31 Perfect Gifts For Sailors That Will Make Them Remember You

gifts for sailors
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Looking for gifts for sailors?

As a reconfirmation of our unique relationship with the ones we love, we put so much effort into getting the best gift for them, which symbolizes exactly that. Let’s have a look at what we have listed for them.

Bourbon Whiskey Decanter – Best gifts for sailors (Editor’s Pick)

Bourbon Whiskey Decanter

The Bourbon Whiskey Decanter is a perfect gift for the sailors’ first line crossing ceremony and our editor’s pick. What’s better than a celebration with a glass of whiskey among crew members, that comes from a ship-shaped bottle.

Wooden Sailboat Model

Wooden Sailboat Model

Decorations are what give our home an exquisite touch and the best holders of our memories of the journeys of life. It’s the sailboat model exactly the kind of gift for sailors you want to give to your friend.

Outdoor Multifunction Watch

Garmin – Rugged Outdoor Watch

This smart watch is a very relevant gift to make for your sailor pals. The watch is multifunctional. It includes GPS, a 3-axis compass, and heart rate monitoring, all of which are a necessity for a sailor. With the outdoor multifunctioning watch, you have all in one – an easy and useful choice.

Knots Coffee Mug 

How To: Knots Coffee Mug 

This coffee mug is a simple yet perfect gift to give to a friend. The Knots Coffee Mug is the best way to give a personalized gift to a crew member you haven’t known for long, but it’s obvious they’re a coffee-lover, so what better than a 2n1 gift – a mug to pour the warm coffee while being reminded of the light morning breeze the ocean brings. 

Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses

A must-have gift for sailors who spend a lot of time in the open sea is this Oakley sunglass. They protect the eyes and stay put on the face. In the whirlwind of a lot of choices, you never go wrong with these sunglasses, which are made with sophistication and precision.

Ship in a Bottle

LEGO – Ship in a Bottle

The classic ship in a bottle! This time, the LEGO version of it. The gift that knows no age, but definitely perfect to gift to your child who’s passionate about becoming a sailor, learning about the sea and ships, and who one day, dreams of becoming a captain. A great start of getting a taste of what it feels like to navigate and own a ship. 

HandCrafted Office Pen Holders

HandCrafted Premium Office Decor Pen Holders

Do you want to make a simple but meaningful gift to your ship captain? This pen holder is just what they need to complement the cockpit. Fancy pens have always been a virtuous gift idea, so a personalized pen holder would be an ideal, chic gift – the wheel representing the preeminent role the captain holds in maneuvering the ship. 

Anchor Bangle Bracelet 

Luca + Danni | Anchor Bangle Bracelet 

Not all gifts for female sailors work. It can’t be just about anything. It has to be something special, just like the anchor bangle bracelet. The anchor presents strength, resilience, and ultimately love. It’s what gives the ship stability and people a sense of being grounded.

US Battleship BB-62 Model Kit

Tamiya Models US Battleship New Jersey BB-62 Model Kit

A great gift for the ones who are passionate about ships and history is the US Battleship BB-62 Model Kit. Its modern design of missile launchers and the details surrounding it, make it unique and perfect for the loved one.

Lighthouse Window Panel

BIEYE – Pigeon Point Lighthouse Glass Window Panel

A gift to spice up your sailor friend’s interior design. This window panel gives a place that coziness feeling of being home and serves as a great reminder of the days spent in the waters.

Waterproof Camera

Olympus – Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera

There is no one who needs a waterproof camera more than a sailor out in the sea, making this the perfect “I really put a lot of thought into it” gift for sailors. The Olympus TG-6 red camera contains 5 underwater shooting modes, an underwater microscope, and 3 underwater white balance modes.

Marine Collectible Telescope

Dollond London – Marine Collectible Telescope

An open sky is a place for sailors and stargazers. The Marine Collectible Telescope is a gadget that will intensify the beauty of that experience, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Sailing School Collectible

Lemax – Sailing School Collectible

Something beautifully detailed for your sailor friend or family member, for whom interior design is something that matters a lot to them. This collectible is colorful and inspiring for those who want to get into sailing.

Lighthouse Glass Table Lamp

Bieye – Lighthouse Tiffany Style Glass Table Lamp

For a sailor friend who misses the sea and is yarning for a hygge feeling of wanting to be tucked in under a blanket, maybe have a glass of wine or hot chocolate and just enjoy the evening, this table lamp is the gift you have to get. It’ll nominate you for the friend of the year award!

Sailboat Pendant Charm

14k Yellow Gold Sailboat Pendant Charm

Don’t know what to get for that stylish sailor friend who has it all? Look no further! This charm is made from cold, showing that there is not expense saved for the people you love, making it super hard to not think of you.

Sailboat Wooden Puzzle

UGears Models 3-D Sailboat Wooden Puzzle

Designed to keep the house well decorated and the mind fresh, the Swooden puzzle is an incredible and intricate detail gift. The kind of gift for sailors, which will keep them busy in the open sea. Hating and loving you at the same time.

Funny Sailing T-Shirt

Funny Sailing T-Shirt

T-shirts are always a great and simple idea to gift for a sailor, especially when including humorous phrases that can turn into an inside joke among friends – just like the phrase Feeling Nauti, where nautical stands for anything relating to ships, sailors, and so on.

The Funny Sailing T-shirt is just what your sailor friend needs for a good laugh, and as a reminder of the amusing times spent together on the ship.  

Hand Crafted Ship Wheel Table

Wooden Hand Crafted Ship Wheel Table

The handmade wooden ship wheel table, made from Sheesham wood, is high in quality and perfect for displaying one bottle of whiskey. It makes a great decorative gift for sailors. Considering the small ship spaces, this gift is compatible, antique, and simply beautiful.

Sailing Night Light

Sailing Night Light

Cute, classy, and cozy! This night light is one of the sweetest gifts for sailors there is. While the anchor brings good luck, the build-in warm LED light saves electricity and creates a relaxing environment, which is hard to leave. At least until the sun comes up again.

Engine Order Telegraph

Nagina International – Engine Order Telegraph

While reminiscing the old days, and your old memories with your sailor friend or family member, this telegraph is a beautifully designed and practical gift to purchase. You would never go wrong with it!

San Felipe Wooden Model Ship

Old Modern Handicrafts San Felipe Wooden Model Ship

Ship ornaments have always felt like the most memorable part of a summer trip or a cool gift for your sailor friend. The San Filipe Wooden Model Ship is handmade by using the “plank on frame” construction method. It’s built from high-quality wood such as teak, rosewood, mahogany, and other exotic tropical wood

Vintage Sundial Compass

Brass Nautical – Vintage Sundial Compass

If you want to make sure you won’t lose your sailor friend, nor do you want to be forgotten by them, then purchasing this compass is a smart idea. It is one of those cool gifts that look antique and futuristic at the same time. You almost want to keep it for yourself and not give it away.

Klikel Silver Christmas Ornament

Klikel Silver Christmas Ornament

Holidays become an overwhelming time if you are not sure what is the best gift for your loved ones. Now imagine Christmas gifts for sailors—that is not an easy one, but now you are looking right at it! These three beautiful ornaments are a perfect combination of special and festive.

Personalized Nautical Wall Art

Personalized Nautical Wall Art

Good gift-giving is an art on its own! A very nice gift to be kept at home and to not be forgotten who it came from. With just a little expanse you can cause big joy, reminding your sailor friend of the most valuable times you have spent together.

Nautical Rope Anchor Pendant

14k Gold Nautical Rope Anchor Pendant

Are you looking for something dazzling and fancy for your best friend, sister, or sailor girlfriend? This is it! The 14-karat neckless is incredibly beautiful, and it will never lose its value. The Nautical Rope Anchor Pendant represents a deep connection and stability.

Vintage Navigation Sextant

Vintage Navigation Sextant

In the time when we get lost in our own neighborhood without Google Maps, the vintage navigation sextant is a very special and a super cool gift for sailors. The exquisite model of this navigation instrument is made from brass and the box is made from high-quality wood.

Abstract Sailboat

Abstract Sailboat

For décor fanatics, this abstract sailboat is a mesmerizing piece of art. It is one of the most delicate, thoughtful, and beautiful gifts to be given. Made for the ship or for home, this gift will stick out in any room, and it will not go unappreciated—it will for sure enhance the bond of your friendship with the sailor.

Pocket Compass

Sailor’s Art Pocket Compass

Vintage and antique gifts are the most beautiful form of preserving a relationship. A small and beautifully handcrafted gift for the sailor to be kept in the pocket, and to be forever reminded that there is a way back home and beloved people to go to. 

USN Navy Playing Cards

USN Navy Playing Cards

In the search for gifts for sailors in the Navy is hard to find a better present than the USN Navy Playing Card. This is the kind of gift that will trigger fun times and will fill their days with laughter. Playing cards are what brings people together.

Nautical Pajama Pant

Nautica Pajama Pant

These pajama pants are the perfect gift to give to your boyfriend or brother who is a sea lover. The pajama pants are not only comfortable but also customized to your boyfriend’s preferences, reminding them of the ships they have sailed and gently leading them to a good night’s sleep. 

Customized Bamboo Cutting Board

Customized Bamboo Cutting Board

The Customized Bamboo Cutting Board is not only a cutting board, but also a great, personalized, home décor. This a beautiful and useful gift for sailors, especially the ones who are into culinary art. It can be used to chop fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to put in the effort of getting a gift for a sailor, you may as well do it right. This collection of gifts for sailors is unique, qualitative, and undeniably beautiful. I hope you found something nice through this post.

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