27 Simple Gifts For Him That Is Not Boring

simple gifts for him
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In this post, we’re going back to basics with these awesome simple gifts for him. These are perfect for expressing your love and affection on any occasion such as birthday, father’s day Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even for no reason at all!

Surprise him with this sweet gesture of an effortless yet thoughtful gift to let him know that you are thinking of him.

Flower Jerky Bouquet – Recommended Simple gifts for him (Editor’s Pick)

Manly Co Flower Jerky Bouquet

The Jerky Bouquet! Simple, yet effective. We have yet to discover a manly meat-eater who does not absolutely love this gift. Perfect for solo snacking or sharing with friends, the jerky bouquet is a fun twist on the classic jerky sticks.

Choose from 4 delicious flavors and 2 bouquet sizes to create the perfect gift for your loved one.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Classic Ray-Bans need no introduction, but if you are deliberating, this style is timeless and looks good with everything. What’s not to love?

Polarised for maximum protection, these glasses will stop your man from squinting in the sun while he gazes adoringly at you on your next outdoor excursion. Available in a range of colors and frames.

Slim Leather Wallet

Bellroy – Hide & Seek Wallet

This stunning, sustainably-sourced leather wallet from Bellroy oozes elegance and class. It stores up to 12 cards, as well as coins and notes, and even has a secret cash compartment for emergencies.

It is good luck to gift someone a purse or wallet that already contains some money, so for an extra special surprise, slip a note into the folds and give your man good luck!

Simple Men’s Bracelet

Daniel Wellington Classic Enamel Bracelet

If a simple gift is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous men’s bangles by Daniel Wellington.

Each bangle is designed with that classic Scandinavian simplicity, so they’ll look great with anything and add a touch of sophistication to any look.

Classic Watch

Nordgreen Philosopher Scandinavian Silver Watch

Those Scandinavians sure know how to create gorgeous designs that are elegant and stylish in their simplicity, and this watch is no different.

The stainless steel silver casing will keep this watch safely ticking for years to come, and the scratch-proof glass ensures that your man will be able to tell the time quickly, even in bright sunshine or on the go!

Wireless Smart Speaker

Sonos Play:1 – Compact Wireless Smart Speaker

Home theatres just got a whole lot smaller and way more portable! This sleek design packs a lot of punch- don’t let the small size fool you.

Because the Sonos is wireless and holds its charge for hours, you can bring it along to any gathering, beach hang, or picnic for crisp and clear sounds whenever you need them!

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

This mug is going to keep their drinks warm when they are watching tv, reading a book, or even working. It is such a simple gift for your husband that he will absolutely be delighted to receive it.

Fitness and Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition Fitness And Activity Tracker

If your boyfriend or partner is a fitness freak, this will be his new, most-used gadget. The Fitbit Charge 4 is the new and improved version of everyone’s favorite tracker and can tell you every stat you could possibly need to know about your health and performance.

These include; pace, distance, routes, heart rate, sleep, and temperature, and your watch will give you a helpful buzz when you reach your targets.

Exotic Meats Crate

Man Crates – Exotic Meats Crate

You know what they say- the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! His stomach will undoubtedly be delighted to receive this gift! This round-the-world tasting trip includes meats from 3 different continents to set your man’s taste buds ablaze.

Each man crate contains 10 different kinds of jerky and jerky sticks, including exotic flavors like Wild Board Honey Bourbon and Spicy Pheasant.

Enjoy watching your man work for his gift by prying open the man crate with the supplied crowbar.

Bath and Body Gift Set for Men

The Man Can All Natural Bath And Body Gift Set for Men

Who says self-care and a skin routine are just for girls? Certainly not the creators of the Man Can!

Each Man Can contain a Fisherman’s Scrub soap, Spicy shave gel, Bay Rum oil, Fisherman’s Handbutter, a bottle/can opener, and a Really Scratchy Body Accessory loofah. Your man will love using this decadent and thoughtful gift every day!

Floating Pen

Novium Hoverpen 2.0 – Futuristic Luxury Floating Pen

Do you struggle every year thinking of something to get your brother or boyfriend? This may be the gift you’ve been looking for.

Everybody needs pens all the tie, so why not make the writing experience more exciting and elegant? This sleek, futuristic design defies gravity and will catch the eye of anyone who comes into your man’s home office.

Unique Mug

MAX’IS Creations – The Mug With A Glove

This marvelous mug puts the “fun” in “functional”! Amuse your man for hours with this excellent catcher’s mitt mug.

Baseball fans will love pitching mini marshmallows to land perfectly in their steaming hot chocolate. Easy to wash and microwaveable, this lovely little glove mug is a great simple gift to give him for any occasion.

Electric Gun Wine Opener

WineOvation Electric Gun Wine Opener

No more awkward broken corks stuck inside the neck of your wine bottle! This nifty little electric opener can open 30 bottles of wine on a single charge, so get ready for a party!

This little gun opener set comes with everything you need to start popping bottles immediately, including a wall charger (which you can leave your gun in at all times) and a foil cutter.

Leather Cowboy Beer Holster

Hide & Drink – Leather Cowboy Buzy Beer Holster

This funny little gag gift will have your man reach for his smoking gun to find his favorite icy cold brew!

One size fits all, making this the perfect gift for any man who hates having to wait in line at the bar or drinking warm beers. This cute Cowboy Kuzy will keep a drink cold and handy while he entertains everyone at the party by showing off his gun-slingin’ moves!

Beer Dispenser

Fizzics – DraftPour Beer Dispenser

Not sure what to get your ale-chugging man for his birthday? Why not get him his very own at-home bartender? The Fizzics Draft Pour is compatible with any beer and will give your man the smoothest pour of his life- every time!

The Draft Pour is easy to clean and will look great for years to come. To ensure its longevity, do not put any part of this gadget into the dishwasher, or pour any liquid directly into the system.

Simple Christmas Gifts for Him

Beer Steins 

Beer Steins by King 

If your man is a lone wolf who likes to take the lead, he will surely love this stunningly detailed beer stein.

This gorgeous design is full of intricate details to feast your eyes on while enjoying a stein full of your favourite ale or brew. Use your thumb to pop the lid whenever you’re ready for a refill.

Custom Bobbleheads Figures

Custom Bobbleheads Figures

These hilarious little bobbleheads are fully customizable! Send in your favorite (or funniest) picture of your man, and watch your man collapse into laughter as he realizes that he is now the proud owner of a mini-me version of himself.

Place the bobblehead on the dashboard of his car for maximum hilarity.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

If your boy has a birthday coming up and you cannot think of what to get him, why not these stunning wireless, noise-canceling headphones? Great for any and all hands-free activities like pumping iron at the gym or riding a bike, but also perfect for a shared office space where your man needs to focus and block out all of the surrounding sounds.

Each full charge will last up to 22 hours, so your partner can enjoy flawless playback all day long!

Bacon Gift Pack

Bacon Gift Pack

This gift basket will bring endless joy to all bacon lovers out there! If there is a snack made out of bacon, it can be found in this box.

Bacon for every occasion! This box contains fresh and dry bacon, bacon seasoning, bacon hot sauce, and even some bacon and peanut brittle! This is a fun gift to share, or your man can keep it hidden away for some secret solo snacking.

Burrito Maker

Hamilton Beach – Breakfast Burrito Maker

Does your man revert to microwaveable meals every time you go away, even for the shortest time? Now, you can ensure that he will always have something delicious and nutritious to eat, and he’ll be able to make dinner all by himself!

Use fresh ingredients for cooking breakfast at home. The options are endless! Burritos, omelets, stuffed pancakes and crepes, personal pizzas, and more! Make sure to cook any meat beforehand to ensure that it is safe and healthy.

Quality Wool Blanket

Pendleton – National Parks Blanket

This unique and stunning National Parks blanket is a spectacular gift for all of the adventurous men who love the great outdoors.

Choose a blanket linked to a specific national park that the two of you have gone to together, or simply choose the one with all of his favorite colors! Either way, he’ll love this cuddly, cozy blanket for years to come.

Laptop Backpack

Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack

We now have the excellent Little America Laptop Backpack from the kings of backpacks. Perfect for business trips, or just your daily work commute, the Herschel laptop bag is sturdy and comfortable.

The straps are padded and breathable in case your man cycles to work and need extra comfort, cooling, and strength. Thanks to multiple compartments, organizing your things has never been so easy and stylish!

Portable Charcoal Grill

Everdure CUBE Portable Charcoal Grill

The Everdure Cube is the ideal camp stove for outdoor grilling. Use it with family and friends as a tailgate grill, or take it to the beach as your portable BBQ.

This charcoal grill has a storage tray for cooking accessories or food and includes a bamboo cutting board to prepare meat, fish, veggies, and more. Two safety latches fasten all of these items into one neat little package.

Grand Jerky Heart

Man Crates – Grand Jerky Heart

He can eat his (jerky) heart out this Valentine’s Day! Each love heart box contains ten savory, seasoned beef jerky flavors, including garlic, ghost pepper, root beer, whiskey maple, honey bourbon, sesame ginger, and more!

This is the gift that keeps on giving! Once he’s finished all the jerky, your man can use the funky tin for knick-knacks, keys, or whatever he likes!

Shaving Kit for Men

Bevel – Shaving Kit for Men

Give the gift of a luxurious morning ritual to make your man feel pampered and loved this Christmas. This set will leave your man feeling fresh, smooth, and blemish-free after each shave.

The Bevel Shave System includes a safety razor, a shave brush, Bevel Shave Cream, Bevel Priming Oil, Bevel Restoring Balm, and 20 replacement blades. Your partner will love this premium gift.

Portable Espresso Maker

WACACO – Portable Espresso Machine

This is a perfect gift for men who are always on the go! This portable espresso machine is a game-changer for those who like to get going early in the morning on all sorts of pre-work adventures, or for those who find themselves flagging about midday and need a little pick-me-up.

Scoop some ground coffee into the filter basket, add hot water into the water tank, then pump the piston a few times for the perfect espresso with generous crema.

Custom Whiskey Barrel

Personalised Whiskey Barrel

Dynamite may come in small packages, but the big packages are just so exciting to open! Why not go all out with a 10L, engraved whiskey barrel for your loved one’s birthday this year?

Simply type in the name or initials that you would like to be engraved, and this fully functional yet decorative barrel will be sent to your doorstep in under 4 days!

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