20 Best Gifts For New Puppy Owners That They Find Useful

gifts for new puppy owners
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It is always exciting to start something new for the first time, especially when it involves our fluffy companions. However, like any first-timer, it would be scary for you if you enter this “parenting” without any preparation or helpful tools.

Hence, if your friend has a puppy for the very first time, he or she might be facing the same problems as many first-timer puppy owners out there. But fret not! You can assist your friend through this confusing period by getting them some useful tools or pet toys.

Wondering what kind of puppy gift is suited for a first-timer owner? Why don’t you check out our list of gifts for new puppy owners?

Monthly Subscription Box – Best Gifts For New Puppy Owners

gifts for new pet owners

BarkBox Dog Chew Toys

Just like children, puppy loves to play with toys. Thus, subscribing to Barkbox Dog chew toy would be a great help for your friend who owns a puppy for the very first time.

Barkbox Subscription Dog Box offers a new theme and fun treats and toys every month, with no repeat. Nicely wrapped, the mysterious box features 2 unique dog toys, 2 bags of fresh healthy dog treats, and 1 yummy dog dental chew.

The best part? They can also opt for their allergy-friendly option that comes with changing playstyles and materials suited to the puppy’s preference.

Pet Camera with Laser Toy

best gifts for new puppy owners

Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy

Is your friend worried about leaving his furkids alone at home for the first time? He has nothing to worry about if you get him this awesome Petcube Play 2 pet camera.

Your friend gets to check on his pet anytime and anywhere from his phone with a 1080p HD video quality. The pet cam also has a real-time sound and motion alerts function.

The highlight? Your friend can also play with his furkid even while he is away through a built-in pet-safe laser toy that can either be controlled from his phone or set to autoplay. How awesome is that?

So get this amazing pet cam now for the new puppy owner!

Dog DNA Test

best gifts for a new puppy owner

Embark | Dog DNA Test

This Dog DNA test kit is a unique gift for the first-time puppy owner.

Using a research-grade genotyping platform, this one-of-the-kind dog DNA test kit offers screens for over 350 dog breeds, types, and varieties. With this test, your friend will know for sure which breed his or her dog is.

Moreover, the test kit can also test for 190+ genetic diseases including MDR1 drug sensitivity, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy. This would ensure the health of the puppy, allowing it to live a healthier life.

Christmas Keepsake Ornament

christmas gift ideas for new puppy owners

Pearhead Pet Pawprint Hanging Keepsake Ornament

This pet pawprint ornament-making kit is a great Christmas present for a new puppy owner.

This sentimental ornament-making kit comes with a shaping ring, three ribbon options, and a pin to create the keepsake hanging hole. With this making kit, your friend can preserve her puppy’s print forever and reminisce about it when her pet grows old.

The best part? The clay used to create this elegant ornament dries soft so if your friend or her pet accidentally drops the keepsake, it won’t crack. How awesome is that?!

Camera Treat Dispenser

gift ideas for new puppy owners

Faroro Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

This treat-dispensing dog camera is another perfect present for your friend who is a new puppy owner and yet has to leave his puppy all alone for the first time.

Featuring a live streaming video, a 130° ultra-wide-angle and an advanced night vision function, this 2-in-1 dog camera treat dispenser allows your friend to check on his puppy even when he is miles and miles away.

The multi-purpose device can also automatically send a notification to your friend’s phone whenever the supply of the food is low. How helpful is that?

Personalize Leather Dog Collars

presents for new pet owners

Didog Personalize Leather Dog Collars with Engraved Nameplate

No idea what gift is suitable to celebrate your friend’s adopting a puppy? How about a personalized dog collar?

Made with 100% natural, full-grain leather, this leather dog collar features a solid buckle and a heavy-duty D ring for leash attachment. The classy collar also comes with a 360° Tangle-free durable rustproof swivel hook and heavy-duty O ring that is great for daily walking.

The highlight? You can personalize the collar with an engraving of the name of your friend’s puppy, your friend’s address, and phone number.

Paw Cleaner

useful gifts for a new puppy owner

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

This Dexas MudBuster dog paw washer is a handy gift for a new puppy owner, especially if he or she likes to bring his or her puppy outdoor.

Measured at 8.85 inches tall and 4.75 inches wide, this innovative dog paw washer offers an easy way for your friend to rinse their puppy’s dirty or muddy paws.

The portable paw washer also features gentle silicone bristles that will help remove dirt and mud from his or her dog’s paws, keeping the mess in the MudBuster and not in his or her house.

So get this handy gift for your friend who adores the outdoor and would like to bring his or her new puppy along now!

Dog Water Bottle

gifts for a new puppy owner

Portable Puppy Water Dispenser

This puppy water dispenser is another useful gift for a new puppy parent who adores outdoor activities.

Made of high-quality food-grade material, this handy puppy water dispenser would ensure the puppy stays safe and hydrated wherever your friend travels.

Featuring its silica gel seal ring and a lock key design, this sleek-looking water dispenser is leak-proof, meaning there will not be any wet mess. There will also be no water waste as unused water would go back into the container with just a click.

It will be a useful water dispenser whenever they are going for a hike or long walk.

Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor

RV/Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Do they love to travel in an RV? Well, this dog safety sensor would be a great gift for the new puppy owner, especially when they would be traveling with their new pups.

Using a Verizon 4G cellular network instead of wi-fi, this pet monitor can offer a real-time update on the temperature, humidity, and heat index of the RV. This would allow your friend to prevent his dog from getting heatstroke or frostbite.

Featuring a long-lasting and rechargeable battery, this useful pet monitor can work for up to 2 days even when RV power is lost! So they will have nothing to worry about when his RV is faulty.

Pet Travel Bag

gift ideas for new pet owners

ROVERLUND Pet Travel Bag

If your friend is someone who travels constantly, this Roverlund pet travel bag would come in handy for him, especially when he is a newbie who refuses to let his puppy stay behind alone.

Featuring an innovative 3-in 1 design, this stylish looking pet travel bag can be transformed into a mobile dog bed, an airline compliant pet carrier as well as a car seat.

Comes in 2 sizes that can accommodate up to 20lbs dogs, this multi-purpose travel bag also has a bonus leash that doubles as an extra-strong shoulder strap.

There is also a storage pocket and a removable fleece-lined interior dog bed as bonus features.

Snuggle Puppy

gifts for a new pet owner

New Puppy Starter Kit

Does your son adopt a puppy recently? This is such a sweet welcome gift for a new puppy.

Wrapped in a beautiful gift box, this new puppy start kit contains a Snuggle Puppy, a Snuggle Blanket, 3 Heat Packs, Puppy’s 1st Toy, and a Puppy Teething Aid. These tools would help to ease the loneliness and separation anxiety of your son’s puppy

This cute new puppy starter kit is a heartwarming way to celebrate the arrival of the new puppy with a warm welcome!

Matching Bracelet and Dog Collar Set

best gifts for new pet owners

Friendship Collar Dog Collar and Matching Bracelet Set

As the saying goes, “Dogs are man’s best friend.” What says better about a solid friendship than a matching friendship bracelet for your daughter and her new puppy owner? This is one nice matching dog and owner gift.

Featuring a multi-colored printed pattern design, this fashionable matching bracelet set includes a collar for your daughter’s puppy and a matching bracelet for her. The collar also comes with an adjustable gold plated buckle closure that would ensure a comfortable fit for your daughter’s puppy.

The best part? A percentage of this bracelet set’s sale would be donated to shelters across the USA to help feed hungry homeless animals who have yet to meet their best friend.

Customize Ceramic Pet Bowl

customize gifts for a new puppy owner

Personalized Ceramic Pet Bowls

Have trouble looking for a gift for a new puppy owner? Why not consider this personalized ceramic pet bowl?

Made from 100%, high-quality ceramic, this durable pet bowl can be used for water, dry and wet food. It is also both dishwasher and microwave safe, meaning that your friend will have one less chore to do.

The best part? You can personalize this lovely gift with your friend’s name or his puppy name. The customization will be appearing on both sides of the bow. How cute is that?

Personalized Photo Throw Fleece Blankets

personalize gifts for a new puppy owner

Customize Photo Throw Fleece Blankets

Thinking of getting your son a useful gift to celebrate his achievement of becoming a new puppy owner? Why not consider getting him this comfortable-looking photo throw fleece blanket?

Made from fleece, this comfortable blanket displays a customizable photo of your choice in a super-sharp detail with a pure white backing. This means that your son’s favorite photo of him and his new puppy would be enlarged and featured on his blanket forever.

Just imagine how happy this would make your son be!

Personalized Dog Album

unique gifts for new puppy owners

Things Remembered Personalized Dog Album

This Things Remembered dog album is one sentimental gift for a new puppy mom.

Plated with nickel and finished with velvet, this cute album can hold up to 101 photos of your friend and his puppy. The best part? You can personalize this dog album by engraving the frame with the name, initials, or special message of your choice through its precise machine engraving techniques.

Let the new puppy mom record the growth of their puppy with it!

Crystal Keychain Photo

personalize gift ideas for a new puppy owner

Lighted Custom Crystal Picture Etched Key Chain

This crystal key chain is another sweet gift for a new puppy owner.

Featuring its HD edge engraving process, this 3D engraved crystal allows you to personalize it with a photo of the new puppy owner. Best yet, each keychain will highlight the finer details in your customized picture through its in-built light that can be easily activated. How awesome is that?!

This 3D crystal key chain for the new puppy owner would allow them to keep the memories of the first meeting their puppy forever.

Handmade Dog Macarons Treat

gifts for puppy owner

Bonne et Filou Dog Treats

Looking for a party snack to celebrate your friend becoming a new puppy owner? Why not consider the Bonne et Filou dog treats?

Using 100% natural human-grade ingredients, this handmade dog macaron is free of artificial coloring and preservatives, making it safe for both the dog and human to consume.

Comes in a box of 6, this delicious dog macaron is designed for a long-lasting chew and fits all dog sizes. It also has a shelf life of 12+ months and does not need to be refrigerated. How amazing is that?!

So arrived at your friend’s party in style with these delicious dog macarons and become the favorite uncle of the puppies now!

Dog Training Collar

Dog Training Collar

Just like children, puppies need to be trained since young. Thus, this god training collar is a useful gift for your father who recently became a new puppy owner.

Using a new technology that supports a stable and robust signal for multiple training, this handy dog training collar provides 3 efficient and safe training modes with remote, namely beep, vibration, and shock modes. It would allow your dad to teach his puppy basic obedience commands and solve uncontrollable dog behavior problems.

Worrying about hurting the dog? Don’t you worry as this waterproof shock collar has an adjustable 1~99 static level where your dad can control the accurate static level for his puppy.

Custom Catch Dog Mat

personalize present for new puppy owners

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Mat

This dog mat is one comfy gift for your daughter who adopted a new puppy recently.

Manufactured using high-quality fleece, this soft hand customized dog mat is a large cushion measured at 23 x 31 inches. Best yet! Coming in 5 colors, you get to customize the dog mat with a beautifully imprinted name of your choice in the text styles of your choice.

So get this comfy dog mat for your daughter and let her new puppy have plenty of spaces to sleep and rest on!

Dog Owner’s Manual

unusual gifts for new puppy owners

The Dog Owner’s Manual

Every beginner needs help and guidance. Thus,  The Dog Owner’s Manual is a good gift for the new puppy owner.

Written by a celebrated veterinarian Dr. David Brunner and acclaimed author Sam Stall, this comprehensive manual is a must-have item for all new puppy owners due to its contents full of useful advice for both new and experienced dog owners.

Featuring step-by-step instructions and helpful schematic diagrams, The Dog Owner’s Manual explores hundreds of frequently asked questions by both new and experienced dog owners and highlights cautionary tips. This would allow puppy owners to find it easier to get a handle on a complicated canine.

To commemorate their bravery to take on the huge responsibility of taking care of a puppy with this manual now!

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