25 Sentimental Gifts For Someone Who Lost A Loved One

sentimental gifts for someone who lost a loved one
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It is not easy to move on and live our lives as normal when we lost our loved ones. Trust me, I have been through it. Often, we require a lot of time and energy to walk out of the emotional pain.

Thus, it is always good to get gifts that have sentimental value for your family members or friends who have just lost their loved one.

Wondered what makes a sentimental gift? No worries! Check out our curated list of sentimental gifts for someone who lost a loved one and gets some inspiration now!

Make a pillow cover from their clothes

sentimental gift ideas for someone who lost a loved one


You know this sentimental gift is going to comfort your friend who has just lost his loved one when it features something of the deceased.

This creative yet nostalgic gift transforms the clothing of the deceased into a pillow cover. This allowed your grieving friend to keep part of his lost loved one in his daily life.

To make the gift even more comforting, you can add a short message or phrase that the deceased would say to your friend. So comfort your heartbroken friend with a DIY pillow cover that features the deceased clothing now!

Memorial Blanket

Always with You Memorial Blanket

The Always with You Memorial Blanket is one loving sympathy gift for someone who lost a loved one.

Gracefully packaged with a gray grosgrain ribbon, this super-soft gender-neutral blanket is made from high-quality royal faux fur and a soft gray micro mink. By wrapping this comfortable blanket around your grieving friend, he or she would definitely feel the love and warmth of the lost loved one.

The best part? You can customize a remembrance message on the stitched faux leather patch, keeping the memories of the lost love alive for your grieving friend.

Remembrance Keepsake

thoughtful gifts for someone who lost a loved one

Magara Memorial Gifts

The Magara Memorial keepsake is a lovely sentimental gift that your grieving friend or family would be grateful for.

Featuring a heart glass sculpture, the Magara Remembrance Heart is a special keepsake that will bring peace and comfort to your friend or family member during a challenging time.

Best yet! This beautiful keepsake also features a comforting message about the lost loved one that will act as a lasting memory to your grieving friend or family member.

So express your condolences to your grieving friend or family member.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

special gifts for someone who lost a loved one

Willow Tree Forget-me-not Flowers

Looking for a unique figurine for your grieving friend who has lost his loved one recently? Why not consider this healing ‘Forget me not’ figurine?

Hand-carved with wood, this sympathy gift features a hand-painted resin standing figure in a cream dress, holding onto a large bouquet of blue forget-me-not flowers up to her face.

This is definitely one comforting figurine that is rich in sentimental value for your friend who lost his loved one recently.

Photo Frame-Golden Urn

sentimental gifts for someone who has lost a loved one

Memorial Frame with Personalized Urn for Ashes

The memorial frame with urn for ashes is one useful yet touching gift for someone who lost a loved one.

Coming with an aluminum alloy urn, glass tube, and a photo frame, this keepsake memorial frameset is a special way to commemorate the life of the lost loved one and keep his or her memories alive.

Best yet! Every element in this frame set is customizable so you can personalize this frame with a message that your grieving friend or family member who loves to hear from the lost loved one.

Condolences Sympathy Gift Basket

bereavement gift ideas

Sympathy Gift Basket

This is one gift basket filled with sinful temptation that even your grieving friend cannot resist stealing a few bits to smooth his or her broken heart.

Beautifully wrapped in a golden basket, this gift basket set contains a book and a variety of comforting food, ranging from chocolate truffle cookies, Nappy Valley sourdough pretzel nuggets, Tuscan style crackers to California pistachio nuts, assorted fruits hard candies, and English breakfast tea.

You can include a personalized message that brings comfort to your grieving friend.

 Angel Figurines with LED Flickering Candle

sympathy gift ideas

Angel Memorial Gifts Tealight LED Candle

Instead of a traditional candle that will eventually burn out, why not get this Tealight LED Candle for your friend or family member who lost a loved one?

Featuring its battery-powered LED light, this sympathy candle holder takes the shape of an angel praying over a flickering LED tealight.

Along with a beautiful gift box, the thoughtful memorial candle also includes a condolence card which serves as a reminder to your grieving friend that the lost loved one will always be in your heart.

Gift Box for Loss of a Baby

gift for someone whose baby died

Remembrance Gift Box for Loss of a Baby

If you’re feeling tongue-tied and unsure of how best to support the ones you love through the loss of a child, why not get this remembrance gift box for someone who lost a baby?

Elegantly wrapped in a recyclable gift box, this unique set contains 4 thoughtful gifts for infant loss, namely a therapeutic essential oil votive candle to restore the light and love in your daughter’s life, an amethyst & Baltic amber bracelet, and a garden seed packet that helps to lift the spirit of your daughter. Each of the gifts symbolizes hope, remembrance, healing, and renewal, making the gift set one appropriate condolences gift to pregnancy loss.

This thoughtful gift set also includes a personalized sympathy card for your to express your love and comfort to your grieving daughter.

Sympathy Angel Figurine

what is an appropriate sympathy gift

Pavilion Gift Company Sympathy Angel Figurine

This is another sympathy angel figurine for your heartbroken friend or family member who is going through a painful time.

Made from polyresin, this handpainted healing angel figurine features cravings that read “angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hands of God”. This will definitely comfort your grieving friend or family member who just lost his or her loved one.

So send this comforting angel figurine to your heartbroken friend or family member and express your condolence to him or her.

Garden StepStone

bereavement gifts

Spoontiques Beautiful Memories StepStone

This stepstone is another unique present for your grieving family member, especially if the lost loved one is someone who used to be the protector of the house.

Made of durable indoor/outdoor resin, the hand-painted stepping stone is craved with comforting words that will keep the memory of the lost loved one alive. Thus, if your grieving family member places the stepping stone at the patio of their house, it will be as if the lost loved one is still protecting the family.

Memorial Picture Frame

sympathy gifts

Memorial Picture Frame

Photo is one of the way to keep the memories of the lost loved one alive. Thus, this memorial picture frame is an appropriate picture frame for someone who lost a loved one.

Made of MDF wood and finished with high-quality glass, this exquisite picture frame is carefully designed with a handmade string heart and inspirational words.

Personalized Garden Stone

personalized gifts for someone who lost a loved one

Personalized Heart Shaped Faux Garden Stone

Instead of traditional flowers, which will wither in a few weeks time, why not get a garden stone for your grieving friend if the lost loved one is someone who loves gardening?

The best part? The comforting garden stone also comes with a customisable message where you can personalised it to the memory of the lost loved one, reminding your heartbroken friend that his lost loved one will always be with him through this stone.

Solar Garden Stake Lights

Solar Angel Lights

Is the lost loved one someone who is free-spirited? If so, this Solar Angel Light is a great gift for your crestfallen friend or family member who lost his or her loved one.

Made of stainless steel and crackle glass, this beautiful Solar Angel Light symbolizes the lost loved one who shines brighter at night. It also brings love, comfort, warmth, and healing for the grieving family members.

Garden Angel Statue

gifts to remember someone who has passed away

OakiWay Memorial Gifts

Can’t make it to a funeral? Don’t just send funeral flowers or sympathy gift baskets that will just be gone in a few days or weeks. Send your friend this OakiWay Memorial gift instead.

So express your condolences to your grieving friend with this beautifully wrapped memorial gift.

Handmade String Art Present

unique gifts for loss of loved one

Bereavement Handmade String Art Present

Does your friend find comfort in art? If so, this String Art is a beautiful gift for your friend who lost a loved one.

Featuring a heart pattern, this handmade string art is made out of cotton lines, with comforting words that say “Forever in our Hearts” drawn on the art piece.

Flameless Candles Copper Lantern

best gifts for someone who lost a loved one

Heaven In Our Home Flameless Candle Copper Lantern

Looking for a unique yet sentimental gift for your grieving family member? Why not consider this flameless candle copper lantern?

While it is a lantern with a candle, this one-of-the-kind lantern features an elegant flameless LED candle instead, meaning that the candle will never go off. This also symbolizes that the lost loved one will always be with us.

Memorial Christmas Ornament

unique gifts for someone who lost a loved one on christmas

Memorial Christmas Ornament Angel in Heaven 

It is always hard to celebrate any festive day when you have just lost your loved one. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for your grieving wife. Cheer your wife up with this delicate glass ornament this coming Christmas!

Beautifully wrapped with a hand-tied white satin bow, this memorable glass ornament is definitely one beautiful memorial keepsake that will make your grieving wife smile this coming Christmas.

Memorial Gift Jewelry

unique gifts for someone who lost a loved one

Angel Wing Infinity Love Necklace

I am not lying when I say jewellery is women’s best friend, even for the grieving ladies. So if you have no idea how to comfort your grieving girlfriend, why not consider this Infinity Love necklace?

Individually handcrafted in 925 sterling silver, each necklace is unique with an infinity charm and an angel wing. It also comes with a 18 inches chain and a secure spring-ring clasp.

The best part? This memorial necklace is hypo-allergenic, making it suitable for someone who has sensitive skin. The sentimental necklace is also fade-resistant and tarnishes free, allowing it to bring comfort to your grieving girlfriend for a long time.

Cardinal Necklace

what to do for someone who lost a loved one

Cardinal Sympathy Necklace

This Cardinal Sympathy Necklace is another good gift that your grieving wife or girlfriend would appreciate.

Coming in Lola Bella signature boutique-style packaging, this silver-tone reversible cardinal pendant features Spirit’s artwork on both sides of the necklace. The front of the necklace showcases beautiful cardinal creation, while the back has a comforting quote that reads “Our Love Never Dies”.

Moreover, the sympathy necklace also comes with a “Red Feathered Soul” poem written by Elle Bee on a card, and a beautiful organize pouch.

Thus, this necklace makes one memorable necklace for your wife or girlfriend who lost her loved one.

Memorial Wind Chime

sympathy gift ideas for loss of father

Memorial Wind Chime

Does your grandfather miss the sound of your lost grandmother? You can make his longing come true by gifting him this memorial wind chime.

Made with Bubinga finish wood and 5 copper aluminium tubes, this handcrafted memorial wind chime features 5 note scale, ranging from comforting medium to deep tone. There is no more “tinny or clangy” sound, rather it produces the sound of healing. Every time the chime rings, it would be as if your lost grandma is telling your grandfather that she is still with him and is doing good.

While it is not as good as your grandmother’s real voice, this sentimental wind chime definitely makes a great substitute for your grieving grandfather as well.

Royal Plush Blanket

sentimental christmas gifts for someone who lost a loved one

Loving Memory Thick Warm Royal Plush Blanket

Sometimes, your heartbroken friend just needs some time alone to grieve. In this case, a useful gift you could offer her is this Royal Plush Blanket.

Designed to bring a heart full of comforting words, this comforting blanket is made from high-quality 320 GSM plush royal polyester and features a silk detail. It sure will bring some warmth to your grieving friend when she was alone.

The blanket also printed words that says “In Loving Memory; May You Always Find Comfort Knowing That Your Loved One Is Safe In The Hands Of God” onto the embroidered heart on the blanket.

So get this blanket for your grieving friend and let her feel the warmth of your hug through it when she is alone.

Personalize Mens Leather Memorial Bracelet

Mens Leather Memorial Bracelet

Who says men can’t grieve? This memorial bracelet is the perfect comforting gift for men who lost their loved one.

Handmade from leather, this stylish memorial bracelet features a quote that says “Dad, forever in my heart” and a pair of angel wings engraved on a metal plate.

The best part? You get to customised this memorial bracelet with your friend’s dad name and the date of his passing. How sweet is that?

This sentimental memorial bracelet will definitely bring comfort to your grieving boyfriend.

Morse Code Memorial Bracelet

Until We Meet Again Morse Code Memorial Bracelet

The Morse Code Memorial Bracelet is a unique gift that is both rich in sentimental value and stylish looking.

Made using quality beads and a silver lobster clasp, this elegant memorial bracelet goes around our wrist twice and can be adjusted to accommodate most wrist sizes.

The highlight? This bracelet is a silent reminder of the one we’ve lost with its message in morse code that says “Until we meet again”.

Heart Blanket

unique gift ideas for loss of loved one

Unique Sympathy Gift Heart Blanket

Blanket symbolises hug and warmth. Thus, it will never go wrong by getting a blanket as a condolences blanket for your grieving neighbour, especially this heart blanket.

Featuring comforting word that says “The Memory Becomes A Treasure”, this heartwarming blanket allows your neighbour to memorialize her lost loved one. Along with the blanket, there is also an exclusive “I have you in my heart” poem card and a customised dedication card on the back of the poem.

This heart blanket not only allows you to express your condolences but will also become a treasured remembrance of the loving memory of her lost loved one for your neighbor.

Sympathy Sculpture

what is an appropriate sympathy gift ideas

Willow Tree With Sympathy

Looking for a simple gift for your heartbroken mother? Check out this willow tree sculpture!

Hand-carved with wood, this elegant looking sculpture features a hand-painted resin standing figure in a cream dress, holding white dove on hand.

Packaged in a fitted box, the pure looking sculpture also comes with an enclosed card that has “May your memories bring you peace” written on it.

This is definitely the sentimental figurine for you to express sympathy, comfort, remembrance and healing without any fancy words.

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