44 Unusual Non Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Non Cheesy Valentine's Day Gif ideas for him
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Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love and affection for your loved one.

However, there are plenty of men who prefer something not too cheesy when it comes to receiving valentines gifts.

It is true that men appreciate receiving gifts just as much as women do. Check out this non cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Flower Jerky Bouquet – Best Non Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him (Editor’s Pick)

Manly Co Flower Jerky Bouquet

Who says flower is not for men?

This is one unique and non-cheesy Valentine’s Day that your boyfriend or husband will ever receive. I am actually surprised to see such an unusual gift even exist.

Who would have thought a jerky can be made into a flower bouquet. They have a variety of beef jerky just for Valentine’s Day that your loved one will absolutely find interesting.

See more Manly Man Co for more Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

Get a balls with a cause

not cheesy valentine's day gifts for him

Balls of Steel – Whiskey Drink Coolers

To cool your man’s drink, these balls make an ideal gift.

Rather than use the traditional ice cubes, these classy looking project a macho image.

An added advantage is that they will be used for a very long time without losing their appeal.

Let him have fun at the backyard

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend

Spikeball – Game for The Backyard

Keep your man active with this game.

This easy to carry and set up game can be played on the beach or even the back yard. Since Spikeball can be played 2 0n 2, why not form teams with friends for a bit of fun?  This gift comes in attractive colors.

This dispenser will make beer taste better

great non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him

Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser

Does your man love beer? Make his valentines extra special with this sleek draught beer dispenser. It can be used with all type of beers and is suitable for a home bar.  As it uses a USD cord or batteries, you can carry it along on a camping trip or for use on the patio.

For the man who loves grilling

Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. This famous saying can be brought to reality by gifting your man this portable charcoal grill. It has a lockable lid and its compact shape means it will fit into the trunk of most cars.

That’s one cool Valentine’s gift for him

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for guy you just started dating

Lighted Steampunk Skeleton in Diving Suit Statue

This exquisitely detailed statue of a diver makes a wonderful Valentines gift. It features a light and a bronze finish. For a man who loves the sea, this gift is sure to bring back memories of life on board ship or beneath the waves exploring the ocean floor.

he is going to love this levitating football

non cheesy luxury valentine's day gifts for him

NFL Hover Football

Football lovers will relate with this gift. Apart from being a functional light, it also features a levitating football in the colors and logo of your favorite team.  Get your man this gift on Valentines to show your support for the game and team he holds dear.

This is a useful valentines gift for him

useful valentines day gifts for him

Wireless Projection Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

Is your man a technophile? If he spends a lot of time on the computer, this wireless keyboard will make an ideal gift. The keyboard is projected onto any surface through a laser using Bluetooth on your laptop or phone. It also features a speaker for voice and music function.

Keep his beer cold with this beer chiller

non cheesy easy valentine's day gifts for him

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

Nothing beats spending a warm evening with friends than relaxing with a chilled beer. This is what makes this beer chiller such a thoughtful gift. The chiller can handle two long-necked bottles and is ideal for parties, a road trip or even a lazy sundowner. It comes with a warranty for quality.

This flask diversion is one cheeky Valentines gift

unusual non cheesy valentine day gifts for him

Kikkerland Chemistry Flask Book

The KIkkerland Chemistry book flask is a sleek and cheeky gift. On the outside, it looks like a chemistry notebook. On the inside, however, lies a sleek whisky flask that easily fits into the pocket.  So go ahead and get your man this gift to warm him on those extra cold days.

Make his own hot sauce with this valentines day gift

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him creative

Hot Sauce Kit

Spice up your love life by getting your man this DIY hot spice making kit. It is not only guaranteed to add zing to meal times but also bring you closer.  After all, you can plan your meal times together and create memorable menus with this kit.

This portable espresso maker is proper non cheesy Valentine’s day for your husband

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for your husband

Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

The Nanoprsso is an espresso maker that is as functional as it is attractive. It makes a wonderful gift for the focused man who needs to keep his energy levels up. It is portable and easy to operate.  You cannot go wrong in giving you hubby or boyfriend this gift on Valentines.

He is going to have a lot of fun with this Valentines gift

fun non cheesy fun valentine's day gifts for him

Interactive Air Hockey Table

The Lumen X hockey table is an interactive game with two players and a puck that lights up. It promises hours of intense action for players who enjoy competitions and winning. To spice things up, it features cascading lights and inbuilt music. There is an accompanying player manual.

Massage his muscle with this Valentine’s day gift

non cheesy thoughtful valentine's day gifts for him

Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Your boyfriend works hard and deserves to be appreciated for the effort he makes. This is where the percussion massager comes handy. With its adjustable attachments, it can be set to give a sensual soft massage to the more vigorous deep tissue massage. It operates quietly and is portable.

Let your boyfriend make his own gin on this Valentines day

non cheesy diy valentine's day gifts for him

DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit

Get your boyfriend or hubby this gin making kit for valentines.  With 12 flavors sourced from plants across the world, you can be sure to get a flavor that is just right. The brewing process takes 2 days and creates a unique and fun beverage.

He is going to laugh so hard at this funny Valentine’s gift

non cheesy valentine day gifts for him personalized

Personalized Funny Face Boxer Shorts Briefs

Buying your man a pair of boxers on Valentine’s Day is an intimate gesture. To spice things up you can have the boxers customized with an image of your choice. Who said that romance cannot be quirky? This gift brings out your playful nature and will bring a smile to the wearer every time.

Make him smells good with this cologne

non cheesy small valentine's day gifts for him

Gucci Guilty by Gucci for Men

A bottle of cologne will keep your man fresh and smelling good the whole day. This one from Gucci oozes class and sophistication. It will make your man stand out from the crowd whether it is at the office or in an informal setting like a party.

Let’s get him a bouquet of jerky!

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him new relationship

Carnivore Club Exotic Jerky Bouquet

A bouquet of flowers is a traditional gift that most women appreciate. However, you can be more creative when it comes to buying your man one. This bouquet of jerky is just the thing to show your love and whet his carnivore appetite at the same time. Bon appetite.

This will get him ripped

Coded Push Up Board System

Push-ups are one of the classic ways to get fit. However, this traditional way of exercising does not have to be boring. With this original board, your boyfriend can adjust his push up combo to match his energy level and personality. Toning up with this gift has never been easier.

This wearable speaker is definitely one non cheesy Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend

non cheesy 1st valentine's day gifts for boyfriend

Bose Soundwear Wireless Wearable Speaker

If you want your man to look cool, get him one of these trendy wearable speakers. As it uses wireless technology, it means the wearer has his hands free. Unlike cumbersome headphones that have dangling wires, these speakers are comfortable and have great quality sound.

This is the coolest decanter I have ever seen

unusual non cheesy valentine's day gifts boyfriend

Gun Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

This decanter set is sure to steal the show when the boys come calling. Within the sturdy metal case, is a set like no other. it features pistol-shaped whiskey decanters that fire a shot into each glass. The decanters even have their own holsters. If your boyfriend is in the uniformed services, this gift is as awesome as it gets.

This is a cool valentines gift for him who loves grilling and hunting

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him who loves hunting

Antler Handle 3 Piece Grilling Set

For the hunters or avid outdoorsman, this grilling set is a winner. A BBQ is always welcome and the experience becomes even better with this toolset. Crafted in the shape of deer antlers, the tongs, fork, and spatula are made of stainless steel.

Let him drink beer with style with this beer holder

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him last minute

Handmade Rustic Leather Beer Glove

Is the beer too cold to hold comfortably? Let this leather beer holder handle it while adding a dash of class.  The glove is handmade and is grooved so that the beer bottle fits snugly into the hand. It also ensures that your boyfriend’s beer remains cool in hot weather.

For your boyfriend who loves hot sauce

non cheesy inexpensive valentine's day gifts for him

Gourmet Hot Sauce Set

Meals will taste better with this set of hot sauce. Featuring three bottles of Truff hot sauce, your boyfriend’s taste buds will thank you for this gift. The bottles consist of the Original Truff hot sauce, Hotter sauce, and Limited Edition White Truff sauce.

This mug is one creative Valentines day for him

non cheesy great valentine's day gifts for him

Viking Horn Mug

The Vikings are famous for their conquests and love of battle. They were also renowned for their wild and extravagant parties. You can bring a bit of the Viking party mood into your home by buying your man this authentic-looking Viking mug for Valentines. It comes with a horn stand, beer opener, and a burlap bag.

This will be a funny Valentine’s day for your boyfriend

non cheesy funny valentine's day gifts for him

Man Crates Jerky Tie

Most men love meat. However, this is no ordinary beef. It is jerky that has been prepared for the gourmet palate. There are ten classic flavors to be savored in this box. The package is in the shape of a tie for that added touch of elegance.

This is a nice Valentine’s gift for him who loves music

non cheesy meaningful valentine's day gifts for him

Crosley Bermuda 2-Speed USB Turntable

Music nourishes love. Be romantic on Valentine’s by buying your boyfriend this old-fashioned turntable. You can then enjoy romantic moments practicing your dance moves as you listen to golden oldies. The turntable comes with a stand and is portable. It can play records at two speeds and has dynamic stereo speakers.

This dispenser is such a unusual valentines gift for him

gag non cheesy fun valentine's day gifts for him

True Bonny Boy Liquor Dispenser

If your man enjoys some fun, then get him this dispenser in the form of a statue of a naked boy. The dispenser can be filled with a variety of beverages and fits well in a home or minibar. Its uniqueness makes it a great conversation starter.

He will find this multi purpose clock useful

unqiue valentine's day gifts for him

LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock

This nifty gizmo is more than just a clock.  The La Metric Time Wi-Fi clock fits seamlessly into the smart home. when your smartphone is not at hand, it will give notifications from the phone. It also tracks the weather, news, temperature, and a host of other metrics. Your man will simply love this gift.

Get him to try this coffee with hemp seed

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for husband

Italy Coffee Capsules with Sativa Hemp Seed

Hemp is the new super nutrient. Get your boyfriend all the health benefits of hemp with this coffee. This pack contains carefully selected hemp seeds blended with the finest coffee and packed into convenient capsules. This Italian made drink is natural and sugar-free.

Your gamer boyfriend is going to love this smartwatch

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for gamer boyfriend

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is not just an ornament on the wrist.  It keeps track of your health and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The icing on the cake is that it can go for a long time without recharging.

Make his room smells like tobacco with this candle

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for boyfriend long distance

Apothecary Candle in Glass Jar

Creating a particular atmosphere can set the mood for relaxation. These candles in a jar are made with apothecary skills from the old world.  When lit, they produce a wonderful blend of fragrances that include tobacco and patchouli in soy wax. The cotton wick is set to burn evenly and the jar is reusable.

Your boyfriend is going to love smiling after this

non cheesy creative valentine's day gifts for him

GLO Brilliant Deluxe Teeth

Everybody loves a great smile. It looks attractive and inspires confidence. Gift your man this device and watch his smile transform. Featuring blue LED light, the device slowly but surely whitens teeth in a healthy and painless way. It also comes with lip care gel.

Let your boyfriend charge his phone with this wireless solar charger

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him homemade

Wireless Solar Power Bank

In today’s world, the need to stay connected is a primary concern for most people. Whether it is for business or socially, we need our phones, laptops, and tablets charged. Sometimes this becomes a challenge when traveling. This wireless solar charger takes care of this need when you are traveling or off-grid.

Add a nice watch to his watch collection

non cheesy 1st valentine's day gifts for him

Fossil Townsman Watch

A good watch is a vital accessory for today’s fashion-conscious man. Choosing a classy Fossil watch is a smart decision. It features a blue face set in a stainless steel case. The hands are gold toned. You can also go swimming or shower while wearing it. The strap is made of genuine leather.

Keep him warm with Pendleton blanket

useful valentine's day gifts for husband

Pendleton – Glacier National Park Blanket

What could be more romantic than snuggling next to your man on a cold evening as you watch a movie? Get your man this Pendelton blanket as a Valentines’ gift and join him in it. Made in the USA and made of pure wool, the blanket measures 66”x90”.

Let him shoot a fly with this salt gun


How well developed are your boyfriend’s terminator instincts? Get him this salt-a-bug gun and find out. It fires a pinch of salt and is accurate up to 3 feet. No batteries are required. Buy him this gift for Valentines’ and let the massacre begin.

Let him step up his grooming routine

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him on a budget

The Man Can Gift Basket

The Man Can is a gift basket that contains products to make your man look and smell great. This package includes skincare products and after-shave that are formulated with male skin in mind. So get your boyfriend this package for Valentines’ and watch him glow. The products are 100% natural.

Get him a nice looking shirt

good valentine's day gifts for husband

Plaid Poplin Shirt

Buying your man a shirt for a Valentines’ means that whenever he puts it on, you will know that he is wearing your sense of style. This Plaid Poplin shirt is comfortable with superior stitching. It is made of 100% cotton and oozes class and elegance.

Let’s a gift for him in a crate full of jerky

Man Crates Exotic Meats Crate

The Man Meat Crate is a gift idea that celebrates masculinity. The recipient receives the crate together with a crowbar and he has to figure out how to open it. You are sure to laugh at his efforts. However, the real value of this gift is the variety of exotic jerky within it

Your boyfriend love fishing? This can cooler should crack him up

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him fishing

Fish Shaped Can Coolers

Does your boyfriend love fishing? If he does, he will appreciate this beer cooler that is shaped like the head of a trout. Consisting of double insulation, it ensures that your drink remains cold until the time you open it. I hope that this is after you succeed in landing your catch.

You can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket

non cheesy good valentine's day gifts for him

Levi’s Men’s Trucker Jacket

Does your boyfriend love fishing? If he does, he will appreciate this beer cooler that is shaped like the head of a trout. Consisting of double insulation, it ensures that your drink remains cold until the time you open it. I hope that this is after you succeed in landing your catch.

This is a great Valentines gift for him

non cheesy cute valentine's day gifts for him
non cheesy unique valentine's day gifts for him

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Get your man these Wayfarer glasses for the outdoors. Featuring the best quality lenses and super tough nylon frames, these glasses look super cool. However, they do not compromise on safety. They offer 100% protection from UV light while giving increased visual clarity. The lenses are also scratch-resistant.

Let him try this new skincare

non cheesy valentine's day gifts for boyfriend

Gift Basket Set With Hemp Oil Extract

Your man’s skin health is just as important as yours is. That is why getting him this gift basket on Valentines’ is such a wonderful idea. With a wide array of hemp oil creams, gels, and lotions, it is guaranteed to make your man stand out from the crowd. This will also make you look good.

Does he loves Netflix and chill? This popcorn is a perfect combo

edible non cheesy valentine's day gifts for him

Amish Country Popcorn

Movies and popcorn are a great combo. That is why choosing the correct popcorn to go with you Valentine Day’s movie is so important. This traditional Amish set of popcorn is not only healthy but full of flavor. The pack includes a recipe guide, non-GMO seeds, and healthy Canola oil. Enjoy peace of mind as you tuck in.

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