31 Useful White Elephant Gift Ideas Everyone Will Fight For

useful white elephant gift
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Traditionally, white elephant gifts are meant as a party game where impractical and amusing presents are exchanged during special festivities.

Although white elephant gifts are meant to entertain party-goers instead of them gaining any valuable item, in our collection below, you’ll find numerous useful white elephant gift ideas that everyone will fight for.

Redneck Backscratcher – Editor’s Pick for useful white elephant gift ideas

white elephant gift ideas practical

Redneck Backscratcher

Although this might seem like a not-so great gift to give someone, it can come in handy on many occasions.

If you have ever experienced a itch on a part of your body you cannot reach, you’ll agree that a backscratcher can come in handy in such a situation.

This one is long enough to reach even the furthest points of your back, and take care of that stubborn itch.

Funny Cooking Apron

white elephant gift ideas for adults

Funny Cooking Grilling Aprons

Grilling can be a messy job, especially if you are wearing bright clothes.

Well, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of BBQ parties.

If you have a friend who always invites you for BBQ parties, show your appreciation by buying them this funny grilling apron.

It will fill the whole backyard with laughter, and everyone will enjoy the food.

Just make sure no kids are around.

Chia Planter

white elephant gift ideas kid friendly

Chia Potted Groot Decorative Pottery Planter

A kids friendly white elephant gift. Do you have a friend who is a great fan of The Guardians of the Galaxy?

The chia potted Groot decorative pottery planter is the ideal white elephant gift for them.

It comes with a pottery planter, chia seed packets to last three platings, and a plastic drip tray.

They will enjoy watching their chia pet grow and get a luscious green coat in just a few weeks.

Funny Coffeem Mug

white elephant gift ideas coworkers

This is My Cup of Ccare

Make your coworker laugh at this gift. This is one cheeky, yet useful white elephant gift.

It comes with a funny message that is bound to leave a streak of smile on anyone’s face.

Your friends will love owning such a mug as it will be a great conversation starter.

book With hidden Secret

Flask Hollow Book

Well, now that is one useful white elephant gift that everyone will fight for!

Not many people will be interested in reading the USA constitution, and so, you can hide your whiskey flask in peace.

All you’ll need to do is flip through the book as if you are busy reading its contents, while in reality, you are enjoying your drink discreetly.

It’s an ideal white elephant gift for a friend who loves his whiskey.

Urinal Shot Glass

creative white elephant gift ideas

Urinal Shot Glasses

Make whiskey taste different with this urinal shot glass. Who said you need a glass to enjoy your whiskey in?

Well, they had not seen these unique urinal shot glasses.

They are ideal for parties, and your friends will be pissed they didn’t have such practical glasses to help them get wasted before.

This is definitely one funny gift that they will appreciate.

Wine Stopper

white elephant gift exchange ideas

Wine Condoms

What are you thinking? This is a wine stopper! Surprise your partner with a bottle of wine and this silly yet beverage storage solution.

It is sure to put a smile or an awkward expression on their faces.

Wine condoms are designed to be fun and functional as they help keep your wine fresh after opening it.

Their leak-proof technology also helps ensure that your wine doesn’t get spoil while in storage.

Pizza Throw

white elephant gift exchange ideas

Pizza Print Throw Blanket

A pizza throw to keep them warm on this Christmas. This one is both a useful and practical white elephant gift.

The pizza print throw blanket is the best gift for pizza lovers.

It is the ideal Christmas gift to help them keep warm during the cold season.

Stress Release Tabletop Punching Bag

white elephant gift ideas for work

Desktop Punching Bag Stress Relief

That’s one proper white elephant gift in the office. Working in the office can sometimes be stressful, especially when you also have other problems from home or your relationship.

Everyone has their own way of relieving stress.

The desktop punching bag stress relief can serve the purpose extremely well.

It is a small yet practical gift to help anyone keep their stress level down while in the office or even at home.

Mini Donuts Maker

white elephant gift ideas gender neutral

Mini Donut Maker Machine

Donuts are a favorite snack of many people.

Being able to make them at home is a bonus for any donut lover.

It is quick and easy to use as you only need to choose your favorite batter and set the timer.

The donut maker comes with an auto-shutoff function to help prevent overcooking.

burger socks

white elephant gift ideas 50 dollars

Funny Burger Socks Box

Do you have a friend who loves burgers?

How about you surprise him with this funny burger socks box?

It is a combo of funny colorful socks and the world’s most popular meal.

The set comes with two pairs of neatly folded socks resembling a well-seasoned burger.

The icing on the cake is the wrapping as the box looks like those from a food truck or a restaurant.

Your friend will have a pleasant surprise.

mug with hidden poop

white elephant gift ideas funny

Toilet Shaped Funny Coffee Mug

This is the perfect white elephant gift for anyone who appreciated a good joke/prank.

The toilet-shaped coffee mug is perfect for a coffee lover and potty-humor for a quirky co-worker.

It be the highlight of a party if your friend opened the coffee mug at a party.

You’ll also have a chance to serve your guests a unique coffee experience.

Funny Christmas Plunger

white elephant gift ideas $20

Redneck Plunger Christmas Tree

Christmas is about celebrating with loved ones and exchanging gifts.

Surprise someone with this redneck plunger Christmas tree on this beautiful occasion.

Every time they use the plunger, it will remind them of you and your cheeky white elephant Christmas gift to them.

Potty Texter

white elephant gift ideas $30

Potty Texter Phone Holder

Never missed a text while in the toilet. Some people carry their phones everywhere, including the bathroom.

If you have a friend who does this, get them the perfect white elephant gift- the potty texter phone holder.

With this gift, they will be able to use their phone while taking care of the “business.”

Now, that is one practical white elephant gift for a friend.

Grass Flip Flop

white elephant gift ideas cheap

Summer Beach Flip Flops

Make their feet feel like walking on grass everywhere they go. These flip flops make for the perfect summer gift.

They come with a creative lawn design that will have heads turning.

The design will bring a refreshing and cool feeling for that perfect summer.

These flip flops are perfect for those who miss summer during winter season.

Funny Watch

white elephant gift ideas over $100

Triwa Funny Political Gifts Watches

Do you have a friend who loves politics?

The Triwa watch is the perfect gift for them.

It is a fun minimalist watch that comes with characteristic comb-over hands that present Trump’s face in either flattering or not so flattering positions.

Fish Sandals

funny white elephant gift ideas

Handmade Fish Sandals

That’s one funny and practical white elephant gift ideas. Well, this gift will give a whole new meaning to sandals.

The handmade slippers come in PVC soft material that is comfortable and light wear.

They are definitely going to catch the attention of anyone walking by.

These fish sandals make for the perfect Christmas or Halloween gift.


good white elephant gifts $30

Scrambled Numbers Always Late

They are going to be so much later than usual. The scrambled numbers clock is the perfect white elephant gift for that colleague who is always late for meetings.

It represents how everyone else feels about him every time he comes in late.

The gift is also perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be controlled by timelines, and instead wishes to do his things at his own time and pace.

Snacking Bowl

white elephant gift ideas $35

Fred UNZIPPED Hand-Blown Glass Bowl

Surprise a loved one with the Fred unzipped glass bowl.

It resembles an unzipped disposable plastic bag complete with crinkled sides and edges.

The bowl comes in a hand-blown borosilicate glass construction for durability, and it’s dishwasher safe.

The base is flat to provide stability on any surface.

At first, the receiver will think that it’s a plastic bag.

Can Holder Helmet

Viking Can Holder Helmet

For a useful gift, this Viking can holder helmet fits the bill.

The holder helps its user have a beer in style despite the day of the year.

Feel like a pirate on a mission to raid the wine cellar and drink to your satisfaction with this beer holder.

Beer time will be boring again.

Cheese Board

white elephant gift ideas $25

Mousetrap Cutting/Serving Board

Feel like a lucky mouse which managed to dislodge a piece of cheese from the mousetrap without getting caught whenever you use this unique serving board.

You are bound to catch all the compliments when you use this serving board at your next party.

It is a fun yet functional white elephant gift for your loved one even your colleague.

Poop never smells bad again

white elephant gift ideas for all ages

Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman Gift Set

If you have a handyman friend, this is the perfect gift for him on his wedding anniversary or during Christmas.

The Master crapsman gift set includes 20z royal flush and trap-a-crap scents.

You need to shake it well before use, then sprits three to five sprays into the toilet bowl before going a number two.

The scents help keep the bathroom smelling great.

Screw You T-Shirt

white elephant gift ideas $10

Funny Sarcastic T-Shirt

If you are into the habit of giving sarcasting white elephant gifts to your co-workers, this one is the most perfect.

The best part is that it doesn’t come with the exact words but the screw is designed to form a letter “U.”

Your cheeky friend will decode this message perfectly, and he will always get stares and questions about it.

Time Locking container

Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container

We require immense willpower to overcome some of our bad habits.

One of such is using our smartphones or eating cookies uncontrollably.

If you know someone who is struggling to build good habits, this is the perfect gift for them.

They can put any item that keeps tempting them in it and set a timer on the device.

The item will remain locked until the timer reads zero, and they can use that time to do something constructive.

Funny Gifts For Boss

gender neutral white elephant gifts $25

Cottage Creek Boss Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect white elephant gift for your boss?

How about getting him this one?

Instead of coins, your boss can keep notes, and letters about his problem employees.

With this gift in sight, no employee will want to cross paths with the boss.

Junk* Sanitizer

white elephant gift ideas dirty

Witty Hand Sanitizer

This is probably a useful white elephant gift ideas on this pandemic.

With the COVID-19 terrorizing the whole world, people have become conscious of the important safety measures, which include sanitizing.

Get naughty and lighten someone’s dull dull mood during this period by buying them this hand sanitizer.

It comes with a cheesy message that is bound to leave them in stitches.

It is the ideal gift for your male friends.

Check out this post if you are looking for a funny gift for men

Snacks gift basket

white elephant gifts everyone will fight for

Hangry Kit

Do you know a friend who always gets agitated if they miss a meal?

Get them this hangry kit, and they will sing your praises all year long.

The kit comes with chips, peanuts, Goldfish, crackers, chex mix, and granola bars, among other snacks.

It features salty, sweet, and savory options to suit every taste bud for all ages.

Remember to check that the recipient doesn’t have a peanut allergy. 

Hot Chips!

white elephant gift ideas $75

Paqui Carolina Reaper One Chip Challenge

So, your best friend is always bragging how she can handle hot dishes and you want to test her.

How about you get her this Paqui Carolina reaper one chip challenge gift?

The chip is meant for the strongest of all when it comes to spicy food.

If your friend passes this challenge, she get the trophy.

Wine Caddy

white elephant gift ideas $50

Sock Monkey Bottle Caddy

For the perfect Valentine gift, get your girlfriend a bottle of wine and this sock monkey to keep it warm and snuggly.

It protects and insulates your drink lightly.

Bring the light to the party with this cheesy monkey bottle caddy.

It is made of soft wool for that smooth feel.

jar scraper

white elephant gift ideas for coworkers

Jar Scraper Spatula

Jar scraper spatulas don’t to be the same old type.

You can spice things up by getting this platapus-themed scraper for your spouse.

With it, you will never have to wonder how to get the stuff at the bottom of the jar anymore.

It is a great addition to your kitchen.

beer mug Dumbell

fitness white elephant gift ideas

Dumbbell Beer Glasses

If your friend is a fitness enthusiast, surprise them with these dumbbell beer glasses.

Well, they cannot be working out all the time, right?

The glasses are symbolic as they show their love for keeping fit.

These are a great addition to the home bar of any fitness enthusiast.

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