23 Romantic Gifts For Him That Make Him Cry Secretly

romantic gifts for him
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Love is the driving force in making a marriage successful.

There are various ways to express your love, and one of the most common is to give a romantic gifts for him.

To keep the flame of romance burning, some people will opt for gifts that rekindle memories, while others go for gifts that make a statement of intimacy.

Let’s customize this romantic gifts for him

romantic gifts for him

Personalized Night Sky Star Map Poster

What was the sky like when you first met or when you shared that first kiss?

These magical moments are captured in our high quality personalized star art posters.

You send us a memorable date in your life and we send you a star map of that night with a customized message.

This is such a romantic valentines gifts for him

romantic valentines gifts for him

Knock Knock What I Love about You

There are a million and one reasons to celebrate a wonderful relationship.

This small book lets you write what it is about your partner that makes them extra special.

Once you have filled in the blanks with what you love about them, you then present it as a gift.

He is going to love this lovely gift

romantic ideas for him valentines day

Couples Romantic Picture Frame

This cute picture frame with its simple art is a great way to express your love.

Made of a board and cotton yarn, it hints at a down to earth, yet sincere love. 

It can be placed on the tabletop, shelf or hang on the wall.

Looking for a small romantic gifts for him?

small romantic gifts for him

Engraved I Love You Tagua Nu

A unique way to proclaim your love is to have the message engraved on a Tagua Palm nut.

These nuts are grown organically before being shipped to the USA.

The gift comes in a small box and with an accompanying information card.

Each nut is slightly different from the next for that personalized touch.

That’s one sweet gifts for him

romantic gifts for boyfriend birthday

Love Quotes Printed on Wooden Hearts

There are so many reasons you can give to celebrate the person you love.

These wooden hearts express 15 of those reasons.

Engraved with romantic quotes, they are a fantastic gift. 

They are also packed in an attractive wooden box.

This gift turns every day into Valentine’s day.

Your husband or boyfriend is going to love this birthday gifts

romantic gifts for husband birthday

Affectionate Couple Art

Intimacy is the essence of love and it does not get more expressive than this figurine.

The two figures locked in a passionate embrace and kiss is the perfect gift to show how deep your love is.

Since the statuette is free standing, it can stand on the tabletop, mantel or shelf.

Are you in a long distance relationship? Get this for your loved one

romantic gifts for boyfriend long distance

Letters to My Love

Distance does not have to kill love, which is why messages of love are so treasured.

A hand written letter is a timeless reminder of shared intimacy.

It can be opened and re-read when your loved one is not near.

This collection of aerograms keeps the love burning.

Let’s include this in your present

romantic ideas for him birthday

You & Me Puzzle Piece

Strong relationships are founded on complimenting each other.

This puzzle reflects this aspect by having two pieces fit into each other.

Each person brings their own strengths into the union to make it stronger.

Other than the symbolism, the interlocking puzzles dangle from a cotton thread and have a romantic message written in gold.

Let’s get this romantic DIY gift for him

Explosion Photo Box

This explosion photo box is a DIY project that involves time, effort and thoughtfulness.

The result is a pretty awesome display of affection and shared memory.

So, if you prefer hand-made personalized gifts, this is worth the work you put in to make this romantic gesture.

He is going to love this personalized romantic gifts for him

personalized romantic gifts for him

Moon Lamp with Personalized Picture

A personalized gift says that you are special enough to receive a unique gift.

Light up the life of your beau with this moon lamp.

The lamp lights up a 3D printed personal picture and bathes it in a soft glow.

It will look great on a shelf or table.

This is a unique and romantic gift for him

thoughtful romantic gifts for him

Soulmates Lovers Hands Entwined Sculpture

This fine sculpture of intertwined hands speaks volumes of the depth of feelings you have for each other.

Made of resin and coated with a bronze sheen, this gift is appropriate for weddings, anniversaries or just as a romantic gesture.

It id free standing and has a felt base.

That’s a sweet anniversary gift for your husband

romantic gifts for husband on anniversary

Personalized Artwork with Names and Date

The first time you met your soulmate is a treasured milestone. 

This is what makes this personalized lovers’ road crossing signpost such a thoughtful gift.

It has your two names and the date your paths crossed.

It can also be personalized for various anniversaries and milestones in a relationship.

Remind your love to him with this gift

ideas for romantic gifts for him

Heart and Cross Decor

For believers a marriage is not complete without the presence of God.

This is the message in this fine sculpture.

It consists of two intertwined hearts with a cross hanging from the center.

The sculpture bears the inscription: ‘Marriage, it takes three’.

It comes in a brown tone that resembles wood.

Get a bracelet with secret message for him

romantic gifts for husband for valentine's day

Personalized Secret Message Leather Bracelet

Get the man in your life this leather bracelet.

Nestled on the inside is a personalized secret message that will remind him of how much he means to you.

The band is held fast by a hypoallergenic magnetic clasp that is made for comfort.

It can be worn with casual wear.

Remind him the first kiss on this Christmas

romantic gifts for him for christmas

Custom Star Map

Get a customized image of the night sky on the date and location of your first kiss.

The picture is set on a wooden frame that is set on a sturdy cradle.

This gift can also be customized for other romantic milestones, complete with a personalized text.

That’s a romantic gift for him

romantic gifts for him ideas

Park Bench Sweethearts Iron Statuette

The park bench is an iconic lovers rendezvous.

A good way to commemorate the memories made there is to give this metallic sculpture as a gift.

Featuring two figures in an embrace, this gift is sure to bring those memories flooding back.

The statue is made from recycled auto parts.

Let’s include a sweet photo of you together

romantic gifts for him on valentine's day

Custom Poetry Photo Gift

Photo picture frames are a popular gift item because they hold pictures of special moments together.

This particular one includes a customized romantic poem.

The frame can be displayed at the office or at home.

The picture frame comes in silver and bears an,” I Love You” message.

Looking for the most romantic gifts for him?

most romantic gifts for him

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

The Luna Bean hand casting kit is a fun and engaging gift.

The bin contains high-quality mold materials and instructions on how to make a long-lasting cast sculpture of your hand clasped with those of your lover.

Your handiwork can then be displayed on a table or shelf at home.

That’s a sweet saying

unique romantic gifts for him

Engraved Brass Compass

Compasses are a great tool when you want to get your bearing.

This is especially true when you are far from the one you love.

This is what makes this brass compass an unbeatable gift.

Engraved with a romantic message, this gift also comes in an attractive hand-stitched leather case.

I think he is going to love this gift

romantic gifts for him on anniversary

Romantic Ambient Light

Ambience means creating the right atmosphere and mood.

With this sculpture of a couple snuggling together under a red moon, you cannot go wrong.

Featuring a dimmable light and an attractive fine wood grain shell, this gift is a sure winner for anniversaries and other memorable occasions.

This the sweetest gift he will ever received

simple romantic gifts for him

Message In A Bottle ®

A classic way of declaring your feelings is putting your message in a bottle and tossing it into the boundless ocean.

This ancient mode of declaring your love is more refined in this message in a bottle gift.

Featuring authentic sea sand and shells, no detail has been left out.

That’s kind of sweet and funny

romantic gifts for him for valentine's day

Personalized Property of Mens Undies

What is more intimate than gifting your loved one a pair of underwear?

It says that you are comfortable with each other’s innermost secrets.

This particular pair of undies goes one step further by adding a personalized message on them.

A gift doesn’t get more romantic than this.

Let’s get him a sweet figurine that he can keep forever

sweet romantic gifts for him

Romantic Couple Figurines

This free-standing figurine features a couple on a swing.

They are also kissing.

Crafted with attention to detail such as the roses above the couple, this gift easily reminds a lover of those intimate shared moments.

It can be presented during an anniversary, wedding, or just as a gesture to show your beloved how much you love them.

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