What To Write On A Birthday Card? Copy This Wonderful Wishes

what to write on a birthday card
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Wonder what to write on a birthday card?

Writing something unique on a birthday card is a common problem to avoid making it sound generic. You want to convey your feelings properly to the person you’re giving the card to and tell them how much you appreciate them. 

Here are lists of birthday greetings you can write that won’t go wrong.

1. What to write on a birthday card for your wife

The love of your life deserves genuine passion. You should write about how much you adore them and how grateful you are for being part of your life. If you want to write something original, write it from the heart and list everything you love about your partner.

  • Thank you for everything you’ve done for us
  • I love you with all my heart. I’m lucky to have you
  • I love you more every day we’re together
  • Being with you is the best thing that’s happened to me
  • I am grateful for having you in my life

2. What to write on a birthday card for Your friend

Friends are the family you choose. They can be your childhood friend, friends you’ve met in school, or those you’ve met randomly. True friends are there through thick and thin, so it’s important to show how much you value them on their birthday. Try these:

  • I hope you have the best birthday ever
  • You are the greatest friend anyone could ever have
  • I’m here for you whenever you need a friend
  • I think you’re an awesome friend
  • Let’s create more adventures together

3. What to write on a birthday card for Your mom

Your mother cared for you the moment you were born. They’ve raised you to be the person you are today, so you should always make their birthday feel special. Give them gifts and treat them to anything they want while making them a card they’ll treasure forever. In your card, show them your gratitude and be honest about your love for your mom. Start with these examples:

  • You’re the best mom ever. I love you
  • Thank you for taking care of me and being there for me
  • Happiest birthdays, and I hope we get to celebrate more birthdays
  • No matter how old I’ll get, I’ll always need a mom
  • I will always be grateful to you every year. Happy birthday

4. What to write on a birthday card for Your dad

Dads are our heroes. They go to work every day for our wants and needs, they play games with us even when they’re tired, and they’ll give us the best life advice when we need them. So do whatever they would like to do on their birthday to show your gratitude, get them their favorite food and drink, and just spend time with them. Surprise them with a birthday card that you especially wrote for their day. You can use this list to begin:

  • Thank you for being my hero
  • I hope you have the best birthday, dad
  • I’ve always looked up to you and hope I maKe you proud
  • All your advice helped me in life. Thank you
  • I don’t always say it, but I love you, dad

5. What to write on a birthday card for Your manager/co-worker

We’ve had those days when a giant card goes around the office because someone is having a birthday. With all the birthday cards that would go around, you’re bound to run out of things to write. Here are a few greetings that you can write when it’s your turn to place your signature on the birthday card:

  • Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day
  • May you have more birthdays to come
  • Take a break from work and enjoy your day
  • Thank you for being a great boss/co-worker
  • I hope all your wishes come true

6. What to write on a birthday card for Your girlfriend

Treasure your significant other and make them feel like a queen on their special day. Fill them with surprises and treat them to a romantic getaway or a simple dinner. Give them a specialized card full of your thoughts and love for them. Write down all your feelings and make sure it’s special enough for them to keep forever. Here’s a list of what you can write:

  • Let’s spend more of your birthdays together
  • I am thankful for every day I get to spend with you
  • I hope I can make all your wishes come true someday
  • You are stunning, gorgeous, and beautify every day
  • I love you more each day, and it only grows stronger

7. What to write on a birthday card for Your cousin

Like siblings, you and your cousins have grown up together. They’ve become like friends that you occasionally see during family gatherings. They are family members you get along with the most, and you’re usually invited to their birthday party. Show them your appreciation and value of their presence through a thoughtful birthday card. Try to write these down:

  • Having a cousin like you makes life more fun and awesome
  • Thanks for all the fun times and random adventures
  • Happiest birthdays to my favorite cousin
  • You’re getting old now, but you’ll always be the most fantastic person I know
  • You are the greatest friend and family member

8. What to write on a birthday card for Your nephew

Having a nephew can be fun and fulfilling. You get to help them grow up to be kind and successful people while sharing adventures with them throughout their lives. You have the opportunity to raise them alongside their parents and show them the love and care all children deserve. Giving them a birthday card for their birthday shows them that you’ll always be present in their lives. Here are some sentences you can write down:

  • You should know that I’ll always have your back
  • You’re a year older and a year wiser. I’m proud of you
  • I’ll always be here on your birthdays, even until you’re much older
  • Life will always be filled with ups and downs, but you can always count on me
  • Never forget to keep believing in yourself as you grow older

Birthday cards can be sentimental. They are thoughtful reminders that someone cares for you unconditionally. So when thinking about a gift is difficult, you can’t go wrong with writing cards. Keep this list as a reminder if you’ve run out of words to write for your special people.

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