24 Memorable Gifts For Nanny That Make Her Feel Appreciated

gifts for nanny
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Your kid’s babysitter or nanny is one of the most trusted people in your life. They take care of your young ones as their own children.

It is not unusual to give them gifts as tokens of your gratitude and appreciation for their services.

Here are the gifts for nanny that you can browse through and make your nanny’s day a special one.

Personalized Musical Snow Globe – Best Gifts For Nanny

Things Remembered – Jeweled Butterfly Musical Snow Globe

Snow globes are magical, festive, and objects to cherish all your life. This is one of the best gifts for nannies that they can keep forever.

The jeweled butterfly musical snow globe comes with an engraved thank you note at the bottom front which can be personalized as per your requirements

Nanny Necklace

Nanny Necklace

Jewelry always makes women shine. To give a gift to your nanny or babysitter you can opt to buy the perfect nanny necklace.

Beautiful and elegant, each piece is made from 925 sterling silver and is fade resistant. A thank-you note written especially for the care given to your child by this amazing person is attached to the packaging.

Funny Nanny Mug

Funny Nanny Mug

If you want to find the perfect gifts for your nanny why not go for a little humor to make people laugh.

The funny nanny mug is not just useful and durable but also helps share your genuine feelings of appreciation in a light-hearted manner.

100% Pure Cashmere Scarf

100% Pure Cashmere Gorgeous & Natural Scarf

Give your nanny a special something in the form of this soft and elegant 100% pure cashmere scarf.

Made from high-quality cashmere, it is a trendy and beautiful way to accessorize your outfit and get soothing warmth in the chilly evenings. 

Cute Mini Resin Figurine

Precious Moments – Cute Mini Resin Figurine

Art helps you express your feelings in a subtle and creative way. This innocent angel figurine will make your nanny feel elevated with joy and happiness.

The white-colored handcrafted gold cast resin thankful to you figurine is bound to make people smile. It can be a great Christmas gift for a nanny as well.  

Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

Godiva – Signature Truffles Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

Spread the sweetness of love and care by giving your babysitter or nanny the best-assorted chocolates in a box.

These delicious truffles can be gifted on any occasion like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or simply to appreciate your nanny’s care for your kids.

Alpaca Wool Slippers

BureBure – Women’s Warm Wool Alpaca Slippers

If you are looking for a gift for a nanny that is useful as well as high quality, then why not go for this warm wool alpaca slippers.

Your nanny can wear them around the house or anywhere she wants to. It keeps your feet warm and protects them from harsh weather.

Thank You Fruit Basket

Golden State – Fruit Thank You Fruit Basket

For those who want to gift something healthy and enjoyable to their kid’s nannies and babysitters, the Golden State fruit basket is a great choice.

Packed with nutrition and energy-enriched natural foods, this basket will reflect your genuine concern for that special person in your family.

Bear With Forget Me Not Flower

Swarovski – Kris Bears Forget Me Not

The multi-color accented forget me not clear Swarovski crystal bear adds a glittery and sparkling touch to your thank you gesture.

Available in different designs and figurine options, surprise your nanny with this wonderful gift on Christmas, New Year, or any other occasion.

Nanny Appreciate Poem

Nanny Appreciate Poem

Christmas is a time to spread love and joy through gifts. To find the best Christmas gifts for a nanny, you do not need to search very hard.

The best way to show your appreciation and thankfulness is to present a wonderful nanny appreciation poem.

The poem says it all on your behalf and helps to keep the gesture alive for years by protecting it in an elegant photo frame.

Praying Angel Figurine

Praying Angel Figurine

Angels and Christmas are almost synonymous. What better way to let your nanny feel special than by giving her a praying angel figurine on Christmas.

Artistic and creative, the resin wood finish decoration figurine is handcrafted to perfection by specialized artisans.

Best Nanny Mug

Best Nanny Mug

Let your nanny know that she is doing a wonderful job by appreciating her regularly. Present her with the best nanny mug and make her feel proud of the care she has given your children.

Himalayan Salt & Essential Oil Diffuser

Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser & Essential Oils

With all the hard work and long hours your nanny puts in, she also deserves a break.

This essential oil set with a diffuser is a great Christmas gift for your nanny. It will help soothe her nerves and calm down those tiring muscles after a long day of work.

Personalized 3D Crystal Photo

Personalized 3D Crystal Photo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you want a gift for your nanny, then why not customize a 3D crystal for your nanny.

This is a very unique and interesting object that your nanny can keep in her home and cherish her memories forever.

Choose the size from 5 different options and make your nanny’s day a very special one.

Heart Locket

Heart Locket

Old fashioned and divine, the heart locket is a perfect sentimental gift for your babysitter or nanny.

Available in gold and silver sterling options, it allows you to keep pictures of your loved ones close to your heart all the time.

Power Lift Recliner Chairs With Massager

ANJ – Power Lift Recliner Chairs with Massager

What better way to let your nanny relax and unwind by providing her with a recliner chair that comes with massaging function.

Large and powerful, the nut brown-colored faux leather is aesthetically pleasing to the eye while it goes well with all types of home decor.

Vintage Nanny Sign

Vintage Nanny Sign

Nannies are known to be fond of home decor and interior design. If you have a nanny that likes decoration objects and collectibles then this is a great gift ideas for a nanny.

Funny Nanny Coffee Mug

Funny Nanny Coffee Mug

Make your nanny stand out from others by showing her that she is extraordinary. The Unicorn coffee mug says it all but in a funny way.

Red Wine

Belle Glos “Clark & Telephone” Pinot Noir

Wine is for every occasion. It is a perfect gift for all including a nanny. No need to wait for a day to celebrate, give your nanny a token to rejoice and enjoy with a bottle of wine.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree – Just For You Angel

The just-for-you angel is a reflection of innocence, purity of heart, and nobleness like the profession of a nanny.

Made by creatively skilled artisans this hand-painted sculpture needs no explanation to express its thankfulness message.

Gourmet Gift Basket

Wine Country Gift Baskets – Gourmet Choice Gift Basket

Say a little thank you with this amazing gift for your nanny.

Filled with delightful and delicious eatables and drinks, this basket can be presented at birthdays, weddings, and Christmas parties.

Leg Air Massager

Fit King – Leg Air Massager

Massage the legs and relax like a king. Give your nanny this amazing gift that she can enjoy while unwinding from a hard day’s work with children.

Thank You Gift Box

Boxzie – Thank You Gift Box

This is a very special way to express your gratitude and thankfulness for all the care and love your nanny gives to your family.

Beautifully packed and presented in gift packaging, the basket is filled with thoughtful pieces of assorted personal care gifts.

Nanny Charm Ornament

Inspired Silver – Nanny Charm Ornament

This is a festive gift item that can be used to adorn your Christmas trees. Silver-inspired snowman ornament is studded with shiny and sparkling zirconia.

It is offered in a gift-ready presentation with a black fabric pouch.

Final Thoughts

Every nanny has a Mary Poppins inside of her. Giving the care and love of a mother to your children, she deserves the best gifts as tokens.

We have given you ample options to choose the most amazing gifts for your nanny and show your appreciation for all that she does for you and your family.

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