30 Dark Gothic Gifts For Him And Her That Make Them Feel Funky

gothic gifts
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If you think it would be hard to think of gothic gifts, this list will prove you wrong. Most of those who love gothic items like things in black. They may or may not acquire goth as their personality but seeing anything that has something to do with the theme makes them happy.

Happiness may not always equate to goth, but gifts in any form can make anyone smile, especially when your present reflects what they like or who they are.

So what should you give them? Here are some ideas.

Best Gothic Gifts For Him Or Her

Let’s check out these gothic gifts that suit him and her for every occasion.

Wine Bottle Opener

OTOTO Vino – Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

This useful character kitchen gadget twists and turns the cork of a drink without a mess. It is designed with Vino, the Bat, by an award-winning designer OTOTO. 

If your recipient loves drinking, even occasionally, this would be a lovely gothic gift they’d love to have. It will open up their drinks in an easy snap.

Medieval Double Dragon Wine Goblet

Medieval Double Dragon Wine Goblet

The goblet got a beautiful design of dragons symbolizing the fire in a romantic relationship. It is of high quality and crafted for safe use.

You can use this wine cup as your daily cup or place it anywhere at home as decor. It makes an awesome unique gift to your loved ones.

Spooky Skeleton Tree Silhouettes

Spooky Skeleton Tree Silhouettes

It’s a hanging wall art painting with superior quality. The artwork is printed to fit the shrink-resistant and durable canvas. Anyone who loves art would appreciate the gift. It makes a good present on any special occasion. Once displayed, it will remind your recipient of how thoughtful you are every time they catch a glimpse of the craft.

Fluorite Crystal Skull

Skullis – Fluorite Crystal Skull

Talk about unique gothic gifts, this skull display, which weighs 2.8 pounds, is breathtaking. It looks elegant and sophisticated with its crystal construction. It is said that these crystals forming the skulls contain minerals and natural gems that release healing effects. This high-quality crystal skull makes a good accent on office desks or displayed at home. 

Grim Reaper Plasma Crystal Ball

Destroyer of Worlds Grim Reaper Plasma Crystal Ball Lamp

Grim Reaper has never looked this cool as this 12-inche tall decor made of glass and resin. You may want to consider this item if you’re looking for cool gothic gifts. It seems like the character is trying to see from the plasma crystal ball lamp whose soul he is going to get next. Plug it and turn it on for a completely mesmerizing but still goth experience.

Midnight Skull Coffee Mugs

Midnight Skull Coffee Mugs

Each pack comes with two porcelain mugs in midnight black color. The outer part of the mugs looks expensive and elegant, and the inside is 100 percent goth. It will make you look forward to finishing your coffee or tea to peek at the white stars inside until you see the skull at the bottom. It comes with two skull-shaped spoons to complete the goth tea drinking experience.

Coffin Wall Hanger

Wall Mounted Key Holder

This cute double pack of coffin key holders features a small coffin shape body with a cutout of a crescent moon to complete the goth effect. It’s a key holder that looks mesmerizing even without anything placed at the hook. The holders are easy to install as the package comes with hooks, nails, and a mini-screwdriver.

Coffin Picture Frame

Dravira Coffin Picture Frame

This creepy and stylish picture frame will convince a goth-loving person to display their photos, or not, since the Lady Devil in the frame comes with the pack. You can have this 4×6 frame with the front part made of plexiglass wall-mounted or proudly displayed at your desk. It’s goth and glam combined into one.

Black Crystal Ball

Black Crystal Ball

This handmade crystal ball looks flawless and unique, making it a nice addition to good gothic gifts. It’s the size of a baseball and weighs 2.15 pounds. It is polished and inspected for consistency to obtain the highest K9 quality. It makes a good goth table decor and a perfect conversation starter. Its manufacturer assures that the item has been cleansed of impurities before getting packed.

Real Bat Skeleton Specimens

Taxidermy Real Bat Skeleton Specimens

First of all, the bat skeleton is real, complete with the intricate details on the feet, face, and body. It is encased in durable resin to protect the piece from breaking. It makes a good paperweight and a learning material in science classrooms. The clear case makes it easier for anyone who wants to inspect it closer to get a full view of all its details.

Gothic Wall Sculpture

Gothic Wall Sculpture

What could be more goth than having The Count and Lady Morticia forever trapped in this wall-mounted display, which your recipient could proudly hang for everyone to see? Each piece was sculpted using high-quality polyresin and hand-painted by the World of Wonders’ top designers. You can gift the items to newlyweds or anyone who’d appreciate something creepy but classy decor piece.

Gothic Gifts For Her

Looking for a gothic gift for your girlfriend or wife? Let’s check out what you can get for her on her coming birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Black Roses in Glass Dome

Preserved Roses Black Roses in Glass Dome

This black rose in a glass dome will end your search for gothic gifts for your gilrfriend. It’s romantic as Beauty and the Beast with a goth twist. The flowers have undergone a unique preservation production process to ensure they will withstand your own tale as old as time. The glass dome is of high quality, and each item has a wooden base for support and easy placement anywhere.

Diamond Bat Necklace

Diamond Bat Necklace

This 18-inch rope chain is accented with the bright sparkle of white diamonds. Also, it’s sprinkled with black diamonds complimenting the adorable hanging bat witchy pendant. The silver necklace makes a romantic gift for a goth-loving girlfriend. It looks elegant, spooky, and fun. They can wear it on Halloween or any day they feel like exuding some spunk.

Coffin Skeleton Candle

Gothic Coffin Skeleton Candle

This unique and fun candle is perfect for making your spooky-themed party creepier and scarier. The candle made of vegetable wax is black and has the shape of a coffin. But that’s not all. The spooky but funny part starts once you light it up. The candle will gradually reveal the skeleton hiding in the middle as the wax melts down.

Makeup Coffin Shelf

Makeup Coffin Shelf

This is so creative and would make any goth-loving person shriek out of pure joy. The coffin shelf makes organizing their beauty stuff a breeze. It also includes a coffin brush holder to complete the effect. It’s spooky but fun and, best of all, functional. It comes in eerie black color to complete the elegant appeal.

Skull Candle Set

Gavia Skull Candle Set

Each candle set makes an awesome gothic home decor. The items in the set may look spooky, but what’s goth without a bit of a fright? The best part about this is that no set comes the same. You can get up to three broken apophyses with each pack (or none at all). They look witchy and realistic, creepy but aesthetically pleasing.

Obsidian Crystal Moon Necklace

Black Obsidian Crystal Crescent Moon Necklace

This genuine crescent moon necklace gift is uniquely wrapped with a stainless steel wire. It comes with a hypoallergenic and tarnish-free stainless steel chain. It’s an authentic obsidian material believed to be a truth-enhancing stone. It is believed to shine a light inside the wearer and gives protection from negativity, making it a nice addition to your list of gothic Christmas gifts for her.

Skull Heart Necklace

GNOCE Skull Heart Necklace

This black plated sterling silver necklace makes a lovely addition to your list of gothic gifts for your wife. It comes with two back-to-back skulls placed beside each to form a heart. It’s a romantic accessory for anyone who loves goth or anything witchy or artsy. The pendant is accentuated with a pear-shaped red stone to top it off.

Gothic Skeleton Wall Art

DWK – Our Love is Eternal – Gothic Skeleton Wall Art

It may look spooky but heart-wrenching – the wall art that depicts forever love. It has a keyhole that makes it easy to hang anywhere. The product measures 3″ W x 12.5″ H x 2.5″ D and weighs 4 pounds. It’s something that makes an interesting decor and conversation starter for anyone who sees it.

Rose Bear

Rose Bear

Even goth-loving people love to get flowers, especially on special occasions. You can gift them with this handmade flower arrangement shaped into a bear. The flower is artificial, but the product is authentically handmade. It comes in a clear plastic gift box, so you can hand it out anytime, anywhere.

Hecate Triple Goddess Trinket Box

Veronese Design Hecate Triple Goddess Trinket Box

This trinket box gothic gift is made from resin in bronze color. It has an authentic look of metal and an antique finish. The length size is 6 inches, and the width is 3.25 inches. It makes the perfect secret box for any small valuables. It looks unique, goth, and classy.

Skeleton Wedding Couple Statue

Skeleton Wedding Couple Statue

This skeleton couple makes the perfect cake topper for a goth-loving bride and groom. Once the wedding is over, they can proudly display the 8-inch figurine anywhere at home or the workplace. The figure is made of resin and won’t easily break, just like the characters’ love for one another that appeared as if it stood the test of time.

Gothic Gifts For Him

Check out these gothic gifts for your husband or boyfriend. I am pretty sure they are going to love it when they received these gifts on their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or even Christmas.

Evil Grim Reaper on Throne

Evil Grim Reaper on Bone Throne Statue

The Grim Reaper, looking dapper as ever while sitting on a throne made of skulls and bones. This figure has intricate details, making it a good conversation starter. Anyone who has this will proudly display it where many people would see such a masterpiece. It’s made of resin, handcrafted, and long-lasting.

Dragon Knife Figurine Statue

Dragon Knife Figurine Statue

Still looking for cool gothic gifts for him? Why not try giving him this dragon figurine with a removable dagger? It comes in a gothic black color and has intricate designs from all angles. Aside from your goth-loving male friend, you can also give the item to anyone who appreciates art and people who are into collecting dragon figures.

Skull Whiskey Decanter Set

Skull Whiskey Decanter Set

What an artsy and spooky way to serve wine! This set comes with a 750ml skull decanter and two skull-shaped shot glasses. They are placed in a high-quality wooden base. Each piece was handcrafted to create an eerie but interesting appeal. The set is simply irresistible and makes a good conversation starter while enjoying a drink.

Skull Bullet Necklace

Skull Bullet Necklace

The pendant is a handcrafted bullet comprised of several skulls sculpture. It’s made of black-plated stainless steel that is environment-friendly, high-quality, and hypoallergenic. The pendant comes with a chain with a  black lobster clasp, and each piece is packed in a gift box. Your man will surely have a grand time wearing this goth accessory.

Gothic Tower Sand Timer

Gothic Tower Pedestal Pillars Sand Timer

The sculpture is made from resin, polished, and hand-painted. It’s six inches tall and weighs 1.25 pounds. It makes a good decorative item or a paperweight. There are four sentry dragons guarding the hourglass, and the ends and borders have various symbols and treasures to make it more gothic and appealing.

Octopus Decanter Set

Octopus Decanter Set

This is an impressive present perfect for those who have a bar or drink station. The decanter set portrays an octopus spirit in a decorative antique finish. You can have it on display as an artwork if you don’t want to put wine into it. All details look intricate, elegant, and expensive. It weighs 4.4 pounds and is made from resin and glass.

Levitating Levitate Skull

Magnetic Levitating Levitate 3D Skull

If you are looking for unique gothic gifts for him, look no more. This levitative 3D skull combines goth, fun, and technology in one. It makes a good decor and an interesting piece at parties to make anyone who sees it talk. The skull looks spooky and maybe more thrilling once you see it levitating, especially in a dark room.

Skull Pirate Treasure Chest

Skull Pirate Treasure Chest

It’s a trinket box that looks like a pirate’s treasure chest. It makes a good decorative piece with intricate details all over. It also suits any pirate-themed parties, or you can give it as a gift to anyone who is into collecting anything goth or has something to do with pirates or skulls. It’s made from high-quality materials, and the paint won’t easily fade.

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