24 Best Retirement Gifts For Police Officers To Appreciate Their Work

retirement gifts for police officer
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The last year or so has been overwhelming for police staff. Statues were toppled, streets were rioting, and officers had to monitor if everyone followed the newly implemented health rules.

To say that the life of a police officer is tense is an understatement. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make your friend’s crossing of the blue line properly celebrated.

No time for hesitation, our Retirement Gifts For Police Officers list is here to provide the most fitting gift ideas

Police Officer’s Decanter

retirement gifts for a police officer

Police Officer’s Decanter – Globe Decanter

We’ve made a brief mention of this decanter in our Gifts For Firefighters Gifts, and, lo and behold, here’s the police edition of it.

Following the link will do you just as good as reading the following description: 1000ml decanter crafted out of fine crystal glass that is held by a hand-crafted oak base.

In similar fashion to the firefighter decanter, this one features a police badge. Abstinence is under arrest and Fun has been bailed out! 


best retirement gifts for cops

Citizen Men’s Thin Blue Line Watch Chronograph

Policeman work requires courage and split-second decision making. Punctuality sits firmly in the core qualities of a policeman.

If you happen to know a policeman who is on the nose of every event, a thin blue line watch may be his cup of tea.

Made of Stainless Steel and displaying a mineral typeface, this silver beauty can take a dive for up to 200 meters and is powered by solar quartz! 

Funny Retire Police Mug

funny retirement gifts for police officers

LiliWair – Retired Police Officer Mug

What’s a police officer without his trademark cup full of coffee (and maybe a sugar glazed donut to go with it). Don’t lose on your gift’s catchiness just because you wanted to go practical.

Have the best of both worlds with a mug made of orca ceramics that is not only durable but will come fresher than before every time you put it through the dishwasher. 

Foot Massager

retirement gifts for retired police officers

Simple Being – Heated Foot Massager Electric

Now we’re talking. If this isn’t a gift everybody will sign up for!

Coming in three colors, the foot massager features moving roller balls, multiple heating, air compression, deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage with rotation ball, rolling stick, and vibration knots!

Sheesh, that’s a mouthful, but it’s all worth it after years of pushing down the clutch pedal and running after dips and dealers. 

Personalize Police Officer Poster

personalized retirement gifts for police officers

Personalized Police Officer Wall Decor

We meet the thin blue line again but this time around it’s displayed on a large canvas.

Choose the size your friend might be happy with: 10 x 8, 14×11, 16×12, 20×16, 36×24, or 48×32. Make a thoughtful present with your bud’s name on it as you guys celebrate his resign into long days of pleasure and hard-earned rest!

Police Officer Retirement T-Shirt

ideas for retirement gift for police officer

Blue Line Police Officer Retirement Gift T-Shirt

Legends return, retire, but never die. Here’s a simple gift idea for friend who doesn’t take his retirement too bitterly and can make a good laugh out of it.

Made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, this t-shirt is nothing to write home about, other than the fact that it comes in 4 other solid colors you can choose from! 

Whiskey Rocks Glass

unusual retirement gifts for police officers

.308 Authentic Bullet Whiskey Rocks Glass

I promise you, there is a handsome batch of alcohol related gifts on this list. I mean, you are free to drink as much as you want after retirement.

If you are looking for a good bundle, we suggest garnishing the decanter from earlier with this special bullet glass.

This piece of glassware has been designed with an embedded American bullet that will remind your friend of his service even if he hasn’t even shot a single round in his life. A toast to him if he hasn’t! 

Personalized Police Badge

retirement present for a police officer

PicturesOnGold – Saint Michael Personalized Police Badge

Although officer get to keep their badges after retirement, it’s not a bad idea pamper your friend with a 10 or even 14k of gold.

Sculpted into the shape of a police badge, you get to choose what type of gold to give: 10k white or gold, 14k white or gold, or perhaps go for the sterling silver version. In reality, police badges aren’t worn on uniforms.

However, it isn’t a crime to wear on as a badge of pride and honour to your brave career choice. 

Personalized Retirement Gift Plaque

best police retirement gifts

Personalized Thin Blue Line Police Officer Retirement Gift Plaque

Midway our gift list comes quite the peculiar gift.

Instead of the standard 3D engraved crystal cubes Quokakdot usually offers, we’ve turned our eyes on a prism that will display in  3D a complimentary message honouring your friend’s long years of sacrifice and perilous duty!

The deep etching on the glass will give you the visceral feeling in your hand as you hold it and the blue motifs just speak Blue Lives Matter.

Thin Blue Line Flag Wall Decor

customise retirement gifts for police officers

Pretty Perfect Studio Thin Blue Line Flag Wall Decor

You can safely expect Firemen Gifts to have their Policeman equivalent. Coming in at 10×20, 12×36, 20×40, or 20×60 inches, Pretty Perfect’s canvas allows you to personalize this canvas wall piece with your pal’s name.

For background they’ve chosen the police flag, obviously, which will tell any visitor that this is a policeman’s living room and there’s no room for fooling around. 

Hot Sauce Making Kit

unique retirement gifts for police officers

Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit

A break from all the police-themed gifts and a breath of hot air. Using only 5thgeneration peppers and spice blends, this supreme hot sauce making kit offer gourmet blends and ingredients that will make your BBQ dishes worthy of world-wide recognition.

Use the provided ancho pasillas, chipotle, habanero and ghost peppers to stir some creamy hotness by following the cookbook inside!

Police Woman Statue

retirement gifts for female police officers

Veronese Design – Police Woman Statue

Now don’t you think this list is exclusively male centred! The Hot Sauce kit, whiskey glass, foot massager, and pretty much every other gift on this list is fitting for the ladies just as well.

However, this statue is reserved just for the female section of law enforcement. It pays homage to female bravery that is only now getting its due recognition and representation.

Praise your female law enforcer friend with the respect she deserves after years of risking her life. 

Retirement Bottle Opener

what is a good retirement gift for a police officer

Retirement Keychain and Bottle Opener

Rarely do we get a keychain for a gift recommendation, but this one deserves your attention. It looks solid, stylish, and doesn’t overtly say ‘ALCOHOL’.

The deep engraving gives you a solid grip when cracking open a cold one with your buds and the lettering will put a nice grin on your friend’s face each time he or she reaches for it. 

Funny Retirement Mug

what to buy a retired police officer

Funny Retirement Gifts for Men Women

Another mug on our list? Put down your scroll wheel, stranger, this one is so hot you can’t miss it.

Emerging from the blazing heat of the pottery furnace are three types of mugs catering to taste of ladies and gents.

As your recipient reveals the gift guests will peer from side and giggle under their noses! 

Personalized Police Name Art

retirement gifts for law enforcement officers

Law Enforcement Officer – Personalized LEO Police Name Art

Can’t run away from canvases – it’s the tough, bitter truth. Get a 6.5×18, 9.5×26, or a 13.5×32.5 framed canvas with your friend’s name on it. But this one is no ordinary name print.

This one takes firearms and popular police inventory and writes your name with them! And the best part? Letters don’t repeat even once.

But be warned: your friend’s name can’t exceed 11 letters, so make sure you’re not typing in an entire phone book when you’re ordering it! 

Personalize Blanket

good retirement gifts for police officers

Personalize Pretty Perfect Studio Thin Blue Line Blanket

Arriving from Pretty Perfect’s design studio is another name-print gift idea. Choose between sizes 50×60 and 60×80. Made of polar fleece and Sherpa this customizable blanket will keep you warm in the upcoming autumn season.

And yes, it showcases the thin blue line flag at the front. After you type in the name you have in mind, Pretty Perfect will ask you to review the name because once you hit ‘send’ there’s no turning back! 

Cocktail and Margarita Machine 

what do you get a retired police officer

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine

For the regular visitors of Quokkadot this gift idea will be nothing new under the sun, but for the newcomers – sit back and listen. Working on the principle of coffee makers, this tabletop margarita maker uses capsules to brew your alcoholic ambrosia.

It’s simple as making coffee, and you get to choose among a plethora of flavours – Rum Breeze, Sex on the Beach, Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmopolitan, and many more. Who said police officers had to be tough as nails? Make those tall glasses clank and rooms cheer! 

Funny Retirement Mug

funny retirement gift ideas for police officers

Funny Retirement Mug

If the last two mugs weren’t your cup of tea we hope you don’t give up on the gift idea but consider this ceramic piece of craftsmanship and witty humour.

The mug expresses what retirement is all about and isn’t confined just to the Police occupation.

Retirement is the closing chapter in one’s professional life but doesn’t have to upsetting. You have all this free time to yourself, so make the most of it! 

Smart Speaker

what to get a retiring police officer

Sonos Move – Smart Speaker

Here’s a sensible gift that works for you even if you have stumbled upon this article by chance. It’s easy to set up – using the Sonos app, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and even has Amazon Alexa built in.

Your friends will enjoy up to 11 hours of continuous, deep, and clear play time. And for those who like to sip margaritas while reclining in their chairs and listening to their jams, the speaker comes with an ISP6 rating which means  you can spill some water over it, put it under some extreme weather conditions and it will still work as new. 

Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

retirement gift ideas for female police officers

Yummly – Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Who said Police Officers can’t be foodies! A meat thermometer lets you know when to reduce the heat of your oven and if you’ve taken it too early out of the pan.

Thanks to cutting edge tech, this one functions with a Bluetooth app that you install on your smartphone. Beyond that, it’s a piece of cake setting this up.

The app assistant allows you to choose between fish, different types of meat, and poultry, making guesswork a worry of the past. 

Police Officer Medallion Desktop Box

best retirement gifts for police officers

Allied Frame – US Police Officer Medallion Desktop Box

I wouldn’t suggest waiting for someone’s birthday to give him or her this fine medallion box. Made of solid Mahogany, the felt padded bottom is meant to keep your friend’s medals for bravery and outstanding achievements safe.

It’s even suited for vets whose service has just expired and it’s time they devote their time to family, friends, and unmonitored fun time! 

Thin Blue Line Mug

what to get a retired police officer

Thin Blue Line – Blue Lives Matter

And finally, our final mug-inspired gift idea – a blue lines matter mug. It’s as simple as you can imagine.

If the police officer you’re visiting is a mere acquaintance (and a well-known for that matter) we suggest buying one of these.

It’s super clean, risk-free, and, if you’re in luck, you’ll be paid back with a smile. 

Beer Dispenser

retirement presents for police officers

FIZZICS – DraftPour Beer Dispenser

I really don’t know what cops are drinking besides coffee. FIZZICS’ newest home beer dispenser with their original, patented foam technology.

Not to mention that it comes with new features like a USB power cable. Enhance what’s otherwise a very mundane activity with FIZZICS microfoam technology and fizziness that not bar can replicate!

Police Officer Wine Bottle Holder

retirement gift ideas for police officers

Upscale Innovations – Police Officer Wine Bottle Holder

Weird? Yes! Unexpected? Double Yes! It’s not just the shape of this holder that dazzles its users, but the vacuum pump and foil cutter that it’s equipped with which stun those who just expect a unique bottle holder.

It measures at 12x6x3.5, so no excuses that your friends can’t find space for it. It’s an absolute kitchen gem that even makes for a funny gift for any occasion! 

Retired Police Officer Shirt

retirement gifts for police officers uk

Retired Police Officer Shirt

And we’re closing with a rather simple gift that comes in 3 solid colors – black, navy, and heather –  and in binary sizes. You’ve seen the picture – what is there to say about it.

Won’t cause allergies, it’s soft (and sure, black or navy will definitely attract sunrays the way honey lures flies) and will keep your back away from sweat. 

A-a-a-and that’s it. What an unexpected gift list, am I right? At Quokkadot there’s amazing diversity of gift ideas awaiting to be discovered. Think of your Police friend outside law enforcement terms and consider the things he or she is in their spare time! Are the beach lovers, foodies, or gun lovers

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