23 Adorable Sloth Gifts For Her That Put A Smile On Her Face

Sloth Gifts
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Sloths are the ultimate symbol of being completely laid back and relaxed.

If you have a friend or girlfriend who loves sloths, then we have a fun selection of the best sloth gifts for her that money can buy!

Sloth Wearable Blanket – Sloth Gifts For Her (Editor’s Pick)

Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket

This blanket is such a comfy sloth gifts for her.

If you can’t always be with your friend or girlfriend to give them a hug, why not get them this cozy, wearable sloth blanket so that it can hug them for you?

Wrap them up with this super plush, fluffy Sherpa and flannel fleece. These blankies are made of the best quality material for ultimate warmth and coziness.

Sloth Riding Dinosaur Necklace

Sloth Riding Dinosaur Necklace

This hilarious necklace shows an unlikely duo teaming up to work together in harmony. This fun necklace would make a great gift for someone that you love and admire.

What could be more badass and unexpected than a sloth riding a dinosaur? Just you and your friend! Let them know how cool they are with this awesome pendant.

Flash From Zootopia

Funkopop – Flash From Zootopia

Collect everybody’s favorite character from the pop cartoon “Zootopia”! Flash the sloth is the lovable yet frustrating administrative clerk who takes hours to complete a simple task. Though he doesn’t get anything done, he is hilarious while trying.

This will look great on any bar shelf or desktop.

Sloth Statue

Roman Garden – Sloth Statue

This adorable little sloth statue will make anyone smile with his cheeky little grin!

This sloth will also serve as an excellent reminder to slow down, relax, and don’t sweat the small things!

Display this cutie anywhere in your house or office for a playful atmosphere.

Sloth Insulated Tumbler

Tervis Sloth Insulated Tumbler

For those days when you just need a cup of coffee to get you going in the morning and it just seems like it’s going to be “one of those days”. This sweet and thoughtful sloth gift for her can be filled with delicious coffee to kickstart any day.

Your friend will love this lazy little sloth print, and enjoy bringing her favorite drink with her when she’s on the move.

Talking Plush Sloth Toy

SNAX – Talking Plush Sloth

Press his paw and wait for the beep, then Snax the Sloth will repeat anything you say! Press his paw again and he will beep twice, meaning he has stopped recording.

Snax’s mouth will move and his eyes will blink, watch Snax’s adorable face come to life like a real live sloth! You can also move and bend his arms and legs to place Snax wherever you want!

Snax the Sloth goes to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Sloth Canvas Wall Art

Kate and Laurel Sylvie Sloth Canvas Wall Art

This fun framed art is for the cheeky and playful sloth fans out there. This sneaky little sloth is bound to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees him.

His adorable little face will always be peeking out of the frame at you, just waiting to cheer you up at the end of your day.

Funny Sloth Coffee Mug

Funny Sloth Coffee Mug

This cute little mug with a 3D sloth is a great reminder that sometimes it is okay to do absolutely nothing if that’s what you need.

Indulge in a day of self-care with this fun mug. Fill it with a delicious hot chocolate or a yummy mug cake if you want to get really funky! Your sloth friend will love it!

Sloth Tote Bag

Vera Bradley – Cotton Sloth Tote Bag

This handy and brightly colored tote bag is the sloth lover’s dream! Not only is it playful and totally eye-catching, but it is also immensely practical!

This tote is large enough to pack a bag for a fun family outing, but its sturdy straps will ensure that all of your things stay inside, safe and sound.

Motivational Water Bottle

Sloth Motivational Water Bottle

Doctors recommend that each of us drinks at least 2 liters, or eight glasses of water a day. Sometimes we forget and this can lead to feelings of dehydration, fatigue, or dizziness.

With this fun, beautifully designed water bottle, you will never lose track of how much water you have had and how much you still need to drink to remain healthy and hearty!

Sloth Garden Decor

Sloth Garden Decor With Solar Light

Who needs garden gnomes when you can have garden sloths! This sweet little sloth will look great sitting on your lawn, looking out for you and your family.

But wait! This sneaky sloth isn’t just an ordinary lawn ornament, he also has a solar light! If your sloth sits in the sun all day, then at night time his notebook lights up with a bright light, safely guiding you down the garden path to your front door.

Sloth Planter

Grey House – Sloth Planter

Here we see the sloth in his natural state- just hangin’! Surprise your loved ones with something they don’t already have. If someone in your life is a sloth lover, plant enthusiast, or some combination of the two, they’re sure to appreciate this unique hanging planter.

Whether you need a place to hang your herbs, plants, or succulents, this planter provides a fun and adaptable option for plants of all kinds.

Sloth Satchel

Chala Sloth Satchel

These to-die-for Chala satchels are a must-have for any sloth-lover. They are so funky and unique that they will be on everybody’s wishlist instantly.

Make a statement with this dazzling and unique satchel. Each purse has a detachable Chala Pal Key Fob/Coin Purse. They’re spacious and can hold your smartphone, keys, wallet, headphones, passport, tickets, cash, credit cards, or lipstick.

Cute Sloth Blanket

Zevrez Sloth Blanket

These lovely sloth blankets are extremely comfortable and soft against your skin. This would make a cute gift to share with your girlfriend, as the two of you can snuggle up together underneath it.

With velvet on one side and super-soft fleece on the other, you will feel like you’re drifting happily to sleep in a fluffy cloud.

Sloth Hoop Earrings

Sloth Huggie Hoop Earrings

These subtle sloth earrings will make anyone go, “aww!” Just take a look at those happy little sloth faces! Anyone would be happy to receive such a cute and personal gift.

Each sloth is made of rose-plated gold, and the hoop earrings are Sterling silver, so they won’t irritate your skin in any way.

Chala Sloth Purse

Chala Sloth Purse

Make a statement with this dazzling and unique purse. Each bag has an easy-to-access front pocket, and a main zippered compartment, with three credit card slots. They’re spacious and can hold most of the things that you will need in your day-to-day.

Your friend will absolutely love the sweet little sloth on this useful, cross-body bag.

Funny Sloth Hoodie

Funny Sloth Hoodie

Make somebody smile today with this hilarious parody of the classic running team hoodie.

As everybody knows that sloths are slow and moss grows on them, they will immediately laugh when they see your fun and cozy hoodie.

Ditch the marathon training put on this cuddly sweater, and sloth out all day instead!

Personalized Sloth Mug

Personalized Sloth Mug

If you’re looking for something a bit more personal, we’ve got a great sloth gift idea for you! These beautiful sloth mugs can be printed with your or your loved one’s name to create a very special and thoughtful gift.

The prints are designed to never fade or chip away and are dishwasher and microwave-safe. The sloth is printed on both sides of the mug, which is handmade using the highest quality ceramic and printing.

Yoga Sloth in Ugly Sweaters

Yoga Sloth Figurines in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Talk about a niche gift! Do you have a friend who loves ugly Christmas sweaters, sloths, and yoga? No? Well, they’ll probably love these funny and funky little ornaments anyway!

One fun idea would be to choose five friends and give them each a sloth based on their personality. You have five yoga poses to choose from; Lotus, upward dog, modified side stretch, boat pose, and feathered peacock pose, all in cute ugly holiday sweaters.

Zootopia Flash Plush Sloth Doll

Zootopia Flash 14″ Plush Sloth Doll

Here’s Flash again! I told you he was everyone’s favorite! This soft and cuddly plushie is a fun gift to someone. You can tell them that every time they give Flash a hug, they are really getting one from you. That way, they will always feel loved, and never lonely.

Sloth Money Bank

Isaac Jacobs Ceramic Sloth Money Bank

Do you have a friend who struggles with budgeting, and is constantly finding that they have a little too much month left at the end of their money? This fun little vintage sloth money bank is perfect for them!

Every time they have some loose change, they can slip it into the slot in the sloth and save those coins for a rainy day!

Sloth Curtain Tiebacks

Sloth Curtain Tiebacks

These adorable little curtain tie-backs are perfect additions to any home with children in it- or adults who are children at heart!

But why stop at curtain tie-backs? With hands and feet that can stick together, you can hang this sloth anywhere!

Sloth Messenger Bag

Chala – Sloth Messenger Bag

Chala is nailing it in the sloth bag category! Choose your favorite style and color from their funky collection.

Each Chala Messenger bag easily converts into a crossbody bag by adjusting the straps. They also have two handy main compartments, with a special little space just for your cell phone.

Step out in style with these colorful Chala bags.

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