20 Beautiful Peacock Gifts That Anyone Will Love

peacock gifts
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These peacock gifts are not only incredibly beautiful to look at, but they’re incredibly useful too. That’s not all. You can give them to almost anyone too. Your friends, colleagues, and even a stranger you’d meet on the streets would greatly appreciate these gifts.

Let’s take a look at the gifts that are suitable for any occasion such as birthday, Christmas, and even Mother’s Day.

Peacock Blanket – Best Peacock Gifts (Editor’s Pick)

Peacock and Vintage Botanical Blanket

This super-soft bed blanket is specially picked by the editor. Apart from the comfort it brings, its design can also make you feel as fancy as it looks.

It’s incredibly soft and perfect to relax in. Not to mention, its size leaves plenty of room to wrap around adults and kids, perfect for a huge family cuddle session.

Hand-Painted Peacock Suncatcher

Hand-Painted Peacock Glass Suncatcher

This beautifully crafted stained-glass window hanging will bring magic into your home like no other. The attractive and unique design will add a different kind of allure to your home.

It’s a perfect decoration to lighten up any place. A peacock lover, especially, would want to add this to their homes. It’s a charming gift that no one will forget.

Hand-Painted Leather Bag

Anna by Anuschka – Hand-Painted Leather Bag

The peacock-themed leather bag comes in different sizes and designs that allow it to conform to your lifestyle.

It’s made of genuine leather, not to mention it’s handmade and hand-painted to boot. This leather bag can serve any purpose you want it to, including being a great conversation starter and a compliment-magnet.

Tiffany Style Peacock Table Lamp

FixtureDisplays® Tiffany Style Peacock Desktop Lamp

This lamp is expertly handcrafted using top-quality materials. These include stained glass, sparkling crystals, and gem-like cabochons.

It exudes just as much elegance as an actual peacock. This Peacock decoration gifts not just illuminate your home but add a certain majestic beauty to it.

Hand Blown Peacock Art Glass

Hand Blown Colorful Peacock Art Glass

If your loved one is a lover of the arts just as much as they are a lover of peacocks, then they’ll appreciate this sculpture a lot more than anyone. It’s a stunning gift that can be perfect to give during various occasions.

It also doesn’t cost a lot to maintain. It’s very easy to clean using a soft cloth and quite difficult to stain.

Peacock Leather Wallet

Anuschka – Organizer Wallet

Another peacock-themed accessory that combines convenience with incredible beauty. This can be a perfect gift for someone who likes to walk around in style.

It’s made of genuine leather and handmade with thoughtful details that just adds to the charm of the design. You definitely can’t go wrong with this gift.

Peacock Decorative Vase Set

 Peacock Decorative Vase Set

The great thing about this decorative vase set is that it can complement any décor in your office or home. It’s a perfect gift for a family member or friend, or even an acquaintance who enjoys decorating accents around their house.

It also has a sophisticated feel to it that any peacock lover would want.

Wooden Jewelry Box

February Mountain – Mother of Pearl Wooden Jewelry Box

Another good Peacock gift for her who adores peacocks is this jewelry box. It’s inlaid with shells and is 100% handmade.

It’s an especially good gift for women where they can properly organize their jewelry in something beautiful to look at. Not to mention, the built-in mirror that adds convenience, making it just an amazing gift all around.

Peacocks in Paradise Statue

Design Toscano – Peacocks in Paradise Home Decor Statue

This peacock statue is worth admiring no matter what angle you look at it from. It’s definitely a great gift for someone who wants to add a bit of uniqueness and style to their homes.

The painting and the design are all done by hand which makes it even more impressive.

Peacock Pendant Necklaces

Peacock Pendant Necklaces

You can never go wrong with gifting a girl a necklace, especially something as beautiful as this. It’s incredibly attractive and is said to even bring good luck to people.

The peacock is a symbol of power and love and can also be seen as a symbol of grace and talent. All compliments to someone who would be receiving this gift.

Peacock Porcelain Tung Chi Vase

Oriental – Satsuma Peacock Porcelain Tung Chi Vase

This beautiful vase is perfect for livening up any home. Its multicolored design adds vibrance to it, making it incredibly pleasing to look at. It can be suited for formal-designed interiors too, as well as modern ones.

Pair it with a beautiful set of flowers and you’re sure to capture the heart of the girl you’re trying to woo.

Peacock Wind Spinner

Peacock Wind Spinner

With this wind spinner, your garden will have a bit of flare and spice to it. The varying colors make it a stunning addition to your garden.

If your loved one is into gardening and takes extra effort into making their garden look stunning, then this will be the perfect gift for them.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings ‘Royal Peacock’

An incredibly stunning accessory to give to someone you admire, especially if they’re into jewelry. Whether they’re a peacock lover or not, anyone would agree that these earrings are a sight to behold.

It is definitely a nice peacock gift for your wife.

Hand Painted Haitian Decor

Recycled Hand Painted Haitian Steel Wall Art

If your wife is into the arts and crafts or simply someone who appreciates it, then she’ll love this gift. It’s handmade and has its green credential.

You can hang this in your home like you would a painting and watch as it brightens up your space.

Art Nouveau Style Prunus and Peacock Vase

Art Nouveau Style Prunus and Peacock Vase

It’s an elegant rare find that is a bit on the pricey side but it’s beauty definitely makes it all worth it. It can be a great gift for all occasions.

To someone who has a peacock kick going on, a gift like this would definitely put a smile on their face.

Peacock Painting

Yotree – Peacock Painting

A beautiful piece of art that you can give to your wife to admire. It’s guaranteed to brighten up any place you put it in.

Not to mention, it also adds some personality to a room. It’s an exquisite painting that would also make for a great conversation starter and a compliment magnet.

Peacock 14k Gold Pearl Necklace

Peacock 14k Gold Pearl Necklace

Any peacock lover would consider this beautiful and dainty piece to be a must-have. Besides, nothing speaks admiration and absolute love for your wife like a stunning gold pearl necklace does.

It’s a perfect Peacock gift for your girlfriend to give on any special occasions.

Hand-painted Artisan Wine Glass

Enesco Store – Hand – Painted Artisan Wine Glass

This wine glass has impressive colors that makes it one of the most stunning wine glasses you’ll ever see. A nice conversation piece and can make even the cheapest wine taste exquisite.

It’s a beautiful gift that any peacock lover would adore.

Leather Journal

Premium Vintage Handmade Leather Journal

Another beautiful piece of peacock-themed gift that will make your girlfriend fall in love with it, especially if she’s into writing and is looking for someplace to write her thoughts on.

The leather, the color, and the design are all stunning. The pages also have pieces of yellow flowers on it which just adds to its artistic charm.

Peacock Garden Solar Lights

Peacock Garden Solar Lights

This is also a perfect garden piece if your girlfriend is someone who enjoys decorating her garden.

The colors and the night light are incredibly beautiful, making your garden majestic to look at.

Final Thoughts

Nothing shows appreciation to a person than being gifted something that relates to their interest that they might think is silly. So, if you know someone who loves peacocks, don’t hesitate to indulge them and check out these 20 best peacock gifts you can give to your loved ones.

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