22 Cool Lake House Gifts For Lake House Owner

lake house gifts
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Don’t you agree we’re on the same escapist bandwagon? Mass industrialization got us all pumped for city life more than a hundred years ago – cities were blooming, factories springing each day, and masses flocked from the countryside to get a piece of urban life.

And if someone back then would question your return to the outskirts, nowadays it’s likely you’ll be encouraged. To freshen up your new happy place, we’ve scouted for these amazing lake house gifts destined to match your lake-side dwelling.

3D Lake Wood Map Wall Art

lake house gift ideas

3D Lake Wood Map Wall Art

Now just because your recipient lives by a lake doesn’t mean he or she is a lake enthusiast.

Nevertheless, if the house happens to sit right beside one of Sea and Soul’s featured lakes or your person-in-mind has their eye on any of them, it makes for a marvelous wall piece.

At 13×16, these 3D wood maps look so antiquated as if a 17thcentury surveyor has crafted them! I think it is a great lake gift for the new house owner.

Wine Tumbler

lake house owner gifts

SassyCups Lake Wine Tumbler

Tall glasses of mojitos for beach fun and insulated wine tumblers for lake-side sunsets. Just because it’s a lake-side house doesn’t mean life gets any easier.

To let off steam after a long day of fishing, wood chopping, and boat riding, we’re presenting you SassyCup’s wine tumbler. It’s leak and shatterproof, welcomes 12 oz’s of your favorite beverage!

Funny Metal Wall Decor

fun lake house gifts

Cape Craftsmen – 3-D Metal Wall Decor

Know a person who loves a good laugh, is a master of puns, or knows a killer entendre that will make you laugh your head off? “Go Jump in the Lake’ is a sign that welcomes visitors with a witty and slightly acerbic greeting. What’s a better approach to proper hospitality if not telling your guests to be gone! 


SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS Drone with Brushless Motor

Finally, you’re all by yourself. No more policemen asking you to fly your drone someplace else or mid-aged wives yapping at you to quit bothering their kids.

While appearing as a regular drone, this little fella packs in 5G connectivity and a 2K camera. Explore your surroundings via the built-in screen on your controller and obtain an unimaginable perspective of the lake. 

Personalized Family Lake Home Decor

lake house housewarming gifts

Pretty Perfect Studio Custom Lake House Sign

Shortly after our Beach Lover gift list where the “Beach House” sign made an appearance, we have one ready for your family friends who just got their hands on their brand-new lake-side nest.

Boat Dish Server

unique lake house gifts

Pavilion Gift Company – Stoneware Boat Dish Server

You might say we’re being too vocal about life at the lake, but a notable housewarming can’t go without souvenir-esque presents. A premium-quality boat-shaped dish server will sneakily fit into your friend’s furniture with nobody realizing it.

If we were to slice this gift in three you would get the very instrumental and practical wooden spoon, the dainty anchor accessory, and the boat server which fuses both aesthetics and utility! 

Lake Bracelet

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Life Is Better at the Lake Bracelet

Away from the lake? Back to “civilization” in the 9-to-5 circle of hell? For those who hold dear to their lake-side life which is not merely their holiday house we have something special.

Surprise your lake pals with a dainty bracelet to keep them close to their dream home in times of dreaded absence. 

Remote Control Alligator Head Boat

lake house retirement gifts

Arkagol – Remote Control Alligator Head Boat

You wanna scare the living angels out of someone? Have them go on a boat ride with you at the lake and tell your partner in crime to navigate one of these.

The minute your victim sees it he or she will be paddling shoreward. Made of high-quality resin, this alligator head is operated by a 2.4GHz control that will never lose connectivity with the toy.

It is definitely a fun lake gift that scares a lot of neighbors.

Customise Beach/Lake House Key Holder

gifts for lake house owners

Personalized Beach/Lake House Key Holder

What does lake life mean for you? For some it’s the quiet afternoons with a book by their side while for others it’s the patient and pensive hunt for underwater prey.

To let everyone have their cake and eat it, we’ve settled on this practical (and personalizable) key holder to not just keep your keys in place but let everyone know that under one roof doesn’t mean life underneath has to be the same.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

lake house gifts for her

DAMA – Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Is it safe from gators now? When not sending shocks waves to your guests’ spines you can invite them over for some calm paddling under the summer sun rays. But boy if paddling was the only thing to highlight.

DAMA’s paddling set packs features such as a sports camera bracket mount, extra steel D rings, hand pump with an air pressure gauge, safety angle leash, repair kit, and much more! 

Wine Glass

lake house gifts for parents

Life is Better at the Lake Wine Glass

Back to equip your new home with the proper kitchenware, we’ve landed on an exquisite pair of fine glass with an etched description ‘Life is better at the lake’ (as if you need reminding) that will last for generations to come. 

Funny Graphic Tees

lake house inspired gifts

Lake Life Funny Graphic Tees

Not necessarily a lake-house gift, just a comfy cotton blend T-shirt. Suitable for all four seasons (well, if you ever considered T-shirts proper winter gear).

You can wonder between 9 distinct colors and two tank tops. Just don’t forget your mosquito repellent when going out! 

Personalized Lake House Sign

3D Woodworker – Custom Lake House Wooden Sign

A sign again, but this time heavy on the personal and not so on the lake-house side of things. Choose between a standard 9.25×23 or a large 11.25×28 inch size and start personalizing.

It’s plain obvious that this sort of engraving will guide many generations through their serene lake-side lives. For houses with a classic façade, it’s a no-brainer type of lake gift. 

Portable Fish Finder

cool lake house gifts

Deeper Chirp – Castable and Portable Fish Finder

If they surveyed 100 people about what’s the first thing that comes to mind when they hear ‘House by the lake’, we can bet ‘fishing’ is a 9/10 answer. Let us enlighten you on what a chirp is: a chirp (or popularly called ‘fish finder’) is basically fish radar.

It sends frequencies to help you spot schools of fish or predators like sharks. Casts out uninterruptedly to 330ft and comes with a 5-year warranty! Quit sipping wine and start dipping your new chirp. 

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

housewarming gifts for lake house

Bang & Olufsen Beolit- Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Beach, woods, or lakes, portable speakers quickly took our ears hostage which seems to have developed Stockholm syndrome. This sizable fella lasts for 8 hours before asking for a charge.

The wireless charger is ideal to keep as part of the furniture (plus, wireless technology looks like a magic as if a time traveler lost it scooting between dimensions)

It is a nice gift for them to enjoy the lake view while listening to their favorite song.

Funny Wine Glass

Pavilion Gift Company – Stemless Wine Glass

Short on wine glasses? The tumblers by SassyCup are already busy? It’s to freshen up your glassware with the perfect lake-themed glass.

It manages to fit both aesthetics and youth in its tiny frame. Have a few of these safe in your cupboard for non-lakeholic occasions as well. 

Housewarming Mugs

lake housewarming gifts

Tom Boy – Housewarming Gifts For New Home Owner House

The word ‘housewarming’ implies your friend has just stepped in their home and probably lacks some basic necessities… like coffee mugs!

Something simple, durable, and dishwasher and microwave-friendly. Kickstart their new lake-house adventure with a risk-free surprise.

Gourmet Foods Gift Basket

great gifts for lake house owners

California Golden State – Gourmet Foods Gift Basket

Feast your eyes and your friends’ taste buds with the best of the Wild West. Wrapped in an eye-grabbing, stylish box your recipient will uncover an abundance of Californian goodies.

Sonoma Cheese straws, California pistachios, Merlot Cheddar Cheese, Almond Roca, Ghirardelli creamy milk and caramel chocolate squares, Chocolate chip cookies, Viva Sonoma biscotti, California dried fruits and nuts, Santa Barbara olives and much more snacks await! 

Personalized Family Lake House Throw Pillow

lake house gifts and decor

Pattern Pop – Personalized Family Lake House Throw Pillow

Back to lake-house memorabilia. Goes well with pretty much every lake-related item featured on this list. It’s useless to spend many words describing the product, because, we hope, you know what a pillow is.

Customize it with the recipient’s name and the year the house was established (or his birthdate – people are established, too). Simplistic, safe, and most of all – a welcomed gift by everyone. 

Whiskey Decanter with Antique Ship

great lake house gifts

The WIne Savent – The Wine Savant Ship Decanter Set

Decanters are the shapeshifters of fine drinking. We’ve encountered globe-shaped, rifle-shaped, and even barrel-shaped decanters intended to satisfy recipients of all walks of life.

While rum is pirates’ trademark beverage (though not too far off from the taste of Scotch whiskey), you can’t escape the lake aesthetic of this decanter. It grabs attention immediately as people enter the room and goes well next to a bookcase. And remember – drink responsibly and hand wash only! 

Lake Blanket

good lake house gifts

Pavilion Gift Company – Royal Plush Blanket

Pamper your friend with a ‘Life is better at the lake’ plush blanket. Solve any problems with uncomfy couches or armchairs by giving one of these!

Soft as cotton, smooth as velvet, and warm as a cat’s tummy – you are already imagining the rainy late afternoon lounding on the couch by yellow lamplight. Make those daydreams reality with the Pavilion Gift Company. 

Custom Lake House Sign

best gifts for lake house owners

Pretty Perfect Studio Custom Family Lake House Sign

You’ve probably caught sight of a similar sign on our “Gifts for Beach Lovers” gift list. We can’t let go of Pretty Perfect’s high-quality products. Just like the beach house sign, this also comes in 5 distinct sizes and 12 colors to choose from!

The durable material will protect the sign from sagging and the quality paint will leave you assured pigments will stay fresh for long! 

So what do you think? Has Quokkadot’s list managed to meet your visions of the perfect lake-house gift?

If not, why not try filling our form. Tell us something about your person in mind and we’ll give back to you a handful of ideas! 

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