45 Personalized Star Wars gifts They Didn’t Know Exist

Personalize star wars gifts
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You don’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to find personalized Star Wars gifts along with other unique gifts for the Star Wars fan on this coming Christmas, birthday, or any occasion!

If you have a friend who celebrates May the 4th harder than their own birthday, has watched all of the Star Wars movies 100s of times, has dressed up as Star Wars characters every Halloween (let’s face it, every opportunity), or someone who just absolutely loves the franchise, then we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for them here.

May the Force be with you!

Personalized Star Wars Gift Ideas

Looking for something that can be Star Wars-themed but at the same time, allows you to add a personal touch? We have some great customizable gift ideas for you, from bobbleheads to Christmas baubles!

Personalized Bobblehead

Custom Bobblehead Figurine

Your Star Wars friend will love opening up this hilarious and fun gift this Christmas, birthday, graduation, or Wednesday!

These custom bobbleheads are modeled from photographs that you submit, so you can give your friend a mini replica of any of their favorite Star Wars characters! Just imagine Baby Yoda’s giant head bobbling on your dashboard- a guaranteed smile all day!

Your friend, colleague, or close one is going to love this thoughtful and unique gift.

Personalized Wood Carved Name Sign

Star Wars Theme Wood Carved Last Name Sign

These customizable signs are such a fun gift for a Star Wars fan, a themed party, a bedroom door sign, the list goes on!

Easy to customize, simply enter the name or words that you would like to be carved, and the great Star Wars imagery that you’d like to adorn your sign. Choose from anything like a galaxy, lightsaber, Hans Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, you name it! Just be sure to specify exactly what you’d like in the comment box when you order.

Star Wars Jedi Knight Certificate

personalize christmas star wars gift ideas

Deluxe Star Wars Jedi Knight Certificate

This is the perfect gift for all of those Jedis-in-training! This fun gift is a sweet and humorous way to tell your favorite aspiring Jedi Knight that you think they’re great!

Each certificate comes in a luxury matte-black gift box sealed with a silver tie and a handmade wax seal. There will also be a personalized gift card, so this gift is ready to be given!

Custom Star Wars Style Name

personalize birthday star wars gift ideas

Custom Star Wars Style Name

This customizable name block in Star Wars font is great for little boys’ bedroom doors, or grown-up boys’ office desks! Simply type in the name or phrase that you would like when you place the order.

This fun name sign will look great amongst other Star Wars collectibles, and your favorite Star Wars fan will love it!

Personalized Star Wars Anniversary Gift

personalize christmas star wars gift ideas for boyfriend

3D Star Wars Anniversary Gift Wall Art

This is a great anniversary present for a fan who already has all the Star Wars merchandise, costumes, comics, movies, action figures, and books that they could possibly need!

This sweet and thoughtful gift can be totally personalized; choose the names that you want to correspond with Han and Leia, select or write a quote, choose your color, and sit back and wait for your great gift to arrive!

Yoda Baby Custom Ornament

Yoda Baby Custom Ornament

This customizable Christmas bauble is a fun gift for Star Wars fans, especially the ones with uncommon names! Type in any name and it will be delicately carved onto a light aluminum Christmas bauble.

They look so great, why not get one for each person in the family? You can create a Star Wars family tree!

Personalized Star Wars Christmas Stocking

Kurt Adler – Personalized Star Wars Christmas Stocking

Hanging up stockings for Santa is fun to do, no matter how old you are! These Mandalorian stockings featuring Baby Yoda and Boba Fett are bound to make any Star Wars lover’s day!

As an extra special gift, why not pick out some excellent stocking fillers to put inside? Perhaps some Star Wars figurines or candy? The only thing better than a surprise gift is multiple surprise gifts!

Personalized Graduation Mug

Personalized Yoda Graduation Mug

This adorable little Baby Yoda mug is a fantastic graduation present for anyone leaving High School or College. Totally personalizable, you can add your friend’s name and school name for that extra special touch.

Now, your favorite Star Wars fan will be prepared for life after school with this awesome and special memory, and they can think of you every time that they take a sip of their favorite drink.

Unique Star Wars Gifts For Adults (Him and Her)

The first-ever Star Wars movie came out in 1977! So you know that there are just tons of people who went to see the movies as kids, and even now, are still lining up outside the cinema eagerly awaiting the next installment.

If you have a friend who loves Star Wars just as much as their children do, then we have the gifts for you!

Yoda Pewter Figurine

Royal Selangor Yoda Figurine

This adorable yet elegant little figurine is the perfect gift for all of the Baby Yodas out there who never want to grow up!

This figurine depicts a classic moment; renowned for his wisdom and strong connection to the Force, legendary Jedi Master Yoda is about to demonstrate his formidable prowess with a lightsaber. It’s a moment any superfan would love to cherish for years and years to come.

Stormtrooper Whiskey Decanter

Vaduz – Stormtrooper Whiskey Decanter

Now, this is a cool gift! This amazing and totally awesome-looking Decanter with matching glasses is the ultimate present for a Young Star Wars fan all grown up. This amazing Stormtrooper set comes with steel “whiskey stones”, so your drink can stay colder, for longer, without the dilution of an ice cube.

If you’re not as big a fan of whisky as you are of Star Wars, never fear! This cool decanter can be used for just about anything! Fill up with your favourite punch, juice, ice tea- you name it!

Star Wars Episodes 1-6 Framed Wall Art

Filmcells – Star Wars Through The Ages Episodes 1-6 Framed Wall Art

Classier than a torn, old movie poster stolen from a cinema 15 years ago, this amazing framed Star Wars art set is the ultimate collectible for the more cultured fans out there.

This stunning set also features clips of real movie film showing a scene from each movie, above a mounted plaque with the names of the movies, and the Star Wars logo.

Each amazing work of art comes professionally framed and ready to hang!

Star Wars Lightsaber

Star Wars – Collectible Lightsaber

This realistic lightsaber is as close as you can get to the real deal. It’s everything that you want and more! With one simple press of a button on the hilt, you can activate movie-inspired sound effects, progressive ignition, battle clash effect, wall-cutting effect, and lightning effect.

The real metal hilt features design based on Emperor Palpatine’s iconic Lightsaber featured in the movie; Revenge of the Sith.

Proudly display this Lightsaber on the included stand, with or without the removable blade

Crystal Baby Yoda

Swarovski Crystal Star Wars Baby Yoda

This Swarovski Baby Yoda must be from a galaxy far far away because it’s so out of this world!

This one is for the Star Wars fans with a more refined taste. The most glamorous of merchandise, this little Baby Yoda will sparkle and light up any room he is in. Not only does he look great, but he’s a great conversation starter, too!

Arc Star Floating Speaker

Arc Star Floating Speaker

Now, this is a cool gift! This sweet levitating speaker, modeled on the Death Star, is the height of awesome!

Not only does the base look super cool, but it also serves as a charging dock for your speaker, or your phone. The speaker itself can be used as a portable speaker and connects to Bluetooth, so you can play music through any smartphone.

R2-D2 Collectible Building Toy

LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Collectible Building Toy

This gift provides fun for the whole family! Delight in building and displaying this fantastically detailed LEGO brick model of the iconic R2-D2.

Not only does R2 look amazing once built, but he is also super realistic with features including retractable legs, a rotating head, opening, and extendable front hatches and adjustable periscope, plus a lightsaber hidden in a compartment in R2-D2’s head!

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Darth Vader Mask Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are the trend that we just love to hate! Just like Darth Vader, who is prominently displayed front and center. This could be an excellent gift for… your father.

This cozy Christmas sweater is made from 100% cozy cotton, so it will keep your loved ones especially snug this winter! Just to make sure that it is cold-washed to ensure it keeps its shape and fit for longer.

Death Star Tree Topper

Hallmark Keepsake Death Star Tree Topper

This is not just a gift, this is an experience! This amazing little Death Star Tree Topper provides a whole sound and light show!

Super easy to set up and use, simply connect this tree topper to the power adapter (included) for a continuous light effect. Press the button on the remote control or on the base of the tree topper to watch it illuminate and hear it play the iconic opening soundtrack of the Star Wars movies.

Star Wars Mug

Beeline Creative – Star Wars Mug

This adorable little ceramic mug is a great Star Wars gift for any occasion! It holds up to 16oz of any liquid, so feel free to fill it with tea, coffee, cocktails, or anything else your heart desires!

We know that Grogu has survived the Imperials before, so he can definitely survive the dishwasher, and the microwave, too!

Star Wars Paper Origami

Paint & Paper Craft – Star Wars Paper Origami

This incredible and eye-catching origami poster is the perfect gift to get a Star Wars-crazy pair of newly-weds.

Folded to look just like the ultimate romantic couple; Han Solo and Princess Leia, this gift speaks of everlasting love that overcomes all odds.

The glass-fronted frame is equipped to be wall-mounted or can be placed on a picture easel to have it free-standing. Simply enter the names of the couple, and their wedding date, in the comment box at checkout to create the perfectly-personalized gift!

Darth Vader Poster

Darth Vader Poster Canvas Art Poster

Now this one will give you a fright when you get up for that glass of milk in the night!

This incredible poster comes in six sizes, so you should definitely get the larger-than-life size, to ensure that Darth Vader is every bit as terrifying and commanding as he is in the films.

This canvas poster is sent rolled up in a tube, and does not include the frame, so, for the ultimate gift, make sure you have a wooden frame of the correct size ready to be fitted when your poster arrives.

Luke Skywalker Resin Bust

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Luke Skywalker Resin Bust

Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, this remarkable resin bust is a work of art that any Star Wars fan would be dying to get their hands on!

Based on Luke’s appearance during his final duel with Kylo Ren, this scene is just bursting with tension, and it is the perfect gift for all the action lovers out there! Imagine yourself in the pivotal moment of the movie, and fight alongside Luke in this iconic scene.

Star Wars Herb Grinder

Star Wars Herb Grinder

If you have any friend or family member who’s a huge Star Wars fan, there is no better gift you can get them than this herb and spice grinder! A unique and powerful Darth Vader grinder is truly unique and original!

This amazing herb grinder features razor-sharp teeth and a 3-piece design that will make sure your herbs are kept fresh inside so that you can enjoy tasty and fresh herbs every time!

Star Wars Logo Light

Paladone – Star Wars Logo Light

Bring light to The Dark Side with this fun and awesome Star Wars Logo Light!

Use this nightlight as a desk lamp, or on the nightstand by your bed. It’s a perfect way to illuminate your man cave, bedroom, baby nursery, toddler’s playroom, or themed home theatre!

This is officially licensed merchandise, so this cool collectible is a unique addition to any fan’s set.

Star Wars Print

Star Wars Darth Vader and Belle Print

This is for the friends who live in a fantasy world! Whether they are fans of Disney Princesses, or Star Wars villains, or both, they will love this super cool poster of a fictional dance between Belle and her new Beast.

This gift is perfect for a pair of newly-weds who are in the blissful and giddy stage of their romance.

Each poster is carefully packaged before shipping to ensure that it arrives to you safely, in time to be displayed or framed.

Darth Vader Cutting Board

Funny Darth Vader Cutting Board

This chopping board is the whole package! Not only is it great to look at, it is also functional, funny, and versatile! Use this to chop up herbs and vegetables, or to serve cheese (and bacon!) on for a delightful, Star Wars-themed party! Darth Vader and his little joke will have everyone cracking up in no time.

Carved out of bamboo and then printed with a precision laser, this fine gift will continue looking and working perfectly for a long time to come.

Darth Vader 1:2 Scale Bust

Star Wars: Darth Vader 1:2 Scale Bust

We featured the Luke Skywalker bust above- why not make it a set? Here is everybody’s favorite villain, now in your home at almost 17inches tall! This bust is based on Vader’s first appearance, and only 1000 of them have been made, so it is a classic collectible that any fan would love to have.

It also comes in a gorgeous, full-color box, so this gift is just ready to be given!

Star Wars Kitchen Accessories

Luxxis – Star Wars Gifts Kitchen Accessories

This is an amazing gift for any Star Wars fans who are just starting out in a new home.

This cool kitchen gift set comes with everything you need to make your cooking experience more enjoyable and fun, including bamboo cooking spoons, a Star Wars apron, and a double-sided dishwasher magnet, all inspired by your favorite galactic characters.

Also, all the accessories are made entirely of natural, organic bamboo wood, which is eco-friendly, durable, food-grade, and BPA-free. It’s a win/win!

The Mandalorian Waffle Maker

Uncanny Brands – Star Wars The Child Waffle Maker

This has got to be the cutest Star Wars merchandise yet! And it delights adults and children alike. Who doesn’t love a waffle?

This waffle maker is fun and easy to use! It has non-stick heating plates that are easy to clean as well as a regulating thermostat and weighted lid to ensure perfect browning, with dual indicator lights to let you know when your waffles are done! All the little grooves in your waffle are perfect for filling with syrup! Yum!

Star Wars Movie List T-Shirt

Star Wars – Rise Skywalker Movie List

These great tee-shirts are a gift for an ultimate fan, who has watched all of the movies more than once and still can’t get enough!

These tees are officially licensed by Star Wars Disney so you know the quality is going to be just great! Super soft to the touch, great to look at, and machine-washable- what more could anyone need?

Star Wars Crystal X-Wing Starfighter

Star Wars Crystal X-Wing Starfighter

It’s official! This is the sleekest Starfighter you’ll be able to find anywhere in the galaxy!

Choose the good guys, and join the Rebel Alliance! Proudly display your Rebel Starship anywhere in your home to remind you of the bravery of good men and women fighting for freedom. May it inspire you as you go about your day, and may the force be with you!

Star Wars Wisdom T-Shirt

Star Wars Men’s Words Of Wisdom T-Shirt

If your man loves Star Wars and is in need of some man-to-man wisdom, then this is the perfect gift for him!

This funny tee-shirt compiles all of the wise words of the men from the movies, and displays them all here in this great tee-shirt! Your man will soon be the center of the party, with everyone wanting to get a good look at his shirt to soak up some of those Star Wars smarts!

Luke Skywalker Crystal Figurine

Swarovski Star Wars – Luke Skywalker

If you have already added crystal Baby Yoda and the crystal rebel Starship to your shopping cart, then this stunning and elegant Luke Skywalker figurine will be the star of the collection!

The attention to detail on this figurine is just magnificent! From Luke’s blond hair and beige boots, to his glowing blue lightsaber. Swarovski Luke Skywalker can be proudly displayed anywhere in the house, and he will light up any room that he is in!

Yoda Best Dad Father’s Day T-Shirt

Star Wars Yoda Best Dad Father’s Day Men’s T-Shirt

Is there anything more that dads love more than a dad joke? How about a dad joke on a tee-shirt? make it Star Wars-themed, and BINGO! You have the perfect gift for your dad.

Not only will your dear old papa laugh every time he looks down and sees this awesome Yoda tee, but he will also think of you and feel happy and loved to know he has such a thoughtful kid. Let your dad know that you love him, and that he’s the best!

Star Wars Princess Leia Crystal Figurine

Swarovski Star Wars Princess Leia Crystal Figurine

If your boyfriend has watched Star Wars, then he definitely knows all about Princess Leia and her golden bikini! Whilst Swarovski is far too classy for bikini crystals, they have definitely succeeded in portraying the sass of Princess Leia’s nature. She is a strong and determined woman, and she proves again and again that she is magnificent.

If your boyfriend needs some reminding of a certain magnificent woman in his life, you can gift him this collectible Leia figurine.

The Mandalorian Hooded Bathrobe

Star Wars The Mandalorian Hooded Bathrobe

If your lady love is a fan of Star Wars and long, luxurious bubble baths, then she will absolutely love this cozy and adorable Baby Yoda bathrobe! Complete with a snuggly hood to keep her warm after washing her hair, this sweet bathrobe is so soft that she’ll feel like she’s getting a a hug from you every time that she puts it on.

Spoil your girlfriend any day of the year with this cute gift!

Star Wars Gifts For Kids

When you’re a kid, the whole world is new, and magical, and exciting! Now, imagine immersing yourself in a whole new galaxy, and a world of possibilities! These are some great gifts for kids who love the Star Wars franchise and love to play along with fantasy whenever they get the chance.

Find the perfect gift for your precious little one.

The Mandalorian Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Building Kit

Everybody loves LEGO! And what better than Star Wars LEGO?

This buildable model captures all the cute features of this hugely popular little Star Wars character, including a posable head, movable ears and an adjustable mouth for different expressions

Careful though! All of those tiny little pieces mean that this toy is only suitable for children who are 10 years or older.

Stuffed Plush Toy

The Child Baby Yoda Stuffed Plush Toy

This adorable and fluffy little Baby Yoda will be beloved by any small child (2 years and up).

Plus, you can create the perfect gift by customizing your furry friend with hundreds of unique outfits and accessories! You’ll find the perfect wardrobe to match any personality from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Create a really special toy for your special little someone to cherish for years to come!

Rey Figurine

Funko Pop! Star Wars: Across The Galaxy – Rey

Now, there’s no need to travel to Jakku to find the last Jedi, you can keep Rey at home with you!

This adorable little bobblehead will make any Star Wars lover smile, especially the fans of the more recent films. Rey is the last Jedi; a funny, fierce, brave, amazing young woman. She makes an excellent addition to any playroom, nursery, toy box, or dashboard.

Why not collect them all?

Star Wars Watch

Star Wars Kids’ Digital Display Watch

This super awesome Storm Trooper watch is not only a fun gift, but it is also educational!

This is a great first watch for any kiddos learning how to tell time, and it looks amazing, too! Star Wars is still as popular now as it was in the 80s, and it will be loved for generations to come. This watch is a thoughtful and sweet gift to let a small loved one know that you care.

Baby Yoda Travel Carrying Case

Baby Yoda Travel Carrying Case

This gift is ideal for Star Wars-themed parties, or just as a handy little companion for your little one.

This versatile Baby Yoda carrying case can be used to keep snacks, or trinkets, or crafts, or whatever your child needs!

This case also comes with a cool set of Mandalorian stickers, which your child can stick onto notebooks or juice bottles.

Star Wars Walkie Talkies

Star Wars Kylo Ren & First Order Trooper Walkie Talkies

These amazing Star Wars-themed walkie-talkies are the perfect gift to keep your children entertained for hours!

These fun and easy-to-use devices have a range of 500ft, so you can bring them with you to the beach, the park, or even in your own backyard!

Each walkie-talkie has a red push button on its side, making them easy to use right away. Batteries are not included, so make sure to stock up on some AAA batteries so that there is no interruption to play time.

Walkie Talkie Command Center

Star Wars Ep 9 Walkie Talkie Command Center

This is the ultimate gift for a kid who loves everything about Star Wars. This amazing walkie talkie command system will provide endless hours of fun!

Hit the center button to initiate over 45 different missions, and get help along the way from your trusty friends R2-D2 and Chewie! Simply push the right and left buttons to hear their distinctive voices.

Comes with two easy-to-use walkie-talkies which work within 500ft of each other.

Star Wars Nerf Gun

NERF Rival Star Wars Apollo XV-700 Blaster

Nerf gun with a twist! This one is an Empire Strikes Back version for all of those Star Wars kiddos out there!

Boba Fett was one of several bounty hunters recruited to track down the Millennium Falcon after the Battle of Hoth, and was the only one to prove successful. Now, your kid can enjoy pretending to be just like this awesome character from across the universe, because this 7-round gun also comes with a face mask and a patch just like Boba’s!

Galactic Action Figures

Star Wars Galactic Heroes Mega Mighties 3-Pack

Your young fans of the Star Wars movies can play pretend and have some epic battles across the galaxy with these awesome Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca toys.

These special Star Wars Galactic Heroes toys are sized right for young Jedis, and make great gifts for kids ages 3 and up.

Star Wars Night Light

Star Wars Night Light

What could be more awesomely Star Wars than a 3D hologram? This gift will thrill and delight users of all ages.

Your children will love lying in their beds at night watching the beautiful lights being shone on the wall, and they can even change the colours with their very own little remote control.

This amazing lamp can either be charged via USB, or loaded with 3AAA batteries.

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