21 Sentimental Wooden Gifts for Anniversary That Him and Her Will Love

wooden gift for anniversary
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Wooden gifts are traditionally given for the 5th anniversary because wood represents the strength of the bond between spouses.

The reason why this is the case is that wood is long-lasting and pretty durable.

If you want to give something special to your significant other or the friends who are celebrating an anniversary, take a look at our selection of wooden gift ideas to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary!

This is such a cute wooden gift for anniversary

wooden gifts for anniversary

Custom Carved Couple Initial Tree Bark Sign

An anniversary gift should be romantic and meaningful.

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for something genuine and hand-carved.

Your initials in the heart and the year when you started your relationship is sufficient for showing your loved one what you think about your love and marriage.

This wooden album is such a unique gift for anniversary

unique wood gifts for anniversary

Personalized Wooden Photo Album

The wedding album is often the most favorite thing for the spouses concerning the memories made together.

If you want to surprise your loved one, then this personalized wedding album may be just what you need.

It looks gorgeous.

Every detail is made with great care, so you won’t go wrong for sure!

Let’s assemble this wooden Mayan calender

wood gifts for anniversary for him

Wood Trick Mayan Wall Calendar

This Mayan calendar is very interesting because it needs to be assembled and it can be a wonderful opportunity for a family to bond and spend some quality time together.

It is a great anniversary gift because it will do wonders for the overall relaxation.

It will be quality spent time that your family needs.

Check out this unique personalized wooden sign

wooden gifts for 5 year anniversary

Rustic Personalize Wooden Wedding Signs

This wooden sign is a wonderful decor for your home or the home of your friends who are celebrating an anniversary.

It can be fully personalized, so make sure you provide the details you want to be put on it.

The letters are done in 3D making it truly unique and beautiful.

This wooden wine barrel can be a nice decoration

wooden gifts for 5th anniversary

Personalized Wine Quarter Barrel

If your husband or your friend loves keeping the wine in the cellar, then this is the perfect gift you can give him.

It is made by the artist Al Pisan.

It is hand-painted to ensure that it looks amazing.

It is a great gift that will enrich his collection.

Does he smoke?

wooden gifts for him anniversary

Tobacco Smoking Pipes

A pipe was once used frequently by men.

Nowadays, it is not that common, but it is beautiful that’s for sure.

This pipe is mesmerizing, it has a ship carved on it and the box.

It is truly a stunning gift and it will be a great surprise for your husband for the anniversary.

Enjoy the whiskey with this personalized wooden gift

personalised wooden gifts

Custom Engraved Premium Oak Aging Barrel

Wine lovers are a special kind of people.

They love to have things that no one else has.

This is exactly why you should choose this personalized wooden barrel.

It can be used for storing whiskey or any other alcoholic beverage, such as rum, wine, beer, bourbon, tequila, or even hot sauce.

Let them have their own wine corner

wooden gifts for her anniversary

Personalized Wine Rack

Storing wine bottles can become an issue at a certain point.

If your friends frequently talk about wanting to have their corner for storing wine, this personalized wine rack may be just the thing they are looking for.

It is made of pine and it has a dark walnut finish.

You will find this memory box very useful

wooden gifts for wedding anniversary

Personalized Memory Box for Couples

Memories are the most valuable things we have in life.

The best gift you can give to someone or buy for yourself is a memory box where you will be able to keep all the things that you cherish.

That way, nothing will get lost.

It can be custom carved.

This tree of life wall art will bring life to the family

wooden gift ideas for anniversary

3 Panel Tree of Life Wood Wall Art

The tree of life symbolizes rebirth, the cycle of life, and renewal.

This wonderful wooden wall art with the tree of life is the perfect decoration and can be a stunning gift for an anniversary.

It can be hanged very easily and decorate the home or the office.

It is a truly inspirational present.

Check out this world map wall art

best wood gifts for anniversary

Wood World Map Wall Art

Give this world map to your husband and inspire him to start thinking about organizing travel for you two.

Exploring the world is fun and exciting, there is no doubt about that.

The world map looks amazing and there are eight colors to choose from.

It is truly a great wall decoration.

Personalize this rolling pin with their name

wooden anniversary gifts for wife

Personalized Rolling Pin

This rolling pin is very cute.

Since every marriage consists of lots of meals shared, this personalized pin will make baking fun.

It can be custom carved, so make sure you provide the details you want to see on it.

It is a very original gift that will make meals even better!

Is he or her in an army?

5 year wooden anniversary gifts for him

Wooden Sword Wall Decor

Giving meaningful wooden gifts for the anniversary is recommended, so if your spouse is in the army this gift would be appropriate.

It looks truly great and it is carved with great attention to detail.

Every inch of it is made with care, so you can be sure that your significant other will love it!

Wooden Wall Clock

wooden gifts for 5th wedding anniversary

Personalized Wooden Wall Clock for Couple

If you simply can’t decide what kind of a gift would be appropriate for your loved one, a clock is always a good idea.

This interesting clock has interlocking hearts and can be customized with the names of you and your spouse or your friends who are celebrating an anniversary.

This clock is an unusual wooden anniversary gift

good wood gifts for anniversary

Nixie Tube Clock

This unusual clock is a great 5th anniversary gift for your loved one.

It is very interesting and unique.

Besides, it only lights up when someone is in the room, which significantly extends the battery life.

The tubes can be easily replaced which makes it significantly easier.

It has three visual effects for the time change.

New toys for the kitchen!

wooden gift ideas for 5th anniversary

Damascus Kitchen Knife Set

If your spouse is skillful in the kitchen, then this set of high-quality knives will make meal preparations easier.

The knives are made of premium materials.

The handle is made of wood and can be easily held while chopping.

There are also kitchen shears, knife block, and knife whetstone besides the knives.

Your wife is going to love these wooden flowers

5 year wooden anniversary gifts for her

Hand Carved 5 Wood Roses

Wood represents the strong bond between the spouses, while roses represent love and devotion.

Surprise your wife with these wooden roses that truly look stunning.

They will be a wonderful decoration in your home and remind your wife of your love and devotion.

There is a tag for a happy anniversary as well.

Surprise your wife with this

wooden 5th anniversary gifts for her

Handmade Preserved Rose With Wooden Base

Women love roses, that is a known fact.

If your wife likes Beauty and the Beast, she will love this enchanted rose that is just like the one from the Disney’s cartoon.

It is a real preserved rose that looks truly fresh and stunning.

It is a romantic wooded anniversary gift that your wife will definitely appreciate.

Wooden Turntable

wooden anniversary gifts for husband

Wooden Turntable

This wonderful turntable is a great gift for an anniversary.

It can be personalized and used for gatherings.

It is made of acacia wood.

The wanted sign or note gets engraved in the center.

The overall impression is amazing.

Make sure you choose what you want to have engraved and give it to your loved one!

That’s a nice small wooden gift to celebrate your anniversary

small handmade wooden gifts

Wood Abstract Human Figure Sculpture

This unique figurine is truly a luxury wood gift for your loved one.

Each piece is hand-crafted and made with great care.

Give it to your significant other and mark your anniversary with lots of love and the desire to celebrate many more that will come.

It comes with the story card that certifies quality and authenticity.

Personalize a sweet message in this bottle

wooden gifts for fifth wedding anniversary

Personalized Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle is the most romantic thing that we have seen in the movies.

If you want to surprise your loved one, then this gift is one of the best things you can choose.

It contains sand and seashells, as well as a wood crate.

It looks truly mesmerizing!

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