37 Cute Owl Gifts For Her That is Not “Owl-Ful”

owl gifts for her
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Owls are beautiful and mysterious birds that stand for wisdom, prosperity, and protection. Gifting your friend or loved one an owl talisman brings them luck.

There are many other lovely owl gifts for her with owl motifs and designs you can get for the lovely ladies in your life. Let’s check out these awesome owl gift ideas that you can get for your friend, girlfriend, wife or mother on any occasion.

Cute Crystal Owl – Best Owl Gifts For Her (Editor’s Pick)

Swarovski – Hoot Owl Crystal Figurine

An editor’s pick for its sheer cuteness, this will be a lovely gift for anyone. Celebrated artist Hiroshi Yoshi designed this piece.

This Christmas holiday figurine will lift the mood and put everyone in the holiday spirit. It is a cute owl gift for her.

Owl Glass Floor Lamp – Unusual Owl Gift

Bieye – Tiffany Style Owl Glass Floor Lamp

Exquisite in every way, this floor lamp is a great gift for any lady. Gift your wife this lovely handmade lamp on her birthday.

Skilled artisans make these by cutting the glass pieces and re-assembling them into lampshades. Each floor lamp has a unique design and colors.

Owl Necklace

Owl Necklace

Be it mother’s day, birthday, or Valentine’s, jewelry is a great gift that makes a sentimental gift. This year gift the ladies in your life with this lovely 14-carat owl necklace.

Made of solid yellow gold, the owl-shaped pendant is studded with precious green stones.

Funny Owl Panties

Funny Owl Panties

Gift something raunchy to your girlfriend this birthday with our owl panties. These funny, owl-printed panties will have you in a laugh riot every time she wears them.

Nigel Snowy Owl White Grey

Aurora – Precious Moments – Nigel Snowy Owl White Grey

This soft, cute plushy owl will start melting your girlfriend’s heart the moment she gets it. The is a nice owl gift for your girlfriend, it features the signature teardrop eyes.

It also has a bean-filled bottom to help it always sit upright.

Silk Hand painted Owl Scarf

Silk Handpainted Owl Scarf

Your wife will swoon over this beautiful hand-painted scarf the moment she sees it. The scarf has a pattern of spread owl wings painted on it.

She will have a sense of flying with wings on wearing it. Made of silk, it looks great worn as a bandana or a sarong.

Owl Jigsaw Puzzle

Owl Jigsaw Puzzle

A fun gift for ladies of all ages, this owl jigsaw puzzle can keep you entertained on boring days. These owl puzzles have rich colors and laser-cut pieces.

These wooden puzzles are available in three sizes, and the pieces are in the shape of forest trees and animals.

Owl Music Box

Precious Moments – Owl Music Box

Enjoy your private moments with your wife with this cute music box. It is the perfect owl gift for your wife, with a cute sculpture of two owls perched on top.

It is made of resin and hand-painted by experts. Enjoy a peaceful sleep with its soothing tunes.

Christmas Owl Decor

Christmas Owl Decor

These cute pristine figurines are another perfect owl gift for your wife. They will go well with other wooden home decors like photo frames, clocks, and artificial plants. She can even place them on TV cabinets, mantelpieces, and bookshelves.

Sapphire Owl Post Earrings

Sapphire Owl Earrings

Made from premium high-quality sterling silver, this can be a very good anniversary gift for your wife. It has good value-for-money as Swarovski crystals adorn them.

These earrings will make your wife a hit among her friends and family.

Owl Backpack

Owl Backpack

Delight your best friend with this cute backpack this Christmas! It is made of leather and polyester with many pouches to keep odds and ends.

She can use it while going shopping, traveling, or even to school. It also has an interior pouch to keep your wallet, keys, or your cell phone.

Mystical Spirit Owl Wall Sculpture

Design Toscano – Mystical Spirit Owl Wall Sculpture

A lovely Christmas for your strong independent friend, this owl sculpture symbolizes magic and wisdom! Hand-crafted with delicate detail, it will add to the beauty of any room it is placed in. She can easily stun her guests with this beautiful, life-like sculpture.

Owl Charm

Pandora – Owl Charm

Wondering what to gift your favorite niece for Christmas? This adorable owl charm would be the perfect gift for her on Christmas.

It is made of sterling silver and has two blue zirconia stones for the eyes. Your niece can easily slide it into her silver bracelet along with the other charms!

Owl Macrame Wall Hanging Tapestry

Owl Macrame Wall Hanging Tapestry

Perfect as a birthday gift, this tapestry makes a delightful gift for owl lovers. You can buy this crochet wall hanging in both big and small sizes.

It is a great housewarming gift. This owl tapestry will adorn living rooms, bedrooms, or even kitchens well.

Cute Owl Wall Art

Cute Owl Wall Art

Your friend’s favorite bird is the owl. With her birthday approaching, you want to give her an owl-themed gift for her birthday.

This owl wall art is a beautiful owl gift for her! She can hang this cute owl painting in her bedroom or living room. It also makes for a lovely mother’s day gift.

Pearl Critters Owl Drop Earrings

Betsey Johnson – Pearl Critters Owl Drop Earrings

These exquisite owl drop earrings make a good birthday gift for moms. Owls ward off the evil eye. Owl drop earrings are gold-tone with crystal accents, bringing a glow to your mom’s face.

These beautiful pearl earrings are what just your mom needs to start her day with a lovely smile!

Hand- Painted Owl Trinket Box

Hand- Painted Owl Trinket Box

This beautiful enamel owl trinket box is a lovely Valentine’s day gift. Surprise your partner with this rhinestone-studded box to store her jewelry.

Its beauty will dazzle her, and she will know how much you care. Made of bright, rich colors, it has a magnetic closure.

Owl Wine Holder

Owl Wine Holder

This majestic owl wine holder makes for an exquisite birthday gift. This 6″ tall sculpture is a perfect gift to carry their wine bottle.

It is polished and hand-painted. Your friend will be the proud owner of this resin cast bronze patina wine holder and the envy of many.

3D Crystal Owl

3D Crystal Owl

This is fun to give as an owl gift to your friend on her birthday. She can use it as a night lamp too. It has a lovely 3D image of an owl encased inside. The image lights up on plugging the device in, giving a calm feeling to the room.  

Owl Cell Phone Purse

Chala – Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

Is your friend a fan of the CHALA characters? Then, this is a nice owl gift for her! This is a small cross-body handbag you can use to carry your cell phone around. Perfect for outings, she can use it to carry wallets, lipsticks, cash, and keys. It also comes in many exciting colors.

Couple Owl Figurine

Couple Owl Figurine

Showcase your romantic side to your girl with this cute couple owl figure. It makes a sentimental owl gift for her birthday. Made of resin, it features a cute owl couple carrying a heart saying, “Owl Always Love you .”It doesn’t get cuter than that!

Owl Coin Purse

Owl Coin Purse

Another cute item from CHALA characters, this coin purse would make a cool owl gift for her on Valentine’s day. The small zipper compartment at the back can store 2-4 coins.

It doubles up as a keychain for her house or scooter keys and goes perfectly with the CHALA handbags mentioned above.

Customized Owl Insulated Tumbler

Customized Owl Insulated Tumbler

These unique and customized owl tumblers will make an impressive gift for your girlfriend. They come in a couple of designs and have a vacuum seal to keep the temperature of your drinks stable.

They also fit in cup holders of most vehicles. A very thoughtful gift indeed.

Harry Potter Magical Owl Creatures

Harry Potter Magical Creatures: No.1 Hedwig

Is your girlfriend a Harry Potter fan? Surprise her with this noble statue of Hedwig, the snowy owl. This beautifully sculpted statue has great detail. Definitely a nice addition to her owl collection.

Home Décor Resin Owl

Garwor Home Décor Resin Owl

Great for owl lovers, this antique is a nice gift as an office or home decor. It gives a classy look to any room she places it in.

She can easily take care of this hand-crafted beauty by wiping it with a dry or damp cloth once in a while.

Hand Carved Owl Eyeglass Holder

Matr Boomie – Hand Carved Owl Eyeglass Holder

This elegant-looking gift is cool to hold your partner’s glasses or sunglasses. Its fits most standard sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Artisans of India carve this exquisite eyeglasses holder from Indian rosewood. You will also be helping these artisans keep their craft alive by purchasing from them.

Owl Flannel Sherpa Throws

Ukeler Flannel Sherpa Throws

Cozy up this Valentine’s Day with your girl in the comfort of these Sherpa throw blankets. They are made of polyester and faux sheepskin and come in colorful owl patterns.

She will love you for this soft owl gift you got her on Valentine’s Day.

Snowy Owl Snow Globe

The San Francisco Music Box Company Snowy Owl Snow Globe

Snow globes have been great as gifts across the world for years now. This cute globe is the memorable owl gift for her on Valentine’s Day. 

It has a white owl perched on a snowy rock. The mechanical music player inside chimes “Let it snow” on winding it up.

Embossed Leather Owl Journal

Kennedy – Embossed Leather Owl Journal

This gift is useful for that friend who loves journaling. The image of an owl painted in bronze covers this journal, completing its mysterious vibe. It has 100 plain sheets and 200 ruled sheets used to write, complete with a PU leather cover.

Owl Embossed Decorative Plate

Garwor Home Décor Owl Embossed Decorative Plate

This life-like depiction of two owls on an embossed decorative plate makes for a lovely gift for your friend’s housewarming.

It will add to the elegance of her home. It is made of high-quality resin and carved very delicately. It suits them for placing on cabinets and shelves to give an antique look to the room.

Funny Owl Mug

Losing it Owl Mug

This funky mug can confuse many people with its writing. It can be a funny gift for your mom, sister, or girlfriend to take to work. People will keep wondering what they did to make you lose your temper.

Wooden Owl Coaster Holder Set

Wooden Owl Coaster Holder Set

Made of mango wood, this coaster holder will make a charming table accessory for her dining table. She will impress her guests with the beautiful color and finish on these hand-crafted wood coasters.

This is a suitable gift on birthdays, housewarmings and anniversaries too.

Solar Garden Owl Lights

Adroiteet – Solar Garden Owl Lights

Another cute couple’s gift, this sculpture depicts two owls in a nest wrapped in leaves. Your girlfriend will simply delight in this lovely owl gift for her, complete with solar cells.

Her garden will look magical with this adorable owl pendant sculpture hanging over it, especially in the night glow.

Chubby Night Owl Decor

Chubby Night Owl Decor

These cute owl figurines will add a look of comfort to any home. It is good as an owl gift to your grandma on her birthday. She can place it at the entrance or even on her nightstand to end the day on a whimsical note!

Owl Glass Window Suncatcher

Owl Glass Window Suncatcher

This glass suncatcher is made of delicate stained glass pieces soldered together to make an owl design.

It is a pretty handmade gift for your loved ones and partners. Each suncatcher comes with sticker hooks and stronger metal chains for hanging.

Glass Owls Christmas Ornaments

Glass Owls Christmas Ornaments

Antique Christmas ornaments are a rarity, and this gift is no exception. This glass owl ornament is hand-crafted using techniques from the 1800s.

All ornaments are hand-painted. Lovely for any lady in your life, it is the unique owl gift to give her on Christmas.

Owl Wind Chimes

Owl Wind Chimes

Surprise your grandma with this lovely wind chime on her birthday. It is a musical wind chime. Wrought iron and glass are used to make them.

Its rich musical tones can relieve stress and let her connect with nature and relax. It comes in bright and beautiful colors, soothing to the eyes.

Owls, albeit a bit scary, bring luck and good wealth. And as such, gifts with owl motifs are suitable for expressing your love for your mother, sister, girlfriend, or friend. We hope the above ideas inspired you to get an owl gift for your loved ones.

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