26 Best Practical Gifts For Grandma That Shows You Care

practical gifts for grandma
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Scouting for the perfect practical gifts for grandma? The word ‘grandma’ often rings a bell of exciting and jolly childhood memories, where everything about life just felt better.

It goes without saying that grandmas make up a huge portion of our formative years and expend all their experience in parenthood on us.

As a way of saying ‘thank you’ to current and future grandmas, we’ve handpicked a slew of handy gifts to complement the cosy dwelling of any grandma! 

Cocktail and Margarita Machine

practical presents for grandma

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

You’re retired from work, not from life! And even better if your granny still enjoys the hubbub of the workspace, there’s no better way to finish off a day than with some lime elixir. This Cocktail Machine breaks the stereotypical image of the blanketed tea-drinking grandma.

Designed like a regular coffee machine, the cocktail machine brings barista-approved beverages to your grandmas’ home. It washes with minimal effort and is easy to operate thanks to its smart menu. Just pop in the capsule and enjoy! 

Heated Jacket

good practical gifts for grandma

ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

Taste, sight, hearing – nothing can escape the flux of time. As you get older, everything about you slows down – your vascular system included. That’s why, more often than not, your grandma complains of cold feet and wears a vest on top in early June.

The solution – a heated jacket. Coming in three practical colors, Ororo’s heating jackets warm the core areas of your body while providing comfort and an understated style.

And if safety is a worry, the fact that this is machine washable means it will protect your granny as it keeps her warm. And did we mention it comes with USB phone-charging ports? Weird to say that about a jacket, but definitely useful! 

Practical Floor Cleaner

useful gifts for grandma

iRobot Braava Jet M6 Ultimate Robot Mop

Aching back? Cracking joints? It’s time to save your grandma the hassle of housework and bless her with an automated housemaid. Doesn’t matter if you’re in tip-top shape, life today is more than keeping a spot-free floor or your carpets fresh.

So many of us are introducing dishwashers into our kitchens but keep wasting time mopping and vacuuming our living rooms. Braava’s robot mop blends seamlessly in your life with its smart water jet technology that sends sticky spots to oblivion and ultra-smart selective cleaning software. 

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

best practical gifts for grandma

Godiva Chocolatier Gold Ballotin

36 pieces of mouth-watering and cocoa-rich masterpieces of modern-day chocolate craftsmanship. Even paramours of savory snacks can’t resist the sweet pull of a chic chocolatier.

Praline, mint, dark ganache, and a wild mingle of other tastes to tingle your granny’s tastebuds are encased in charming shapes which make this literal eye candy. 

Handmade Wool Slippers

handmade practical gifts for great grandma

BureBure Ladies Slip On Wool Slippers

Now that’s more grandma-like. Coming in at No. 5 are the wool slippers that snug your granny’s feet and soothe her aching toes. Based in lovely Lithuania, BureBure stands with both feet in the esteemed European felt-making tradition.

Crafted with premium materials, this pair marries excellent slip-resistant technology with a cushiony design to deliver a relaxing and slippage-free experience! 

Cheese Making Kit

useful gifts for new grandma

Country Trading – Deluxe Cheese Making Kit

Lactose tolerant? An ideal gift for grandmas who wish to mix up some homemade cheese but have neither the equipment nor space at hand. The Camembert and Brie cheese kit turns any foodie into a cheese guru. It’s easy as following the colorful 82-page booklet packed with recipes and cheese-making techniques.

And to keep your ingredients steaming fresh, coupons for culture and ingredients are included. Once your granny sets out on her cheesy journey, the only thing left is to redeem the coupons and have the products delivered at her doorstep. 

Air Fryer

useful christmas gifts for grandma

COSORI Air Fryer Max

Cardiac health is no joke at any age, but it gets notoriously risky once you pass a certain threshold. It is common knowledge that high cholesterol is the leading culprit of poor health among the elderly, so why not jump over the statistic with an Air Fryer!

The engineers at Cosori have designed a clean and simple air frying machine that uses 85% less oil. comes with 100 original air fryer recipes to keep your granny inspired! 

Foot Massager

Miko Foot Massager

Down with painkillers and expensive masseurs, meet the Miko Foot Massager! As it gets tougher and tougher to bend down for a foot rub, an automated foot masseur becomes a necessity for a healthy and happy life.

Relaxing the calves, heels, ankles, and providing an exquisite Shiatsu massage for a change. This masseur is hands down a life saver for anyone afraid to step and walk confidently. 

Christmas Teapot

practical christmas gifts for grandma

Cosmos Gifts Santa’s Village Ceramic Teapot

Raise your hand if at least once your granny has welcomed you with a hot pot of herbal potion. Both on the seasonal and budget side, a festive pot like this one will easily grace her kitchen shelf.

Little say on this one, other than to praise its robust ceramic construction and stunning design that adds a cosy touch to any kitchen space.

Temperature Control Electric Kettle

thoughtful gifts for grandma

Fellow – Electric Pour-Over Kettle

In the same line of gift ideas we find the Fellow Stagg kettle. On it outside it flatters the eye with its minimalistic and clean look. However, this particular kettle packs in some serious engineering punch.

The fluted spout and ergonomic handle encourage a spill-free and smooth pour-over experience. Achieve the ultimate to-the-degree control thanks to the temp toggle and the built-in timer.

No matter if it’s a tech-savvy grandma we are talking about or a complete philistine. It doesn’t take an expert to reach the perfect brew-making process with Fellow. 

Le Creuset Cast Iron Pot

best useful gifts for grandma

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Casserole

Even if she never was a kitchen sorceress, the minute a woman becomes a grandma she receives cosmic knowledge of everything grandma-related. Cooking included.

Easy cooking requires, above all else, good equipment. If you want to save your grandma extra headaches and a high electricity bill, consider a highly durable and all-compatible casserole. It goes well on all types of cookers, ceramic included and is crazy efficient. 

Premium Wine Purifier

useful gifts for great grandma

Ullo Wine Purifier

We have reviewed wine aerators before, and think this is an excellent addition to your modern decanter. Wine’s deep scarlet tint has always been culturally and scientifically linked to a healthy heart.

But stay put as we reveal to you that wine sulfites are to blame for your banging morning headaches. To avoid future alcoholic torture, the dishwashable wine purifier by Ullo is a handy tool suited for any occasion – casual or celebrational drinking. 

Hot Dog Maker

retro useful gifts for grandma

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Hot Dog Roller

Tired of hearing ‘back in my day’ stories? Here’s a gift-idea that will blast your granny directly into the past. The counter-top Hot Dog roller can cook 8 wieners and warm 6 buns at once! It’s reminiscent of the vintage Hot Dog stands we’re used to seeing in movies and makes a charming, functional piece of memorabilia. 

Temperature Control Smart Mug

useful birthday gifts for great grandma

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

A cutting-edge kettle like the one featured moments ago can’t go without a cutting-edge mug. In a single charge, the Ember Smart Mug maintains even coffee temperature for nearly two hours.

And the good news is, it looks just like a regular mug. It’s scratch-resistant, easy to hand wash, and goes into sleep mode once you’re done

Christmas Cookies Jar

thoughtful useful gifts for grandma

Cosmos Gifts Ceramic Santa’s Village Cookie Jar

If you’re looking to bundle that Christmas pot from number 9 above then the Cookie Factory Christmas Jar is your bang on choice. It comes in deep vibrant Christmas colours, and, just like the pot, is solidly crafted to keep your cookies safe for years on end. 

Silly Grandmother Birthday Gifts

thoughtful presents for grandma

Unique Grandmother Mug & Wine Glass Holder

Make her add a few drops of humor every time she reaches for a glass or mug. Rather a thoughtful than a practical gift to say the least, the mug and glass wood holder is a great last-minute gift idea fitting for any occasion. 

Grandma Recipe Cookbook Holder

practical kitchen gifts for grandma

Grandma Recipe iPad & Cookbook Holder

Don’t confine the functionality of this fine piece of wood to a mere cookbook holder. Weather your granny’s old-fashioned or is down with tech, the engraved cutting board secures both tablets and cookbooks alike. It keeps one’s screen spot-free and shelters your hardbacks away from stains. 

Indoor Smart Garden

thoughtful gifts for great grandma

Click and Grow Smart Garden

A similar product we’ve reviewed here, Click and Grow’s smart garden features a system dedicated for in-door growth regardless of the season.

Right after you unbox, fill in the reservoir and you’re good to go. Whatever your granny’s favourite floral or herbal plant is, the wide gamut of 50 pre-seeded pods is catered for any taste and home! 

Automatic Can Opener

thoughtful gifts for new grandma

Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Can Opener

Flimsy joints and feeble muscles too weak to open a can of beans? Bringing joy and wisdom to the household is no light chore, so it’s normal for mundane tasks to become heavy challenges.

For that reason, Hamilton’s can opener slices through any hard shell and smoothens the edges while at it. It only takes a tap of a button for a pop-top or a regular can to open up!

Power Lift Massage & Heat Recliner Sofa

thoughtful christmas gifts for grandma

Mcombo Power Lift Massage and Heat Recliner Sofa

How are you not getting goosebumps just by looking at it?! It screams comfort and softness. Coming in a gray and coffee color, the MCombo recliner chair boasts of a wide array of features – most notably: one lumbar heating point, eight vibrating spots allowing full-body vibration, and a USB charging port. Spoil your grandma by gifting the only remedy her body needs! 

Wine Making Kit

practical gifts for great grandma

Craft a Brew Wine Making Home Kit

You’re beginning to sense a pattern here, we can tell! By the end of this list your grandma will be in charge of full wine-making set. If by any chance you were not aware, grandmas go nuts over homemade stuff.

With this elegant wine kit, your grandma will be an expert vintner in no time. The kit encases all the ingredients and tools required for producing 1 gallon of home-made wine. Simply follow the in-box guide and kick back as you wait your foaming red liquor. 

Travel Pillow

best practical travel gifts for grandma

Trtl Travel Pillow

Grandmas often get the rep for being chair-ridden most of the time due to age, but those who can still pilgrim here and there have the chance to calm a sore neck or back. Introducing the travel pillow, a gift we’ve shown to be appreciated by all ages.

The slumber accessory combines soft fleece and additional cushioning for extra neck support, so your granny’s neck will never slouch!

Wool Throw Blanket

unique practical gifts for grandma

Pendleton Yakima Camp Striped Throw Blanket

Dovetailing the travel pillow is the Pendleton wool blanket. Known for their premium make and distinctive cowboy style, a Pendleton blankets are crafted for both indoor and outdoor environments. Bring it to a picnic, dry clean it, and it’s good to go into bed. 

Electric Fondue Melting Pot

great practical presents for grandma

NutriChef Cheese/Chocolate Electric Fondue Melting Pot

Here’s an off-the-wall, but practical, cooking gift. What separates the fondue cooker from the rest is the fun and pro-like cooking experience it brings to the table. Your granny will now melt not only cheese but chocolate on her afternoon tea meetups.

And in case you wonder, it’s grandma-proof – countertop safe and easily adjustable with a reduced number of buttons. Only thing left to do after dinner is take out and rinse the Teflon bowl inside.

Smokeless Grill indoor Grill

useful birthday presents for grandma

Techwood Smokeless Grill indoor Grill

Keeping things indoors, we arrive at the Smokeless Indoor Grill. This piece of advanced grilling tech contains a hidden fan aiming at reducing fumes output and minimize grill smoke pollution.

Food slides directly onto the drip tray which your granny places inside the dishwasher alongside the grill plate, so cleaning it feels like a breeze! 

Personalized Cutting Board

practical kitchen christmas presents for grandma

Personalized by Name Cutting Board

Behold, the ultimate practical gift for grandma. A tested classic and a necessity in every kitchen space. Qualtry gives you the chance to add a pinch of personality in what’s considered to a be a somewhat trivial gift.

Before you click and buy, you select from a wide variety of styles and fonts that will match your granny’s kitchen interior. So each time she sits down to slice, her own or her loved ones’ names will follow her along the way! 

Found the perfect practical gift for your grandma? At Quokkadot you’ll find endless lists of articles tailored to all ages and characters. Browse freely until you set your heart on the ideal piece!

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