30 Best Presents For Grown Up Daughters That Show Your Love

presents for grown up daughters
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A little birdie has left the nest and is entirely on her own! The life of a grown-up daughter is fraught with challenges but still holds the unmatched glamour of youth. As a young person, she will most likely decline any offer for help.

Yet, there are subtle and thoughtful ways to express your motherly or fatherly care towards your daughter without going in her way. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our list of presents for your grown up daughters.

Willow Tree Sculpture

gift ideas for grown up daughters

Willow Tree New Life

Vets and teachers are among the most popular careers with little girls, but at least once we’ve seen a young lass cradling a baby doll. If your daughter wishes for a family of her own, but feels underprepared or unready, a simple willow figurine like this one will keep her dream bright until the proper times has come.

And the good news is – it’s super discreet. It speaks directly and only to the recipient. To others, it’s just part of the furniture and this figurine makes a sentimental gift for grown up daughters.

Swarovski Earring

birthday gift ideas for grown up daughters

Swarovski Symbolic Moon Earring

A pair of radiant ear jewels by a world-famous jewel craftsman. Swarowski’s jewelry for decades has captured the hearts of women of all ages, and it’s exactly the elegance and youthful charm of earrings like these that make it a safe gift to give. Inspired by the deep night sky, this pair of suspended crystals will grace the ears of your lady at night and day!

Moon Lamp Night Light

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Doptika Engraved Moon Lamp Night Light

A while back we briefly mentioned a radio lamp in our ’ gifts for 20 somethings female’ article which, no matter how practical, can’t hold a candle of originality to our environmentally-friendly moon lamp.

By adopting 3D printing technology, DOPTIKA has designed an easy-to-use bedside lamp. Just use the vibration controls to switch between the white and yellow glows the lamp offers. It’s an excellent gift to show that you love your daughter to the moon and back. 

Zodiac Necklace

Zodiac Necklace With Birthstone

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that zodiacs never ceased to engage the minds of people on the lookout for a cosmic relationship.

If your daughter holds firm beliefs in this cosmic energy that governs our behaviour, consider picking a beautifully engraved zodiac necklace. It is made to last, created from high-quality 14k gold that will keep your daughter’s skin safe and beautify her neck! 

Kate Spade Watch

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Kate Spade New York Watch

Life is time-sensitive and often we base our judgement of others on how well they handle time. That’s why for over a century, the watch is a symbol of reliability and trustworthiness.

For daughters who have many responsibilities on their shoulders or just can’t leave the house without a wrist jewel, your search for the perfect gift for your grown-up daughter ends here. A clean three-arrow watch face of Nacre and slight indexes of gold is ready to meet your daughter’s delicate hand. 

Keepsake Gift Jar to Daughter

presents for grown up daughters from dad

KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar to Daughter

If you ask us, a kind word coming out of those we most love is the epitomal sign of care. However, we’ve grown accustomed to the idea of gift giving and not coming empty-handed.

The reconciling solution is KindNotes’ keepsake jar that you’ll fill with the most sincere and loving messages you have saved for your daughter. Your love will be kept in a colourful splash-art jar that will meet her sight whenever she enters the room! 

Smart Speaker

what to get grown daughter for christmas

Echo Dot 4th Gen

Bring the future in your daughter’s home with Echo Dot – an innovate product by Amazon! Speakers are as ubiquitous as ever, with pretty much every young person carrying one in their backpack or purse. It’s the perfect travel companion but also a smart way to liven up your home.

Amazon Echo will prompt Alexa, a smart voice assistant, anytime your daughter has a question or request, and will also pair with and control any smart device she may have – lights, thermostats, door locks and more! 

Personalized Name Necklace

personalize gift ideas for grown up daughters

AJ`s Collection Personalized Custom Name Necklace

A gift idea as old as time, but as good as gold. Name necklaces continue to adorn the necks of both men and women ever since their inception in 1980s. You can either investigate what’s your recipient’s favorite name or go old-school and choose the recipient’s very name for the necklace.

The 14k gold plate will make sure not to irritate the skin and cause allergies, and on top of that – you can choose between a range of lengths spanning from 14 to 24 inches. 

Hand Cream Collection

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La Chatelaine Deluxe Hand Cream Collection

The media space is flooded with celebrity-endorsed brands – Chanelle, Paco Rabanne, Gucci and the like. But contrary to those brand goliaths, La Chatelaine relies solely on its uncompromising quality that has been lauded by Oprah Winfrey herself back in 2018.  

Encased in this beautiful tin come 12 of La Chatelaine’s most popular travel hand lotions: lemon verbena, gardenia pear, coconut milk, shea, sweet almond, rose acadia, cinnamon orange, passion fruit, and more! Each contains 20% organic shea butter, vitamin E and argan oil, and is entirely plant-based. 

Fitbit Inspire

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Fitbit Inspire

Modern times are so dominated by junk and GMO food that stricter diets and regular exercise is getting evermore normalised (which is a good thing!) If your daughter is big on tracking her health and prioritizes punctuality, then Fitbit’s fitness band packs in both!

On the outside it looks like a regular smart watch, but in reality, it helps you measure your heart rate, calorie burn, REM cycles. It’s water resistant to up to 50 meters and lasts a full 5 days on a single charge! 

Heart Locket Necklace

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Lifetime Jewelry Antique Heart Locket Necklace

Rumours have told us that the great general and statesman Napoleon I kept close a picture of his beloved Josephine to his heart – off and in battle.

If your daughter is an expectant mother or a newly-wed wife, a 32mm locket is the perfect treasure chest to keep the pics of your beloved ones in. And since the company’s name is Lifetime Jewelry, they have made a life-long commitment to their name by offering a lifetime replacement guarantee. 

Personalized Handwriting Bracelet

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Custom Handwriting Bracelet

Dovetailing the customizable necklace from a few moments ago is this handwriting bracelet by CaitlynMinimalist. Simply send a sample of your recipient’s handwriting and expect an elegant, 18k Sterling Silver, Gold or Rose Gold bracelet in the mail.

Immortalise your daughter’s handwriting and let it get passed down the ages. Or, instead, give a bracelet of your own handwriting which will echo memories of you wherever she is! 

Self-Cleaning and Insulated Water Bottle

useful christmas gifts for grown up daughters

LARQ Bottle – Self-Cleaning and Insulated Water Bottle

Larq has made an appearance before in our lists, but could you blame us considering the amazing practicality of Larq bottles. It is specially designed to eliminate all types of bacteria by utilizing UV, non-toxic, mercury-free UV-C LED technology.

In a matter of minute, your daughter will have clean drinking water on the spot! The double-wall vacuum keeps cold water cold for up to 24 hours and hot water hot for 12. No swappable filters and rechargeable via MicroUSB – just add water, wait 60 secs, and your good to go! 

Do It Yourself Pendant Kit

custom birthday gift for daughter

Custom Silver Fingerprint Pendant Kit

Here’s a very neat and quite unconventional DIY gift idea for your grown up daughter – a custom fingerprint pendant kit. Doctors take a sample of our fingerprints the minute we arrive in this wide world, but many of us either forget or don’t know where our parents keep them.

To recreate this beautiful moment of life, Precious Metal Prints offers its customers a straightforward kit to take their fingerprints with. After 3 to 4 weeks, your silver pendants are up and ready to be hanged on the 18 inch sterling chain included in the kit! 

Yoga Mat

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Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Before your yoga attire comes the yoga mat as the most integral part of your yoga equipment. Manduka’s advanced closed-cell surface keeps away sweat from slipping into the mat cushion. No need for serious hand or machine washing, just a light wipe after which you carefully roll it.

It comes in a wide gamut of eye-soothing colours since your daughter will be staring at it for quite some time. Whether she’s a keen sportswoman or has no clue about yoga, a yoga mat is a good incentive to take care of your body! 

Personalized Fleece Blanket

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Personalized to Our Daughter Gift Letter Fleece Blanket

Nothing hits like a cozy blanket after an exhausting day of work. On some days, the only thing your drained body would crave is a snuggle under a soft, relaxing blanket. So why not make a memorable personalize gift out of it by entrusting AZPersonalised to imprint your daughter’s name on it!

Coming in three sizes – small, medium, and large – the blanket is doubles as a functional part of the interior. Surprise your daughter with a sentimental gift that will keep her warm and safe in cold, stormy nights!

Check out this list of sentimental gift ideas that we handpicked for your daughter.

Wireless Earphones

xmas gifts for grown up daughters

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

People who love Fitbit’s wristband tread the same ground as those who will love the Powerbeats Pro. Designed by one of the world’s most boundary-pushing tech company, this pair of wireless headphones is here to endure any kind of intense workout and give up to 9 hours of listening time.

Sleek, compatible with Android and IOS, and water resistant! There’s no audiophile or fitness maniac who hasn’t heard of Beats and their renowned quality!

Smart Facial Cleansing

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Foreo Luna 3 Smart Facial Cleansing

An item you may have noticed already. The smart facial cleanser appeals to every type of woman of any age. While it is good for keeping your pores open and your face spot free, its anti-aging effect is a quality every woman striving to keep her youthful look goes mad over.

 It is the perfect to tool to take on a trip or under the shower. Use it with or without extra moisturisers – beauty is a choice and is in your hands!

Bedside Lamp + Bluetooth Speaker

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Marrado Bedside Lamp + Bluetooth Speaker

Now here’s something that’s taken directly out of a sci-fi movie. A lamp, that’s also a speker, that’s also a charging doc. A jack of all trades to say the least, this desk lamp emits soothing light from its ring as it plays your daughter’s favorite hits.

Its  modern beauty will blend with any interior, plus it is ultra handy whenever your daughter loses charging brick since it triples as a charging dock for up to 3 devices. 

Sentimental Jewelry Music Box

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Cottage Garden Jewelry Music Box

Give a heart-melting gift with this delicate, wooden music box. You can slide a photo of you and your daughter right in the front, so every time she wishes to play the ‘You Light Up My Life’ tune preinstalled in the box, her eyes will be met by a touching memory of you!  

Funny Coffee Mug

funny presents for grown up daughters

Go Away Funny Glass Coffee Mug

Does your daughter have a hard time catching up speed early in the morning? Does she need a cup of strong java down the engine to be propelled into the world of adults? This funny coffee mug out of tempered glass is here to warn random intruders when to stay away and when it’s safe to approach. 

Unicorn and Message in a Bottle

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Cute Unicorn and Message in a Bottle

Adult doesn’t mean the end of the child inside. Some of us go on to stay juvenile and bubbly until our setting days. For a girl who’s made of sugar, spice, and everything nice we have an adorable message in bottle.

Like a message in a ought to do, it carries a personalized messaged for your special daughter! She can put it on a shelf or a bedside table. There’s nothing like bringing back childhood memories of pink flowery dresses and long sunny afternoons.

Zodiac Symbols Crystal Pendant

beautiful christmas presents for grown up daughters

Swarovski Women’s All Zodiac Symbols Crystal Pendant

If gold is not up your daughter’s alley, then a Swarovski white crystal necklace will fit her most perfectly. Crafted with the type of care only the craftspeople at Swarovski are capable of, this necklace is here to last.

With a mixture of metals and fine crystals, the best way to proudly carry your zodiac sign without manifesting it too much is by choosing Swarovski’s rich line of zodiacal jewelry.

If your daughter is around 30 years old, then you definitely want to check out these gift ideas for your daughter.


unique gift ideas for grown up daughters

Fossil Women’s Rachel Satchel Purse Handbag

Fossil’s collection of budget-friendly but super stylish and durable watches took the world by storm and it’s hard to see a young lady or gentleman not rocking one. But rarely do we catch someone carrying around a Fossil purse.

Fossil has come a long way in order to achieve an amazing congruity of quality across all of their products, meaning that this canvas bag is as practical, as affordable, and as stylish as their world-known watch pieces. 

Latest Phone

luxury christmas presents for grown up daughters from dad

 Apple iPhone

It’s pointless to explain why iPhones are so hot right now and probably will be in the far future. As technology marches at an unprecedented pace, it is impossible to choose a device among the hundreds of models and brands.

Thankfully, iPhone answers all questions clueless parents may have. An excellent camera that sets the industry standard, excellent screen, strong battery, killer design, clear audio – it’s all in there. A safe bet and a must-have item of any person who experiences life to the fullest. 


best gift ideas for grown up daughters

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Do we need to linger on this one for too long? Ray-Bans are a staple of fine and trendy glassware, and continue to define the fashion industry.

However, their unisex design is not just here to make your face pretty, but also to shield you against the dangerous UV rays. Choose between a rich selection of frames that will fit your style and personality, and hope for sunny days.   

Daughter Necklace

good birthday gift ideas for grown up daughters

Daughter Necklace

If neither of the zodiac necklaces are your daughter’s cup of tea, then we hope a more neutral alternative will do. Forged out of 18k gold and 925 sterling silver, this necklace represents three axiomatic mountains which will empower your daughter whenever she faces obstacles in her walk of life.

Birthstone Birthday Gift Necklace

sentimental gift ideas for grown up daughters

Dear Ava – Birthday Gift Necklace

An even subtler way of flexing your birthday month without exposing your zodiac sign is by wearing your birthstone! Peridot, Topaz, Emerald – whatever your daughter’s birthday is there’s a stone that correlates to her birthday month.

Birthstones are believed to contain healing and magical powers! Just like Opal which is known for its protective qualities against spiritual breakdowns.

3D Engraved Tower Crystal

personalize presents for a grown up daughter

Crystal Clear Memories – 3D Engraved Tower Crystal

The great gift idea of presents for grown up daughters who have either married or will celebrate an upcoming anniversary. This is the type of gift that just speaks for itself. It’s best suited for exceptional milestones and achievements of love!

You can even add a message of up to 60 characters to further accentuate the fine engraving. Anyone who wishes to capture a moment in time entirely will agree a 3D engraving does the job better than anything else.

Sentimental Picture Frame

best daughter gifts from dad

Daughter Gifts from Mom or Dad Picture Frame

Lo and behold – we’ve arrived at our final gift in our ‘presents for grown up daughters’ list. At hand we have a classic and tested expression of parent affection. Picture frames for a long time have been regarded as the paramount of gifts – easy to buy and easy to receive.

Nobody has ever complained of a picture frame, especially when it’s this thoughtful and charming. Made of pure paulownia wood and coming in three fresh nuances, once this picture frame is put on shelf it won’t flinch even for a second against the test of time.

So what do you think of Quokkadot’s Presents For Grown Up Daughters list? Some of these are clear no-brainers which anyone could’ve come up with while others, we can bet, you haven’t even heard of. Visit our website for more inspiring gift ideas catered to all ages, characters, and occasions!

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