30 Magical Witchy Gifts That Doesn’t Curse Your Loved One

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Do you know anyone who is into witchcraft you’d like to give unique witchy gifts? Here you will find a collection of gifts for those fond of the unusual craft, people who are always looking for unique finds, or anyone you’d like to give a little shriek.

These gifts are cool, functional, and, best of all, affordable. You may want to choose from the list the next time you are on the hunt for perfect gifts, no matter what the occasion is.

Witchcraft Kit – Best Witch Gifts (Editor’s Pick)

Witchcraft Kit Wiccan Altar kit

This witchcraft altar kit includes the basics to start your witchcraft practice. They make the perfect gifts for witches or those wanting to be one. Each kit includes a black altar cloth, a cauldron, and three spellbooks. 

This is perfect for witchcraft beginners. It also makes a fun present to people who have no inkling about the craft. You can also give this to friends as a cool surprise. 

Rose in Glass Dome

Handmade Preserved Roses in Glass Dome

If you’re looking for witch gifts for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, search no more. How romantic and creepy is this? Your girlfriend will love you for the roses in the glass dome reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast. 

The flowers are preserved to remain in their natural state for a long time. The gift symbolizes eternal love.

Owl Witch

Nemesis Now Owlocen Occult Figurine

An owl witch is a gift that represents the power and wisdom of owls. The figurine is perfect for someone who loves nature and magic! The witch owl, Owlocen, symbolizes the union between evil and good. Its dark color represents evil nature. It is made even more attractive by its hand painting and silvery wings.

Witch’s Apprentice Cat

Veronese Design Witch’s Apprentice

This gift will surely make your witch-loving friend happy. This whimsical kitty figurine is made from high-quality materials and will be a hit with any witch collector. It symbolizes power and protection. The soft fabrics make this kitty an attractive addition to any witch-loving person’s home.

Witches Heart Pendant

Alchemy of England Witches Heart Pendant

This sterling silver pendant is adorned with a delicate heart design, making it a statement piece when worn. The pendant symbolizes kindness, caring, and loving traits. It’s a good idea to gift to someone who loves to be surrounded by positive energy. You may want to give them away as witchy gifts on Valentine’s Day for your wife or girlfriend.

Jack Skellington and Sally Necklace

Jeulia – Jack Skellington and Sally Necklace

It is a witchy gift that will make anyone’s Halloween costume complete! This necklace features Jack Skellington and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. It symbolizes a person devoted to Halloween and all that it entails. It is durable metal with a plastic charm, measures about 18 inches long, and has a clasp closure. 

Healing Crystals in Spell Jars

Healing Crystals for Witchcraft in Spell Jars

These are witch gifts that can help you when casting spells. The crystals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and orientations. Witch wannabes can use different types of healing crystals for their magic. They can use the crystals to charge their spells and make them more powerful. 

Witch’s Spell Casting Wall Sculpture

Design Toscano – Witch’s Cat Spell Casting Wall Sculpture

Speaking of cool witchy gifts. This sculpture comes in both a resin and metal version. The witch’s cat spell-casting wall sculpture is perfect for any home. Whether you are a fan of witches or enjoy owning unique art pieces, this witchy wall sculpture is sure to please.

Witch Hollow Lit House

Snow Village Witch Hollow Haunt House

This unique and beautiful gift is perfect for anyone who loves reading. It comes with a custom-made witch hat, which the gift recipient can wear to show their love for all things witchy. The product includes a personalized bookplate that can be slipped into the book to show their dedication to reading and witches. 

Sabbatic Goat Baphomet Statue

Ebros – Sabbatic Goat Baphomet Statue

Statues make unique witchy gifts, including this one. Give this to someone so they can enjoy the Sabbath in style! This statue is hand-crafted from natural goat hair and features a stylish Baphomet figure on top. Place this statue in any room to add an eerie atmosphere, and this is also nice to look at whenever you please. 

Geode Fluorite Crystal Skull

Skullis – Geode Fluorite Crystal Skull

The Crystal Skull is a witch’s gift that symbolizes power and protection. The Skullis is made of clear fluorite crystals that have been encased in a sturdy resin form. The result is a beautiful piece that can be used as a decorative item or boost the power of a witch-wannabe. They can place it near an altar or any area where they need protection from evil spirits. 

Witch Master Mugs

Witch Master Mugs

These functional and cute mugs make excellent witchy gifts for him. Who says that only girls enjoy witchcraft? You can gift the mugs to someone, whatever the occasion is. Each mug is individually hand-crafted with high-quality ceramic and features a hilarious design of a witch master presiding over her cauldron of potions. 

Witch Tumbler

Witch Tumbler

This gift symbolizes passion, intelligence, and creativity. You can give it to anyone who has those traits or secretly wish to acquire those characteristics. This tumbler is perfect for any person who wants some thrill when drinking. It is a great way to get your drink on, but it also has an attractive design that makes it stand out from the rest.

Witch Crystal Glass

Ebros Gift Wicca Psychic Fortune Teller Scrying Crystal Glass

This gift symbolizes the witch’s power to see into the future and understand natural occurrences. The crystal glass tumbler can make the perfect addition to a collector’s tea or coffee table. Aside from being nice to look at, it helps a person gain insights about the lift path they ought to take. It makes a great conversation starter and will add an extra layer of mystical enchantment to any room.

Agatha Spoon Holder

Agatha Spoon Holder

They are fun, which is why you want to give them as witchy gifts for your mom. The product symbolizes the holding of power or authority, which moms are mostly known for. This spoon holder is made from an old, discarded silver spoon and hand-painted with a witch’s symbol. It’s so cool and affordable.

Agatha Harkness Figurine

Funko Pop! – Agatha Harkness Vinyl Figure

It is a witch’s gift that will leave your friends spellbound. This officially licensed Funko Pop stands 3 3/4 inches tall. The figure comes packaged in a window display box and makes an excellent addition to any fan’s collection. It is suitable for ages 14 and up.

Greenman Witch Bottle

Greenman Witch Bottle

The bottle symbolizes determination, optimism, courage, and the natural world’s power. This unique bottle features a green witch on a yellow background. The bottle is made of glass containing whimsical textures with great depth. It makes excellent display items and collectibles.

Witch Wall Art

The Witches Flight Wall Art

This unique witch’s art gift symbolizes the power of witches to fly. This wall art is perfect for any spooky or occult-themed room. The Witches Flight Wall Art is high-quality vinyl and measures 24 inches wide by 36 inches high. It looks like a complete mystery anyone would love to spend time looking at to find out what’s going on in the painting.

Wiccan T-Shirt

Wiccan Witchy T-Shirt

This uniquely-designed shirt is a stunner. It features a witch with her cauldron and broom, made to look like an embroidered patch on the front chest. The shirt is comfortable and perfect for anyone who loves witches or anything cute. It’s made for everyday wear since the fabric is 100 percent cotton.

Aromatherapy Candle w/ Moonstone Crystal

My Lumina – Aromatherapy Candle w/ Moonstone Crystal

You can give away My Lumina as witchy gifts on Christmas. The gift symbolizes the moon’s phases and mysteries they convey. The candle is made with a special blend of essential oils to help the user relax and distress. The glow of the moonstone crystal helps to soothe a person’s mind and body, while the soft aromatherapy scent fills the space with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Witch Coffee Mug

Witch Coffee Mug

Mug never runs out of style when given as a gift. This witch mug symbolizes love and appreciation and would fit anyone who loves collecting anything witchy. The black mug is adorned with a green, evil-looking witch with her eyes glowing red, ready to cast her spell on anyone drinking. It is a black mug with a green witch design and a white handle and base.

Witch Of The West Necklace

Kirks Folly Witch Of The West Necklace

The gift symbolizes strength, power, and wisdom. The gold-toned necklace is adjustable to fit any neck size and features a pendant with an image of a witch holding a staff. The necklace also includes matching earrings. It is made with high-quality materials that will last long.

Friendly Witch Figurine

Friendly Witch Figurine

This gift will surely make anyone feel welcome, especially when you give it to your loved ones or friends who love witches. It’s a whimsical witch figurine that will add fun to any witch-loving home. It is either made of wood, wire, glitter, or metal.

Prima Donna Maleficent Figurine

Ebros Gothic Prima Donna Maleficent Figurine

This unique witch gift symbolizes power, strength, and beauty. It is hand-painted with exquisite detail and stands about three inches tall. It features an incredible likeness of the Disney villainess with her horned headdress and smoldering eyes. This figurine is perfect for any witch or Disney fan.

Witch Aprons

Witch Aprons

Give your mom, friend, or girlfriend who loves whipping up anything in the kitchen this cute apron. They can be handy kitchen helpers, or they can also use the item in dressing up for Halloween or other occasions. They come in all different colors, designs, and patterns, every piece looking unique, creative, and fun.

Voodoo Doll 

Mekabre Loa Voodoo Doll 

Nothing can beat voodoo dolls like this one when it comes to unusual witchy gifts. It symbolizes the moon’s dark side. It is often used to summon and control evil spirits. It is said that Mekabre Loa can grant wishes and protect its possessor from harm. This doll is made with real bones and other creepy crawlies for added realism. 

Romantic Soul Skull Design

Jeulia – Romantic Soul Skull Design

Jeulia is a witch gift that will show your loved ones that you care about them. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves skulls and symbols. This beautiful design features a delicate romantic soul skull surrounded by soft pink roses. It’s the perfect way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them and that they are unique.

Dark Arts Pendant Necklace

Dark Arts Pendant Necklace

This gift will empower your friend or girlfriend’s charm and witchcraft powers. This necklace is sterling silver, genuine turquoise, black onyx, and a brass chain. With its dark colors and mystical symbols, the pendant will surely catch eyes and can be great conversation starters, especially for other witch-loving people.

Witch Trinket Box

Dr. Hemp Magical Black Cat With Spell Book Trinket Box

This gift is fascinating and will surely leave your gift recipient speechless. This magical black cat with spellbook trinket box is hand-crafted from high-quality materials and features an intricate design. It contains a magical black cat with a spellbook trinket box and high-quality construction that will last for years.

Crescent Raven Pentacle Wall Plaque

Crescent Raven Pentacle Wall Plaque

This plaque symbolizes the star’s five points, and the pentacle is said to give protection and is often used to represent the elements. This wall plaque features an etched raven in its signature crescent shape, standing at the top of a field of stars. It makes a perfect decoration or altarpiece for anyone’s witchy space.

Bottom Line

Witchy gifts can be a fun and creative way to show your affection for your witch-loving friend or loved one. So, whether you’re looking for a little bit of magic to add to your gift-giving arsenal or want to make sure your friend is always prepared and ready for any witchy shenanigans, give them any of the products mentioned above.

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