30 Badass Manly Gifts For Men That Make Them Feel Dominating

manly gifts for men
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Getting a gift for your man can be somehow complicated. Luckily, we’ve got just the right list for you. Here are a list of manly gifts for men worth considering:

Authentic Cow Skull – Best manly gifts for men (Editor’s Pick)

Hand Carved Authentic Cow Skull

This authentic cow skull is one of the recommended manly gifts for men because of the work put on it. Artisans who underwent specialized training worked on these skulls to make sure that the walls stand out. Following Western taxidermy standards, your man can take pride in knowing that this one-of-a-kind wall piece adheres to the highest ethical standards.

Gun Decanter Gift Set

Gun Large Decanter With Bullet Glasses

When you give this decanter and bullet glasses to your special man, he won’t be drinking whiskey the same way again. That’s because of how classy this gift looks, and it also works well as a decanter because it’s completely hollow. The delicate glass gun is also good enough to be used as a decoration on his home or bar. 

Genuine Drinking Horn

Norse Tradesman Genuine Ox Viking Drinking Horn

The special man in your life will enjoy his drinks more with this genuine ox horn. It’s made of authentic and ethically-sourced ox horns. What makes it one of the manly gifts for husbands is its unique color and structure. It’s also made of premium materials and carefully handcrafted. Not only can he use it for drinks but also as a decorative piece.

The Man Can

The Man Can – Natural Bath & Body Gift Set for Men

If you’re looking for a gift for a man who has everything, you should consider this. This man can contains 100% all-natural skincare and freshly-scented products such as soap, shave gel, rum oil, hand butter, body accessories, and many more. The packaging also is another good reason to give this as a gift. 

Sunglasses With Speaker

Bose Frames Tenor – Sunglasses With Speaker

Luxurious and modern, these sunglasses are packed with features that level up the listening experience. These Bluetooth sunglasses are a good gift idea because of their shatter- and scratch-resistant lenses, distinct keyhole bridge, and classy square frame.

Oktoberfest Beer Stein

Oktoberfest Beer Stein

If your guy likes drinking beer, this ceramic Oktoberfest beer stein will make his drink taste better. This stein is safe for use on drinks. It’s also handmade and handpainted using the finest ceramic. When placed in the freezer, it will help keep his drink cold longer. He’ll also feel more special because it comes in a beautiful gift box. 

Exotic Meats Crate 

Exotic Meats Crate 

This exotic meats crate is the ideal gift for any man who likes bringing his taste buds on an adventure. The crate has 10 exotic jerkies and delicious jerky sticks from three continents. Not only will he have a memorable experience with the meat selection, but he’ll also have a fun time trying to open the crate with the crowbar included in the package.

Real Snake Skeleton

Real Snake Skeleton Animal Specimen

If you want to give your special man a gift that will last for a long time, then consider this real snake skeleton. The snake skeleton inside is real and is covered in strong resin so it won’t easily break. Aside from using it as a decoration, he can also use this as a paperweight, making it an aesthetic and functional gift. 

Preserved Mummified Fire Bat

Real Framed Preserved Mummified Fire Bat

Are you looking for a sleek and manly gift? This preserved mummified bat might be that gift. The front of the frame is made of glass and the back part is solid black. He can easily hang this on his wall through the sawtooth hanger. Since the specimen is not permanently glued, he can open the frame and use the specimen for other purposes.

Odin Sculpture

Unicorn Studio – Norse God Odin Bronze Sculpture

This is one of the most unique manly gifts for your boyfriend, especially if he loves everything Greek. It has great craftsmanship and looks better in person. He’ll be amazed when you give it to him. Though fragile, it comes with a pamphlet that indicates what parts need care in handling. 

Real Katana

Entez – Katana Sword Real Battle Ready

What makes this katana a cool gift for that special man in your life is that it’s handmade. All the parts are fixed by bamboo nails and can be disassembled. The sharp blade has been repeatedly forged and polished using unique traditional methods. Since it’s very sharp and smooth, he can enjoy cutting fruits, water bottles, and many other things with it. 

Stainless Steel Birch Bark Safety Razor

MÜHLE Rocca Stainless Steel Birch Bark Safety Razor

Grooming will feel more nostalgic when you give him this closed comb razor. The closed tooth comb design makes it classy. The space at the back of the foam hedge also protects the razor from buildup.

Hand Carved Crystal Skulls

Natural Hand Carved Crystal Skulls

These hand-carved crystal skulls are made of natural amethyst. He’ll appreciate this even more because a professional craftsman handpainted, carved, and polished them. This means no stones are the same. They are ideal for home decoration, feng shui, and healing among many others. 

Manly Perfume

Tom Ford – Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

Perfumes are great manly gifts for your husband. This Tom Ford perfume has an exotic, distinctive, and rare smell. It also uses oud wood which is considered one of the rarest perfume ingredients. Oud wood is often burned in temples with incense, making the scent of this perfume really calming.

The Grillfather Cutting Board

The Grillfather Cutting Board

This cutting board is one of the many manly gifts for your dad on his birthday, on Father’s Day, and even on various occasions. You can have this customized by having it laser engraved. This also has a food-safe oil coating for protection and preservation. 

Pewter Hip Flask

Royal Selangor Hand Finished Pewter Hip Flask

Royal Selangor’s sleek and intricate pewter hip flask is perfect if your man enjoys a contemporary or classic lifestyle. Experienced craftspeople meticulously hand finishes every piece. The design is from the collaboration of various international designers and museums.

Not only is this aesthetic, but it’s also FDA-approved. It’s non-toxic, food-safe, and lead-free, so he won’t experience metallic aftertaste using this for drinking. 

Bullet Whiskey Stones

Bullet Whiskey Stones

If you’re looking for a gift for your partner, dad, and other special men in your life, these bullet whiskey stones can amaze them. They can chill their whiskey without using ice, and they’ll surely enjoy their drink from the first until the last sip. Besides, the bullet-shaped stones make them a good decoration for their man cave or bar. 

World Hottest Chip

Paqui One Chip Challenge

If your man is always up for a challenge, why don’t you try giving him this Paqui chip? This is the world’s spiciest chip made with the hottest chili pepper on earth. It’s a blue corn chip with a lot of black seasoning made from Carolina Reaper pepper, considered the world’s hottest chili pepper by the Guinness World Records.

Funny Men’s T-Shirt

Funny Men’s T-Shirt

Shirts are no-fail manly gifts for men. This 100%-cotton shirt is the most patriotic shirt on earth. He’ll love this shirt because it’s comfortable, tagless, and have good quality. He won’t feel itchy and the ribbed collar’s stretch or shape stays intact. This is ideal for men who like to work out because the fabric is durable and very soft. 

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

This whiskey stones gift set is a recommended gift for whiskey lovers. They’ll like it because it has everything they need for drinking whiskey. The set includes 10-oz whiskey glasses, 8 granite whiskey rocks, stainless steel tongs for ice, whiskey cards, and a velvet bag for storage.

The glasses are impressive because of the weighted bottom which makes sipping whiskey and other drinks sophisticated.

Man Snacks Gift Box

Man Snacks – Snacks Assortment

Men enjoy beer and snacks, so this man snacks gift box is a gift any man will appreciate. This manly box has the best snacks to have with beer. Some of these snacks are beer cheese pretzels, beef beer jerky, and bar mix. After enjoying all the snacks, he can use the box to keep his things in his man cave, office, or garage.

Viking Battle Ax

Norse Tradesman – Viking Battle Ax

Are you looking for a Norse-style manly Christmas gift? Check this Viking ax out. It’s inspired by Viking artifacts. He’ll love this Viking ax replica because it has hand-carved Norse Elder Futhark on the aged hardwood shaft. This is not a simple toy because it’s actually a functional ax. Also, the handle is made from quality aged teakwood which makes the ax sturdy.

Cocktail Smoker Gift Box

Busy Bee Cocktail Smoker

This gift is recommended if your man is a professional bartender or has bartending as a hobby. Every sip of his favorite cocktail is more fun with this rink smoker set box. He’ll surely use this all the time because it adds more depth to his drinks.

Beer Dispenser

FIZZICS DraftPour Beer Dispenser

This beer dispenser has a patented Micro-Foam feature and other cool features such as large size, faster pour compared to older models, and USB power. He’ll have a better beer-drinking experience because this dispenser converts beer carbonation into a rich and creamy consistency. It even works with any canned and bottled beer. 

Tactical Beer Cup

Y-Press – Tactical Beer Cup

This mug is a good manly gift for men because it’s thin, tall, and made of solid aluminum. This cup will remind your man of the Forward Grip Crown on the M16/AR15 style rifles. The handle has the same grip as the carry handle found on the M16-style rifles. He can even move the handle on the cup thanks to the three Picatinny rails. 

Personalized Firearm Wall Art

Personalized Firearm Wall Art

Is your man a second amendment enthusiast? This is the ideal and one-of-a-kind customized gift for him. When you have it personalized, there will be no repeated photos for the sample letter. The photos of handguns, rifles, AR-15, M16, Musket, 1911, and many more are all in high resolution.

King’s Guard Medieval Decor

Design Toscano – The King’s Guard Medieval Decor

This king’s guard medieval decorative piece is hand-cast using real crushed stones. These stones are bound with quality designer resin. Artisans handpainted all the pieces individually. This is a unique piece as the decor is exclusive to the Design Toscano brand. If you want to make his garden or home more attractive, consider giving this to him as a gift. 

Cap Guns Beer Bottle Opener

Cap Guns Beer Bottle Opener

This manly gift is not a regular beer bottle opener. It’s a cap gun set that makes opening bottles more fun during parties. It’s also great to use to break the ice at parties. That’s why any man in your life will love this gift idea. This bottle opener is also durable and easy to use. 

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Viking Bracelet

Viking Bracelet

Made of premium material, this Viking bracelet is a durable and solid jewelry piece that your man will truly appreciate. He’ll also feel more special because the bracelet is unique and intricate. It’s also safe because no harmful metals such as lead are used.

Electric Gun Wine Opener

Wine Oviation – Electric Gun Wine Opener

This rechargeable wine bottle opener is a functional and convenient manly gift. That’s because it can open up to 30 wine bottles by charging it once. He won’t have a hard time using it because he just needs to pull the trigger and use a little pressure to remove the cork.

Skull Beard Comb

Skull Beard Comb

He is going to feel so manly combing his beard with this present.

Give the man of your life any of these manly gifts for men, and he’ll surely cherish it for the rest of his life.

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