24 Best Gifts For Social Workers That Shows Your Appreciation

gifts for social workers
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Social workers are the unsung heroes of our age and do some of the most important work for communities all around the world.

Often they work long hours for very little pay or recognition.

These gifts for social workers definitely will show your appreciation of their work. Let’s check them out.

Helicone – Best Gift For Social Workers (Editor’s Pick)

Playable Art – Helicone

With a simple flick of the wrist, this awesome and unique art completely transforms before your eyes!

At the end of a long tough day saving the world, this “playable art” is a fun- and addictive!- way to unwind. Your friend will be absolutely mesmerized by the spinning wooden spokes that can rearrange haphazardly, or in sleek perfection.

Social Worker Tumbler

Social Worker Tumbler

Social workers have long, busy, and stressful days at work more often than not, and they wouldn’t be able to get through it all without at least one large mug of coffee.

Surprise your social worker friend with this pretty tumbler! Perfect for hot or cold beverages, this cool flask will keep your drink at an optimal temperature all day long. It also comes with a handy lid for any social workers on the move!

Social Worker Mug

Bad Bananas – Social Worker Mug

Here is another fantastic mug for your favorite guardian angel. Often, social workers feel that the work they do is not appreciated, but now is your chance to change that! Let them know that you see them, you value them, and the work that they do is appreciated.

Warning: may improve your quality of life!

Weighted Blanket

Quility Weighted Blanket

Studies have shown that all humans need contact and cuddling so that they are able to self-soothe, and we can all agree that there is something incredibly comforting about getting cozy under covers.

Give your friend a gentle hug from afar with this awesome weighted quilt! If they suffer from restlessness or feel lonely at times, this lovely blanket will wrap them up warm and remind them that they are loved and cared for.

Social Worker Canvas Poster

Social Worker Canvas Poster

Everybody likes some validation from time to time, and social workers are no different. This thoughtful gift lets your friend know that you recognize all that they do and you appreciate them immensely!

Just like the print says, social workers are tender and compassionate listeners, but sometimes they are the ones who need to be heard. This unique gift will get the message across for you.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Vitruvi – Essential Oil Diffuser

We introduce to you the best home aromatherapy kit out there! This nifty little gadget will swiftly soothe your lovely social worker friend into a deep, dreamless sleep.

These stone and ceramic diffusers come in a range of colors so you can find one that would look good in any aesthetic. For an extra special gift, pick up a small bottle of your friend’s favorite essential oil so that they can immediately plug in their gift and drift away on a cloud of contentment.

Funny Social Worker Mug 

Funny Social Worker Mug 

This hilarious mug is bound to bring a smile to a few faces when your social worker friend does their rounds for the day. This cheeky mug is a funny gift that will help your friend to relax and find some light moments throughout the day.

Perfect for a cup of tea or coffee, or even a cheeky after-work whiskey! Your friend will think of you each time they take a sip from this fun mug.

Stress Release Doll

Dammit Doll – Stress Release Doll

This is a more unusual gift, but we are all for it! When good days seem few and far between, and bad days don’t seem to end, grab a Dammit Doll for you . . . and one for your social worker friend!

These Dammit Dolls are a perfect way to relieve some stress, either by throwing them across the room, banging them on a desk, or just giving them a good squeeze and shake. We love that the colors and patterns are random, so you are in for a good surprise!

Funny Wine Glass

Funny Wine Glass

This funny gift is the perfect remedy to a difficult day. Your friend will appreciate the measuring system on the glass that provides them with the required amount of wine no matter what they’ve had to deal with.

We love the modern, stemless design that makes for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe, and we have a feeling your favorite social worker will, too.

Stress Less & Self Care Cards

Stress Less & Self Care Cards

This unique Self Care Deck contains fifty-two exercises for mindfulness, meditation, anxiety relief, stress management, self-care, and relaxation- perfect for an overworked social worker!

Each day they can pick a new card that contains a calming activity for them to try, whether it is a breathing technique, a meditation, or a visualization. These cards can also be looked at with friends for a more social experience.

Cookie Gift Basket

Gourmet Floral Thank You Cookie Gift Box

This gourmet gift box takes cookies to the next level! Perfectly packaged in a lovely lilac box, this great gift is ready to give.

Your friend will love these mouth-watering delights! Both cookies are vanilla with sugar frosting. These sweet Thank You Cookies are handmade and freshly baked in a state-of-the-art bakery, so you’ll always get a batch of the freshest, best-tasting cookies on the planet.

Positive Scented Candle

Positive Scented Candle

This thoughtful gift is perfect for when you want to show your friend some love but you are too far away to pop over and give them a great big hug. Let them know that you are thinking about them with this awesome hug in a jar!

This soy candle is all-natural, including the 100% cotton string, and it is beautifully scented with organic essential oils.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

The Ohm Store partners with artists in Nepal to bring you these gorgeous, authentic Tibetan singing bowls. This high-quality, handcrafted meditation bowl set includes a wooden striker and a hand-sewn cushion, and each bowl is carved with mantra symbols.

These bowls are the perfect size for traveling in a handbag, so your friend can bring them to work, yoga, meditation, or anywhere! If you know a social worker who is feeling super stressed right now, this gift will help them to heal and relax.

Smart Alarm Clock

Hatch Restore – Smart Alarm Clock

Social workers often have chaotic days that can change from day to day, making it difficult to set up any kind of sleep routine or schedule. The Hatch Restore will help them to calm their mind and wind down after a hectic day.

Create a calming mood any time with a library of soothing sounds, white noise, and pastel lights at your fingertips.

Appreciation Necklace

Appreciation Necklace

Social workers give up their time, and sometimes their sanity to make sure that they do a great job every day. They are life-savers! But every superhero needs to hang up their cape at the end of the day and come home to someone who appreciates them and gives them some tender, loving care.

Let your friend know that you appreciate them and everything that they do with this lovely link necklace that shows just how important they are to their community.

Kinetic Energy Sculpture

The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

Social workers often struggle with switching over from work mode to relaxing mode at the end of the day. This cool gift is an awesome and artistic way to help take their mind off a tough day at the office.

The Swinging Sticks Sculpture rotates randomly and as if by magic! Your friend will find that it is a healthy and welcome distraction from their daily stressors.

Appreciation Gift Box

Boxzie – Appreciation Gift Box

What could be better than a surprise gift you ask? How about a whole box of surprise gifts? Social workers go above and beyond the call of duty for their patients, so why not go above and beyond in your gift-giving?

These gift boxes are beautifully wrapped and ready to give! Each set contains everything you need for a little self-care and relaxation, including a “Filled with Gratitude” candle, an all-natural almond coconut scrub soap, a Thank You card, and a handy tumbler with lid, stainless steel straw, and cleaning brush.

Sculpted Figure

Willow Tree – Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Many people believe that social workers are their guardian angels without wings, and this beautiful sculpture is a great way to let them know!

The original angel is lovingly hand-carved by the artist Susan Lordi, and then recreated in resin and painted by an artist. Lots of care has been put into this gift, making it perfect for your caregiver friend!

Inspirational Bracelet

Joycuff – Inspirational Bracelets

This simple yet elegant cuff is a sweet and thoughtful gift to give your favorite social worker friend. They will love knowing that there is a secret message just for them pressed against their skin.

Anytime that their job seems overwhelming and they begin questioning why they got into this profession in the first place, they only need to look down at their wrist to be reminded that they make a difference in many people’s lives.

Social Worker Blanket

Joyloce – Social Worker Practitioner Blanket

This creative quilt is the perfect expression of gratitude for a busy social worker. They’ll love coming home, curling up under this cozy blanket, and letting all of their worries sail away.

Each patch on this quilt is specially chosen with social workers in mind, and the whole thing comes together beautifully to let them know that they are loved and appreciated.

Social Worker Charm Ornament

Inspired Silver – Social Worker Charm Ornament

Why not display your love for your social working friend for everyone to see on your Christmas tree this year? Or, you can gift it to them to display proudly amongst their own Christmas decorations.

Each silver ornament comes with a range of matching jewelry, and we have included our favorite one in this list!

Christmas gifts for social worker

Funny Social Worker T-Shirt

If your friend is passionate about their job and loves to let the world know what they do for others, a funny tee shirt is a perfect way for them to do this.

Passersby will be unable to help themselves from singing along to the catchy Friends theme song by The Rembrandts. This is a tee that will make everyone happy!

Shiatsu Massager with Heat

Shiatsu Back Shoulder And Neck Massager With Heat

Social workers often say that all they need is a healing massage to relieve their stress, but they cannot afford to go and get spa treatments every day! Well, now with this awesome at-home shiatsu massager, they don’t have to!

This durable, easily-portable, heated massage pad is perfect for deeply massaging your friend’s aching muscles, and can be charged easily by plugging into any wall socket. Plus, each massager comes with a carry bag so they can bring it anywhere!

Silver Circle Charm Bracelet

Inspired Silver – Silver Circle Charm Bracelet

This gorgeous Inspired Silver charm bracelet can be paired with the awesome ornament above or bought separately according to your preference, though we believe that two gifts are always better than one!

This stunning diamanté charm comes on a beautifully braided silver bracelet. Let your friend know that you’ll always love them with the cute heart padlock that will keep this token of your affections safely on their wrist as long as they want.

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