20 Best Gifts For The Beach Lover That Don’t Harm The Ocean

gifts for the beach lover
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Summer’s here, which means three months of long days, Cuba Libre cocktails, beach volleyball, sipping on ice-cold beer, and, most importantly, collecting memories!

In this gift-list edition of Quokkadot, we’ve hand-picked 20 of the most bang-on gift ideas for your friends or family who not only have had the privilege to be born in the hottest season but also happen to cherish every second of their beach time! Check out our list of gifts for the beach lover. 

Sandglobe Beach Paperweight

gifts for the beach lover

Sand & Shell Sandglobe Paperweight

Every Christmas one or two family members are destined to receive a festive crystal ball and fake a grim of excitement. However, how often have you heard of someone getting one in the middle of July?

A crystal ball featuring a familiar vocational landscape nested snuggly in actual tropical sand! If by any chance you think your friend’s shelf is missing a summer ornament, then a beach (shelf) ball is the solution!

Insulated Wine Bag And Tumblers

best gifts for the beach lover

Tilvini Leather – 2 Bottle Insulated Wine Bag And Tumblers

Having a guy or girlfriend who can’t turn their backs on leather goods and embrace more common summer fabrics? Tilvini’s wine bag solves the hassle of carrying bulky cooler bags every time you want to spoil yourself with a chilled glass of wine or any other beverage for that matter! 

Coming in two distinct colors, this unisex bag brings along two stainless steel wine tumblers to keep your beverages cold while your beach journey lasts! Whether it’s wine, beer, ice cream, or whatever your anti-heat snack is, the cooler bag is here to assist you in the to have the best time on the beach! 

Personalized Beach House Sign

christmas gifts for the beach lover

Pretty Perfect Studio – Personalized Beach House Sign

House signs are in the heat of the home décor craze and keep evolving! From heart-warming kitchen signs to motivational gym prints, signs keep surrounding us and reminding what we are all about.

This one is ideal for families fortunate enough to spend their holidays in their beach summer home! Breathe a life of its own by personalizing it and making it ready-to-hang! 

I think this is a good housewarming gift for the beach lover.

Sunglasses With Audio

birthday gifts for beach lovers

Bose Frames Soprano – Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

Your summer mojitos can’t go without some musing booming in the background, but with Bose you jump right into the center of phonic action.

Designed to be your UV-shield for the summer, this pair of Bose sunglasses allows you to discretely listen to your favorite hits while still interacting with everyone else!

Choose your Rx (if you have one) and get cruising along the beach at sunset while listening to your smashing playlists. 

Hand Blown Seashell

gifts for a beach lover

Qf Hand Blown Seashell

This glass seashell would seem like a gift fitting every desk, shelf, coffee table, and pretty much any piece of furniture in need of some decoration!

QF relies only on the keenest eyes and dextrous hands to craft each one of their glass pieces. Set the stage for this summer season with an elegant prism-of-a-figurine that will unfold the beauty of every morning summer ray. 

Cute Figurine

cute gifts for beach lovers

Enesco – Peanuts Day at the Beach

The iconic and much-loved character Peanuts first won over our hearts in the 1950s and has lived in our hearts ever since.

Fans of old-school comics will fangirl over this miniature, hand-crafted 1x1x1-inch figurine of Snoopy and Woodstock lounging on their sunbeds.

A nostalgic piece for old-school fans of Saturday comic strips and hallmarks of pop culture! 

Waterproof Air Sofa

Orsen Inflatable Couch Lounger Waterproof Air Sofa

The beach or your backyard, you get to choose when and where to spend your summer days and nights. But regardless of the venue, you have some prep work to do.

What would it cost to feel the warm tingle of enjoying the scene – for Orsen Store is a portable hammock you can take anywhere! Easy to inflate, protected against fast deflation, and is nuanced in 12 unique colors to match every style! 

Coastal Table Lamps

gifts for the beach house

Coastal Accent Table Lamps

Okay, everything so far hinted strictly at the possibility of going to the beach, but what if that weren’t the case? If you can abstain from the fact that this is a summer article, what do you think beach lovers do in the colder seasons?  

A gift to feed summer souls sojourned in their dwellings while the outside is getting soaked by rain or covered in snow. Keep the spirits of your room high and ‘vacational’ until the clock strikes 21st June! 

Personalized Couple Canvas Prints

Beach gifts for couple

Personalized Canvas Prints with Couple’s Names

Don’t turn away just because someone told you canvases of this design are ultra-cliché and perhaps the most vivid sign of bad taste. Overused and dull in your eyes but not in the minds of beach lovers who feel best by the sea.

Give a couple who’s is not geographically fortunate to live in a seaside city and treasures each second they visit one! 

This is a nice gift for the couple who loves going to the beach.

Portable Cooler Bag

Luxury beach gifts

YETI Hopper M30 Portable Soft Cooler

If you don’t fancy the leather bag from a few places ago, we’d like to proudly introduce the Yeti’s portable soft cooler. Keep your beverages, snacks, and ice cream away from the dangerous heat!

Not only that it protects your beach lunch from spoiling but, just like the leather bag, is super sleek to wear – coming in 7 different color schemes! Take advantage of the leakproof liner and Hydroshield Closure and preserve up to 7.2 gallons of deliciousness! 

Spikeball Pro Kit

Beach themed gifts for him

Spikeball Pro Kit

What’s to do at the beach? Lie down and sunbathe? Read? Sip on ice-cold cocktails at the bar? If the answer’s ‘yes’, then you’re free to move to the next gift idea.

If not, however, pay attention Spikeball’s one-of-a-kind gift for intense beach action. Call 3 more friends to join you at the golden sand and play from dawn ‘til dusk!

It is a useful gift for the beach lover.

Tic-Tac-Toe Board Game

Beach themed gifts for him

Nautical – Table Top Tic-Tac-Toe Board Game

Backgammon, cards, roulette, and, for the kids, Tic-Tac-Toe. Unlike the first 3, you can get quite creative with Tic-Tac-Toe – make 2 sets of intersecting lines on the sand, draw with charcoal, use sun cream to make a bord out of someone’s back. 

But never would you think of a ocean-themed Tic-Tac-Toe where you use seashells and stars to take over your opponent! Longing for the beach but stuck at home on a rainy day? Pull out the deck and get lost in hours of competitive Tic-Tac-Toe-ing. 

Botanical Diffuser

Beach gifts for Mom

Andaluca Pacific Isles Botanical Reed Diffuser

We’ve talked about it before but it’s just too good of a good to miss out on!  Coming in 8 unique colors, the coastal one turns out the finest gifts for her who love the beach!

Oozing vanilla, sandalwood, honeysuckle, water lily, musk, cyclamen, and sea salt, its mission is to turn even the stuffiest room into a real-life lagoon! 

Coral Figurine

what to get someone who loves the beach

Coral Sculpture on Crystal Stand Figurine Ornament

Is your office lacking something? Maybe it’s your newly bought home? While we can’t be sure of the occasion, this coral figurine will undeniably fit whatever type of celebration you’re joining.

Weighing at just under 2 kilos, this figurine is a hefty fella, and it features… well… a coral on a crystal stand. Though it’s not exclusive to beach-themed environments, it is the most appropriate gift for a family of sea lovers who just so happen to have decorated their homes in that manner!

I think it is a beautiful beach gifts for your wife.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Practical beach gifts

Bose SoundLink – Small Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t think Bose’s Soprano Glasses are up your recipient’s alley? How about something more neutral and low-key! It’s redundant to tell you how crisp and clear Bose’s sound is because they pretty much invented it.

Not to mention that it comes with a built-in mic allowing you to take conference calls and a battery lasting up to 6 hours of play time on a single charge! Put on your shoulder strap and take off for the beach!  

Meditation Desktop Sandbox

Mini Zen Garden Sea Life

Feeling like neither Snoopy nor the glass sand ball would ameliorate work-related stress? This dainty sand box is here to help you face the uncorrected and unpleasant truth – you can’t be at the beach 24/7. Love it or hate it, stress is most present at the workspace, specifically your desk.

That’s why the desktop sandbox offer the chance to bring a fragment of the beach to your desk piled with unfinished projects on a short deadline. Take a second for a deep breath and transcend to your happy beach place! 

Lock Box

best gifts for someone who loves the beach

SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box

Ever went to the beach and had to ask someone to look after your luggage while you’re swimming? But even then, the thoughts of someone making an easy prey of your bag won’t stop bothering you as you swim. 

SAFEGO’s lock box does look like a cross breed between a handbag and a container, but its durable make and anti-rust coating makes for the perfect beach safe to keep all your valuables in! Choose one from 4 unique colors to match your swimsuit and leave all your worries behind! 

Passport Drone

Beach gifts for guys

Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone

Here’s something familiar. Drones have spiked a lot of controversy over the years, inspiring new regulations on low-altitude flight and manually operated flying devices. With this 2.6-pound drone, you’ll not go through the headaches of FAA restrictions!

It’s specifically designed to follow you around and record your journey via its cutting-edge face detection technology. Whether it’s a bike ride, hike, surfing, or even gliding! Being made of carbon fibre, you can safely assume it’s gonna last each one of your adventures! 

Solar Portable Charger

Beach gifts for friends

Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank

You go out to have a good time, you take your Bose speaker with you, and just as you lay foot on the sand you realize your phone’s about to die! This wouldn’t have happened if you had given matter in OIMYE’s hands. They create probably the most powerful charges out there! Their solar chargers pack in a 30000 mAh Li-polymer batteries that are made to last! On the back you’ll mini-solar panels designed to avoid over-voltage in case you don’t want to fry all your electronics, and on the side, there are two LED lamps when you need to find your way to the camping’s bathroom! 

Beach Shell Holder

best gift for a beach lover

Primitives By Kathy Beach Cork Holder

Here’s an idea you’ve never seen before and it’s probably the most beach-lover-y out of the bunch. Give someone a reason to return to the beach again, and again, and again by giving them a collector’s box which showcases every marine jewel they’ve discovered while at the beach!

At 10×10 inches, it makes for a good wall piece after it’s fully decorated. Can’t forget your wonderful time at the beach? The wooden box is here to take you back! 

Beach Chair Photo Frame

gift ideas for a beach lover

Excello Global Products – Beach Chair Photo Frame

The watershed blue on this wooden frame speaks nothing but memories. And yes, there’s no mistake – this is a wooden picture frame. It accommodates 4×6 photos of your most cherished beach memories.

And while most people will be happy with a basic frame, a beach lover will appreciate your originality like no one else.

Nautical Natural Soy Hand Poured Candle

Beach gifts for wife

BB Candles Shoreline Artisan Candle

And finally, your last hope for a beach-themed gift is the Nautical Soy Candle. It does exactly what you think – it spreads fragrant coastal scents of tart pomegranate infused with sweet citrus.

You’ll be delighted to know that the 100% natural soy wax won’t burn toxic fumes into the air and the eco cotton wicks are 100% environmentally friendly, so you can enjoy your summer scents with not even a drop of guilt! 

Well, that was a breeze to read. We hope you’ve found what you’re looking for, and if not we have a solution for you! Tell us about your friend – things like age, interests, hobbies (you know – the general stuff) and we’ll come back to you with a unique gift solution! Follow Quokkadot’s survey to find out more! 

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