20 Unusual Gifts For RV Owners That They Never Knew Existed

gifts for rv owners
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Over the course of the Covid Pandemic, people reexamined their lives and realized that they want to start living in a different way.

For many, this meant plunging headlong into adventure and exploring as much of their country as possible from the comfort of an RV.

If you know someone who has recently begun their recreational vehicle journey, treat them with one of the curated gifts for RV owners we have compiled below.

Real Piece of Land – Best Gifts For RV Owners (Editor’s Pick)

Happylandgifts® Real Piece of Land

One of the pros of living in an RV is that you can visit new and exciting destinations all the time! However, what many people don’t think about is that finding free, overnight parking can be tough- especially in New York.

Help your friend to solve this problem by buying them their very own piece of land! Even though this deed is only for a hundred square inches of land, Happylandgifts has come up with an ingenious land-sharing strategy to keep everyone happy.

With their name in a deed, your friend gets to spend a nice picnic with their loved ones or enjoy nature on their own on a property measuring over 15 000 square feet!

Wireless Projector

Wireless Projector

While it is awesome to spend nights under the stars appreciating nature in all of its glory, sometimes you just need to unwind with a little digital stimulation.

This wireless projector is the perfect companion for date nights in the great outdoors.

This high-quality projector is wireless and Bluetooth enabled, so you don’t have to worry about finding one of those pesky HDMI cables that never seem to fit anything. Compatible with USB drives, cell phones, and laptops.

Happy Camper Wine Tumbler

Happy Camper Wine Tumbler

This awesome happy camper mug is the perfect gift for RV owners. Not only does it let the world know that the owner of this mug is living their best life on the road, but it keeps beverages at the perfect temperature all day long!

This mug comes with a handy spill-proof lid, making it perfect to take with on a bumpy, off-road RV adventure.

Funny Camping Kitchen Towel

Handmade Funny Camping Kitchen Towel

If you’re looking for a funny gift to put a smile on an RV owner’s face, then you can’t go wrong with this pun-ny dish towel!

Versatile rags are a must when you are out camping, as you never know when you will need a napkin, cleaning rag, or oven mitt, and this is all three in one! Your RV driving friend will love this useful and versatile gift on their travels.

Camper Dish Set

Camp Casual 12-Piece Dish Set

If your friend has recently bought an RV and they are slowly filling it up with everything that they need, why not help them out and buy them this lovely, artsy 12 piece dish set?

Space (or lack of) is often a problem for RV owners, but this plate set comes in a handy reusable box, so you don’t have to worry! BPA-free and non-toxic, these dishes are a delight for all happy campers, young or old.

RV Pilot Camping Shirt

RV Pilot Camping Shirt

Arguably, the most important role in the RV is held by the driver. RVs can be big and unwieldy, and it is a stressful process trying to maneuver them into small spaces or down narrow roads.

We think that whoever takes on this challenging position deserves some praise and recognition! Show your RV driver that you love and appreciate them with this cool RV Pilot teeshirt.

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Magnetic Bottle Opener

We’ve all been on a camping trip where somewhere brings out a case of cold beers and everyone groans in disappointment as they realise that forgot to pack the bottle opener. Now this will never be your problem again!

This adorable camper bottle opener is magnetised for ease of use, and it won’t get lost in amongst all of the camping paraphernalia. Simply stick it to the fridge so that it is ready for use whenever you are ready to crack open a cold one.

Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament

Personalized RV Camper Christmas Tree Ornament

This Christmas, treat your happy camper RV friends to this sweet, personalised Christmas tree ornament.

Choose the camper that looks most like your friend’s RV from a large selection of camper vans, Airstreams, RVs, and tow-behinds, then add their name to it for that extra special touch.

This is not just a great gift for Christmas. Your RV-owning friends will be delighted to hang this sweet ornament in their RV all year round, too!

Cutting Board Sterilizer

Cutting Board Disinfection & Sterilizer

Depending on the size and special features of your friend’s RV, they may not have running water all the time, and if they don’t have a kitchenette, they may have to do all of their cooking outside by the campfire. While this is romantic and exciting, it is not always the most hygienic of situations.

This awesome sterilizer uses ultraviolet lamps and high-tech heating to sterilize and disinfect whatever you put under it. Use it to clean chopping boards, and up to 3 knives at a time.

Unisex Sunglasses

Ray-Ban – Wayfarer Liteforce Sunglasses

There’s nothing worse than turning onto a busy highway during peak traffic hours and finding that you can barely see because you’re blinded by the afternoon glare on the road. Help your friends to drive their RV safely by shielding their eyes with these awesome unisex Ray-Bans.

Polarised for total sun protection, you can’t go wrong with the classic Wayfarer Liteforce edition sunglasses. Plus they magically look good on everyone, no matter their face shape or coloring.

Polaroid Instant Camera

Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera

When you’re on the road in your RV there are so many beautiful and exciting moments that you’d like to capture. However, what often happens is that you take tons of pictures and then they remain in your photo folder on your phone and you rarely look at them again.

Now, you can instantly capture the moment with these funky Polaroid cameras! Photographs print out instantly and can be stuck up on the walls of your RV or you could hang them up on a photo display string.

RV Wind Chimes

RV Wind Chimes

When you buy a brand new RV, it can seem a little characterless because of all of its sleek, modern lines and neutral colors. Help to brighten up a new RV with this cute windchime!

As you drive your RV the windchime will rattle and shake, creating sweet tinkly music for you wherever you go. Hang your chimes on the inside or outside of your RV, though if they’re outside, make sure that they are strongly secured so that they don’t go flying during the drive!

Portable Charcoal Grill

Everdure CUBE Portable Charcoal Grill

This awesome and unique gift for an RV owner is small enough to store easily and oh-so-convenient!

The CUBE portable grill is the ultimate camping stove. The built-in heat protection shield makes it perfect for use as a tabletop charcoal grill, tailgating grill, RV grill, or travel grill.

It also has compartments for food storage and comes with a bamboo cutting board, making this super handy to bring on picnics or bushcamp meals.

Massage Seat Cushion

Snailax Full Body Massage Chair Pad

If you haven’t already, you should immediately upgrade your car seats with these awesome heated massage pads!

Fitted out with eight powerful Shiatsu massage rollers, this chair pad can deeply massage your muscles and tissue for total comfort and relaxation.

With three levels of pressure, three vibration speeds, and adjustable rollers to target the exact spot that needs some tender, loving care, this massager is almost better than a real human!

Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer

Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer

There’s nothing worse when you’re camping than to be caught in the rain and get all of your clothes and belongings soaked. Everything starts to rub uncomfortably, and the next day your shoes are damp and stinky. Now there’s a remedy for that!

These awesome Dryer and Deodorizers won’t damage leather and other expensive materials, and they fit all boot types and sizes, including your tennis shoes or hiking boots. Use it to warm up your socks on a cold day, dry out wet shoes, or take the stink out of your walking boots.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This is a great gift to give to an RV owner because it is just so darn convenient! While camping or on the road, it can be a pain to wash multiple pots, pans, and dishes after cooking just one meal. This nifty little gadget is the all-in-one answer to your prayers!

In just four easy steps, this breakfast sandwich maker cooks your custom sandwich in only 5 minutes! Perfect for brunch or a quick, healthy meal on the go. Add all of your favourite ingredients and get cooking!

Jerky Gift Box

Slaughterhouse Crate by Man Crates

If your man loves to take out his RV for camping trips regularly, then this could be the perfect gift for him! Man Crates has gathered a spectacular selection of all of their best jerky products and put them all together in this fun crate!

Perfect for solo snacking or sharing with friends, this gift is bound to delight any man who loves spending time outdoors in nature. Each box comes with its own crowbar, so you can have a laugh watching your husband work hard to get to his meat.

Personalized Metal Sign

Personalised Metal Sign

Make an RV feel like home with these cute, personalized metal signs. These happy camper signs are super strong and durable, so they can be attached to the outside of an RV without the risk of bending and snapping, or rusting in the rain.

Choose your favorite color, and enter the name that you would like to customize your sign with, and POEM studio will take care of the rest!

Happy Camper Print Tote

Happy Camper Print Tote

If you own an RV, then you know that one of the major obstacles to comfortable living is never having enough space for storage. RV owners are always coming up with creative new ways to pack things away so that they’re not in the way, or sliding all over the van while you move.

We believe in keeping things simple, and this tote is perfect for storing whatever you need as it can be shoved into a cupboard or suspended from the ceiling to give more space. Your friend will absolutely love this thoughtful gift.

Funny Socks

Funny Socks

Everybody loves getting socks as gifts, and your RV-owning friend will love this brightly-colored “RV Life” set! They’re good for the soul and the sole!

This awesome gift is sure to become an everyday favorite! The socks are made from soft cotton, which allows them to stretch comfortably. Perfect for wearing during hikes and all outdoor adventures. They are universally sized, so they’ll fit like a glove no matter who puts them on. Treat your friend this winter to these comfy, cozy socks.

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