14 Lively Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Adults That Make Them Feel Refreshed

Outdoor birthday party ideas for adults
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Grown-ups can have fun too during their birthday! Adult parties can be more exciting than children’s parties because this is the age where no one can tell you what to do and when you can have all the sweets you desire. 

So bring out the party hats, crack open a can, and enjoy the kind of birthday party you’ve always wanted. Here is a list of outdoor birthday party ideas for adults that you can take outdoors for the fresh air, space, and ambiance. 

  1. Picnic Party
  2. Barbecue Party
  3. Pool Party
  4. Tea Party
  5. Beach Party
  6. Outdoor Movie Marathon
  7. Candlelit Dinner
  8. Themed Birthday Party
  9. Garden Pizza Party
  10. Overnight Camping Party
  11. And 4 More Outdoor Party Ideas

1. Picnic in the park

Gather your favorite food in a picnic basket and take it with you to the nearest park in your area. Call your friends and family and be surrounded by your loved ones. A picnic in the park is an intimate affair that can be more serene and exciting depending on the type of party games and food you have.

2. Barbecue party

You can finally whip out the grill you’ve been dying to use. Toss in the hotdogs and burgers as you celebrate your next birthday party in the company of savory meals and beers. Why not build a tower of sausages as your cake for fun? You won’t need to drive far away from home; you can use your yard as your party venue. 

3. Pool party

Birthdays held in the hot weather can have their parties by the pool. Whether it’s your house pool or a place you can book the whole day, it will surely be a refreshing event. Organize games that involve diving or swimming, and prepare drinks that are right for the occasion, such as ice cold sodas, cocktails, or fruit shakes.

4. Tea party

Birthday parties don’t need to be wild. Sometimes they can be simple, a little fancy, and more social. Tea parties are a sophisticated approach to the usual loud and boasting parties. It’s sitting with great friends as you’re stuck in conversations while having tasty pastries and warm tea of varying flavors. 

5. Beach party

If you don’t mind making the drive, why not celebrate your birthday along the sands? Beach parties are perfect for birthdays that land in the summer. You can make it an ideal getaway to celebrate your life and all you’ve accomplished so far while being surrounded by all your loved ones. Prepare games like beach volleyball or set up a campfire to stay warm after a night swim. 

6. Outdoor movie marathon

A projector, a white sheet, and a set of speakers are all you’ll need for this birthday party idea. Under the night sky, illuminated by just the moon, stars, and the projector light, you can spend your day watching a series of your top movies. Prepare buckets of popcorn or your preferred movie snacks like corndogs or sandwiches, and make it a night to remember. 

7. Candlelit dinner

If you prefer to spend your birthday in the company of your significant other, you can opt for a romantic candlelit dinner under the moonlight. To make it twice as memorable, you can cook the food together from the entre to the dessert. Create a beautiful table setup complete with a set of wine glasses. 

8. Themed birthday party

Throwback to when you had birthday parties with cartoon characters, toys, or sports themes. Even as an adult, you can still have those birthday parties and feel like a kid again with classic party decorations and games. The only difference is that you won’t need a curfew and can have all the cake you want.

9. Garden pizza party

Save time and effort from cooking meals and just order takeout from the best pizza place in your vicinity. Get every flavor, every topping, and double the sizes for all your friends and family. Place some candles on one of the pies to make a savory birthday cake you won’t ever forget. 

10. Overnight camping

Celebrate your birthday on an overnight camping trip with your closest buddies. Throw a party in the woods with a warm fire and freshly roasted marshmallows. Why celebrate your birthday for a day when you can keep partying until late at night? When it’s time to lay back and rest, top your birthday by staring at the stars. 

11. Around the city scavenger hunt

This may take a few days or weeks of preparation, but it’s worth the hard work after seeing the excitement on people’s faces. Take your regular backyard scavenger hunts to the next level by having a more expansive venue. Let the entire city be your obstacle course by going to notable landmarks or hiding pieces of clues in hole-in-the-wall places. 

12. Sports day

Note your favorite outdoor sports, then line up all those sports into a day of playing them with your friends as you keep score. It’s all competitive fun outdoors while getting a week’s worth of exercise into play. If you’re someone that lives and breathes sports, then a birthday party turned into a mini-Olympics is something you could consider.

13. Wine-tasting at a vineyard

A wine connoisseur’s paradise. Wine-lovers that enjoy a little bit of sophistication in their lives can schedule a trip to a vineyard. Taste the finest of wines, even ones you’ve never tried before. Spend it with your favorite people and enjoy an experience you could never have enjoyed when you were younger. 

14. Visit an amusement park

It’s time to have a little adventure, excitement, and fun. Your birthday party should be a blast and consist of good food, great rides, and the best company. Spend your entire birthday around an amusement park on thrill or chill rides. 

If you’re having trouble thinking about what to do at your next birthday party, save this list and keep it in your bookmarks. These are also great ideas if you’re planning someone else’s party as a surprise to let them know they’re special to you. At the end of the day, just make sure you’re having a good time and that you’ll never forget the valuable moments spent with your most precious people.

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