20 Sentimental Grandparent Gift Ideas From Grandkids That They Love

Gift For grandparent from grandkids
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A morsel of sentimentality never hurt anyone. Quite the opposite, it turns out the bubblier the gift the better in the eyes of our age group in question!

Grandparents are our back-up parents – they forgive when parents won’t have it, thoughtlessly bypass the rules, and save for the occasional frown or glare, they’re the merriest people on earth when having their grandkids around!

To keep those happiness levels up, we’ve handpicked a diverse batch of gifts and knick-knacks that will just make their heart melt. Here are our list of grandparent gift ideas from grandkids!

Coffee Mugs Gifts For Grandparents

gifts from grandchildren to grandparents

Triple Gifffted – Coffee Mugs Gifts For Grandparents

An absolute classic and a certified symbol of gratitude. A coffee mug is widely regarded as a top-10 practical gift that can enter anybody’s life at any time.

This special set of mugs is dedicated to putting smiles on somebody’s grandparents. Its stylized knit font and sturdy ceramic make create the perfect practical Christmas gift for a couple of sweater-donning grandparents! 

Personalized Wall Decor Grandparents

personalized grandparent gift ideas from grandkids

GRANDKIDS – Personalized art gift for grandparents

You’ve probably noticed how the majority of grandmas keep and treasure the headshot photos of their loved ones. The fact is that grandparents won’t waste a minute not talking about their grandkids, so why not engrave them on a wooden slate for everyone to see!

It’s easy to install and blends seamlessly with any environment. If it’s your name getting engraved, get settled for the fame your grandparents are about to bring to you!  

Hand Casting Kit

Pendle & Birdie Hand Casting Kit

A casting set is remotely a practical gift idea, but since you are the one doing the casting, it amplifies the experiential part even more. Your kit encases everything necessary for casting a truly life-like sculpture your grandparents’ hands.

Not only can you keep them in the dark about what’s happening, but it will come out of the blue when they realize what they got involved with! For those not up for the popular buy-and-give custom, the casting kit combines a lovely bonding experience with a stylish souvenir! 

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

great grandparent gift ideas from grandkids

Willow Tree New Life

You can say grandparents have had their run with children, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the fun of parenthood. In fact, having a second go at parenting with all the time in the world is a field trip for many grandparents.

That’s why a figurine by is a perfect addition for the home décor of parents who haven’t lost touch with their parent-self! grandparent gift ideas from grandkids

Funny Garden Stone

Carson – Grandchildren Welcome Garden Stone

And speaking of a second try on parenthood, this next gift embraces exactly that! A high-quality resin stone tablet to welcome guests inside their home garden!

It’s small, simple, and ought to raise a giggle or two because of its playful ‘Parents by appointment’ caption. A couple who likes to spend a good amount of summertime in their backyard will undoubtedly enjoy glancing at it every day! 

Garden Flag

gift ideas from grandchildren to grandparents

Garden Flag Grandma & Grandpa’s Place

While still lingering in the garden space, we find a Garden Flag swinging lackadaisically in the corner. Grandparents will try anything to dissuade you from buying them gifts.

But the reality of it is that they can’t resist a touching surprise. For those who are too stubborn to accept gifts, we’ve selected this understated Garden Flag which adds a homely touch to your old folks’ garden space.

Grandparent Frame Wall Decor

grandparent gift from grandkids

The Grandparent Gift Frame Wall Decor

Moments ago, we discovered how deeply grandparents love keeping photos of you in their wallets. As their friend list sadly shrinks over time, you’re bound to become one of their best friends!

And what’s a better gift for a best friend than a sleek, stylish ivory-matted frame with a poem and a picture of you and them! Frames like this one easily camouflage with the environment, meant to flatter only the eyes of chosen ones! 

Digital Frame

gift ideas from grandkids to grandparents

Skylight Frame – WiFi Digital Picture Frame

In light of the previous gift idea, the Skylight Frame allows for an endless list of photos to be displayed. In a matter of 60 seconds, the most cherished photos will pop up!

What’s better is that each time you capture a memory on your smartphone, you can e-mail it directly to the frame, never putting an end on the photo fun!

Short Weekend Trip

memorable grandparent gift from grandkids

No amazon link for this one! Declutter your schedule and hop in the car or on the next train and travel somewhere local! We needn’t mention that your grandparents’ boredom levels probably hit the ceiling on most days, but a change of scenery is a good cure for that. And, please, don’t keep them waiting… Book in the first opening of golden sunshine!

Gourmet Chocolate Bonbons and French Macarons

what is the best gift ideas for grandparents

MAE – Gourmet Chocolate Bonbons and French Macarons Gift

Remember when you were dreaming of eating sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? The older you get, the weaker one’s sweet tooth gets. That’s why you see grandparents taking sometimes months to finish off a box of chocolates.

If you want to secure them a long-time treat, consider this luxurious platter of French macarons. Made from Californian almond flour and couverture, each macaron will tingle all 10 000 taste buds! 

Personalized Pillow Cover

what is a good gift ideas for grandparents

Qualtry – Personalized Pillow Cover

A humble but thoughtful gift to introduce to your grandparent’s living room. The brand Qualtry lets you personalize a pillowcase with a variety of fonts and up to 15 names!

Not only will it grace their living room, but it will provide a soft spot to place their aching waist. It’s practically worry-free as you can wash it comfortably without erasing the lettering in the long run! 

Personalzied Grandparents Blanket

grandparent gift from grandkids homemade

Customized Grandparents Blanket

Keeping up with personalised gifts, on number 12 we have a blanket with reminiscences printed on it! After marvelling at the photo frames and wooden slates that send flashes of memories at them, it’s time to recollect some fond memories one last time before going to bed. It’s like a big hug you’re giving them when you’re not around! It is such a sentimental grandparent gift ideas from grandkids.

Premium Coffee

great grandparent gift from grandkids

Cafés Granell Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee Whole Beans

The perfect gift to ‘garnish’ the mugs from No. 1. Granell’s roasted coffee harvested from the highlands of Sumatra is our top choice for those warm java afternoons.

The customary afternoon chatter over coffee and biscuits is on every granny and granddad’s agenda. The nutty and rich texture of Granell’s coffee will also spare your grandparents’ fragile tummies for the optimal coffee-drinking experience! 

Couple Sculpted Figure

gift from grandchildren to grandparents

Willow Tree Grandparents

Is your couple of gray heads marching towards a lurking anniversary? We unanimously agree that although overwhelmingly formulaic, anniversaries are a good way to celebrate a successful and happy marriage, and definitely a hallmark to aspire to.

A small, hand-painted willow figurine is a symbolic way of congratulating the couple on their outstanding feat and encourage them to keep moving forward! 

Belgian Chocolate Gift Box

grandparent gift basket ideas from grandkids

Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Classic Discovery Collection

Is Belgian Chocolate just a synonym for expensive and over-the-top candy? Think again before going for a cheap boxset of second-grade bonbons and look into this boujee selection of praliné, ganache, and caramel-filed chocolate snuggled in fine box container that will straightaway become a part of their furniture. If they are not big on macarons, then Belgian chocolates is a worthy substitute. 

Indoor Home Garden

gift from grandkids to grandparents

Click and Grow Smart Garden

We’ve praised the ingenuity of home gardening before, but this contemporary method of plant growing can’t be easily discredited. Space around us constantly implodes and as much as gardening was commonplace 50 years ago, today it’s more of a luxury.

Hence, we must rely on food suppliers and crowded supermarkets which your grandma, we can bet, isn’t fond of! It may not produce a celery of supplies, but it’s a glimmer of hope for those living in tight spaces. This is a useful Christmas gift for grandparents.

Artisan DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit

grandparent gift from grandkids diy

Grow & Make Store – Artisan DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit

In similar vein of the cheese making kit, the BBQ Sauce kit offers three easy and fun BBQ recipes your grandparents can garnish their plate with.

Cooking for others is one thing, but prepping you own meals reaches unfathomable magnitudes of dread at times. The all-natural ingredients of the Artisan kit take literally minutes to prepare and are directly delivered at your grandparents’ doorstep. 

Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

what is a good gift for grandparents

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Coming straight from a list we’ve done a while back, it’s Vitruvi’s stone diffuser. Most suitable for the elderly with blocked and dry noses, it acts like a stylish… nasal spray.

No, really, it sure doubles as a trendy item but its real use is to help people unclog their sense of smell while spreading a wide variety of exotic aromas. Heal as you make your home a cozy, welcoming haven from the polluted outside world! 

Mosquito Repellent

practical grandparent gift ideas from grandkids

Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent

The moto is: ‘Turn it on – mosquito gone!’ Thermacell’s machine repellent forms a 15-foot zone to shield you against these menacing creatures. Perfect for both domestic and outdoor environments thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts 6.5 hours on a single charge!

Unlike other aerosol repellents, this one keeps away the tiny bloodsuckers without pungent scents and toxic chemicals. 

Genetic DNA Test

grandparent gift ideas from grandkids homemade

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service

You may have noticed a resurgent craze over tracing your roots to find out where your ancestors originally resided. To finish off our list, we’ve selected a DNA test kit that shows how likely you are from developing certain health conditions, but also acts as an ancestry test.

As thoroughly your grandma knows her heritage, we can guarantee her knowledge doesn’t stretch hundreds of years back and spread across over 2000+ regions! 

Did you like our list? All these gifts hinted at the fact that your grandparents harbour an incredible sense of longing for our company. As a caring team of gift seekers, we advise you that whatever gift you choose for them,  nothing can replace the sincere piece of attention you gift them with on every visit.   

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