17 Exciting Slumber Party Ideas For Adults That They Never Forget

slumber party ideas for adults
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Are you looking for fun ways to spend the night with your closest friends? Here are some awesome slumber party ideas for adults perfect for a night of endless laughs, fun, and memories!

Drinking games

Drinking games are a staple of slumber parties. They’re fantastic for jazzing up a slumber party and include activities to suit any group size or composition. They can be played individually, in pairs, or in teams.

Cool drinking games you can play are beer pong, never have I ever, Ring of Fire, fuzzy duck, or drunk Jenga.


Sing your heart out! Whatever happens at the slumber party stays at the slumber party. No judging.

If you’re lucky enough to have a karaoke machine at your disposal, that’s awesome! Even if you don’t have one, you can easily find your favorite tunes on Spotify or YouTube, lyrics included. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

Themed movie marathon

A fantastic way to enjoy a sleepover party is to have a themed movie marathon, especially if your friend group has a favorite movie franchise.

You and your friends can dress up like your favorite movie characters, and for extra immersion, you can decorate your house (or just the room you’re hosting the party in) to look just like the movies you’re watching.

Board games

To have an awesome slumber party, you don’t even need to plan much. You can always just dust off some board games you have lying around and play them all night. If you don’t have any board games, don’t worry, as at least one of your friends definitely does!

While classic board games like Snakes & Ladders, Pictionary, Monopoly, and Scrabble are always fun to play in groups, modern technology has given us ways to play games like never before: if there’s something you want to play, there’s a pretty good chance it’s available in a free or low-cost downloadable version. Charades, Heads Up, and Evil Apples are a few examples.

Party games

There are tons of fun and exciting party games to try out the next time you’re throwing a slumber party. One of the best party games, which you simply must try, is Cards Against Humanity. The rules are set in a simple ‘fill in the blank’ style. Everyone is handed ten white cards with which to fill in the blanks. After this, a black card is picked, which includes a sentence with the blank, which is needed to be filled by the players. Every player selects the white card they feel is the funniest in the given context and places it facing down on the table. The person who drew the black cards reads the sentence aloud, filling in the blank with the different options each time, and then chooses the funniest as the winner of that round. Players take turns drawing a back card, reading it, and judging other players’ responses in a clockwise manner. Whoever wins the highest number of rounds wins.

Video games

Gamer night! There are so many co-op games that you can play with your pals. Or you can always test your skills and see who’s the best at Mortal Kombat. Fatality!


You don’t need advanced baking skills to host a simply delicious and delightful bake-off. It will provide literal heaps of fun, while it’s also not very costly.

One or two of your friends can judge the competition and nominate a Master Baker. Of course, the most fabulous prize is eating all those delicious cakes you just baked!

Indoor campout

Create an indoor campout at your next slumber party for adults to bring all the fun of a night out camping inside your lovely, warm home.

Set up a tent, whether it’s a genuine one or a makeshift one made of blankets, and enjoy all the thrill of the great outdoors while being warm and cozy indoors.

Set the mood by inviting guests to bring their sleeping bags, laying out some blankets, and, if you really want to go all out, hanging some glow-in-the-dark stars from the ceiling.

Play a video of a campfire in place of a real one, assemble in a circle, tell ghost stories in the dark, and eat some delicious marshmallows. What’s not to love about this?

Hot cocoa station

Set up a hot chocolate station so your friends may create their own hot beverage as a fun way to surprise them.

You may arrange everything on a table and provide jars of condiments for them to mix and match. Don’t forget to leave some cookies out as well!

Onesie night

Themed outfits are a staple of slumber parties. Coordinate and plan to have you and your girlfriends wear matching onesies and slippers! The more bizarre the outfits, the better!

Cocktail party

A variety of cocktails can be made in bulk to suit every skill level and budget, whether you have a cocktail genius or two at the party or you’re entirely fresh to the art of mixology.

A basic Madras is a terrific beginner drink to batch-make if you like to keep things simple and inexpensive. Merely vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice, ice, and a wedge of lime are required. You can also easily make Cuba Libre, for which you only need White Rum, Cola, and fresh lime juice.

Cocktail contest

Turn the cocktail party into a contest! Invite your pals over and challenge them to create the most complicated drink they can imagine! That will surely put everyone in a good mood to have some fun, and you’ll all get to test out some fabulous new tastes you’ve never had before!

Give your buddies scorecards and have everyone (including yourself) assess the beverages. Simply add the names of your friends on each card, along with a spot for them to record their scores. Remember that no one is permitted to rate their own drink. The individual with the most points wins.

Friendship bracelets

Just like you did when you were little, you can make friendship bracelets with your girlfriends to signify your unbreakable bond.

It’s not that the friendship bracelets you crafted as a kid were terrible; it’s just that your jewelry tastes have evolved dramatically. That’s why adding some fancy beads and an elegant thread may result in the most beautiful friendship bracelets you’ve ever seen.

Adult piñata

Nothing relieves tension like punching something, preferably a punching bag or a more amusing punching bag like a piñata.

Remember how you used to whack these things only for the candy? Nothing is more exhilarating as an adult than being able to smack the hell out of a piñata.

To make it even cooler, you can fill it up with mini liquor bottles in addition to candy!

Relaxing spa night

Going to the spa is usually considered a luxury, as it is something most people don’t include in their monthly budgets, as well as it’s too time-consuming.

However, bringing a few friends over for a pleasant home-based spa day is very feasible. You only need face masks, hairbands, and cucumbers to get started.

You can obviously make your spa-themed overnight as fancy as you like, but even with just the necessities, these easy sorts of adult sleepover ideas are always worth trying!

Do your nails

Another surefire favorite with audiences of all ages, a good old-fashioned manicure can be part of a home pampering session or a stand-alone activity.

Begin by priming everyone’s hands and nails to perfection before releasing your inner nail artist. Bring everyone’s favorite nail paint and put up a tiny nail bar.

Self-serve coffee bar

Coffee is always necessary in the morning after a long night of drinking, especially after an adult sleepover. Make sure you have a choice of milk, creamers, and syrups on hand for everyone’s coffee creations.


You can do countless things at a sleepover party with your closest friends. Stay tuned for more awesome party ideas lists in the very near future!

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