40 Best Going Away Gifts For Coworker (Male And Female)

Going Away Gift ideas For Coworker
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Leaving your workplace for greener pasture or retirement is always an emotional experience.

Time spent working together creates bonds that sometimes last a lifetime.

Let’s find out these going away gifts for coworker that they will appreciate.

Funny Mug – Best Going Away Gifts For Coworker (Editor’s Pick)

going away gifts for a coworker

Coworker Leaving Mug

This mug can be used to drink from, making it a practical going away gifts for coworker.

However, it is the message on it that gives it value. 

The message captures the bonds created in the workplace as well as the sadness of parting ways.

There is a hint of the value of relationships.

Farewell Keychain

ideas for going away gifts for coworker

Farewell and Thank You Keychain

This farewell keychain makes an ideal gift for the co-worker who is leaving his place of work for other employment.

It will bring back the memories of fun times at work.

The beauty of a keychain is that it is portable and will therefore act as a constant reminder of the giver.

Caviar Set

nice going away gifts for coworker

OLMA Noble Caviar Gift Set

Did you know that the ancient meaning of the word “farewell” is “eat well”?

It was the earnest wish for those embarking to have enough food for health.

This caviar set follows a similar thought by offering the recipient a feast that is not only healthy but fit for royalty.

It is a great gift for your boss who is leaving.

Memorable Tumbler

funny going away gifts for coworkers

Wine Tumbler with Sliding Lid 

This tumbler is great for coffee or wine and is a handy addition to any party or camping trip.

The icing on the cake is that it is insulated to keep hot or cold beverages at their best for a long time.

For the co-worker leaving to pursue their dreams, it makes an excellent gift from colleagues

Sentimental Bracelet

going away gift for female coworker

Amazonite Beads Farewell Bracelet

This is a nice going away gift for your female coworker.

As a parting gift for a co-worker that is leaving, this bracelet is quite appropriate.

Made of Amazonite beads representing courage and hope to succeed in a new venture, the bracelet contains powerful imagery.

The package also bears a message of hope.

Personalize Bobblehead Figurine

custom going away gift for coworker

Fully Custom Bobblehead Figurine

How about a custom gift for your colleague who is leaving like this bobblehead?

For a unique farewell gift to a co-worker, consider the Bobble-head doll.  This custom-made figurine is guaranteed to provide a lot of fun.

You simply send a photo of the person whose image you want to be turned into a figurine and the company does the rest. Special instructions are also considered.

Retiring Compass Necklace

sentimental going away gift for coworker

Silver Retiring Compass Necklace

Let her enjoy her retirement with this sentimental going away gift for your coworker.

Retirement is simply the change of work environment for a less hectic schedule.

When wishing your female colleague farewell, this necklace makes for a thoughtful gift.

The silver necklace comes with a compass and sentimental message that will remind her of her workmates every time she wears it.

Useful Gift Basket

going away gift basket for coworker

Going Away Gift Basket

This can be a proper going away gift basket for coworker.

This gift set bears the message, “and so the adventure begins.”

It contains a ceramic coffee mug that has a lid, as well as a coffee sock and other items.

It is packaged attractively and also bears a message of blessings for the co-worker that is leaving.

Sentimental Necklace

going away gifts for coworker friend

Colleague Leaving Necklace

This is a nice gift for your female coworker who is going away.

For the female colleague that is leaving her job for new pastures, this necklace is a gift that will be treasured for many years.

It comes in gold or silver and nestles on a velvet bag.

Included is a blank card on which a personal message can be written.

Whiskey Accessories Set

going away gift for a male coworker

Whiskey Stones Set by Royal Reserve

This whiskey glass set can never go wrong for your male coworker.

A retirement party for the man who loves his drink will be incomplete without this Royal Reserve gift set.

Presented in an elegant wooden box, the granite chilling stones are intended to keep your drink cold without diluting it as ice cubes would. 

The set also contains rustic granite coasters.

A mug warmer that charges phone as well

best going away gifts for colleagues

Wireless Fast Charger with Mug Warmer

Nothing expresses your warm regards for a colleague, than this mug warmer.

As a farewell gift, it will not only keep their drink warm but it will also charge their phone.

What better way to remind a co-worker to keep in touch, despite leaving for greener pastures.

Montblanc Pen

useful going away gift for coworker

StarWalker Midnight Black Fineliner

Is your coworker leaving for a promotion?

For the co-worker that is leaving on a promotion, a classy pen is a gift that will be received well.

The Mont Blanc pen has an executive feel and features German craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

A floating star is encased in the pen’s cap and the package comes in an attractive box.

This is a fountain pen for your coworker who have unique taste

best going away gifts for coworker

Montblanc Heritage Rouge Et Noir Fountain Pen

The Montblanc Heritage Rouge Noir fountain pen is hard to beat when it comes to farewell gifts.

With its 14K gold nib and a precious resin cap, the pen simply oozes class.

Other details include a serpentine clip with green spinel eyes. 

The sturdy metal barrel means the pen is built to last.

This candle is one unique going away gifts for coworker

unique going away gifts for coworkers

Homesick Scented Candle

The New Job scented candle is a unique way of saying goodbye to a co-worker.

Made of soy wax, the candle will give a burn time of 60-80 hours.

For the perfect ambiance on a cold evening, the candles come in a wide range of notes.

Sentimental Mirror

going away gift ideas for female coworker

Leaving Travel Mirror

Your colleague is going to remember you every time she use this mirror

We use the mirror daily before leaving the house for our various engagements. This makes the mirror an ideal place to leave a sentimental message.

That is what makes this travel mirror such a thoughtful gift for the coworker who is leaving. It is made of stainless steel and bears a message for the co-worker that is leaving.

Dundee award

going away gift ideas for colleague

Dundie Award Trophy

This Dundee award is going to make them laugh.

The Dundee Office Award is handed out to workers for impressive performance at the workplace.

If they ever watch the comedy “The Office”, your coworker will have a good laugh at this.

To the workmate that is leaving, it can take pride of place on a shelf or desk at home.

Personalized Wall Art

best going away gifts for a coworker

Katie Doodle Farewell Party Decorations

This poster will be one of the best going away gifts for a coworker.

A Katie Doodle Poster is a great gift to give a departing co-worker.

Firstly, it features attractive artwork.

Secondly, it has space where your colleagues can write their personal messages to wish you well as you embark on a new journey. Lastly, it can be hung on the wall on a frame.

Personalized Award

personalized going away gifts for coworkers

Personalized Crystal Farewell Gift

This is a perfect personalized going away gifts for coworkers or your boss

This free-standing crystal plaque makes a great gift for the workmate that is leaving. It features a personalized message etched on the crystal. The heavy base means it can be placed on a shelf, desk or mantel. Its appealing letters are hand-painted for uniqueness.

Wearable Speaker

going away gift for coworker male

Bose Soundwear Wireless Wearable Speaker

Music connects us in a special way. This is why these wearable speakers make such a practical gift.

Because this gift is worn around the neck, it leaves the wearer’s hands free to carry on with their activities.

It is definitely a gift that will provide pleasure for a long time.

Retiring Funny Mug

going away present ideas for coworker

Funny Retirement Mug

Is your colleague going away because of retiring?

For most employees, retirement is a time for relaxing. Nothing beats a warm mug of coffee or any other beverage on a cold evening.

This particular mug for the retiree is quite funny. It contains a weekly schedule of activities and the message “Do whatever the hell what I want to do.”

This will be a memorable guest book for your coworker

going away gift ideas for a coworker

Retirement Guest Book

A retirement guest book is a keepsake that will be treasured for years. This particular one is spiral bound and has a hardcover.

Your colleagues at work will write their farewell messages within the pages for you to read and remember the memorable time spent together.

A necklace that she will become a keepsake

going away gifts for work colleague

Coworker Leaving Gifts

This special necklace is valuable for the emotions it evokes. Designed for the female worker who has spent quite some time at a work -station, it contains an uplifting message.

Made of top quality materials, this necklace is a nice gift of appreciating your co-worker who is leaving.

This scanner is going to make his life easier

perfect going away gift for coworker

Doxie Go Portable Scanner

The Doxie Go Portable Scanner is a sleek machine. Other than looks, it is fitted with amazing technology that allows it to scan documents on the go.

It is compatible with iPhones, computers and other smart gadgets.  For the technophile that is leaving the company, it makes an appropriate and handy gift.

kinetic sculpture

The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

This kinetic sculpture will help your coworker relax in the office.

The kinetic stick sculpture is an interesting gift. It maintains a steady set of movements that are fascinating to watch.

When you have visitors, it can be the focal point of a conversation as you explain the science behind it.

The movements of the sticks create a relaxing mood to release stress.

Jerky Tie Gift Box

going away gift ideas for male coworker

Man Crates Jerky Tie

This is a nice jerky tie for your male coworker leaving.

Your male colleague that is leaving his job for other pursuits will appreciate this gift. Jerky is meat that is prepared in a special way that makes it last longer.

This particular gift contains jerky beef in 10 different flavors. The set of meats comes in a package that is shaped like a tie.

That’s one beautiful globe made from gemstone

small going away gifts for coworkers

Blue Lapis Gemstone Globe with Gold Stand

Is your co-worker a lover of art? For his farewell gift, this globe is a perfect choice. Featuring superior craftsmanship, the globe is made of lapis lazuli set on top of a golden stand. It will look awesome on top of a desk in the office or shelf at home.


simple going away gift for female coworker

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

The Black Opium perfume from Yves Saint Laurent is a winner when it comes to choosing a gift for the classy woman.

As a farewell gift for a female co-worker, it will make her stand out from the crowd.

It contains fragrances of orange and pear with woody overtones.

Mens Cologne

going away gift for guy coworker

Terre D’Hermes by Hermes for Men

This cologne is a perfect gift for your male coworker who is going away.

Smelling nice is part of grooming that cannot be ignored. For this reason, getting a co-worker a nice smelling cologne is a statement of caring.

Terre D’Hermes for men is a cologne that is distinguished and keeps the wearer smelling fresh the whole day. It will be a treat for a worker that is leaving.

Levitating Pot

great going away gifts for coworkers

LYFE – Levitating Plant Pot

This is a great gift for coworker who loves plant or decorating

Plants are not only relaxing but they also help keep the environment fresh. Giving a plant to a co-worker that is about to leave is a statement of best wishes.

This levitating plant is rotated while suspended in mid-air. This makes it a fun and practical gift.

Posture Correcter

good going away presents for coworkers

Upright GO Original

A poor posture will cause you pain and possibly dent your self-esteem.

This is why this posture trainer makes a good farewell gift for your workmate. The gadget is strapless and attaches to the back where it alerts you every time your back is bent.

Vincero Mens Watch

going away gift for a colleague

Vincero Luxury Men’s Chrono S Watch

A timepiece symbolizes many things. As a gift for a co-worker that is leaving, it can be a reminder of all the great times you had together.

The Vincero Luxury Men’s Watch comes in different colors and with an elegant leather strap. Each of these watches exudes class, masculinity, and functionality.

Vincero Women Watch

a good going away gift for a coworker

Vincero Luxury Women’s Eros Wrist Watch

Time flies but a watch that is well-crafted will serve you for a long time. The Vincero Women Eros Watch is feminine yet strong.

 This watch and strap come in various colors while the internal mechanism runs on Japanese technology. 

Your co-worker will treasure this gift as she bids her colleagues farewell.

Stress Release Table Toy

Helicone – Executive Edition

Leaving a workplace that holds fond memories can be stressful. Heading for the unknown can make it even more stressful.

That is the reason why offering a stress-relieving toy to a departing workmate can be a good idea. The Helicone rotates slowly for a calming effect.

Write a gratitude for your colleague and put it in this globe

creative going away gifts for coworkers

Handblown Wishing and Gratitude Globe

The Handblown Wishing and Gratitude Globe is a unique gift idea. This is how it works. You write a personal message on the attached notebook, tear the page off and roll it.

Next, you insert your rolled paper into the glass globe. The recipient of the globe will read the goodwill messages at their leisure.

Premium Tea

good going away gifts for coworker

Tea Forte Organic Assorted Tea Gift

A cup of tea is one of life’s great experiences. This package contains infusions of 40 different tea flavors, making it a gift that will be enjoyed for a long time.

Your colleague who is leaving the workplace for greener pastures will surely appreciate this heartwarming gift.

Tabletop Punching Bag

fun going away gifts for coworkers

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

Leaving one job for another can be a stressful event for a co-worker. Everyone knows that stress is bad and can lead to having a social issue. That is why the manufacturers of this desktop ball created it. When you feel stressed, you simply punch it and your stress levels drop.

Stress Release Doll

going away gift to coworker

Dammit Doll – Stress Relief Doll

When negative energy builds up, one acceptable way to deal with it is to get someone to blame. With the Dammit Doll, you don’t just blame it but you also take out your frustrations on it. Pummel the stuffing out of this doll and watch your stress melt away.

Female Boss Candle

going away gift for coworker ideas

Boss Lady Scented Candle

The Boss Lady brand of scented candles is an ideal gift to give your female boss who is leaving her job; hopefully on promotion. With a burn time of approximately 50 hours, this candle will give joy for a long time. The icing on the cake lies in the funny message on the jar.

Ergonomic Mouse

appropriate going away gift for coworker

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

Today’s world is driven by technology. Many people spend quite some time behind their computers. The Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse makes your time in front of the screen less hectic. There are no wires to get in the way and the mouse has an ergonomic shape.

Gag Mug

cheap going away gifts for coworkers

Bye Traitor Mug

That’s one funny gift for your coworker who is leaving

This farewell mug bears the message “Bye Traitor” in bold letters. A postscript reads, “We’ll Miss You”.

The hilarious message is guaranteed to bring a smile to your former workmate every time they take a sip from the mug. It is a great gift for saying goodbye in a fun way.

Beer Dispenser

simple going away gift for coworker

Fizzics Original – Portable Beer System

For the co-worker that loves his beer, this portable beer system will make a great farewell gift.

Frizzics Original comes as a one of a kind tap for your draft beer.

Right from the sleek design to the Micro Foam Technology.

You can be sure that this gizmo will pour you beer perfectly every time.

This is a nice small gift for your coworker leaving without being too much

Goodbye Colleague Keychain

One of the items that go with us everywhere daily is the keychain. This makes it the ideal place to inscribe a message. This keychain contains a special message for the co-worker that is leaving from his colleagues. It reminds the receiver of the fun times spent on the job.

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