42 Jolly Small Christmas Gifts For Coworkers That Won’t Go Wrong

small christmas gifts for coworkers
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Christmas is looming, and the office party is all planned. You’re agonizing over what to bring for the Secret Santa, and hoping that you don’t draw the IT guy’s name.

Whether you’re shopping for your desk mate, workplace mentor, or even your boss, we’ve got rounded up the best small Christmas gifts for coworkers.

Ornament – Best Small Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

Ornaments are a perfect small gift for coworkers because even if they don’t celebrate a traditional Christian Christmas, they can appreciate these sweet decorations any time of year! We have rounded up a great selection that’ll include something for everyone.

Swarovski Annual Limited Edition Ornament

Swarovski Annual Limited Edition Ornament

We love this classic crystal ornament! Every year Swarovski releases a new special-edition ornament, and this year they have outdone themselves.

Hanging on a gold-tone lamé ribbon, the multi-faceted snowflake is accented with champagne-gold tone plating to give an air of complete luxury and decadence. This is an especially perfect gift for coworkers in the Northern Hemisphere, as it will complement the natural snowflakes tumbling down outside.

Merman Christmas Ornament

December Diamonds Merman Christmas Ornament

This is a more risqué small Christmas gift for coworkers that you are close with. Watch the whole office erupt in titters as soon as this bad boy is unwrapped. They will marvel at his spectacular pecs and glittering merman tail!

If you want to go the extra mile, December Diamonds has a whole host of character ornaments in a similar state of dress to get your Christmas tree looking deliciously raucous and naughty.

Snowman Ornament

Christopher Radko European Glass Christmas Ornaments

For a more family-friendly and traditional option, Christopher Radko has crafted this gorgeous jolly snowman out of glass for your coworker’s pleasure.

This sweet little snowman is ready for winter with his cozy scarf and jumper, and he looks utterly dashing in his fancy tophat.

This lovely little ornament would make an excellent small Christmas gift for your coworkers! Snowman is carefully packaged in an official Christopher Radko gift box for easy gifting.

Santa Ornament

Miss Christmas Santa Claus Christmas Ornament

This lovely ornament is for the Scottish coworkers! This awesome small gift perfectly captures the Scots spirit of celebration, featuring Santa in a kilt and playing the bagpipes for a taste of tradition and nostalgia.

Santa is made of glass, so make sure to wrap him up in lots of lovely soft tissue wrapping before gifting him to your lucky coworker.

Holy Christmas Angel Ornament

Miss Christmas – Holy Christmas Angel Ornament

This gorgeous angel is just the thing missing from the Christmas tree this year! She would make a perfect Christmas gift for coworkers who enjoy singing carols and drinking mulled wine around this time of year. They will be delighted by the detail of this eye-catching ornament.

Each angel ornament carries a small blessing to be bestowed upon the receiver, making this a thoughtful and unique gift that your coworker is sure to love.

Christmas Home Ornament

Christmas Home Ornament

If you have a coworker who is not Christian but still enjoys getting into the Christmas spirit, this ornament is faith-neutral, while still faithful to the mood at this time of year.

This sweet small Christmas gift for your coworker features a sparkly Christmas home that is sure to be visited by Santa! With its cheerful bough of holly, bright baubles, and shiny fir tree, it is impossible not to be filled with cheer the moment you set your eyes on this fantastic little ornament.

The Confectioner’s Chalet Ornament

The Confectioner’s Chalet Ornament

This is a great Christmas gift for coworkers who have a bit of a sweet tooth. Nestled right on Candy Cane Lane, this gingerbread house is confection perfection- in miniature!

Each Christopher Radko ornament is carefully inspected to ensure the perfection of every tiny detail, and they come wrapped up in a gorgeous gift box, so they are ready to go right away! Your coworker will love the thought that you have put in to getting them something great!

Nintendo Super NES Console Ornament

Nintendo Super NES Console Ornament

This one is for the old-school gamers out there! If you have a coworker who spends all of his free time in front of a screen, this ornament is for him.

This is a really fun small Christmas gift for coworkers because when they press the button on the ornament, they’ll see the power light illuminate and hear sounds from the “Super Mario World” game. This great gift will transport them right down memory lane and into sweet nostalgia.

Sea Otter Ornament

Old World Christmas – Sea Otter Ornament

We love the design of this lovely sea otter ornament. No more fiddling with tiny loopholes of string, this awesome decoration features a handy gold clip for easy attachment to almost anything!

This ornament is not just a perfect Christmas gift for coworkers; they can hang it up on their desks all year round! This peaceful and glittery little otter floats serenely on the surface of his river and acts as a great reminder to slow down and take a breath when things in the office can get a little overwhelming.

Jar of Pickles Ornament

Old World Christmas- Jar of Pickles Ornament

Looking for a funny little Christmas gift for your coworkers? This jar of pickles will have them laughing as soon as they lay eyes on it.

These Christmas tree ornaments are hand-painted and mouth-blown to provide you with a beautifully crafted and high-quality ornament that is totally unique. No one else will have Christmas decorations quite like this! We love the glitter detail that gives this gift some extra sparkle.

Star Wars Ornament

Hallmark Keepsake – Star Wars Ornament

May the force be with you at this year’s office Christmas party! Help your coworker bring home the fun of “The Mandalorian” with this The Child Keepsake Christmas ornament, which features baby Yoda sitting on the head of a Storm Trooper while cradling a knob from The Razor Crest.

Star Wars fans will absolutely adore this sweet gift, and you will gain the reputation for being the best at giving Christmas gifts to your coworkers.

More Unique Christmas ornaments can be found here.


There is something for everyone in this section! Enjoy perusing our carefully curated selection of fashion and jewelry items to find the perfect Christmas gifts for your coworkers.

Wool Tie

Wool Tie

If you’re looking for a premium quality gift that doesn’t break the bank, we highly recommend these stylish wool ties!

These make an excellent Christmas gift for coworkers in a more formal office setting where ties are the norm. Add a pop of colour and style to your coworker’s tie collection with one of these stunners from DAZI.

When this tie needs to be washed, be gentle! A cold handwash will maintain the sleek appearance of these beautiful wool ties for years to come.

Lightsaber Battle Black Tie Bar

Lightsaber Battle Black Tie Bar

Another one for the Star Wars fans here! This is a cool small Christmas gift for a coworker who loves the mystery and excitement of intergalactic operations. This little bit of Star Wars memorabilia is certified by Lucas films, so you can be sure that you are receiving a top-quality product.

This tie clip has a slider bar, so it is more likely to stay in place all day long, no matter how vigorous the activity of the wearer. Your coworker will think of you (and Star Wars of course!) every time he glances down and sees this sweet tie clip.

Unisex Hand Beaded Bracelets

Rastaclat Original Unisex Hand Beaded Bracelets

Rastaclat urges their buyers and wearers to “seek the positive”, and we think that they would approve of you gifting this bracelet and message to a coworker with the intention of fostering a positive work environment.

This is a special and unique Christmas gift for a coworker because each bracelet is handmade with extreme care and attention to detail, right down to the handpainted logo displayed on each piece of jewelry. The unisex design makes this a great gift for anyone you work with, and anyone you don’t, too!

Women’s Angelic Bracelet

Swarovski Women’s Angelic Bracelet

Swarovski sure knows how to bring glamour to the party! This is a more luxurious small gift for a coworker, so double-check that it fits within the Secret Santa budget this year.

Each bracelet has an adjustable bolo attachment, so it will fit wrists of all shapes and sizes. Adorn your coworker’s arms with a bit of sparkly elegance this Christmas by making their day with this stunning Angelic bracelet.

Bracelet Charm

Pandora – Take a Break Coffee Cup Charm

If you have a coworker with a Pandora bracelet that is just crying out for some more charms, they’ll love this funny little coffee cup charm!

Everybody needs a little reminder to take a break and relax, and this charm would make the perfect gift for coworkers who often don’t know when to stop and head home for some downtime.

Make their Christmas by adding a little sparkle to their day that will let them know that you care about them and you are grateful for their presence in your life.

Necklace for Women

Kendra Scott Fern Y Necklace for Women

We absolutely love the sleek design of this Kendra Scott Fern Y necklace! The elegance of the pendulum pendant will add a touch of glamour to any outfit, whether it’s a casual tee and jeans, or a stylish little black dress.

Each piece of jewelry from Kendra `Scott comes beautifully packaged in a gorgeous little gift box, o this one is just perfect as a small Christmas gift for coworkers.

Ethically Sourced Pure Baby Alpaca Scarf

Ethically Sourced Pure Baby Alpaca Scarf

Give the gifts of comfort, warmth, and coziness this Christmas with this snuggly, eco-friendly alpaca scarf!  Alpaca wool is made of the softest, most durable, luxurious, and silky natural fibers, plus it’s totally environmentally friendly and cruelty-free!

If you don’t know your coworker very well, this is a great gift because the colors are neutral, the fabric is hypoallergenic, and it is super versatile! Throw it over any outfit, or even your sofa! Because of the high demand for Alpaca wool, this gift is a limited edition, making it a special and unique Christmas gift.

Snow Globe

What would Christmas be without snowglobes? This is one Christmas trend that we can absolutely get on board with. We’ve selected a handful of the best snowglobes for you below, showcasing a mixture of traditional and slightly quirkier products.

Gingerbread Village Musical Snow Globe

Things Remembered Gingerbread Musical Snow Globe

Share the sweet side of the holiday season when you give your coworker this whimsical, personalized snow globe! The plaque is engraved with a special message from you at no extra cost, making this a thoughtful gift for your coworker this Christmas.

When the globe is wound up, watch it come to life! The trains at the base chug happily round to the cheerful tune of Toyland, while the gingerbread figures sway and dance. This is sure to warm up the home of any coworker this Christmastime.

Light Up Christmas Tree Snow Globe 

ReLIVE Light Up Christmas Tree Snow Globe 

This glittery Christmas tree light is a fantastic gift for coworkers who love to host an annual Christmas party every year. It is perfect for bringing warmth and coziness to every room in the house and will get everybody in a festive mood.

This lovely glitter light runs on three AAA batteries that are not included, so if you’d like to give a gift that is ready to go right away, we suggest adding a pack of batteries to get your coworker started.

Nativity Waterglobe Church

RAZ Imports Nativity Waterglobe Church

We love quirky twists on traditional gifts, and this amazing RAZ Imports snow globe takes the cake! Not only does it eschew the traditional “globe” shape of the snowglobe, but it also runs on batteries! This means no shaking it every few minutes, but instead, you can set the timer to activate a six-hour display of sparky, swirling glitter that repeats every eighteen hours.

This Nativity scene snow globe is lovely as winter decor, or display it year-round to instantly uplift your sports. Your coworker can even keep it on their desk in the office for a bit of cheer.

Musical Church Waterglobe

Kurt S. Adler Musical Church Waterglobe

This gorgeous Kurt Adler snowglobe is a beautiful small Christmas gift for coworkers who live in sleepy, snowy towns nestled into a mountain or a forest- or who wish they did!

When you wind up the key on the snow globe base, it plays the tune “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, which will instantly bring happiness to any occasion. This lovely globe will remind you of simpler times and transport you to childhood memories of getting cuddly with your family on Christmas eve.

Santa Water Globe

Santa With Reindeer And Sleigh Water Globe

Coworkers with kids will especially love receiving this awesome Santa sleigh snowglobe! In the center of the globe, you can see Santa making preparations to head out for the night to deliver all of his presents!

Give this globe a shake and listen to the dulcet tones of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” fill the room, bringing a happy, calm feeling that will help your coworker and their friends and family wind down to enjoy some relaxation over the holiday season.

Lantern Snow Globe

RAZ Import – Lantern Snow Globe

RAZ Import has done it again with another stunning Nativity scene snow “globe”. This one runs on batteries or it can be plugged in via a USB cable, so it would be a great idea to throw in a pack of AA batteries when you give this fantastic Christmas gift to your coworker.

Your coworker will be free to choose the settings that they prefer; constant swirling glitter, timed intervals, or “manual” where they can see the sparkly snowfall whenever they feel like giving their new favorite item a shake!

North Pole Bound Snowglobe

Reed and Barton North Pole Bound Snowglobe

This Reed and Barton snowglobe is an excellent gift for coworkers who have an elegant and classy home with the decor to match. The white and silver tones make this the perfect addition to any space.

This lovely snowglobe comes in a fantastic gift box, so it is ready to give right away. No wrapping paper or batteries needed to complete this Christmas gift! Your coworker will be touched by the thought that has gone into this gift.

Office Gadget

If you’re looking for a more religion-neutral gift for your coworker this Christmas, why not get them something cool that they can enjoy at the office? We have chosen the top five office gifts for coworkers below.

Levitating Pen

Novium Hoverpen 2.0 – Futuristic Luxury Levitating Pen

This amazing levitating luxury pen will rocket your coworker out of traditional Christmastime celebrations and right into the future! If what you’re looking for is some totally awesome Christmas gifts for coworkers, we think it might be time to call off the search.

Highly precise craftsmanship makes this pen a piece of exquisite desk art that will last a lifetime. Your coworker will love their new cool desk fixture that hovers at exactly the perfect angle to be snatched up and written with.

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Stress Relief Doll

Dammit Doll – Stress Relief Doll

Everybody has their bad days at the office where a strongly-worded email is just not enough to fully release the stress that has built up. For these kinds of days, you need a Dammit Doll.

Each Dammit Doll is constructed of handmade, high-quality material and it’s durable enough to be flung across the room, slammed down on a desk, or beaten against a wall in moments of frustration. Your colleagues will get a real kick out of this awesome Christmas gift.


Playable Art Helicone – Executive Edition

This wonderful “playable art” sculpture is the perfect gift for coworkers because it truly has something in it for everyone! Nature lovers will love the fact that this gift is handmade from all-natural products, mathematicians will enjoy this clever use of the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio, and procrastinators and stressed-out employees will enjoy wasting away the hours watching it spin and shift throughout the day.

Sand Art

YOOLANSA Sand Art Frame Sandscape

This soothing and relaxing sand art gift is a wonderful desktop decoration for busy bees in the workplace. We love this as a gift for coworkers because it’s not something that they might buy for themselves, but they will love it nonetheless.

Each gorgeous landscape is open to interpretation. Sometimes it looks like a deep ocean, sometimes like towering mountains, and sometimes like a mysterious starry sky. Bring a whole new world to the office every single day!

Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3 Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Did you pull the IT guy’s name in the Secret Santa draw? Have no fear, because we have the perfect gift idea for you! This is also an excellent gift for coworkers who love gaming on multiple screens, or who use cross computer flow at work.

The ergonomic wireless mouse features the remarkable speed, precision, and quietness of electromagnetic scrolling. Your coworker will feel as though they are swiping a magic wand through the air and watching their wishes come true.


It can be awkward buying gifts for coworkers you don’t really know, but we have an excellent solution- mugs! You can’t go wrong with a mug because everyone uses one and appreciates a good one. We have rounded up a great variety to help you find the perfect mug for your coworker this Christmas.

Cute Christmas Mug

Cute Christmas Mug

We just love this adorable inverted Christmas tree mug, made of heat and condensation-resistant borosilicate glass, which is more durable and perfect than common glass. The borosilicate gives this lovely holiday mug that smooth finish and a crystal clear look.

This awesome thermos mug doesn’t just look great, but it also keeps your drink warm for much longer, without burning your hands. This is a great mug for the office and your coworker will thank you for thinking of them and getting them this special gift.

Ox-Horn Viking Drinking Horn

Norse Tradesman Genuine Ox-Horn Viking Drinking Horn

Every Viking horn is made of authentic, ethically-sourced ox horn, making this the perfect Christmas gift for a coworker who loves nature and lives a sustainable lifestyle.

Your coworker will love the attention to detail displayed by this amazing Norse ale horn, right down to the polished brass wolf’s head tip, and the perfectly-fitted display stand. This is a truly unique gift that has been handcrafted for that special colleague.

Santa Clause Soup Mug

Santa Clause Christmas Soup Mug

This mug is a more traditional and hearty option, so this is perfect for the coworker who really loves getting into the spirit of Christmas. You know the type, they wear cheesy Christmas jumpers and send group emails to the whole office with their favorite eggnog recipes.

We love the large, round design of this mug, which makes it perfect for filling up with your favorite soup, to be cradled by the fire on a cold winter night.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

This is a perfect gift for coworkers who love a more modern design and enjoy using fancy technological gadgets. The Ember mug is the best Smart Mug for keeping your beverage at the exact perfect temperature all day long. No more getting sidetracked on the way to the break room and coming back to your office to find a cold cup of coffee! The Ember mug has got you covered.

The Ember smart mug allows you to control with your smartphone. Pair with the Ember app to set your temperature, customize presets, receive notifications, and more.

Handmade Beer Stein

Heavy Gauge King’s Shilling Pewter Beer Tankard

This awesome glass-bottomed pewter mug is not just an excellent Christmas present; it comes with a great story, too! Back when the English navy desperately needed sailors to join, recruiters would go out and trick men into joining by slipping a shilling into their drinks. When the men drained the ale and were found to be in possession of the King’s shilling, they had to enlist.

Draughtsmen began making mugs with glass bottoms, so men could escape the ruthless navy, and this awesome hand-crafted mug hearkens back to that time. An excellent gift for a coworker who hates the office and feels the urge to escape!


Finally, we have a fun selection of Christmas-themed kitchenware, gadgets, and cookie jars to make holiday season even more exciting and joyful than it already is!

Christmas Tea Set

VAHDAM – Christmas Tea Luxury Gift Box

Now your coworker can sip on the joyous taste of Christmas all year long! This amazing Christmas tea set contains sweet cinnamon chai, vanilla spiced chai, and Earl Grey Masala chai; everythng you need for a warm and spicy Christmas!

As a special bonus, Vahdam tea company is a certified carbon-neutral and plastic-neutral brand, offsetting all of its outputs with investments in sustainability in India. This is not just a great gift for your coworker, but for a portion of India, too!

Enameled Egg Collectible

Design Toscano The Petroika Larissa Faberge Style Egg Collectible

Bring a little style this Christmas with this absolutely gorgeous Faberge Egg-inspired decoration! Cast in metal using the centuries-old wax method, then hand-painted with enamel and rigorously quality-checked, this beautiful ornament will brighten any home.

This is a perfect gift for a coworker who has everything and needs nothing. It emanates elegance and style, and will be beloved by its happy recipient.

Gingerbread King Nutcracker

Kurt S. Adler – Gingerbread King Nutcracker

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without The Nutcracker! Kurt S. Adler makes a jaunty, colorful version that will be treasured by children and adults alike.

This amazing, glittery Nutcracker is inspired by a gingerbread house, and candy features can be spotted in all of the sparkly detail of this lovely little statuette. Brighten up your coworker’s homes by gifting them this fabulous item.

Scented Candle For Men

Premium Wood Scented Candle

Bring the smell of Christmas into your coworker‘s home with one of these lovely scented candles. This is an excellent gift because it can be used to brighten any room; at home or in the office! Your lucky coworker will love it!

Made with health and happiness in mind, this 100% Natural Soy wax candle is non-toxic, long burning, made with essential oils, and has a 100% cotton wick. 

Christmas Tree Cookie Jar

Christmas Tree Cookie Jar

This is the Christmas gift for a coworker who just can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar; now they’ll have their very own!

This is a great traditional option, and this lovely Christmas Tree cookie jar will look fantastic displayed amongst other Christmas trinkets. Large enough to hold a mouth-watering variety of the most delectable cookies, this cookie jar will keep you going for quite a few snack breaks!

Christmas Tree Santa Cookie Jar

Spode Christmas Tree Santa Cookie Jar

This beautiful Santa Claus cookie jar depicts Santa cradling armfuls of gifts that represent love, joy, and peace. Give this gift to a coworker who you wish these things for this happy holiday season.

To make this an extra special and thoughtful gift, pair the cookie jar with a bag of your coworker’s favorite cookies. They will love how you go the extra mile and perhaps they’ll even share a couple of their cookies with you!

Snowman Cookie Jar

Lenox Happy Holly Days Snowman Cookie Jar

Last but certainly not least, we have this magnificent Happy holly Days Snowman cookie jar from Lenox. If your coworker was hoping to start a diet in the new year, they may have to have second thoughts!

Who could resist this sweet, smiley little snowman? Your coworker will find themselves dipping their hands in again to have “just one more cookie”.

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