20 Gifts All Seamstresses Wish They Had

Gifts For Seamstress
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Do you have a crafty queen in your life who you are just dying to spoil? We’ve selected some great gifts that would make any seamstress sing in delight.

From professional tools to hobby craft materials, to comfy cushions and personalized accessories, we’ve selected the best gifts for seamstress that they wish they have.

Professional Tailor Scissors

Professional Tailor Scissors

These are the ultimate gift for any seamstress who dreams of going pro. These top-quality scissors are the absolute cream of the crop.

They have a comfortable grip so that you don’t hurt your hands cutting yards and yards of fabric, and that’s not all they cut through! These hard-duty scissors are equipped to cut through leather, plastics, rubber, and more!

This gift will be used for years to come whether in the sewing room, the kitchen, office, or wherever!

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Revolve – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Now your favourite tailor can play her favourite tunes whenever and wherever she likes. These awesome speakers provide up to 13 hours of playtime without charging, so even if your seamstress wants to spin from dawn to dusk, she’ll always have sweet melodies accompanying her.

These nifty little speakers also have voice command capabilities, so even if your hands are full, you can get right to the beats!

Metal Sign Wall Decor

Funny Sewing Theme Metal Sign Decor

Who doesn’t love to laugh at a good pun? This hilarious sign will amuse your sewing club buddies for years to come!

Perfect for hanging up in a shop or sewing room, this fun sign is sure to bring a smile wherever it goes. Let your friend know that you admire and appreciate their skills with one of these awesome signs as a surprise gift!

Seamstress Earring

Seamstress Earring

Now are these earrings cute or are they cute? These fun little sewing machines will bring a smile to any seamstress dial whenever they swing and glint in the sunlight.

These adorable earrings can be dressed up or down and act as the perfect way to express a love of all things crafty! Plus, they come in a plush little velvet bag, just ready to be given to a lucky little embroiderer!

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

The Ember Travel mug is the ultimate travel mug! It’s perfect for any eager designers out there who don’t stop for sleep.

Ember travel smart mug allows you to control it with your smartphone, so your friend can customize his temperature, presets, and notification settings.

To ensure safety, the mug enters sleep mode when empty or after 2 hours of inactivity. Ember wakes up when it senses movement or liquid.

Magnetic Wrist Sewing Pincushion

Magnetic Wrist Sewing Pincushion

Have a friend who loves the old school allure of quaint crafts and nice needlepoints, but at the same time likes to keep up with the latest modern technology? Then look no further! We have the gift for you.

This nifty little gadget doesn’t only look sleek and professional, but it is super convenient and easy to use, too. It has a super-strong magnet, which ensures that you won’t lose any of your pins, and can even double as a place to keep your hairpins!

Posture Corrector

Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer

Any needleman or woman will tell you how easy it is to sit hunched over a project for hours on end, only to emerge into the real world with an almighty pain in the back.

Help your friend to save their posture and their spine with this awesome posture trainer. It is a simple and easy way to naturally perfect posture, with personalizable training plans, vibrating alerts, data tracking, and great battery life.

Personalized Sign

Pattern Pop – Personalized Sewing Room Chalkboard Look Metal Sign

Is your friend quite the fastidious modiste? Then they are sure to approve of this sign. Anyone who sees it will know that this seamstress means business!

Treat your friend with this cute, personalized sign. Perfect for anyone who owns their own sewing shop or business, this sign will encourage everyone to put their trust in the wise and careful hands of your lovely friend.

Electric Fabric Scissors

Electric Fabric Scissors

This one is for the really serious seamstresses out there. This high-speed precision cutter is perfect for a multitude of fabrics and can be used on fabrics, clothing, furniture, carpets- you name it!

Whilst it is. fairly heavy-duty machine, this fabric cutter is actually extremely easy to use and barely makes a sound. It makes very neat incisions and won’t leave your fabric with pleats or wrinkles in it.

Heated Neck and Back Massagers

Massagers For Neck and Back With Heat

This gift is sure to be a sight for sore eyes- or rather, sore backs! After hours of crouching over their latest designs, your friend will be overjoyed to arrive home to this thoughtful and awesome gift from you.

This massager is everything you could possibly need in one sweet, small package! Complete with heat pads and deep tissue massagers, this wonderful contraption will alleviate any pains throughout your body, and on the go, too!

Sewing Tote Bag

Sewing Tote Bag

Sewing is a much-accessorised hobby. As you know, there is much more than meets the eye to what goes into each threaded masterpiece, and accordingly, each artist needs somewhere to stash their tools.

This awesome tote bag is cute and stylish but also practical, and will allow your friend to carry her craft with her wherever she goes!

Sewing Accessories Holder

Soffee Design – Vintage Jute Twine Spool and Scissors Holder

These awesome spool holders will bring rustic elegance and charm to any sewing room. Thoughtfully designed, each spool holder is carefully weighted to allow easy access to your twine without the worry of being knocked over, and the lid stops your twine from gathering dust in between projects.

Choose from an array of cute critters and colours to make the ultimate gift for your friend.

Sewing Machine Necklace

Sewing Machine Necklace

This is the perfect gift for any tailors and designers who are going through a little slump and need a cheery pick-me-up. The preppy message will remind them to keep taking one step at a time on their journey towards achieving their seamstress goals.

Keeping this beautiful gold and silver pendant near their heart will always remind them how much you care for them, and that you will always believe in them.

Seamstress Mug

Funny Seamstress Mug

This awesome gift is perfect for any seamstress who likes to do her crafting on the go. The hardy enamel of the cup means that it is perfect for any occasion and it can withstand a few bumps.

These awesome mugs can be filled with any of your favourite drinks, and it is completely dishwasher-safe.

Sewing Machine Book Ends

Decorative Sewing Machine Book Ends

These delightfully quirky bookends are the perfect addition to the home of any proud seamstress.

Made of resin and standing at 6 inches tall, these bookends are perfect for any standard novels and instruction books, and would look adorable in the sewing room, office, bedroom, or living room. Let your lovely designer friend know how much you care with this thoughtful gift!

Cushion Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Seat Cushion Pillow

Turn any chair into the most comfortable chair with this handy little gadget!

Made from memory foam, these awesome cushions will mould perfectly to your shape and make up for any support issues that your current chair might lack. It will help to improve your posture, and also adds some comfort to any hard wooden chairs.

Sewing Socks

Novelty Sewing Socks

Everybody loves a good pair of novelty socks and these are sure to surprise and delight any lucky seamstress for their birthday, a celebration, or “just because”! Covered in all things sewing, these cosy socks will not only keep your friend toasty and snuggly, but they are also great to look at! Your friend will absolutely love them!

Sewing Music Box

Aimik Sewing Music Box

These sweet little sewing machine music boxes are sure to bring out some fond memories of happy childhood days.

Open the draw to start playing the music and watch in delight as all of the knobs, dials, and pedals begin to turn to the tune of “For Alice” or “The Castle in the Sky”. The battery comes already installed, so this gift is ready for giving!

Magnifier Task Lamp

OttLite 13 Watt Magnifier Task Lamp

Bring any of your favourite hobbies into the spotlight thanks to the built-in carry handle and convenient fold-up design of this awesome craft lamp! It’s perfect for reading books, sewing, puzzles, scrapbooking, and anything that might require excellent lighting.

The bulb is easy to replace, but you’ll barely need to, as each bulb promises 10 000 hours of awesome light. Swivel the base all the way around 360degrees, so that you can always have the perfect angle without sacrificing your comfort or posture.

Retro Sewing Machine Wall Clock

The Lakeside Collection Retro Sewing Machine Wall Clock

This nostalgic little appliance will make anyone smile when they look up to tell the time. The clock’s retro face has a cool vintage look, and any tailor will go crazy for the cute little pair of scissors that act as a unique pendulum.

Easy to mount on any wall or surface, this cute clock will look great anywhere, and let everyone know that a talented seamstress lives here.

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