25 Beautiful Leather Anniversary Gifts For Him or Her

cool leather anniversary gifts
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Leather gifts are traditionally given for the third anniversary because it is an organic material that has a certain flexibility, but it is very durable – just like the marriage between two people in love.

If you are looking for a perfect leather anniversary gift for your significant other, take a look at these awesome gifts we have selected!

Check out this leather anniversary gift

leather anniversary gifts

Engraving Leather First Dance Song

Every couple has a special song that was played for the first dance on the wedding day.

If you want to surprise your loved one, then this gift may be just what you need.

It is a frame that can be fully customized.

It has leather engraving on it and looks divine.

I think this is a nice leather anniversary gift for a couple

leather anniversary gifts for couple

Leather Portrait on Real Leather

Being a witness to the happiness of your friends is truly an honor.

It consists of many moments of joy, struggle, hope, but most of all companionship.

If your friends are celebrating their third anniversary, surprise them with this unique and unusual gift.

It will be a wonderful decoration for their home.

Such a sweet leather anniversary gift for her

leather gifts for anniversary for her

Potted Leather Desk Rose

Women love roses, it is a known fact.

If your darling likes to get roses from you, then you can surprise her with this rose that is slightly different than the ones she is used to getting from you.

It comes with a note and it is a truly stunning gift!

Let’s start a journal with your loved one

engraved gifts leather journal

Handmade Leather Journal

Journals hide secrets and are a way to preserve precious memories from being forgotten.

Give your loved one this vintage notepad that can be the journal of your love and devotion.

Fill with lots of pictures from travels and gatherings so you can show it one day to your kids.

Check out this unique toiletry bag

leather travel gifts

Capra Leather Hanging Toiletry

Give this unique toiletry wash bag to your husband so he can store his cosmetics inside.

It is hand made and waterproof.

It resembles a boxing speed bad and it has a hanger.

The maintenance is very simple.

It is water-resistant up to an hour which is pretty cool, in our opinion.

Let’s get a leather gift for the photographer

personalized leather gifts for him

Custom Leather Camera Strap

If your husband is a photographer then you know how specific they can be about the things they like.

However, cameras and lenses are very expensive.

If that is not in your price range you can choose something a little bit more affordable such as this leather camera strap.

It can be personalized.

This mug is such a cool leather gift

cool leather gifts

Goat Story Mug

Having coffee anywhere you like is truly convenient.

If your loved one enjoys having coffee near, this amazing mug can be a perfect surprise.

It has two straps for carrying the mug which is pretty useful.

With the holder that can be used as a stand, drinking coffee will be pretty enjoyable.

This tote bag is one unique leather gift for her

unique leather gifts for her

Handcrafted Rustic Everyday Leather Tote

Every woman appreciates having a good leather bag.

This tote bag looks elegant and it is perfect for long days at work because everything that she needs can fit in it.

The model is pretty practical because it has an inside pocket inside and there is also a keychain hook.

How about a nice looking watch for your wife?

leather wedding gifts for her

Fossil Women’s Leather Casual Watch

A good watch can truly complement a woman’s style and make it complete.

Fossil watches are known for the quality and their astonishing design.

It is water-resistant up to 50m, so it can be even used during swimming or showering.

It is a nice anniversary gift that she will like for sure.

Check out this leather anniversary gift for him

leather anniversary gifts for him

Fossil Men’s The Minimalist Watch

Surprise your husband with this wonderful Fossil watch.

It is water-resistant up to 50m, so it will endure occasional swimming or showering.

The design is flawless and it will be a great surprise for sure.

The leather band is brown and the stainless steel case has a white dial giving it an elegant look.

Are you into unique leather gifts?

unique leather gifts

Doctor of Death Plague Mask

If your husband loves Steampunk decor, then give him this unique sculpture that will be a great decoration in your home.

A mask like this was used for protection against the diseases.

Now it serves as a reminder of the times that passed leaving us with an interesting design that we can admire.

This leather pad is a nice leather stationery gift

leather gifts for anniversary

Capra Leather Desk Top Pad

This leather desktop is a very practical gift that can be a nice surprise and a way to show your loved one how much you care.

It is perfect for people who work long hours on the laptop and need to have everything handy.

It reflects the minimalistic design and it is pretty useful.

He is going to look cool with this leather jacket

leather gifts for men

Cole Haan Men’s Leather Jacket

Help your darling look stunning and fall in love with him all over again.

It is made of lambskin and is a classic model that will complement his style.

It can be used in business occasions or for romantic dinners.

Show your husband that you care for him and love him deeply.

Personalize this leather bracelet for your husband

leather gifts for guys

Personalized Leather Bracelet

The anniversaries are the perfect opportunities to show our loved ones just how much we care and love them.

This leather bracelet is a wonderful gift for your husband because it can be personalized.

Make sure you provide the note you want to be the secret romantic sign of love.

Check out this beautiful keychain

handmade leather gifts

Personalized Leather Wristlet Keychain

Women like small signs of love and devotion, so remind your wife every time you can that you love her.

This leather keychain can be a such a sign because it can be attached to the wallet or put on the wrist.

It can be personalized, so put her name on it or the wanted note.

Leather Laptop Case

leather gifts for 3rd anniversary

Capra Leather Laptop Case

Surprise your husband with this leather case for a laptop.

Not only it looks cool, but it is also very practical.

It is great for travel or business days when there are too many things that need to be done.

It will protect the laptop from any possible damages and help him have a laptop near.

Leather Earrings

leather anniversary gifts for wife

Genuine Leather Leaf Earrings

Give your wife these interesting earrings made of brown leather and sterling silver.

The leaves are soft and perfect for everyday outfits.

They will add a new spin to the way she looks and remind her of your love every time she wears them.

They are made of genuine Italian leather.

Help him organize his gadgets with this organizer

quality leather gifts

Capra Leather Travel Tech Organizer

Considering the number of gadgets we all have, having an organizer like this is priceless.

If your husband often struggles with the cables and the gadgets when he travels, this gift will be the best choice for sure.

This travel tech organizer is made of genuine leather and can make every travel much easier.

Put his initials on this embossed leather belt

embossed leather gifts

Handmade Custom Leather Belt

If your husband loves wearing belts, then there is no reason to look further for something else.

It is a leather belt that can be personalized with his name.

It is handmade which makes it even more special.

Make sure you check the measurements, so you can be sure that the size is right.

Let’s get your wife this beautiful leather bag

leather gifts for third wedding anniversary

Deluxe Leather Tote Bag

Surprise your wife with this stunning leather purse!

It has plenty of space inside for storing everything she may need during the day.

There are also a few additional pockets that she can use for storing keys and her phone, so it is perfect for everyday use and carrying all the essentials.

Does he play guitar?

leather gifts for wedding anniversary

Leather Guitar Pick Holder

Playing the guitar is very romantic, there is no doubt about it.

If your husband has one, then giving him this personalized engraved leather pick for the anniversary may be just what he needs.

It can be fully customized, so you can have something that means to you engraved on it. 

How about an apple watch strap?

leather gifts wedding anniversary

Apple Watch Band

Apple watches are pretty popular lately.

If your wife likes to switch the straps frequently, you can surprise her with these unique floral straps.

They will look beautiful on the wrist.

It can even be customized with the note on the inside of the strap making it perfect for the anniversary.

This leather gift is such a luxury

leather gifts anniversary

Premium Handmade Moroccan Leather Pouf

There is nothing better than putting the legs on the pouf after a long day and simply resting the body while watching movies.

It is handmade of natural leather, so each detail is made with great care.

It is a perfect anniversary gift because it shows how much you care.

Mouse and Keyboard Pad

leather gifts

Capra Leather Mouse Keyboard Pad

The non-slippery surface is necessary when working on a laptop or the PC.

If your spouse is working frequently on the laptop then you should definitely think about this handmade leather pad.

It is handcrafted and it is pretty simple and beautiful.

It contributes to the minimalistic design that your loved one likes.

Leather Wall Clock

leather anniversary gifts ideas

Vintage Rust Leather Wall Clock

Some people simply love leather so much that they enjoy having it everywhere.

If that is the case with your loved one, then you could choose this unusual leather clock that looks very simple but it is luxurious at the same time.

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