17 Best Gifts For PhD Graduates That Make Their Day Memorable

Gifts For PhD Graduates
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Looking for gifts for PhD graduates?

Anyone who has a PhD student in their life knows that they are generally to be found chained to their desks burning the midnight oil, trying to keep up with the heavy demands of their course.

Getting a PhD is a pretty huge deal, and anyone who has put in the time and hard work to achieve one certainly deserves to be spoiled.

You’re sure to find something that you love for your special doctor friend in the collection of great gifts that we have put together below.

Funny PhD Mug

WHATCHA Phinally Done

Your friend may not have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but they will certainly enjoy stirring a steaming mug of roasted coffee with their very own gorgeous golden spoon!

This gift is perfect for any PhD students who are near the end of their course, or who have recently graduated. Each mug comes with a lid to keep drinks hotter for longer and the fancy script on the side will remind your friend of all of the hard work they put in to earn their fancy degree!

Custom Graduation Bobblehead

Custom Graduation Bobblehead

What better symbol of freedom than the iconic Bobblehead? This hilarious, customizable Bobblehead will jiggle joyfully on your friend’s dashboard as they drive off into the sunset with their new hard-earned degree.

All you need to do is submit a photograph, then choose whether you would like a fixed or wobbling head. You could play a prank on your friend and send in a picture of their least favorite teacher, always there to wobble and watch over them.

Graduation Gift Box for Her

Graduation and Congratulations Gifts for Her

Is your girlfriend about to graduate with her PhD? Then boy do we have the gift set for you!

This adorable little package comes with a mug to fill with soothing, hot tea, a cute little teddy bear that doubles as a hand towel, a scented candle, a picture frame, and a gorgeous dried bouquet for her to proudly display.

Book Art PhD Sculpture

Folded Book Art Sculpture

Everyone who is working on or who has completed their PhD has certainly read a lot of books. But I bet most of them never thought about turning their books into art!

This amazing and unique gift for PhD graduates shows your friend that you are proud of them for all of their toils over the last few years. You can customize it with any 3 letters that you like, and enjoy knowing that you have just upcycled a book!

Personalized PhD Graduation Mug

Personalized PhD Graduation Coffee Mug

Have you ever seen a doctor’s desk that didn’t have a mug on it? I didn’t think so! But not all PhD’s are lucky enough to have their own personalized mug that they received from one of their best friends on graduation!

This gorgeous mug is a great gift to show your friend how much you care, whilst at the same time reminding them of all they have done to earn their achievements.

Personalized PhD Christmas Glass Ornaments

Personalized PhD Christmas Glass Ornaments

What better way to get everybody in the Christmas spirit than to have a double celebration of graduation and Christmas?

These adorable little snowball baubles are fully customizable with your friend’s name, the name of their school, and their year. Plus, the ribbons on the bauble can even be made to match your friend’s school colours! How awesome is that?

Graduation Necklace

Suavell Graduation Necklace

Who doesn’t love jewelry and a good pun? These gorgeous little gold-plated chain and pendants are the perfect reminder for your friend that they are capable of anything and that they should always persevere to follow their dreams.

Because the chain is made from stainless steel and then plated with gold, there will be no green or brown marks on your skin after wearing this sweet chain, even after a shower!

Graduate Nutcracker

Graduate Nutcracker

Show your favourite graduate how much you love them with this exquisite nutcracker gift, which features a mortarboard, cloak, and diploma. Nutcrackers make wonderful presents as they are not only charming, but functional, too! These exquisite holiday crackers will bring joy and delight to your holidays.

Display him on a shelf for a festive feel, or get the party started by cracking open some seasonal nuts!

Hewn from solid wood, this nutcracker has been hand-painted in Germany with bright and lasting colours.

Unique Phd Mug

Funny Unique Gift Idea Cup For Phd Graduate

It seems like all PhD students are constantly exhausted! Between keeping up with their studies and practicals, and ensuring that they are well-versed in various key skills, our lovely doctors never seem to get a chance to stop and rest. Now is the time for you to show that that you care, and to give them a little boost to get them through the day.

Everybody loves a good, personalized mug, and your PhD friend will love this thoughtful and functional gift.

Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Dulcet Gourmet Food Gift Basket

This delectable and dazzling array of Dulcet baked goods is sure to delight any graduate. This amazing gift basket comes with a mouth-wateringly large selection of brownies, blondies, muffins, and cakes. From raspberry to cinnamon, to chocolate, to apricot we have the flavour for you! And they’re all Kosher to boot!

Each Dulcet pastry is individually wrapped and gets shipped within 1-2 days to ensure the utmost freshness.

Funny Graduation T-Shirt

Funny Graduation T-Shirt

Let’s face it. Earning a PhD is probably one of the biggest achievements of your friend’s life! They will absolutely want to proudly display the fact that they have earned something incredible. Why not put it on a teeshirt?

This funny tee-shirt is not only comfy and practical, but it will make you giggle, too. Choose your colour and cotton blend and your tee-shirt will soon be on its way to you!

Men’s Chronograph Watch

Nordgreen Pioneer Men’s Silver Chronograph Watch

Combining sleek Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese mechanical precision, the Nordgreen is the best of both worlds!

This watch is good for PhD students who also enjoy the outdoors as it is super tough- scratch-resistant, and water-resistant (up to 3atm). You can also change the strap easily to suit the preferred style of your friend.

Throw A Small Surprise Party

Another great idea to celebrate a graduate is to throw them a party! Invite all of their family and friends and ask each person to bring a dish to

share. Look out for some graduation-themed decorations, and perhaps you’d like to make a congratulatory banner! Fairy lights and balloons are always a classic when decorating a party.

A Weekend Trip

How about making a whole weekend of it? Round up a bunch of your friends and then have a look at camping spots near you.

Not a fan of camping? No problem! Have a look at some rental sites like Booking.com or Airbnb, and find a house that all of you can share the cost on. Try to find a spot that has some good local attractions or activities and take yourselves away on a celebratory mini-break!

Graduation Bobble Head

Graduation Trophies Bobble-Head

If the Bobbleheads at the beginning of this post are not for you, and you would rather have a meaningful message displayed than a likeness of your friend, then perhaps these are the Bobbleheads for you!

This stylish and fancy silver Bobblehead will look great on any desktop, and you can choose whatever message you’d like to proudly display on the bottom.

Swarovski Women’s Watch

Swarovski Women’s Octea Lux Crystal Watch

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Swarovski created this special edition bestselling Octea Lux featuring a fully functional moon phase dial for the first time. This sophisticated and ultra-luxurious gift is perfect for celebrating another wonderous achievement- a graduation!

Spa Gift Set

Handmade Lavender Gift Box

After toiling over PhD assignments and papers for years, what better graduation gift than the gift of self-love and relaxation.

Allow your friend the perfect pampering with this at-home spa kit. Each kit contains a natural, lavender soap, a lavender body scrub, a clay face mask, a shower mister, body oil, lip balm, a cosmetic bag, a lavender candle, and a sponge, all wrapped up in a gorgeous and elegant gift box.

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