20 Best Viking Gifts For Him That He Will Find Badass

viking gifts for him
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Our fascination for the Vikings will never cease. Their rich history and culture are still alive today – with their braided blond hair, long beards, and faces with battle scars.

Settling in modern-day Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, they are known for piracy, trade, and raids. Just like in the movies, people re-live their way of life.

Giving Viking gifts to those who are fascinated by Viking culture is a thoughtful way to appreciate. Let’s check out these Viking gifts for him that are perfect on Christmas, Birthday, Father’s Day, or any special occasion.

Norse God Odin Statue

viking gifts ideas for him
Veronese Design Bronzed Norse God Odin Riding Sleipner Statue

A most fitting Viking Gift for him is the Norse God Odin Statue. Odin is known for his countless acts that fascinate him to advance his knowledge and power.

A statue poised for courage is a striking decor in living rooms. A gift that he will be proud of to have and you are prouder to give. 

Beard Care Gift Set

viking gifts for husband
Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

A Beard care gift set is a gift for a husband who looks like a Viking – with his long, white beard. It comes with the ultimate beard kit of beard balm, mustache wax, organic oil, shampoo, bristle beard brush, and soap. His inner glow will shine with his glorious beard. 

Horn Decanter Set

viking gifts for dad
Viking Horn Whiskey Decanter Set

Vikings love his drinks fresh and accessible! Pour his whiskey from a spectacular decanter. A sophisticated design is fit for the gods. It embodies the Viking’s ancient raw spirit of fortitude and worldliness.

The Horn Decanter set is perfect for parties, an intimate get-together. You can bring back the glory of the Vikings by giving him this wonderful gift!

Viking Ring

viking gifts ideas
Helm of Awe Ring

A Viking ring shows their spiritual beliefs, power, and social status. It is a gift to assert his authority. It looks manly, authentic, and unique.

It is a sterling silver ring that can be customized in any size. A trademark of the true Viking Spirit – Viking ring is him.

Viking Sword

viking themed gifts
Norse Tradesman Spring Steel Viking Sword

True to the form of a Viking Fandom is the longing to own a Viking Sword! This gift is a Viking replica sword with a genuine leather wooden scabbard and sword belt.

It will be the focus of his home, where the true character of Viking resides. 

Special Edition Odinn Viking Drinking Horn Mug

authentic viking gifts
Norse Tradesman Special Edition Odinn Viking Drinking Horn Mug

One of the authentic Viking gifts is a special edition Horn Mug from It is an elegant work of art that features Odin and his mighty spear. Drinking from this mug gives an aura of pride and strength to him. A priceless gift indeed!  

Viking Longship Collectible

gifts for viking fans
Design Toscano Drekar the Viking Longship Collectible

A surprising gift to set a man to high spirits! The ship personifies the life of exploration and warfare of the Vikings.

It replicates the embodiment of the Nordic past with its perfect carvings and design. An admirable gift exclusively for him.

Personalized Throw Blanket

personalised viking gifts
Personalized Name Viking Throw Blanket

A manly and authentic throw blanket is a sure hit for all occasions! Truly a one-of-a-kind personalized Viking gift that gives comfort.

The vibrance and soft touch of its fleece while looking at its Viking-inspired design is just right for campings, or outdoor gatherings, or for simply relaxing at home. You deserve a tight hug for giving him this gift!

Authentic Viking Drinking Horn

viking christmas gifts
Norse Tradesman – Genuine Viking Drinking Horn

True to the form of Nordic belief in mythology, giving a Norse mythology gift is a thoughtful gesture. A better way to show your respect is to present an authentic Viking Drinking Horn.

Let him savor his favorite beverage from a genuine ox horn. Do give him a gift as striking as him.

Kratos Axe Replica

viking warrior gifts
Kratos Axe

A weapon is a significant part of the Viking warrior. A replica of this ax can be a gift to demonstrate strength and power.

Place this at the strategic place at home, and people around will marvel at its design. A conversation piece starter, this gift will set the mood in every gathering.

Viking Beer Helmet

funny viking gifts
BLKSMITH Viking Beer Helmet

You will become the center of attention as you wear this fun Viking Beer Helmet. It has a fixed headband, adjustable for ladies and gents. It is a funny and convenient way to drink your favorite beverage – handsfree by using a durable plastic straw. Celebrate his style with a legendary Viking beer helmet.

Handmade Viking Belt Buckle

viking dad gifts
KLAMRA – Handmade Viking Belt Buckle

The spirit of the warrior lives on. The images of their weapons and armors engraved on a handmade Viking belt buckle are deliriously magnificent.

It presents a solid brass unisex belt buckle that will look stylish with any outfit. It is trendy, hip and it looks rich. Make him more appealing to you and many by giving this trendsetter gift. 

Handcarved Wooden Odin Figurine

small viking gifts for him
Norse Tradesman Handcarved Wooden Odin Figurine

A lover of medieval history would love a gift of hand-carved wooden Odin figurines. Exquisitely packaged in a Viking Gift sack – this rustic and classy style is a perfect collectible piece for the living room or office.

Surprise him with a gift that suits the distinct taste of collectors like him.

Viking Shotglass Holder

Ebros Scandinavian Viking Dragon Longship Shotglass Holder

This sculpture transports us to the rich history of the Viking era. It captures the standard of a longship war vessel as it holds three-shot glass shooters. It is a gift to match his love for the Nordic culture of valor during die-hard fought battle.

Viking Helm of Awe Necklace

viking father's day gifts
Silver Viking Helm of Awe Necklace

A Norse necklace that embodies security and success. Helm of awe is a protective covering against spirits, defeat, and fear.

It is like an amulet with protective powers that will bring harmony to your life. It can also be worn as a fashion accessory, giving a fashion statement uniquely from you.

Handmade Viking Axe

gifts for viking lovers
Handmade Viking Axe

A masterpiece craft engraved with Celtic symbols. It is a fitting armor for outdoor fun, a handy tool for chopping or field-dressing games.

It can drape your house as a commemorative piece. This unforgettable gift accentuates his love for outdoor fun and his admiration for the Vikings. 

Handmade Viking Walking Cane

viking inspired gifts
Viking Walking Cane

Walking canes for our precious loved ones is a great gift idea. Let us notch it up higher by giving them handmade. A fancy walking stick with a unique Nordic-inspired design adds an aura of strength and toughness.

It comes with exclusive brass, a cane is hand-carved oak wood and strengthened with a metal spindle. Yes, this gift says you care!

Viking Bracelet

viking groomsmen gifts
Mjolnir Black Leather Viking Bracelet

Show his strength, let the Viking bracelet spice up his body. Fancy and stylish, it dresses you up with a pair of jeans and casual short-sleeved shirts.

It is a statement of personal fashion that modifies a tough yet cool personality. The gift complements the strong spirit of the Viking. 

Drakkar Viking Tankard

viking style gifts
Nemesis Now Bronze Drakkar Viking Tankard

A spectacular Drakkar Viking Tankard that highlights the heart of the Viking. The spirit of the warrior in a battleship sails through as depicted in the handle of the Tankard.

It uplifts its timeless design of rustic beauty by showing off the portrait of a Viking with his helm. A gift to treasure for the person you treasure the most. 

Viking Beer Stein

viking gift ideas for dad
King German Viking Beer Stein

Spread the Viking love for festivities and pleasures. Let this gift give you the utmost delight of bliss and merriment. Enjoy drinking your favorite beer stein from a Viking-themed design can. The memory of this gift will last as it touches the heart to the core.

Finally, Let the heart of the Viking splendor glow your heart so you can choose a gift suited for him. Every occasion is a chance to show you care. Make it memorable by choosing from this wide selection of Viking gifts for him. A gift that means you care enough to give the very best!

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