35 Thoughtful Gifts For Girlfriend That Make Her Cry Secretly

thoughtful gift for girlfriend
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Whether you are looking for a Christmas, birthday, romantic, or Valentine gift for your girlfriend, you will find something worthy her fancy in this list of thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend.

They have been carefully selected to fit everyone’s taste and preference, and you are sure to find something that she will bring her to tears.

Flower Bear – thoughtful gifts for girlfriend (Editor’s Pick)

thoughtful creative gifts for girlfriend

Rose Flower Bear

No matter how old a girl is, she will always love a teddy bear as a gift.

Go a mile further and get her this romantic rose flower bear.

It shows you deeply love her in a special way, and she will love cuddling this gift.

The artificial flowers will last for years while still maintaining their message of love and intimacy.

Personalized Keepsake Figurine

creative and thoughtful gift ideas for girlfriend

Personalized Willow Tree Promise

Your Girlfriend Is Going To Love This Personalized Gift

When you get your girlfriend this willow tree gift, it symbolizes how your relationship has grown and how it has been a good learning experience for both of you.

Willow trees symbolize strength and stability-qualities needed in any relationship

Message in A Bottle

unique thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

Message In A Bottle

This Gift Is Going To Make Your Girlfriend Cry

A message in a bottle is one of the most romantic gifts you can get your girlfriend.

You can send your personalized message to get printed.

Your girlfriend will fall in love with you all over again once she reads the message.

It’s one of those gifts that people treasure for life.

personalize Heart necklace

thoughtful gifts for best girlfriend

Personalize Heart Necklace Couples Jewellery

A woman will never turn down a jewelry piece as a gift.

Goan extra mile and get your girlfriend a couple’s jewelry like this one.

The heart symbolizes eternal love, and whenever she has it around her neck, it’ll always remind her of that.

Custom love song wall art

thoughtful birthday gifts for your girlfriend

Custom Song – Framed Soundwave Art

Does she love music?

How about you turn her favorite song into soundwave art.

It’s not only creative but also an extremely personalized gift.

She can hang the art on any wall in the house and enjoy explaining its meaning to all her visitors.

Hand Casting Kit

thoughtful diy gift for girlfriend

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Looking For Thoughtful DIY Gift For Your Girlfriend?

There is no better way of telling her that you are in her life for the long ride thana with this gift.

Have your hands intertwined using this casting kit for a long-lasting gift that says “I’ll always be here with you.”

It’s a great way of showing your commitment to the relationship.

Romantic Night Light

thoughtful birthday gifts for new girlfriend

Engraved Moon Lamp Night Light

She will think of you every night with this night light.

The moon is a universal symbol of love.

Get your girlfriend this moon lamp night lamp gift that comes with a special message engraved.

Every time it lights up her bedroom, she will be reminded that somebody loves her with all his heart.

Boyfriend Arm Pillow

thoughtful gift ideas for girlfriend long distanc

The Original Boyfriend Body Pillow

Are you in a long distance relationship? this pillow is a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend.

Long distance relationships can be tough on either partner.

You can ease the tension, and the feeling of absenteeism by getting her this boyfriend’s body pillow.

Every night, she will feel like you are there cuddling her, and it will help her feel close to you.

Necklace For Girlfriend

Sterling Silver Cute I Love You Jewellery

That is such a sweet gift.

Silver is believed to act as a mirror into one’s soul through which you can see yourself as others see you.

Silver jewelry says that he sees you as a precious gem worth his heart, mind, and soul.

You can convey your deep feelings for your girlfriend by getting her this piece of jewelry.

Capsule Letters

thoughtful gifts for a girlfriend

Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle

Write your thought about your girlfriend.

Let your girlfriend know what you think about her with this capsules letters message in a bottle gift.

It’s the best way for you to let her know what she means to you.

Written words are powerful as convey feelings, memories, stories, and events of human experiences.

Travel Pillow

thoughtful christmas gift ideas for girlfriend

trtl Travel Pillow

Let your girlfriend travel comfortably on this coming Christmas holiday.

Traveling is both fun and pain in the neck-literally.

If you have to sleep on the plane, you’ll need a comfortable travel pillow to avoid a stiff neck.

The gift is very thoughtful as she can use it multiple times, and even when she is traveling far away from you, she will always have you close to her.

Electric Heated Throw

thoughtful xmas gifts for girlfriend

Plush Heated Throw

Looking for a thoughtful Christmas gift for your girlfriend? This electric heated plush will warm her up.

Winters can get very cold.

Let her know you care by gifting her this plush-heated throw.

It’ll always keep her warm during those cold days and nights.

The plush signifies your relationship-warm and affectionate.

It says “I’ll always keep you safe” in the warmest way possible.

Enchanted Rose

thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend

Beauty and The Beast Rose Enchanted Rose

Roses are the universal symbol of love and affection.

Red roses symbolize deep love, and this never fade red rose glass dome is the perfect representation of faith in eternal love.

It’s a great way to tell your girlfriend that you love them even more as time goes by.

Weighted Blanket

thoughtful christmas gifts for my girlfriend

COMFOLAX Weighted Blanket

A good night’s sleep is paramount for a great day ahead.

If your girlfriend suffers from sleep disorders or anxiety, the best gift you can get her is a weighted blanket.

It’ll help her sleep better by easing all her troubles and helping her relax and enjoy a good sleep.

Long Distance Relationship Pillow

best thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend

Long Distance Relationship Gift

This is one thoughtful gift if you are in a long distance relationship with your girlfriend.

A hug from a loved one symbolizes love and affection in its purest form.

If you cannot physically hug your girlfriend due to the distance, you can always let her know you have her close to your heart.

Get her this beautiful pillow that comes with a sweet message.

It’ll always remind her that you will always come back to her.

Picture Frame With Poem

super thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

Rustic Wood Picture Frames With Poem

Simple gift with lots of memory.

A picture frame is always a great girlfriend gift.

This rustic picture frame comes with a personalized poem and a space to put your favorite picture.

If you have a picture that carries a deep meaning to both of you, you can mount it on the frame before gifting your girlfriend.

It’s a great way to keep your memories alive.

120 language of I love you necklace

thoughtful gifts for girlfriend for christmas

Sterling Silver I Love You Necklace

Tell your girlfriend you love her in 120 languages.

This silver sterling necklace comes with a red cubic zirconia gemstone and 24k gold inscriptions that say “I Love You” in 120 languages.

It will definitely make your girlfriend stand out from the crowd.

She can wear it for any special occasion.

Romantic Picture Frame

thoughtful gifts for a girl

Romantic Picture Frame

Celebrate your anniversary with your beautiful girlfriend with this romantic picture frame.

It reaffirms your love for her.

You can mount your favorite photo on the frame to help you hold dear memories of your time together.

DIY Explosion Box

thoughtful homemade gifts for girlfriend

Handmade Explosion Box

This is a thoughtful homemade gift for your girlfriend.

Are you the creative kind?

Why not use your creativity to make your girlfriend a DIY gift?

It’s a gift she will always hold dear as it will mean the world to him.

Gather all your favorite pictures, make beautiful cards, and have them put in an explosion box for your girlfriend.

You can also place a personal gift on the inside.

Preserved Rose

small thoughtful gift ideas for girlfriend

Preserved Roses

Looking for small thoughtful gift ideas for girlfriend?

Roses are delicate and beautiful in equal measures.

They relay the message of love, affection, and commitment to your girlfriend.

The best part is that these are real roses that will not lose their freshness, and they come with a sweet gift card.

They symbolize a love that will not fade

Adventure scrapbook

thoughtful gifts for new girlfriend

Our Adventure Book 

Get this thoughtful gift for your new girlfriend.

Document all your adventures in this picture scrapbook and give it to your girlfriend as a gift.

Collect pictures that give different memories, including when you met, your first date, and many more.

It’s a great keepsake that she will treasure forever.

Cute Teddy Bear

thoughtful gifts for girlfriend long distance

Cute Long Distance Relationships Gift

Melt her heart with this gift.

No matter the age, a teddy bear will always melt your girlfriend’s heart.

Let your girlfriend know that you are always thinking of her and looking forward to see her again soon.

It’ll ease the strain of a long-distance relationship a bit.

Love Book

thoughtful birthday gifts for girlfriend

Knock Knock What I Love About You

For a witty and mushy thoughtful gift for your girlfriend, get her this small book.

It’s a book that you can fill with lines about what you love about your girlfriend.

Pour out your heart, and your girlfriend will love to go through the lines with a big smile every time.

Love Jar

most thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

Love & Friendship in a Jar

Inspire your girlfriend everyday with these lovely quotes that come in a love and friendship jar.

There are quotes for every day, and she will feel inspired by the thoughtfully written words.

Get her a jar today!

Handmade Roses

Eterfield Handmade Preserved Roses

Get this gift to convey your deep affection, desire, and longing for your girlfriend even when you are far apart.

Who said real roses cannot last fresh for a long time?

These real roses are preserved to last fresh for a whole year.

Love Quotes

thoughtful gifts for girlfriend long distance

Love Quotes Printed on Wooden Hearts

Here are 15 reasons to let your girlfriend know why you love her so much.

The box comes with 15 wooden hearts with beautiful love quotes printed on them.

What better way to let her know how special she is to you?

She will enjoy reading these quotes everyday.

Personalize Song Lyrics

Personalized Song Lyrics Gifts with Your Photo

Let’s personalize song lyrics with your photo.

Turn her love for music into this personalized wall hanging.

The frame has the lyrics of her favorite song with a photo of you two.

You can use a favorite picture of you two that brings beautiful memories.

It’s a gift to be treasured forever.

String Art Gift

I love you string art gift sign

This is such a sweet gift for your girlfriend.

Handmade gifts are very special as they show how much the receiver means to the giver.

Your girlfriend is sure to treasure this string art gift sign that has a deep meaning of love and affection.

She can display in on any table around the house or on the mantel.

hand warmer

cheap thoughtful christmas gifts for girlfriend

Portable Double-Side Hand Warmer

If you are looking for the perfect winter gift for your girlfriend, here is a good one.

The main part is made of airplane-grade aluminum and the head is made of food silicone material.

Once she presses the switch, warmth will be released in seconds, and it can keep her warm for up to 10 hours.

girlfriend Care box

thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend on christmas

Unique Surprise Gifts For Girlfriend

A gift box with all the necessities is just about the perfect gift for your girlfriend.

Nothing will show her how much you love and care about her than this gift box.

Make her feel like a queen as she deserves it.

Bath Bomb Gift Box

great thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath bombs are meant to make bath time more enjoyable and relaxing.

Get her this gift set to turn her bath times into a luxurious affair.

These bath bombs come in various beautiful colors that will make her feel like she is an exclusive spa.

Bath time has never been this enjoyable before.

Infinity Necklace

good thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

 Cute Infinity Necklace

Tell her “I’ll Love You to Infinity” with this beautiful necklace.

It gives the promise of your undying love.

Jewelry also tells a woman how much she means to you.

Get her this necklace to declare your love with one of the most beautiful gift.

Love Notes

really thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar 

Bring a smile to her face every day with these notes that bear heartfelt love messages.

He will always look forward to the next door’s note.

Such a keepsake is the best way to pour out your heart to your beloved, and she will treasure it forever.

Chocolate Gift Basket

thoughtful valentine's gifts for girlfriend

Chocolate Gift Basket

Gifting your girlfriend chocolate shows that you are sending her a message that you are open to romance.

Get her this box full of assorted chocolates, and she will be singing your praises to everyone who cares to listen.

It’s the perfect girlfriend gift for an important occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s.

Red Rose Gift Box

very thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

Red Rose Gift Box Enchanted

That’s A Nice Small Gift For Your Girlfriend.

You don’t need a special occasion to treat your girlfriend to a wonderful gift.

Remind her of your love with this gorgeous red rose gift box that will leave her feeling special.

It’s a special gift for a special person, and she will treasure it forever.

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