suitable for homes and offices both.

Hilarious T-Shirt

Hilarious T-Shirt

What better gift to give to a librarian than a humorous t-shirt. Designed to make every person smile, it is made from the highest quality materials.

Casual, smart, and stylish, it can go very well with the laid-back and funky personality of your librarian friends.

Final Thoughts

No matter where they work or what type of books they like, these ideas are great for choosing the best gifts for librarians of all ages and personalities.

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