24 Best Valentines Day Gifts For Daughter That She Will Keep Forever

Valentines Day Gifts For Daughter
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Valentine is such a rare occasion when we give gifts to our daughters. Not every mother gives tokens on this occasion and vice versa, so why not start now and make it a tradition in your family.

Let a family tradition of endearing thoughtfulness begin now – so dear mom and dad, here is a list of valentines day gifts for daughter that she will remember.

Personalize Blanket

Blanket Love Letter to My Daughter

Let the warmth of a personalized blanket cover your daughter. The soft-touch of the coral fleece blanket with a written love letter coming from your mom is a super intimate and loving gift.

Imagine your teary-eyed daughter hugging you when she receives this gift – it is sure hard to contain a flood of emotion coming to her that moment.

Crystal Collectible

Swarovski Kris Bear

Ladies, whether young or old, love bears and cute stuff.

Give her not just your ordinary huggable bear – but a cozy Swarovski figurine bear. A one of a kind collection perfect for her bedside or study table piece – always reminding your daughter of your priceless love for her.

Your teenage daughter is going to love this cute Valentine’s Day gift.

Charm Necklace

valentine's day gifts for baby daughter

Daddy’s Princess Pendant

Loving moms strengthen the love of family for each other. Looking at this charming pendant is seeing the tender-loving smile on your daughter’s face when she receives this keepsake. Yes, she is her dad’s forever princess, and no doubt she loves you for it mom for truly there is no place like home!

This is such a sweet Valentine’s gift for a daughter from dad.

Cystal Bracelet

Swarovski Ocean Adventure Crystal Jewelry Collection

Giving a keepsake that she will remember for the rest of her life is a perfect gift for your daughter.

It is an elegant Swarovski bracelet that matches her get-up and gives a touch of glamour to any occasion for lovely ladies like her deserve a charming token that highlights femininity and style.

Mother Daughter Necklace

valentine's day gifts for daughter from mom

EFYTAL Mother Daughter Necklace

Just like its design of interlocking circles, the bond of mother and daughter is forever. Just like its design of interlocking circles, the bond of mother and daughter is forever.

What valentine’s gift for your daughter from mom can you give? Your daughter would love to receive this lovely keepsake, and anytime somebody asks about it, she will say it is about my mom and me – such a sweet thought! – now, everyone agrees that it is a must-have gift for all moms and daughters.

Giant Teddy Bear

valentine's day gifts for little girl

Yesbears Giant Teddy Bear

Your girls love teddy bears – the bigger, the better. Mom, you know she will enjoy this ultra-soft pillow which can be her companion night and day, even a friend to talk to and be with her.

Can you resist giving your baby girl a keepsake that will make her smile all day long? You know you can’t! Give a valentine’s day gift for a little girl that gives her warm hugs and comfort. It will make her smile with happiness as she receives this precious teddy bear from you.

Rose Bear

valentine's day gifts for my daughter

Rose Bear Rose Teddy Bear

Why not give a feminine gift to your lady-like daughter?

The color, design, and touch of the rose bear will charm your daughter, and whenever she sees any rose flower, she will remember your sweetness and love. She can put it on her bedside table as a gentle reminder of mom and your great love for her.

Custom Made Name Pendant

valentine's day gifts for college daughter

Personalized Classic Name Necklace

Having a personalized necklace with the name of your daughter would be ecstatic about – she knows she can partner it with any attire, any time of the day, looking chic and cool – when she is away, this pendant will make her feel close to home.

There might be many choices for Valentine’s day gifts for your daughter in college, but a personalized necklace stands out as an endearing necklace that will last for a long time – wearing it give her a chic look.

Cute Music Box

Cat Music Box

Sweet music will delight your daughter’s heart whether at home or away.

The music played on the music box will always remind her of you and home, and when her friends come and visit, they will fell in love with this music box.

Now give her a cute music box that she will treasure for life.

Rattan Tote

valentine gift ideas for your daughter

Mark Cross Madison Rattan Tote

Young girls love to hang out together and enjoy having fun, and they love to make themselves look pretty and stylish – a girlie tote bag is all your daughter’s need for fun with friends during a night out or a regular walk outside your home, which can usefully carry her stuff. 

Father Daughter Necklace

valentine's day gifts for your daughter from dad

KINDPAW Father Daughter Necklace

Your daughter will always be daddy’s little girl, you know it, and you want her always to remember the kind of bond they have together – as you read the tender words written and look at the design of the necklace – you will not have second thoughts about buying a long-lasting gift.

Macarons Gift Box

valentine's day gifts for daughter in law

Kayla’s Cake Store Macarons

Mom, you may give Valentine’s day gift to your daughter-in-law with out-of-the-box luscious French macarons cookies.

Its beautiful arrangement in a stylish box with elegant lettering style is an instagramable picture which she will brag about online – of course, taking pictures with you and your gift completes her IG story!

Luxury Gift Basket

valentine's day gifts for your daughter

Royal Gift Basket

It is a kind of gift that tells your daughter-in-law is a true bloodied royalty – of your family!

If you’re thinking of a themed party for her birthday, this elegant British design luxury fits the image, or if your daughter-in-law lives far from you, this rich, one-of-a-kind gift will touch her heart and will cherish you as her mom.

Hands Casting Kit

cute valentines day gifts for daughter

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

The best time of your life is time with your family, so honor the daily tradition of caring and love by having a family casting kit that captures the hand molds of your family. It is a memorable Valentine’s day gift for the whole family.

Years from now, your will recall this moment and thankfully say it’s good we made it together – so get this kit and set up a family tradition now.

Gift Card

valentine's day gifts for wife and daughter

Gift Card in a Bag

Anyone who thoughtfully loves to give would love to receive a bag full of gift cards.

If your daughter is as thoughtful as you, you know very well that giving her this kind of gift will thrill her, as she always finds herself looking for that gift cards which will come with her present

Night Light

best valentine's day gift for my daughter

Doptika Engraved Moon Lamp Night Light

The message of this lamp night light will touch the heart of anyone who will read it, more so your daughter, and as she goes through life, she knows she has your love to fall back on, no matter what.

Make a statement of your love and devotion to your daughter with this special gift.

Father and Daughter Sculpture

valentine's day present for daughter

Willow Tree Father and Daughter

You can make memories last for a lifetime by giving gifts that celebrate the bond of love between your daughter and her dad – what way than to depict this is a sculpture of a father and daughter seated side by side.

Your daughter can bring it with her, especially when she’ll have her own family, for now, she can put it in her room, and treasure her family’s love.

Mother And Daughter Figurine

valentine's day gift ideas for my daughter

Willow Tree Mother Daughter

A gift that touches the core of the mother’s love to her daughter is an elegant figurine – reflecting undying love and devotion for nothing in the world can surpass a mother’s love. Your daughter will remember that bond with this lovely gift.

She can bring this gift with her when she has a family of her own or a way to become independent – but wherever it may be, she has your love with this gift.

valentine's day gifts for mom and daughter

3D Laser Etched Picture

Do you want a personalized keepsake to surprise your daughter?

A gift of custom 3D photo crystals with optical illusion, making your image appear to move will delight her senses. It is a precious gift she can carry especially, when she goes away to become independent, lovingly thinking of you always.

It is indeed a precious Valentine’s day gifts for mom and daughter.

Engraved Bedside Table Lamp

valentine's day gifts for 15 year old daughter

Engraved Bedside Table Lamp

Your daughter would love a gift of a bedside table lamp which you can customize with a touching caption making her bedroom shine with love and happiness.

So whenever she is studying or doing school works – a nightstand lamp will provide the light, like what you’re doing all the time for her.

Women Watch Collection

valentine's day gifts for daughter in college

Swarovski Crystal Watch Collection

A mother’s love is about time spent with her daughter, and to remind her of your love always, give her a stylish watch with Ultra Fine Crystal rocks that says nothing comes cheap when it comes to a mother’s love to her daughter – so buy this amazing piece of jewelry for the daughter that you value more.

Flower in Crystal Ball

good valentine's day gifts for daughters

Miss Li Garden Forever Flowers

You are still thinking of a unique but sweet gift for your daughter and you know flowers mean love and happiness, its charm to hold any heart is always true – so express your undying love for her, with a natural flower in a glass, which means you are with her forever.

Chocolate Gift Box

valentine's day gift basket for daughter

GODIVA Chocolatier Chocolate Gold Gift Box

Who doesn’t love chocolates, especially if they come from Godiva?

Let your daughter enjoy 70 pieces of assorted chocolates. Its timeless taste adds sweetness to your bonding – Yes, savor this chocolate with your daughter and experience the joy of being with her now. 

Smart Facial Cleansing Brush

best valentine's day gifts for daughter

FOREO LUNA 3 Smart Facial Cleansing Brush

Your daughter is now a lady!

You want your daughter to look good and feel good all the time, so give her a cleansing and firming massage tool for having clear, smooth skin to add confidence – start now with this gift of skincare and make your daughter understand how to take care of her body. 

The bond between you and your daughter lasts forever. Celebrating this love during valentines day is a moment etched in memories.

The valentines day gifts for your daughter we found give value to the bond between you and your daughter. So, make it happen and choose one or two for your precious daughter.

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